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Middle School Cancels Honors Night Because It Makes Dumb Kids Feel Bad

Cole Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island has cancelled their schools scheduled Honor’s night.

Principal Alexis Meyer told parents that the Honors ceremony was too “exclusive.”

Apparently some of the students felt left out by the proceedings.

ABC6 – Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA News, Weather

honors nightSadly, we see more and more of this happening across the country. It seems that recognition for work well done now makes people who don’t succeed feel bad. Sadly, this is what comes from the liberalization of our culture and our system of education.

It makes Kurt Vonnegut seem like a prophet. If liberals have their way, the days of Harrison Bergeron are surely coming…

“THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. “

“All men are Not Created Equal and it is the duty of the Government to render them so”.

(Quotes from Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron.)


UPDATE: The Administration at Cole Middle School has reversed course and will hold the Honors Night Celebration!

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • William Merrell

    It is shame that the dumbing down of the American education system is being done in the schools that professes that they are trying to do better. The stupidity of continuing to make lessor students feel good about themselves by handing out trophy’s for nothing while turning their backs on those that strive is grounds for dismissal. Take pride in those that try, not in the laziness of those that do not (but, in this case those few students might be making the staff feel dumb also which is a different article all together).

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Some kids are just stupid, Or lazy. Or both.

  • Redwhiteblu

    And most likely is the main reading why we have the problem in thus country of 80 percent of the population becoming leeches on society rather than buckle down and study and do what needs to be done to become a productive member of siciety

  • Sloth…. one of the seven deadly sins……
    We have a society that is full of sloth and something else that starts with an S.

  • horrible deplorable raynbene

    How else can democRATS stay in office without communists, envirowackos, general losers, liberals, uninformed, uncaring voters and illegal aliens ?

  • Jgahring

    And the liberal’s march toward mediocrity goes on. Regardless of what the liberals do, 50% of all people will be below average.
    There once was an America that stood for excellence, where the best and brightest minds allowed this nation to put the first man on the moon. Today, we are lucky if the population know what the moon is.

  • Maria castro

    They want to kill incentive, don’t forget that the democrat party is composed of ignorants, foolish bleeding hearts and the rest of opportunists. They don’t want to be discriminated against. It is what they say, no questions asks, that is why the feed insecurity, they want to think for you.

  • Walt

    Just another liberal Administrator who thinks everyone should get a trophy.

  • Bulldog74

    Geez, I guess I should have felt left out when our star running back in college won the Heisman trophy and I didn’t get one too.

  • Doogie

    If the adiministration did a better job, Honors Night wouldn’t be so exclusive. DOH!

    • Barbara

      Students will never be equal…..some are smarter or more creative, and that’s just reality. Those who do better SHOULD be celebrated for their achievement. Those who don’t do as well should always be inspired to do better. Since when does America hold back achievement?

  • Toni

    Along these lines, we need to assure that all students who wish to play football, basketball, baseball, soccer or golf can join the team and be allowed to play. All students trying out for cheerleading must be allowed on the team and if your school is doing a theatrical production, all students wishing to participate must be allowed to do at least one performance in the role they choose. Teachers are already grading papers in purple so as not to damage the students delicate sensibilities. And we are shocked each and every time someone goes “postal” because they perceive they were treated unfairly. The alternative is that we teach our children to win and lose with grace and dignity!

  • Capt. Parker

    So, now the “smart” kids are going to feel bad and wonder why they have worked so hard to be able to do better. Then, the “smart” kids are going to just say “Fk it” and be like the stupid kids … after all, why should they bother.

    Welcome to Liberal World where the keeps getting lower every day but every one is “happy” and thinks well of themselves.

    • Kind of reminds me of the redistribution of grade point averages whereas the ones that work hard for good scores have to give up their points to those who are lacking in sufficient scores. Soon it will collapse under its own weight….

  • Diane

    Dumb kids is what they want so they are now a protected class so they grow up good little Liberals!

  • Sue

    The students have no incentive to work for anything leaving at the very best mediocrity. “When everyone’s the same, the exceptional are outlawed”, eh, comrades?

    • mbnick

      They have to do dumb them down, make them sheeple, so Democrats can control them in the future.

  • patriotrenegade

    It’s too bad, but TS. The “dumb” kids put themselves there by CHOICE. That means the parents are idiots and “equally” accountable.

    • slk5

      like the dad on long island, who wanted to sue the school, because his 8th grade son couldn’t read!!! the judge asked him, how all those years went by without noticing…dad dropped the law suit!!!

  • cujo

    Well , give the little dummies a nazi trophy ! they won’t know the difference an everyone is happy !

    • slk5

      finishing 9th, in an 8 man race!!!

