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College Students Know Terrifyingly Little of Benghazi

Last week we gave you reason to fear for our future with a terrifying video of college students professing their undying affection to Hillary Clinton. Then, when asked about her accomplishments, those same love-struck students could not name a single one… other than something called “Benghazi.” Yep. Clinton’s one accomplishment to them… was Benghazi.

So the MRC wanted to find out what college students knew about Benghazi. Prepare to once again be horrified by the leaders of tomorrow.

Watch as these college educated young people discuss Benghazi.

Is this a bigger black mark on our education system, or on our media’s coverage of the issue?

On September 11, 2012 an Al Qaeda affiliate in Benghazi, Libya attacked the US consulate there and murdered four Americans: US Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, embassy employee Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty.

Almost immediately, our government knew what had happened and why it had happened. However, for some reason (could it have been the upcoming November elections?), the White House and State Department chose to lie to the American people. The government claimed that the reason for the attack was some ridiculous YouTube video about Islam.

Over the last year and a half, the Obama administration, the State Department, and the CIA have continued to lie to the American people about what happened that night and why it happened at all.

The main stream media’s coverage of the Scandal has been absent.

The media has been complicit in whatever crimes the Obama administration has committed around this scandal, but they’ll never face prosecution. Their political preferences have led them (the media) into a disgusting partnership with the Obama administration – hiding the truth at every turn.

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About the author

Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • larrylunts

    Well, there you go, right-wingers. Proof that your phony-baloney manufactured outrage about something called Benghazi is gaining no traction among the young.

    • MikefromNC

      Wow! Really? So that’s what you take away from this?

      Not our phony “public education” system.
      Not our phony institutions of “higher learning”.
      Not our pathetic excuse for an unbiased “press”.
      Not the brain dead, pop culture morons being turned out into our society.

      Nope. It’s that phony Benghazi thing. You nailed it, there’s the problem.

      Unbelievable. You people are even more stupid than I thought, and I didn’t think that was possible.

      • Silver

        It is possible. They get more stupid by the day.

      • seeymour kleerly

        If Bush/Cheney can still be acceptable to even Conservatives after their Iraq Blunder that sunk America, there’s a much bigger problem than you think! Stop watching the moronic Fox News.

        • MikefromNC

          Please get some more talking points. The “blame Bush / Cheney” and “FOX news” crap was old a long time ago.
          Have you ever considered an original thought?

          • seeymour kleerly

            It never stopped! Benghazi is far worse to Righties than the Iraq War!! Fox News defended the Bush Blunder 24/7 and attacked Obama with Benghazi just as hard. As with the War, Fox and the GOP. will loose the public.

    • AHHH… Poor baby must have his feelings hurt, I guess it is rather hard to swallow the truth about obozo. Wash down the lump in your throat with more kool-aid.

    • Silver

      You just showed your stupidity….something called Benghazi? You’re as dumb as the one who thought it sounded like someone from her gym. Yeah, it’s really hard to gain traction from idiots.

  • larrylunts

    MikefromNC, why don’t you go back to “the moon landing was faked,” or “Vince Foster was murdered,” or “there is no such thing as climate change,” or one of the many other pieces of nonsense that people from your neck of the woods usually try to peddle to ignorant rednecks?

    • Silver

      Climate change is a joke. Just a scam for all the Al Gores of the world to get richer off the truly stupid of the world. Such stupidity on the left. Plus a barrel of laughs.

      • seeymour kleerly

        Do the polluters “try to get rich” by avoiding costly regulations? Which is greater, one man or American Industry?

      • larrylunts

        Willful ignorance like this can cause the collapse of civilizations.

        • Silver

          You’re right about that. The willful ignorance of the left has started the ruination of the world. You idiots just blindly follow any nutcase that tells you how to think and how to feel. Pretty sad.

  • KingofBeers

    MRCTV is a right wing propaganda machine, nothing wrong with that, but c’mon, they show 4 or 5 people who know nothing about Benghazi, and this is supposed to be an indictment of our education process? If this interviewer stopped someone who knew all about Benghazi, and had their facts and figures correct, do you think he’s going to include this in the video? Of course not, these videos are comic relief, and that’s all they’re good for. “A black mark on our education system?” False assumption.

