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Read A Veterans Poem (and Hope) for our Nation

Pledge Of Allegiance, Revisited 

By Mac McGovern

I Pledge Allegiance

a solemn vow of obedience,
from the earliest age of grievance,
when found deliverance,
one people, united against tyranny and intolerance,
become the model of democracy and tolerance.

To The Flag

the symbol of once colonization,
come together in celebration,
a new unconquerable nation,
a successful castration,
of oppression and dictation.

Of The United States Of America

a conglomeration of people
form one nation coast to coast,
a single relation,
one voice, one oration,
tread on me, expect retaliation

And To The Republic

MemorialDayFlaga democracy, its creation,
the Constitution, its foundation,
agreeable to all, in origination,
fiercely guarded against demolition,
militarization, and impregnation,
over all these years, still on station.

For Which It Stands

the protector, of all oppressed lands,
the world over, she lends a hand,
her signature, her blood, in foreign sand

One Nation

from sea to sea,
whether rich or poor,
some vocal, others, chose to ignore
those who guard the shore,
those who knock on heavens door,
one nation, esprit de corps.

Under God

in a time, when belief was strong,
today, should not be wrong,
having been with us so very long,
a few may sing a different song,
most will believe, as they have, all along


one as a whole number, cannot be divided, by any other,
many have tried, under guise, of brother,
only to be denied, by the mother

With Liberty And Justice For All

the means to end all oppression,
infinitely wrong with transgression,
succession, regression,
and repression along

Our Pledge of Allegiance

a pledge of a nation,
a history profound,
one indivisible number,
all it takes,
to be, no longer allowed


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    This poem personifies just what is in the Heart of every Veteran, and if any think I am out of touch, then know this!.
    As long as I and every Veteran continue to draw breath!, the OATH we took will defend what the Founding Fathers fought and shed Blood for. the gift of a Republic that is the only to never had a KING.
    We will refresh the Tree of Liberty as needed even as it requires many to lay down their very lives,!.
    To ALL of my Brothers,!
    LOCK & LOAD!!!. The call ro arms has been issued,!.

    • glop

      God Bless you, Wildcat4F, there are many of us who stand with you. Thank you for your service.

      • WILDCATF4F

        This call to arms is the very true FEAR the Commie Libs have that they are NOT! in charge!. LOCK & LOAD!!!
        General Quarters, Man all Battle Stations!.

    • gomer

      I am ready. sad that we have allowed it to come to this, we have allowed foreigners to infiltrate this great republic and start turning it into an African socialist slum. I am ready to take it back and when we finish we start executing all these traitors in and out of this country.

      • Seldena

        My heart is bursting with pride because of you brave veterans that really do love America! God bless you all!

    • colleenf

      Pray long and earnestly for the right choice. We will stand for our country to preserve our God given rights and freedoms, but we need to do so only with the guidance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

    • Allison

      I agree but this is why those who don’t are targetting vets for gun control.

    • Korean War Vet

      I’m ready, my Brother!

  • Helen Tritt


    • colsooonscoorner


    • seeymour kleerly

      Turn off Conservative media, your level of hatred is abnormal.

  • colleenf

    Absolutely awesome!!
    Pass it around folks!

  • deloclem

    Reminds me of Red Skelton’s version of the definition of each word in the of Pledge of Allegiance.

    • LC

      John Wayne did one, too. Hollywood used to be patriotic…

    • glop

      That is such a beautiful version; I’ve listened to it many times and never tire of it. It really should be played in all schools every year.

  • sanman99


  • jem

    Thank you sir for this and your service. There are many of us who love this country and who realize that freedom isn’t free. The time has come for the sleeping giant to arise and in one voice change what needs to be changed by our VOTE and in doing so our voices ring loud and clear.

  • Webb

    Conservatives……Can You Help Out a Reader & Commenter On This Site….At Times There Is Only a Few Lines Of The Article….As Today There Is Only 6 Lines Concerning This Poem! Computer Stupid! Thanks

    • glop

      I agree with Webb. Many times I have found it very difficult to know Ho the articles truly is all about because of such short excerpts. Please start expanding the articles for better understanding.

  • Seldena

    Beautiful poem! Straight to the pledges meaning. Mac McGovern. Thank you for your service.

  • sieandme
  • sieandme
  • victorbarney

    Without giving any specifics, please clinically remember that about 74% of our population are “gatherer’s,” the largest group via biology and the minority group about half are “gatherer’s by “choice!”

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