  • Michael J. Fell

    Not to worry. Once Common Core is fully implemented by and ingrained into federal department of indoctrination camps…I mean the nation’s public schools…ALL kids will be dumb, so NOBODY will feel have to feel bad about being dumber than someone else. Thank a “progressive” for solving this heretofore seemingly intractable problem.

    • slk5

      surprisingly, some republicans believe in this stuff!!!

  • glop

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    • slk5

      and they “does” alot!!!

  • Riding the Tilt a Wheel

    If the schools took a positive look at it, instead of the negative, every kid would be an be awarded for something and no one would be left out!

    • slk5

      no one loses, doesn’t build character!!!

      • Riding the Tilt a Wheel

        That’s debatable, positive input can help a child to want to achieve higher goals, negative input on the other hand can and sometimes does lead to a child reaching higher goals, but many will be left behind, unable to cope with the rejection. Do I think this school is correct in it’s handling of the situation, no I don’t. These high learners should be noticed for their achievements, not canceled out for others of lesser achievement. But it may not have as strong of an impact if the other children felt more secure in reaching their own goals through positive reinforcement. One other thing about praising positive actions, it helps to fulfill the need for attention on the part of the child without having to find it by doing something that will get them negative attention, like bad grades. They will feed the need one way or the other and the foundation our schools promote in our kids can set the stage for the rest of their lives.

        • slk5

          i agree with positive thinking!!! what i disagree on, is teaching you’re a winner and you’ll never lose!!! that will always setup someone for shock, when they enter the real world!!! i was 14 when i played my first pop warner football, at halftime, we were down by 22!!! after a lashing, and wanting to see what we were made of, coach sent us out, and we responded by closing the score to 22-14, as we lost on a last second interception!!! i doubt very much, we would’ve came back, or win the next 6 games in a row, had he not shocked us first!!! you could say, those watching the awards, could get something positive out of it!!!

        • southern tom

          …BUT EVEN children KNOW when the “pat on the back” isn’t justified or deserved…

          • Riding the Tilt a Wheel

            I didn’t say they should blow smoke at them, I said they get rewarded for positive things, not negative things. Play up the good and play down the bad. You’re correct in your statement and it takes some work for teachers and parents to learn to think this way without blowing smoke. The only other problem that can raise out of this type of educational experience is making sure the kids get a well rounded education, the world, as a norm is a less than positive environment and the child moving from a positive school to a standard school could face some problems, but that’s another book!

  • Carol Skelton

    Why? Where is it written that people are not allowed to excell? I would love to fly jets, don’t have the skills, know that. Does not mean I think jets should be banned. My oldest wanted to be an astronaut. Did not have the grades. Should I have protested until the space program was cancelled because not everyone could participate? Kids feel left out because they are not as smart as their friends? Try harder. You don’t have to be smart to get ahead. Just ask the current WH resident.

    • slk5

      smartest isn’t always best, but attitude helps!!!

      • southern tom

        …SOME SAY “attitude” is everything!

        • slk5

          no one ever climbed to the top, without “attitude”!!! “it is”!!!


    So, hard work ISNT rewarded in Obama’s world?

    All we need to do is show up, and be average.

    • slk5

      remember, you didn’t build that!!!

  • slk5

    they didn’t feel bad, when goofing off or playing hookie!!!

  • disqus_DLdvL3iSgB

    I hope this will now pertain to the athletics and sports departments, not just academics. Now, everyone should letter in football, whether they play or not. Oh, and we can’t forget the full ride athletic scholarships.Everyone deserves one now, just for coming to the games.
    This whole PC issue is a load of crap!

  • Paula Galvan

    Geez Louise! Not only are we producing milksops by not raising children to stand up for themselves now we put down children that want to achieve because heaven forbid a child might feel excluded. Achievement is exclusive, mediocrity is inclusive.

    • southern tom

      …AND COMPETITION is the name of the game in our society… it’s what pushed us w-a-y beyond every other nation in the world… take that away, and we’re no better than Venezuela, or any other socialist country that has to STEAL from its people in order to survive…

      • Paula Galvan


    • Mike Tanco

      Major cause for this problem, children born out of wedlock and the one parent expects the government to foot the bill. And our dumb-ass government allows it.

      • Paula Galvan

        No our dumb-ass government PROMOTES it.

  • zanografix

    welcome to the mediocracy

  • slk5

    dumb is more “dependent”!!!

    • Mike Tanco

      You got that correct. That’s how the Dems keep control. They keep the dumb dumber and they know you can’t fix stupid. A prime example of the dumb leading the dumb, is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Joe Biden. How much more stupid can three people be?????

      • slk5

        welfare was supposed to be temporary, but instead, turned into a career!!! having grown up in nyc, i know generations, that live on welfare!!!

  • seeymour kleerly

    Then the dumb kids should have to wear dunce caps!

