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California Mayor Tells Bullied to “Grow a Pair”

One California Mayor is facing some backlash after making comments that have been called “controversial” about bullying in schools.

“I mean, I am against bullying, but I am getting damn tired of it being used as a mantra for everything that ills the world when all most people have to do is a grow a pair and stick up for them damn selves.”

Porterville, California Mayor Cameron Hamilton made the controversial comments during a city council meeting where an initiative to establish off-campus safe zones citywide for teens who are being bullied after school was brought up.

What do you think? Is the Mayor right? Or is bullying as serious of a problem as the media would have us believe?

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • itriedthemall

    I am with the Mayor! I am very tired of being bullied by the anti-bullying crowd. The biggest bully in the country is the government – and, yes, we have had to “grow a pair” and put up with it! Much of the perceived bullying in the schools is really just a part of growing up. I am not denying there is real bullying going on; it should be dealt with. Saying “I am not your friend” in NOT bullying.

  • binder890

    Part of the problem is that those bullied really do “grow a pair” and physically punch the bullies in the face, the school will punish them. In today’s atmosphere, it seems as though you’ve got a choice between being bullied by your peers or by the school. And for heaven’s sake be careful about how you chew your pop tart.

    • Capt. Parker

      If the “school officials” punish a kid for standing up to a bully – deal with “officials” after hours, privately – and have a good alibi.

      • Jackie Walker

        When my son, then in the 5th grade, was punished for finally turning on the bullies (they were gonna put him in AEP (alternative educational placement — kid jail) for nine weeks, I said, “No, you’re not. Withdraw him immediately.” Then I enrolled him in an online charter school, where he has been attending, with me as his primary teacher, ever since. He’s been a straight A student, and the school system he WAS in was about to allow him to fail his state mandated tests because they ignored my warnings that he is dyslexic. I’ve known since he was 3, but I’m not “an expert” so they couldn’t take my word. LOL!
        Anyway, I started helping him with his reading comprehension, so he passed the state assessment in 5th grade with flying colors and has done so every year since. TXVA is a great charter school, and I thank God it exists, or I would have to shell out money I don’t have for curriculum. Oh, I’ve done it before and I could do it again, but I’m just as happy not to have to, IYKWIM. 😀

  • Tony Bertrand

    I told all my kids that if a jerk tried to bully them to talk their way out then try to back up and walk away and then if that failed beat the crap of them and we would deal with the effects later,, worked good and that how it worked back in the old days,, grad 1966

  • DOOM161

    That’s what they told us when I was a kid. And back then I had never heard of a child being on anti-depressants.

  • Capt. Parker

    “off-campus safe zones”

    … so the bullies will know exactly where to find the pussies!
    Yeah, that ought to would just as well as the “gun-free zones”.

    A much better way to handle this is to teach the “bullied” kids how to kick the “bully” square in “the package”, Word gets out that the kids are going to fight back, the “bullies” will be a lot less likely to “bully” …. especially after one of the ends up with his gonads where his tonsils should be.

    • Jackie Walker

      Capt. Parker,
      Sad as the school stabbings recently were, it is even sadder to say that I fully expected — in fact my second reaction — was to expect the liberals to scream for more gun control right afterward. Yeah, I know, no firearms were used, but you know their mantra… never let a good crisis go to waste. 🙁

  • Herronridge

    Much of the bullying in schools is of the straight conservative Christian Second Amendment supporting kids by the LGBTXYZ communist sissywackos demanding to use whatever bathroom doesn’t have their picture on it. “Put up with my perversion, no, say you like it, or I’ll whine you’re a bully and get you suspended.”

    • southern tom

      …WE’VE BEEN TOLERATING the Left for far too long…

      • Herronridge

        That’s a fact Tom. I am here in WA State and seeing that the bullies stand down when we rise up! Just as my Daddy from Oklahoma said they would.

        • southern tom

          …MY Daddy said the same thing, and he was right… just like every father would tell his children… perhaps that’s part of the problem: not enough father’s in the family unit nowadays…

          • Herronridge

            Not every father Tom. Not the limp wristed pansy liberal fauxmen Democrat ‘fathers.’ They pass on dependency not courage and conviction. I had a great dad, I am thankful for that.

          • Barbaracvm

            My dad told me to never start a fight. BUT if I had to defend myself, no matter what he would back me up. He even taught me how to throw some punches. He expected his daughters to be able to defend ourselves because there may be times there would not be someone to help.

  • Paula Galvan

    Ok here’s a stupid question: Why does there need to be safe zones off-campus, why aren’t the schools safe zones? Where are the teachers & administrators & why is it ONLY the child that finally fights back that gets punushed? The teachers have to know who the bullies are & their targets or they shouldn’t be teaching because they obviously are not paying attention. And yes I was bullied all through my school years but it was the 50’s & 60’s and no one was screaming about stopping it then.

  • rhuland

    Not only is bullying as a problem being overblown, but “growing a pair” has also been condemned by nanny-school administrators and teachers. Children need to learn to deal with bullies and to stand up for themselves. Little boys need to learn to fight for their positions in the world. And even some little girls need to learn to do likewise. The coddling going on now is schools is inspiring a generation of milk-sops who will do nothing to establish themselves in the world as it really exists.

