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The Media Protects another Racist Democrat

Ellen Birnbaum (D-Great Neck, NY) is a long-time Democrat operative and a Representative to the New York state Legislature. Birnbaum recently made some statements that we can’t help but play the “If a Republican would have said that…” game with.

Here’s what Birnbaum said.

According to people with whom Birnbaum spoke, and who overheard her, she said: “Why would anyone want to go there? It’s a bad neighborhood . . . It’s a ghetto, and it’s full of those black people.” Those present said Birnbaum then leaned in and said, in a lowered voice, “Come on, who from the rest of town is going to go there? After all, mostly black people live there. All they want to do is play basketball.”

end racismBirnbaum is resisting calls for her resignation and says that she simply wants to get back to work for her community.

The greater story here is that no one in the main stream media seems to have picked up on this story. In fact, this latest example of Democrat racism is just another in a long series of recent abuses. Just two weeks ago we brought to light four other instances of overtly racist words/actions from national Democrats that have happened in just the last month! This makes case #5… and none of them have gotten any national attention.

Why not?

I personally believe it just doesn’t fit the media narrative on racism. Which is why when some small town Republican mayor says something that can be construed as racist, it’s huge news, but the same comments from a Democrat seems to get papered over. When a Republican does it, the media acts as though it’s simply confirmation of what they’ve always believed. When a Democrat does it, it’s an outlier… even if there are five outliers in less than a month.

Birnbaum’s rhetoric is disgusting and wrong. She should be run out of office and the media should be the ones leading the charge. Sadly, with a few minor exceptions that doesn’t seem to be happening.

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • TPS12

    The main stream media controls the the agenda and that is anything dems want is good all other opinions are not reported just attacked.

    • WhiteFalcon

      That pretty well wraps it up. The MSM is nothing more than a commieonazicrat puppet, and whenever a commieonazicrat pulls a srting, they just jump right in line. They have no brains/intelligence. They are complete morons.

  • Salty Sailor

    The lame stream media has been giving the Democrats a wide birth for many years now to hem they can do no wrong. People that i know don’t pay much attention to the news anymore as journalist report it as they see it instead of how the facts really are.

  • The “state” ran leftist media has to do this to the republicans for attention, with their ratings in the ditch they have nothing else to put on the air but propaganda and lies…. In other words they have no other choice but to attack 24/7 because they have options due to the fact that they are insignificant….

  • RobertL

    Grow up on a democrat union town and you will see how often the N word is used about someone. It’s funny that they call republicans racist all the time..

  • bruce lorraine

    Best LOL of the morning in regards to her comments. A bronze plaque should be affixed to the front door or the DNC headquarters with that quote engraved on it.
    It just doesn’t get any better than that.
    If a Conservative/Republican said that al sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be leading the lynch mob.

  • Doug Icenhower

    Isn’t it ironic that a man, granted a rather ‘well-to-do’ man, who derives some of his income from the sport of “round-ball” has been crucified by the media for “racist” comments. A politician like Ms Birnbaum makes derogatory comments involving the same sport and walks away with a smile on her “couldn’t care less” face. Of course, she wasn’t taped or she’d scream for defense of her right to privacy. “I never said that my comments were on the record”, said Ellen, or something to that effect. What a crock!

    • fatman45

      And she derives all of her income from pandering to “those people”!

  • mark

    Democrats weren’t the slaver party for nothing! They will always be racist!

  • Pablo

    Sometimes the truth hurts.

  • Joanne

    What she said is pathethic but as usual it’s the old double standard, remember what they did to Paula Deen, ran her right of business but an elected official will get away with it because she is a democrat. This only thing Obama has accomplished in all his years is the way he’s divided our country, race relations were never this bad. Hard to imagine what America will look like after he’s done wrecking our country. Very scary.

  • USMC 64-68

    The MSM protects racist Marxist democrats for one simple reason. They are racist Marxist democrats and are committed to the same agenda of subverting America.

  • Larry

    The words are separated from their context. I wouldn’t call for her resignation. Yes, the media has a double standard, but I would go with the standard of more free speech rather than less.

    • CountryBoy

      If it were a Republican, the Media would be DEMANDING her Resignation….

    • jimbo124816

      There was enough in her statement to get her point across. What in her statements would make you think that she was talking about anything else? When someone talks about Blacks, the Ghetto, a bad neighborhood, and basketball, do you automatically think of her upper crust rich neighborhood? Do you think she was talking about Jews, or Chinese, or Wasps, or anyone else?

  • Brabado

    It is very hard to believe that most Americans continue to ignore that Racism, Bigotry and Welfare are Liberal Democrats and Progressives’ main source of political funds and stained Votes.
    Not difficult to understand…. Yet, in private, they are the biggest and meanest racist in our Country!

  • CountryBoy

    What do you expect from our Pravda West Media ?????

    After all, they are nothing more than a Branch of the Democrat Party… protecting their own…. If you do not believe me, then you are NOT paying attention.

    America needs to Wake Up to what our media is Covering and Covering UP

  • John Paul Jones

    I wonder where the NAACP is on this one? Why is the so called news media (Pravda) on this one? The world according to the dumocraps!

  • DockyWocky

    But I bet she just loves Al Sharpton and has an autographed portrait of Toure on her office wall.

  • CountryBoy

    Paula Dean made her comments 30 years ago and got SKEWERED by the Media, so why not this Democrat???

  • paintinc56

    If the leftist propaganda machine media EVER reported the TRUTH blacks would be embracing the Tea Party, not the ever racist, vile, hate mongering Democrats. Instead 98% of blacks in this country, & about 60% of the light skinned races, are fully convinced that Republicans, conservatives & Tea Party supporters are racists.
    It is kind of like how 80% of our brain dead populace thinks Republicans are for big business & most wealthy business people are Republicans. The TRUTH is that DEMOCRATS are SOLIDLY in bed with Wall Street & the vast majority of 1%ers in this country are DEMOCRATS/LEFTISTS.