  • rikker45

    if they don’t learn in school how to deal with adversity they never will and we will have more mass murders, more mediocrity, less individualism etc. this is just so stupid.

  • James Curran

    Actually, it sounds as if the canceled event was just for the honored students and their parents, and the REPLACEMENT would have the students honored in front of the entire school. That sound better to me.

  • hayrake

    Aaah yes.The sacred lowering of the bar. No winners. No losers. No real education.

  • sanman99

    F**king Liberals running this Country into the ground!!! Just because the Liberal Democrat students won’t achieve and be self driven everyone has to dumb down!!!

  • Phoebe Isley

    It comes down to the PARENTS! How do you want to raise your kids? Single parent or not is not a good enough excuse. These kids need to know that with hard work come great things and with laziness gets nothing. My husband and I were blessed to raise to very intelligent young men who were also athletically inclined. Though they loved sports academics was to be their #1 priority. No lazy daisy when it came to school, homework, studying…you know the basics (or at least should be). We knew they were smart in elementary school so we knew getting B’s or C’s was plain laziness and implemented in their beautiful brains that “your brain takes you everywhere and anywhere”. No excuses on getting bad grades due to lack of effort. If they let us know they were having a hard time we would work it out together either by our efforts to help or tutoring. Never once should a parent not be part of their childs schooling…they are our future and we don’t want a bunch of dummies running this country as the ones running it now. Come on parents being mediocore isn’t enough for someone you brought into this world. Every moment counts and being a part of it is how you give back to those precious ones.

  • lamby

    DUMB kids???? Well then, I guess I was a dumb kid. I grew up in the 40’s., when
    math was called arithmetic. we had reading, science, spelling and penmanship.
    Does anyone know what that is? Thats how you learn to hold your hand properly
    when you write. I know I had ADHD. But in those days, nobody even cared to find
    out what the problem was. Also, the War was on and we were poor. My parents
    fought a lot and the stress of the war was unlievable. When you walk to school;
    and see a blue star in the window of a neighbor, it made you proud. We also had
    one in our window for my brother. Coming home to see the neighbors blue star
    was now gold was too much for a kid to swallow. Everything effected my schoolwork.
    There were several DUMB kids
    in my classroom and we all knew we were DUMB????
    Me? I went on to be a gastroenterologist. I guess I wasn’t so Dumb after all.
    Leave the kids alone! Not everyone excels in school.

    • SATCitizen

      I remember the good ole days and long for them also. What a fine example you are for the rest of us. . .thank you for sharing. If you don’t mind the pun, you went on through life, surviving. . .the liberal fools just pass gas. . .and they wanta talk about global warming. We need to get them to shut their lying ways up.

    • Adhemarde

      I guess you missed a few things. “Effected” in your usage is incorrect; the word you want is “affected”. Your verbs don’t agree: “When you walk to school…” is in the present, “… and see…” is present, but, “… it made you proud” is in the past tense. The sentence you end curiously with four question marks is not interrogative; it appears to be a statement. You capitalize words such as “war” and “dumb” that do not require capitalization. It would appear that you managed to find a medical school that did not consider your lack of English skills a barrier to your career. That is precisely what is wrong with this country, and the point of this article. We have so often repeated, “That doesn’t matter” that we no longer think that anything matters. This of course is the point of “affirmitive action” ; ideological foolishness such as the conviction that the percentage of whatever favored group you are advocating at the moment in a given profession should match the percentage in the population requires a suspension of any kind of requirements for the position, and results in unqualified people taking positions that could have been filled by qualified people. No wonder we are falling behind the rest of the world.

      • horrible deplorable raynbene

        Is that why we need grammar police like you ? This is a very personal story, cut people some slack . . . .Did I use too many periods here ?

    • jacki

      Lamby, you missed the point of the article. They are not busting on “dumb” kids at all. By the way the word “dumb” did not come from me, I am just referring to your word for it. They are simply saying that the school was trying to “punish” the children doing well ( by taking away the “honors” night) so that the children not doing so good would not “feel bad”. Why should the children doing well be denied “honors” night. To take something away that a child has EARNED is way wrong, but I guess that does not matter in America anymore. Have to make everyone “feel good”- well the ones that want to just “coast” anyway. Who cares if the actual honor kids feel bad)

      • callie9115

        ‘Who cares if the actual honor kids feel bad.’ That is so true! We always show so much caring/compassion for the “not so bright,” but “screw” the smart ones!
        What a great message our GOV (run) schools is sending.

  • SATCitizen

    Can we cancel this administration that easily. . .oh. . .if only it could be so!

