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The Senate OK’s Man Who Told Obama – it’s OK to Kill Americans without a Trial

A sad moment took place in the Senate chamber yesterday. The Senate voted to confirm David Barron’s appointment to the federal bench. David Barron is the man who authored the drone members giving the Obama administration legal cover to kill American citizens overseas without a trial.

Some have argued that terrorists give up their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms by enjoining in combat against the United States (my dear friend and patriot David Whitley has argued this on these pages). But I disagree. We have a legal process whereby a citizen renounces their citizenship and gives up certain rights guaranteed to Americans but not to non-citizens. (I personally believe that there may still be a moral case to argue that drone warfare or the selective killing of non-citizens is also wrong – but that’s not the argument I am making today.) The Constitution GUARANTEES American citizens certain rights, even when they are KNOWN to have committed crimes against our country.

If a mass murderer is cornered with hands stained blood red and the proof of his crimes in plain sight… our law enforcement officers are still not allowed to simply order him killed. If a criminal flees to another country, we do not send our military to assassinate him… even if he flees to the Middle East.

Nobel-peace-drone-ObamaIf a suspected, or known, American terrorist is loose in another nation but not engaged in combat against us – the Constitution demands that he have due process of the law. I take no joy in saying that I would allow the man to live – but how can I demand my Constitutional rights while denying them of others?

How can we demand that President Obama and the Democrats (and the Republicans) honor our laws… but then make exceptions where the Constitution and Bill of Rights have no exception? It is not fair. It is not just. It is not right. We cannot hold some to one standard and then hold ourselves to a different standard when it suits us.

I hate terrorism. It is pure evil to victimize the innocent and use them as props in war while also claiming to be righteous and hiding behind your petty religion. (I also hate non-Islamic terrorism – but in today’s world, the vast majority of terrorism is condoned and conducted by Islamic terrorists.)

Rand Paul stood yesterday to decry the confirmation of David Barron to the federal bench and gave an impassioned speech against his nomination. It is well worth your time to listen – especially if you have doubts about what I’ve written above. Perhaps Rand Paul can say it better than I.

I was also shocked (sincerely – not sarcastically) to see the far-left of the Democrat Party fold like a cheap suit and vote to confirm Barron. Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mark Udall (D-CO) have both stood against government use of drones in the past… but both voiced their support for Barron’s nomination. In fact, only two Democrats voted against confirmation – Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV), both hailing from more conservative states. Not a single liberal Democrat who have long bemoaned the use of drones stood to stop the most EXTREME supporter of drone warfare ever nominated to the federal bench.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

Watch out folks – we may soon find drones flying over our heads looking for terrorists to kill. Remember Joe Biden, Harry Reid and other Democrats have all called Tea Party supporters and various other conservatives… terrorists.

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