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Voters Blame Obama Administration for VA Scandal

In a newly released CBS poll, voters seem to blame the Obama administration most for the recent Veterans Affairs Scandal.

Now look. I’m not in the habit of defending the Obama administration. They certainly have fault in how this scandal has been handled, and President Obama has fault in believing that he could fix all of our problems simply through the power of his personality. (Remember back in 2007 President Obama already knew of the problems at the Veterans Affairs Administration.)

The problems at the VA are endemic and systemic. The Obama administration is no more at fault than all the other previous administrations for the plethora of problems that exist within the VA. The honest truth is that this is simply how socialized healthcare operates. It has to by its nature. Before you argue that the VA is not socialized medicine… that is EXACTLY what it is.

The problems at the VA are the same problems we see in every other socialized system of healthcare around the world. The only difference is that this is happening in America now. We can expect to see more problems like the ones at the VA once Obamacare is up and running at full capacity too. In fact, you should be as worried as you are angry about the VA Scandal… because it is simply a picture of what we should expect for ourselves in the coming years. (Unless Obamacare can be repealed.)

There is a scandal unfolding at the VA that the Obama administration SHOULD be blamed for. It’s strikingly similar to some of the other Obama scandals like the Benghazi Scandal and the NSA Scandal… the similarity is all about the COVER-UP.

The government operating secretly in the dark corners of our society. Hiding things that shouldn’t be hidden. Lying to us about what is actually happening and why it’s happening. Covering up the death of Americans and trying to slink away from any discussion about blame or justice.

So, while I don’t blame Obama for what is happening at the VA, I do place all of the blame for the scandalous behavior of the VA squarely on President Obama’s shoulders.

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