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Bikers Rally in DC to Honor Veterans

A crowd of almost 1 Million bikers and spectators gathered in Washington, D.C. on Sunday for the annual Rolling Thunder rally.

The annual biker rally has been happening every year since 1998 and those gathered meet to honor the memory of Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action.

Many of those who take part in the Rolling Thunder Rally are military veterans – though it is not a necessary requirement of participation – and this year the rally holds extra meaning.


The VA Scandal has everyone, especially our military veterans, on edge. For a society that gives lipservice to our regard for veterans… the VA Scandal makes it all seem like a lie.

One biker, Henry from Maine, put it like this –

“I’m 70 percent disabled. I know all about the VA, it didn’t come as a surprise,” he said.

“We fought for years to get benefits that we were entitled to. It is outrageous, but what can you do about it? Not much.”

“We may have the best army in the world, but we treat the veterans terribly, especially veterans from Vietnam and Korea.”

It’s a sad day when a nation chooses not to care for their heroes.

Thank you Veterans for your service – there are many among us who do remember the sacrifices you’ve made.


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About the author

Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • Blessings

    Thank you to all you veterans and active duty Soliders for your service and sacrifice for our freedom! You are honored, you are cherished, you are loved and God holds you in the highest regard of all…

    Ephesians 6: 11-17.
    Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the sceams of the devil. For we do not wrestler against flesh and blood, but against the rules, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Stand therfore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness givin by the gospel of peace..

    • colleenf


    • Washington22


  • CD Cross

    As a veteran and a born again believer in Christ, I observe something always appearing out of sync with what people say and what people do. When someone is hungry, do you come to him and say, “Let me pray for you and Jesus will feed you,” or do you come with a spoonful of food? If the former is true, the starving man will perish, but if the latter, then Jesus is in that spoonful of food. “Faith without deeds is dead.”
    Therefore, good sayings to support our troops is like watching them perish. Support them with what you do—take a dollar from your own wallet—and they will live.

  • Helen Tritt

    I am a retiree from the VA and know a little about what is going on at the VA, even though I am not a veteran. So many of the employees are lazy, unconcerned about how the veterans should be treated and do not have the proper scruples to even be employed by the VA, but as we ALL KNOW the GOVERNMENT IN GENERAL DOES NOT HAVE SCRUPLES, INTEGRITY, HONESTY, TRUST, THEREFORE what can you expect when it is RUN BY CORRUPT CRIMINALS, THAT ALL NEED TO BE THROWN OUT.

    • glop

      I wanted to work at local VA clinic as a RN and it took too much red tape to apply; I never could get any satisfaction. I had experience in a Public Health facility and know I should be very good; loved all of my patients anyplace where I worked and would have liked serving our Vets.

    • USMCret

      Since government run health care for veterans is so full of incompetant persons working at VA facilities providing OUR care how in the world can ObamaCare be any better?

  • colleenf

    To those out there like Bob Beckel and a few others who have jumped on the Blame Bush for Two Unfunded and Illegal Wars for dumping all the wounded warriors on the VA system………..I have only two words for you….bull chit.
    The problems with the VA have been going on since the time of JFK that I know of from accounts of my father (USAF/WW ll/Korea/Viet Nam ret…now deceased). He swore he would never use the VA for anything after his initial dealings with them.
    To those out there who have had to put up with these incompetent self-serving bureaucrats getting their paychecks from us taxpayers: treat those who are at the mercy of your care as if they were your own brothers, fathers, uncles!
    I used to tell the younger nurses coming out (I am retired RN) that every health care worker should be on the receiving end just once in their lives to understand how it is to be dependent on someone else for your health and life.



    • slk5

      say what you will, about juan, but he fathered a very bright and conservative son!!!

      • boccagalupe

        I cannot believe that Juan fathered a bright and conservative son!!!…That he sired him, perhaps but, fathering requires much more than sireing.

        • slk5

          his son is able to see, what juan can’t!!!

  • NJ Lady

    Someone should snap Bob Beckel’s suspenders to knock some sense into his skull.
    Sometimes I think that illegal immigrants get more benefits and services from the USA than do veterans of foreign wars. Has our once great nation finally reached the “Eve of Destruction?”

