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Military Politics

My 60-Year-Old Document Shows VA Used Civilian Hospitals

Nearly everybody is up in arms over the VA scandal. As usual, President Obama voiced his outrage and moved on. To show that he cares, he visited the troops in Afghanistan. He’s had six years to fix what he claimed in 2008 needed to be fixed. The fact that “he cares” is all that low-information voters need to know. It’s all about feelings.

A remedy to the VA debacle has been proposed:

“He also pitched a bill that would allow veterans to seek care at private facilities outside the VA system — an idea that’s picked up support from some unlikely quarters as the taint of scandal continues to swirl around the embattled agency.”

This is old news. As I’ll show below, this is the way the VA used to work. It makes sense.

I know the VA very well. My father served in World War II. He was at Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked on December 7, 1941. He served in the Pacific: Guadalcanal, Northern Solomons, and Philippine Liberation Campaigns. He re-enlisted when the Korean War broke out.

When my father died in May of 2001, I saw for the first time the letter the Army had sent my mother informing her that my father had suffered a near-fatal injury.

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Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar

  • Troy Tyler

    The VA will refer a veteran to a non VA doctor if they think it in your best intrest..I had a procedure did about a month ago..My regular VA doctor said he was sending me to the best…I questioned him but he said needed the very best …I was sent to Altanta VA hospital…The doctor was from a hospital close to the Medical center (so his clothing said) he was great..Im stlll alive and doing well….I was kinda leary to start with but I’m glad he though enough of me to refer me instead of letting a school kid take a knife to me……..thanks Doc……………

  • Andrew

    Some of those school kids know the latest procedures. That “kid” may be able to treat you with modern techniques that don’t require a “knife”. Some Doctors don’t like change. Once you have the MD or DO, many licensing authorities do not require you to prove yourself capable in modern diagnostics or procedures.

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