  • Melanie Burns

    Dumb and dumber…..dumocrats love keeping everyone dumb so that they can do as they please without having to prove their work. Keep the voters dumb and dependant on government and you will rule forever. That’s the dumocrat moto! WELCOME TO THE NEW SLAVERY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dr. M

      I like that — good word 🙂

  • DOOM161

    Why don’t they just give everyone a C. That easy no one feels smarter or dinner than anyone else. And the graduation would be 100%. Teachers could even stop teaching all together.

    • jacki

      I homeschool so I am no fan of public school. But this issue sounds like a admin stunt and not a actual “teacher” stunt

  • jacki

    There is a solution for this issue. Homeschool your children. I kid should be rewarded if he/she works their butt off. So sorry if you failed to make the cut. Work harder and you get the prize. Don’t dumb down the kids that are doing well just because their are some that cry poor me, I don’t get to go to the “honors” night.

  • Ted Crawford

    It’s difficult to believe that a Educated Person(?) could be so criminally, even fatally naive, untill we re-call they are a product of Li’ll Jimmy Carters aggrandized Department of Education(?)
    Frank Zappa said it best I think: “If you want to get Laid, Go to College! If you want an Education, Go to the Library!”

  • Beepster

    I’ve found most kids are not dumb. They just don’t have anyone to educate/motivate them. The ones called “smart” are the one who were born with a brain function somewhat superior to some others. A lot is gene related, and you have to also account for that. Now, when I was in high school, the “smart” ones were just as much a friend to me as some of the “dumber” ones. The schools are getting away with this BS because parents won’t join together and object!!

    • anne

      Agree totally Beepster!

  • TPS12

    I guess it offended all those who chose not to work harder and study longer. There should be no sports in school, after all when one teams wins the other team feels bad.

    • sweetsuzee

      I agree. However, commenting here is useless. Everyone should be voicing their opinions directly to the principal, et al. Their email addresses, for anyone so interested, the following email addresses are in the order of prinicipal, asst. principal, school psychologist and district superintendent. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

  • mesaman

    Dumb is relative and has a positive correlation between poor judgement and lack of parent involvement. But be of good cheer, if you are really dumb you can become a politician and earn lots of money and respect and a great retirement. So don’t try to learn, don’t become an achiever. Go play basketball, join a gang, learn how to sell drugs and steal and beat up un-suspecting people. Look at all the dumbies in DC. Oh, and it helps to be a member of a minority group; preferably the one which complains and whines all the time. And voted for Bammie-O. Now that was really dumb.

    • callie9115

      and did it twice!!

  • Hellhound

    Sounds like a plan to make ALL the kids underachievers. Their motto is ” Dumb ’em all down ! “

  • ABBAsFernando

    VILE Liberal SCUM make everybody feel BAD!

  • Irredeemable Gary

    The US used to be the greatest nation on earth because we had exceptional Americans leading the way of innovation, See Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerman for recent contributors. But Political correctness is unraveling the fabric of our society because Liberalism breads mediocrity.

    Take the opportunity to be exceptional away from the individual, and all that’s left is ‘average’. The minimum standard should never be the goal; rather, the place from which to begin.

  • Doski

    So, ignoring the “Feeling” of true achievers is more important than ignoring those of Non-achievers.

    I guess that would verify that those empowered with making such decisions are Closet Non-achievers, right ?

    Hey there Boss-man, how are those “Dumb Kids” gonna feel when they are blamed for the results of your stupidity (THEFT of achievement) ? Or do you refer to it as Redistribution ?

  • MC

    . A good student works hard, does well in their classes and are NOT allowed to receive recognition. The communist now in power in the present administration are pleased. The more stupid the students are the more welfare there given in following the MARXIST IDEOLOGY. You can’t reward success because that’s Capitalistic. After all it’s the smart kids that grow up to be business owners and give the less intellectually endowed their jobs so they too may achieve work to support themselves. No, no say the Marxists, we want you to be our dumb slaves.

  • Leijona

    Geez, the last thing you want to do is make a lazy, non achiever feel like a lazy, non achiever. Everybody gets a trophy, therefore the trophy is worth nothing. Don’t even try, because everybody gets the same.

    “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need”……………Communism.

    You better wake up, America.

  • sfcpete

    The school did reverse its decision and the honors ceremony was held. But it just goes to show the stupidity of the liberal mindset. Those that can do – those that can’t teach.

  • john barleycorn

    Hey lets face it . . .if those students are that slow they will never know . . . . be real

  • mesaman

    It’s really not “how dumb you are”, it’s how fast you can learn and apply concepts. Slow learners survive everyday, contribute to society, and are typically successful. Don’t confuse dumb with the lazy, non-working welfare recipients who play the victim game.

  • Simonbarsinister

    Total Pussification of our society. The 8th girl seems smarter than the administration. No Honors night, no more goal to strive to achieve more for yourself. The school system and their Liberal Ilk are bringing down America. PATHETIC!

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