  • TransplantedTexan

    Fortunately for her, she is a Democrat politician and made her remarks in public. God help he if she owned a professional basketball team and made her remarks in private where they were illegally recorded and made public.

  • slapjack

    Typical dumbassdemorat.

  • kunling

    Whaddaya expect from the KKK in drag?? The KKK, commies, libtards, regressives, socialists, fascists and nazis all morphed into the Dumbocrap party of today. It’s their mantra.

  • slk5

    because socialist hypocrites, get 52 second chances!!!

  • pthor

    Sharpton will be all over this! Yea right…

  • Bob

    really? no surprise there!

  • Bill T Smith

    The truth is coming out that the wacky dems are the true racist so to cover their butts they call othrrs the racist

  • ActualConundrum

    “A few years ago he would be serving us coffee” Clinton of Obama.

    This woman like all democrats are rabid racist when no one is looking. They are all smoke and mirrors.

  • mesaman

    After six long, long years under the reign of Bammie of Bojangles, we have come to expect the lopsided, skewed and hypocritical behavior of the dungbeetles (aka democrats). If the dumbing down in America levels out this year and sane people vote a Republican senate in, it will become Bammie’s ultimate night terror. Posession of evil spirits can not be exorcised from him, he earned them with his deceit and fraudulent behavior.

  • MrD

    One day the people that have gotten away with this kind of stuff are going to face up to the society that they have created.

  • teaman

    What you claim she said may be true, but where is the proof?

    • Lew

      IF DEMS need no proof(ie. OBAMA) why would anyone need proof of anything!

  • jenny

    Martin Luther King was a Republican
    Abe Lincoln was a Republican
    Klu Klux Klan was Started By Democrats…..
    Opps, I guess the Democrats don’t want it’s sheep to know these facts.

  • RobertNorwood

    I never disagree with people who are right no matter who they are but she ought to get outed. We all know what liberals really think of black people. I don’t live in some isolated world, I’m around folks of all kinds and that includes liberal democrats. They view colored folk as being below standard albeit in hushed conversations. They send their kids to private schools and only a very few, the total whack jobs, force their kids off to schools that are mostly colored and inner city. These liberals – what we have for a long time referred to as limousine liberals, also see themselves as better than everyone else therefore their bizarre and confusing racist views make complete sense.

    • Garwoodv6

      They (Liberals) speak outwardly in terms of “I care” to relieve their conscience regarding their own selfishness. It is a hollow claim.

  • LeAnn Addleman

    She’s not just racist, she’s a moron. What an idiotic statement. Where did she go to school?

    • greyhound44


      • RobertNorwood

        She’s the true face of the liberal progressive wing of the Democratic Party

    • BeriBeri99

      She’s not just racist, she’s a moron. And to top it off a moron who Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!

  • greyhound44

    To a certain extent she is correct: who would ever go to Detroit?
    retired expatriate (11 years in Conde Nast’s 2013 “World’s Best City”)

  • richbach

    Let us not forget when Obama ran in 2008 there were 57 states.

    • jd1958

      Nor the “Navy Hospital Corpse-men.”

      • Bannorhill

        With the way he has run the VA corpse-men might be correct.

      • John Mead

        His actual words were “Marine Corpse”. Your input respected.

  • Javelina

    Liberal politicians are elitists that do not really believe their own rhetoric, but they expect their minions to follow unquestioning. The only thing they want from blacks is their unending support and votes. They feign equality with them but don’t really believe it.

    • Garwoodv6

      They say aloud “I care” but it is hollow… then continue in their bigotry and greed.

      • hookemowls

        And what’s worse is that there are so many people in this country who continue with their blinders on and believe them.

  • Mike

    Maybe she could buy the Clippers?

  • jd1958

    The media is the propaganda machine of the Demon-ratic party. The party that worships Moloch….what can you expect? They gave the country the “Clue-Clux-Clan” and the “Jim Crow Law” and blame the republicans for those things. The media perpetuates it. I’m surprised she didn’t use the “N-bomb.”

  • The media protects another racist democrat….. I didn’t know that there were anything other than racist democrats….

  • sanman99

    It is so easy to dislike democraps.

  • DetroitDom

    This racist beeotch would be demanding the head of ANY Republican who would have uttered those words. But, because she said it, it’s “Ignore me. Let’s get back to work.”

    Let’s stick her and the media NOT covering the story out to sea . . . . close to the North Korean border, preferably.

  • seeymour kleerly

    Her “statements” were not cool but there’s an excellent chance she’ll VOTE for more funds for the Black community. That’s the difference!

    • barto

      The blind man speaks.

  • froggy

    Remember the Russian revolution.

  • nimbii

    Sad but true Onan. I keep thinking that sooner or later, MSM compliance will paint Dems into a corner. Maybe I’m dreaming???

  • PatCindyCunningham

    It’s just the way it is. Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Gays, Martians, if their were some would all be nothing but a voting block for the elitist white Liberal. Of course they have their talking points as well. Ever heard a Liberal all say the same thing within an hour of a story? Pod People, so, I guess there are Martians.

  • Combatvet52

    Phony Bitch

  • Mark Kuykendall

    It just goes to show you, you can’t fix stupid. But they can, on occasion, get elected.

  • bil

    Donald sterling is another heavy-duty democrap contributor, but not much is hear about that aspect All these racist are democraps. Stands to reason. They own the plantation. Anthing and everything they accuse Republicans of doing or being is what they themselves are doing or being. Every time.

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