    • anne

      they do!

    • hankster6

      Carolyn: You are spot on. The illegals get everything for free and the vets have to wait in line to the point of death to get what was promised to them. It is criminal what is going on, but with Obama’s attitude toward vets, there will be no accountability. Yes, he speaks empty words! He should be in prison on various charges but on one has the GUTS to take action for fear of being called a racist!

      • NJ Lady

        hanksters6 — When all is said and done, it’s up to Congress — both sides — to call out this fraud of a Commander-in-Chief. Every day our country is in more jeopardy than the day before. How utterly STUPID Democrat voters are. And they’re going to support Hillary, if the USA is still around by then.

        • hankster6

          Hi Carolyn, the way I understand the process, the house bring the charges, but then they go to the senate. Of course, Reid will block and negative charges. All the more reason that I imply that no one has the GUTS to do anything. I should specify Reid, instead of blaming everyone. I know that Reid and Obama are a team dictatorship. I suspect that Obama is Reid’s puppet. Yes, most democrats will support Clinton no matter how bad she might be. I can assure you, she is another communist, so the agenda goes forward, if she gets in. Thanks for your input.

    • catman

      Bob Beckel is nothing but a pompous windbag of a dumbocrat. He speaks the party line verbatim and I seriously doubt if he has ever had an original thought.

  • usn

    solution! Dump the VA and the money they’re throwing at it. Give every vet an ID card that they can use at any hospital of their choice, for any type of health problem, where they would get the same coverage that any senator or congressman would get.

  • Stew B

    My nightmare with VA initially happened immediately following my honorable retirement discharge from the US Army in May 1987. Immediately went t Fayetteville, NC VA Hospital and attempted to apply for wounds and illness brought about in service and combat duties, three (3) Purple Hearts. The person I was directed to see could barely speak English. After a few weeks to a month, I received a letter from VA stating “Your application has been denied, your reported three(3) Purple Hearts, as reflected in your application are not considered service related!” It told about twenty (20) years before I retired to a VA facility, due to a suspected heart problem, at the Charleston, SC VAMC.
    I was immediately seen and cared for, I finally got into the system. After a few years I had to repeatedly ask for a different Primary Physician (Doctor?). They, one and all, advised me that they would “TELL ME” when I needed to be seen again, Regardless!
    They also acted as though I am a third class citizen without value and that they, the Primary Care Physicians, were doing me a favor by them seeing me! Gee, Thanks VA, as I’ve eventually be rate Total & Perm disabled. Also, didn’t get back compensation to May 1987!

    • America_Woman

      I’m sorry you were treated so shabbily, Stew B. I thank you for your service to our great country.

      • Frank Newlin

        Thanks Stew for your service and am sorry to hear how you were treated. I guess I lucked out my primary Doc. was with me for 26 years and he saw to it that I got everything I needed but then I think most of us out here in Oregon got one of the better VA Hospitals in the US. I go to the Domiciliary in White City. I am a Marine veteran.

  • slk5

    i grew up as a teen in queens village, went to hs in hollis, a stones throw from the st albans va hospital!!! the reports back then were bad, and i remember the talks about closing it down!!! i thought it was closed down, but i hear it, or some medical center still stands there!!! this va problem has been going on for decades, and both parties are to blame!!! i’d cut off my right arm, if i could help evey vet!!! on this day, and every other day, “God Bless Our Vets”!!!

    • Webb

      slk5…..Thank you so much for the last line of your post….Your Right Arm To help Every Vet! As An Old Vet From The Vietnam Conflict….GOD BLESS OUR VETS…Means Alot!

      • slk5

        THANK YOU!!!

    • LeSellers

      Ignoring the needs of veterans (and active duty soldiers, for that matter) has been a congressional pass time since 1775.

      Politicians, even the “good” ones, are, first and foremost, politicians. The only class of people lower than they are bureaucrats.

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • Hammer

    Take it out of he govenments hands and PRIVATIZE it…The governmet distroys eveythig it touches….

    • America_Woman

      I agree that the BHO and his band of moronic followers destroy everything they touch. Messing with the benefits of our veterans is the last straw. This man is evil.

