10 New Facts from the Ferguson Grand Jury

CNS News has done a wonderful post mortem on the Ferguson Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown. They’ve identified ten major facts that the Ferguson Grand Jury discovered about the incident and put them together in a short, informative list.

No matter the outcome of the grand jury, there were going to be people who were upset with the findings. While some in the media have claimed that the Prosecutor seemed to have tainted the findings by presenting all of the evidence, instead of just the prosecutor’s case – some believe that the grand jury was run exactly the way ALL grand jury’s should be handled!

Here, the grand jury was given access to far more wide-ranging evidence. When that evidence and the supporting documents and photographs were released late Monday night, we learned that the grand jurors saw everything from the testimony of Officer Darren Wilson himself, to autopsy reports, photographs, blood and gunshot residue evidence and often conflicting eyewitness accounts. While the rules of evidence didn’t apply the way they would in a trial, there was no defense attorney present and no cross examination of witnesses, the process was far more akin to a typical trial than what ordinarily occurs in the grand jury process.

Just as important, the prosecutor didn’t ask for a specific charge as almost all prosecutors do in front of a grand jury. Some legal analysts have suggested there is something inherently insidious, untoward or even corrupt about presenting the grand jury with so much evidence and not asking for a specific charge. Yes, it’s different, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

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More importantly, by getting to see ALL of the evidence from that day, the grand jury learned some things that no one besides investigators knew…


  1. Officer Wilson identified Michael Brown as suspect in a robbery.

From County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch:

“At About 11:53 AM, Wilson heard a radio broadcast of stealing in progress at a market. The broadcast also included a brief description of the subject.”

“As Officer Wilson was attending to his emergency call, Michael Brown and a companion were in the local convenience store. Michael Brown’s activity in the store was recorded by the store security cameras. The video often played following its release in August by the Ferguson police department shows Michael Brown grabbing a handful of Cigarillos and heading toward the exit without paying. As Michael Brown and his companion left the store, somebody inside called the police.

“As Officer Wilson continued west, he encountered Mr. Brown and his companion walking in the middle of the street. As Wilson slowed, he told them to move to the sidewalk. Words were exchanged and they continued to walk down the middle of the street. Wilson observed that Michael Brown had Cigarillos in his hand and was wearing a red hat and yellow socks. At approximately 12:02 PM, Wilson radioed he had two individuals and needed assistance.”


  1. Michael Brown initiated the attack on Officer Wilson inside his police vehicle.

grandjuryFrom Officer Wilson’s sworn testimony:

“He then grabs my door again and shuts my door. At that time is when I saw him coming into my vehicle. His head was higher than the top of my car. And I see him ducking and as he is ducking, his hands are up and he is coming in my vehicle.”

From Officer Wilson’s sworn testimony:

“I had shielded myself in this type of manner and kind of locked away, so I don’t remember seeing him come at me, but I was hit right in the side of the face with a fist. I don’t think it was a full-on swing, I think it was a full-on swing, but not a full shot. I think my arm deflected some of it, but there was still a significant amount of contact that was made to my face.”

From County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch:

“Several other witnesses described Mr. Brown as punching Officer Wilson while Mr. Brown was partially inside the vehicle.”


  1. Michael Brown grabbed Officer Wilson’s gun.

From Officer Wilson’s sworn testimony:

“He grabs my gun, says, “You are too much of a pussy to shoot me.” The gun goes down into my hip and at that point I thought I was getting shot. I can feel his fingers try to get inside the trigger guard with my finger and I distinctly remember envisioning a bullet going into my leg. I thought that was the next step.”

From County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch:

“A total of 12 rounds were fired by Officer Wilson. Two shots in the car, 10 more farther east. Mr. Brown sustained a graze wound to his thumb while standing next to the vehicle.”


  1. The gun was fired twice during the initial struggle.

From Officer Wilson’s sworn testimony:

“At this point I’m like why isn’t this working, this guy is going to kill me if he gets a hold of this gun. I pulled it a third time, it goes off. When it went off, it shot through my door panel and my window was down and glass flew out of my door panel. I think that kind of startled him and me at the same time.”

From County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch:

“Many of the witnesses said they heard a gunshot while Mr. Brown was still partially inside the vehicle.”


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