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Extremely Graphic Video of ISIS Death Squads Killing Innocent People on the Streets of Iraq

A video released earlier this summer is once again making the rounds as the chaos in the world has led our media outlets to seemingly forget (temporarily, I’m sure) about the evil that is ISIS.

Back in June someone from ISIS released this incredibly graphic video in an attempt to show the world what happens to those who oppose ISIS.

From the Libertarian Republic:

The militant group ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) has existed since the early years of the Iraq war and pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda in 2004. As of 2013, their numbers have swelled between 7,000 and 10,000 members, and the group has claimed responsibility for attacks that have killed thousands of Iraqi civilians. Horrific video recorded in March and April of this year shows their latest rampages in war-torn Iraq.

The people murdered in these videos were on ISIS hit lists. Some of those killed were Iraqi officers and government employees, while others simply opposed the presence of ISIS in Iraq.

Please be warned – the video is incredibly graphic and you may not want to subject your mind to such horrible violence (especially after the 1:00 minute mark). It is not safe for younger eyes and probably not something you want to view at work.

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