      • seeymour kleerly

        Did this BEGIN with OBAMA?

        • $104618240

          Seeymour – Why are you trying to stir up trouble? Everyone knows that this problem has been around for decades. Go shove hot dogs down your piehole…

          • seeymour kleerly

            Please read the post to which I was RESPONDING! I”M ONLY HERE TO HELP!

  • NRApatriot

    As a direct descendant of a man who fought in the Continental Army and the son of an decorated combat veteran of the Korean War and has a lot of friends who are veterans it disgust me beyond words to see the treatment these men who risked everything receive from our government! With an Constitution and military hating president I don’t see it getting better anytime soon! Before my dad died he would carry vets in his V.F.W. post of which he was post commander who could not get there on their own to the V.A, hospital in Salisbury N.C. The stories he told me of the treatment from the doctors there they received was infuriating! If not for the vets they treated so shabbily these same doctors would not be in the comfort and positions they hold now! Folks not only on this Memorial Day but every day we should hold our veterans in high esteem and we can’t thank them enough for their sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy! As a foreign userper president Obummer will never understand what their sacrifices mean to us who hold the cause of freedom more dear than our life!

    • Webb

      NRA…Thanks For Your Story Of Your Father’s Service and His Kindness To Other Vets. Always Be Proud! Tarheel Born and An Old Vet From Vietnam 66′-67’……….Thanks!

  • flagmantexasmarine

    God Bless and Semper Fi to all veterans

    • Frank Newlin

      SEMPER FI TO YOU BROTHER!! and to all past and present Service Man and Women!!! 58-64.

  • DC

    To my fellow veterans: Ladies and Gentleman, maybe it’s time we showed this administration exactly what we trained for and how we used this training to THEIR benefit and enrichment. Let’s show them what the business end of pissed off veteran really looks like. This is the greatest nation on earth, with the greatest form of government one earth. They must be replaced, by whatever means, before we are reduced to a third world dictatorship under a foreign flag. The Declaration of Independence calls for it. The Constitution justifies it, the Flag deserves it and we demand it! HOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

    • Frank Newlin

      DC. I am with you 100 %, I think it is time we veterans and present Military show them that we believe in the oath we took upon enlisting in whatever branch we joined. Lets see how his cabinet army stands up to combat vets who have had enemies shooting at us. Kick them all out just like the returning Veterans di down in Athens Tenn. in 47 or 48.

  • seeymour kleerly

    Congrats to Onan for not BLAMING this mess on Obama! Why though?

    • DetroitDom

      You see Seeymoor, as conservatives, we are quite capable of knowing the facts about most political issues – including this one. We don’t blame Obama for causing this issue . . . . only perpetuating it.

      The REAL SOLUTION to this issue is to dissolve the VA as we know it, give our vets medical cards to use at any accredited medical facilities, and end this charade we call the VA.

      • seeymour kleerly

        My shock was that he didn’t blame Obama this time! That is his job,no?

        • DetroitDom

          Yeah, I understood your initial post. Unlike the liberal left wing media, it’s not his job to blame someone for something if it isn’t his/ her fault.

          But the liberal media sure is good at STILL blaming Bush for ANYTHING that goes wrong under the current administration.

  • Dawn

    Makes me so sad that the govt spends oodles of
    money on crap when it could be used for the vets
    and their care when they come home.This is not
    the America I grew up in. Bozo is always away when
    they get news of a protest etc. Think about it. Cannot
    stay and thank the vets here in person and visit the
    hospitals as Bush did. No, just another getaway for him.
    Disgraceful he is as our fraud pres. Many thanks from
    my heart to all that have served and will continue to serve
    to give us our America back. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  • Alondra

    By Lily Michaels

    I can’t shake every hand.
    I can’t put flowers on every grave.
    I can’t console every family member.
    But I can say thank you.

    There are not words big enough.
    There is not a hug strong enough.
    There is not a smile wide enough.
    All I can offer is thank you.

    You are my heroes.
    You are in my thoughts.
    You are in my prayers.
    For all you’ve done, thank you

    May God BLESS EACH of You.