  • southern tom

    …THIS MAYOR is absolutely correct… grow a pair… twice in my life I’ve had to stand up to a bully… the first time, my father MADE ME stand and fight… in each instance, the bullying stopped…

  • Steve Tanton

    I’m with the mayor on this one!

  • America_Woman

    When my son was in middle school, he was bullied by a teacher and another student. My son was in the gifted and talented program. That is what the teacher bullied him about. In front of the whole class. I agree that some of the schools in this country come out of left field when they punish kids for doing kid things. “I don’t like you.”. is not a reason to suspend a second grader for three days, or longer.

  • seeymour kleerly

    He’s not all wrong.

  • Nealstar

    The world is a potentially hostile environment and the people one meets aren’t always kind. Your mother won’t be with you all the time. Learn to defend yourself or be classified as food.

  • Evan White

    the problem here is that bullying is taken lightly but kicking the bullys ass is considered a criminal offense

  • jimbo124816

    My son was small for his age and was being bullied by one year older boy, who was big for his age in fifth grade. I went to his house next door to let the boy’s stepfather know what was happening and to voice my displeasure. The man threatened my life.

    A week later I received a call from the school to “come get your son.”
    I went to the school and met with the teacher and the principal, who told me that my son had beat up the bully on the playground. I laughed out loud at the vision I had of my 5th grade son who looks like he’s in 2nd grade, beating up a 5th grader who looked like an adult. They said he was suspended for 5 days, and that I needed to talk to him about “school violence”.

    I told them at that time that I would talk to him right then and there. I said, “I’m proud of you for standing up to the bully, and if he does it again, make sure you beat him up worse the next time. If he hits you again, we will bring charges against him and his family. If it happens in school I will come back to explain the assault and battery laws to the Teacher and the Principal and let them know that if they allow it to happen, they will be considered accessories after the fact. Come with me now and we’ll go down the street for Ice Cream.” The sweet little old lady principal would cross the street to keep from seeing me. The teacher was later fired for trying to proselytize her students to become Buddhists. (field trips to the Buddhist Temple to bow to the Buddhas).

    The bully’s stepfather never did anything to us, and the Bully left my son alone. The Stepfather was arrested later on an Outstanding Warrant. Ten years later the bully beat a man to death with his fists in a bar fight, then he killed one of the witnesses against him before the trial. Life with no parole.

    I was bullied as a child and it left me with intense shyness for years after. I lived in fear of going to school until one day I was stabbed with a compass, and I beat the guy silly (the superintendent’s son of all people). Getting in trouble for that was a turning point for me.

    • melissasmom

      This is the advice I gave my grandsons. My father was always on my side when I got in trouble for defending myself also. You are a good Dad.

  • Irredeemable Gary

    Bullying leaves deep scares that last a life time.
    In my case, the scars are on the faces of the many who are strewn along the roadside because I learned to defend myself out of necessity.
    I taught my son to never start a fight; just finish it when it happens.

    As far as kids wanting safe zones because they claim to be homosexual, well, it takes as much courage to claim that life style as it does to shop lift, or vandalize private property because in all cases, the individual is exercising deviant behavior. Only, the gay kid wants special treatment for theirs…

  • jerry1944

    About time some one in that state stood up. A lot of what is being called bullying these days if just picking but parents have to get involved and call it bullying so now the schools cant stand for anything. I remember when popping a girls bra from the back was flirting but now i guess it sexual harasment . But the libs are doing the best they can to make sure our kids dont have any to grow. Its the sissy america and gay machine they want. They got the faggot scouts now and will keep on till there are no men in this country

  • RockyMtn1776

    If the kid had been gay this would have never happened.

  • John Arnold Sr.

    The mayor is right, I see parents all the time telling their kids to turn the other cheek, my boys know how to fight, I will gladly pay a fine if one of my sons had to teach a bully a lesson. If one of them looses a fight, thats ok, take them out to their favorite place and then congratulate them for standing up for themselves. If they get suspended, take a few days off and go on vacation. Teach your kids to stand and they won’t live on their knees.

  • Jackie Walker

    I’m thinking the mayor is right too. I’m a girl, and I got picked on plenty… until the day when I had had enough, and slugged the biggest tormentor I had. From that day on, no one had the guts to pick on me. They knew that I would fight back once I’d had enough. Made my life EVER so much calmer. I really don’t know why I didn’t fight back sooner… certainly had enough fights at home with my brothers. 😀 Gee, wonder where I learned HOW to defend myself? ;-P

    Methinks the bleeding heart liberals are taking all the fighting spirit out of our kids… both genders. I don’t want our children and grandchildren to be brawling in the streets, don’t get me wrong, but they DO need to know how to stand up for themselves, and for others, and not just lie down and take whatever abuse anyone wants to dish out just because they are too afraid to fight back. There are issues worth fighting for. There are things worth dying for. Jesus is one, and liberty is another. IMHO. 😀

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