  • Matt1972

    Not to be picky or anything, but being that this was the 27th Annual Rolling Thunder Rally, wouldn’t the year have been 1987 and not 1998?? Anyway, this was my first year participating in this event and it was a great experience and I hope to be able to participate in future Rolling Thunder events.

  • steveafrikaner

    Great event, may it keep on rolling. Even more poignant this year, due to the VA scandles!

  • The Watchman

    Many Vietnam Veterans have been waiting since the 1970s to receive their benefits. I guess the government just figures, if they procrastinate long enough, all of us Vietnam Vets will simply just die and fade into darkness, as if we haven’t been in the darkness long enough.

  • lsmith8675309

    I’m a veteran of Gulf War 1. God forgive me for being a dupe and not seeking your Kingdom earlier in my life. I was deceived by the two horned beast that looks like a lamb and speaks like a dragon. Everyone in America has access to a Bible but very few has access to it’s truth. They worship the God of Christianity which has no resemblance to the God of the Bible. The Catholic and Protestant church, the two horns, continue to grow as does evil. 84 percent of Americans are Christians. Public Law 102-14 passes and churches remain silent as they lead the sheep to the kosher slaughterhouse.

  • AnnaGraceS

    Kudos to those who participates in the Rolling Thunder to honor our nations heroes.
    They gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, so this country can remain free. Shameful that we have a muslim president who gives lip service to get to the bottom of this scandal of the Veterans Administration. This is beyond criminal, again coming from the White House! This barry soetoro Interloper needs to be in prison for TREASON!!

  • Ann Rand

    Thank you and may God keep you safe until next year..

  • Catherine McCoy

    Real heros dont wear capes. They wear dog tags. I wear a t-shirt that says that.

  • Peter Furman

    Observe and reject Tyranny!! Our heroes serve all of us but it is the Politicians,the corrupt,amoral,sociopath politicians who send them to “War” then abandon them like yesterdays trash!

    Those who betray our veterans,those who serve,fight and too often die for America fight the battles that our corrupt politicians Never fight as they betray their sworn oath to defend and enforce the Constitution as they betray those they send to do their ungodly work for them!
    How does one define a Coward,a Tyrant,a pathological liar who makes lot’s of promises but keeps NONE? Is abandoning those they are honor driven to protect and respect a “High Crime And Misdemeanor”?
    Hold the empty cans liable,accountable for what they do and don’t do as without Law,without Justice,without those sworn to and paid to exact doing the only reason they exist there can be No Freedom,No Opportunity,No inalienable,No G-D given rights ,No Constitutional Republic “Of The People,”For the People”,”By the People”,the Blood Sweat and Tears” of so many “Legal immigrants” who have worn the “uniform to defend,to protect and too often die for America,America as it was as intended, generation after generation “Until Now!

  • foxxybey

    Wish I had my bike would join them. When I was going to be a cop my wife said she would divorce me if I did, saw how well that worked and said if I didn’t get rid of my bike she would divorce me. Well I could have been a motorcycle cop, she divorced me anyhow, LOL.

  • ExposeThem

    Thank you to our servicemen & women & to our veterans. I have a way to fix the VA problem!

    Take everyone in the Administration & their families & all Congressmen & women & their families & all Senaors & their families & all federal government workers’ healthcare benefits away from them & give them to our military personnel & their families & to our veterans & their families.

    Congress, etc. will use the VA medical centers & the veteran’s former benefits as their own.

    Any predictions as to how quickly the VA problems will be fixed & will be working better than ever?

  • Jay Star

    Do not blame our military for being in unpopular wars! They were sent there by your government to fight, and do their duty. Get on to your public officials if you dont like these wars or conflicts we are in, dont blame our soldiers.

    • seeymour kleerly


  • Doug Icenhower

    There is a very simple remedy that I heard rumored about on Fox. Actually, the fix makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Introduce a bill in Congress that grants veterans the very same health insurance enjoyed by congressmen and senators. When passed, issue insurance cards to each and every qualifying vet and take note of those congressmen and senators voting no. Lets see if Harry lets a bill like this get to the Senate floor. Good chance it would get through the House in no time. Then we’ll have a whole litany of political b/s regarding the definition of the word qualifying.

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