    • 1americanjane

      When are you left wing bigots going to realize that right wing propaganda as you call it is just an answer to your parroting of an agenda that has no interest in the good of our country?

      • Silver

        Never!!! They are told how to think and they just tow the liberal line. Their rosé colored glasses need cleaning.

        • Seldena

          So right!

      • KingofBeers

        Propaganda is not in itself an evil term. It’s simply a way to further a particular political agenda. And that’s all these videos are, an attempt to further a political agenda…nothing wrong with that, but to place any deep emphasis on these edited videos is stretching things. It’s light hearted comedic relief where we can laugh at those who haven’t a clue. Now if they interviewed 100 students and showed the percentages of those who could speak intelligently about Benghazi, regardless of political persuasion, versus those who thought Ben was a cook at the local White Castle, we might have a serious discussion on the merits of our educational system, but these videos show nothing of the sort.

        • Seldena

          Think you have had too many beers O King!

        • 1americanjane

          thanks. you just restated what I said, only with more clarification. And a bit lighter hearted!

      • RECMANMC

        If you can’t see that KingofBeers is correct in that the video may be biased, then you are the dumb one.

    • Blessings

      This isn’t a “right wing conspiracy” here…I’m not at all surprised that these students didn’t know about Benghazi. Most young adults, students or not are more concerned with social issues and where’s the next party!

      • seeymour kleerly

        Plus that laugh at Fox News and some of their GRANDPARENTS who actually think it’s “Fair and Balanced”!

        • Blessings

          Bug off…My reply wasn’t for you! And your opinion means squat to me..

          • seeymour kleerly


    • DetroitDom

      KOB – ever watch Jay Leno’s “Man On The Street” episodes regarding political questions. Think what you will, but many young adults are clueless about American politics and our government.

      If you really think this video does not reflect the facts, go make a video and submit it to Eagle Rising. Let all of us know that you did this so we can see for ourselves if these college kids are smarter than they let on.

      One Stipulation: do not video at Hillsdale College in Michigan – those kids are EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT about American politics and government.

      • KingofBeers

        Sure, I’ve seen Jay Lenos man on the street. Again, it’s for comedy. If Jay asks a question like who’s the father of our country, and someone says George Washington, and another says the Pope, which segment do you think Jay will use? The same goes for these videos…they prove nothing…good for a chuckle, that’s it.

        • seeymour kleerly

          Does Fox News “Cherry Pick” the responses?

    • Seldena

      What kool-aid are you sipping today? If you do not know about all the liberal professors teaching against God and the bible then you are deaf and have blinders on. Just ask a college student what they have to endure in the classroom if their view id different. You are the one that needs to be educated.

  • Spoony

    Proof that our educational system has been successfully infiltrated and students today are being brainwashed into accepting communism and false history!

  • John

    College kids go there to get ignorant it seems! Guys wanna be jocks so they don’t have to work, and the girls wanna be married to a jock so she doesn’t have to work! The only thing a guy in college is today, is a backpack with a hard on! Girls aren’t any smarter! Just watch the video again! This isn’t the only video out there either! They have em on all topics of life,gubmunt,etc. and they’re all pretty much what you have here! These fools will wake up to late as usual,to find out the hard way, that they have no future!! Most are the reason obozo was elected,so this is what we call payback for their stupidity! Too bad they have to take the rest of us with them!

    • Silver

      Yep!! Sort of like being with someone whose number is up and you are along for the ride.

  • traverdog

    Of course we get little or nothing from cbs, nbc, abc, msnbc, cnn, The liberal media is definitely doing a disservice to Americans. It’s all in obozobummer’s plan to destroy America as we know it. Wake up sheeple. We’re already losing freedoms and this corrupt administration, starting at the top, is trying to change the Constitution.

  • Nelly

    Good job main stream media!

  • Carol Dorne

    So you think your kids are getting an education; cost enough. We better cleans our school and upgrade our teachers. Most teachers in the teachers union are socialist. John

  • Silver

    Just think!!!! Add these college UNEDUCATED idiots to the moochers and its terrifying at what the electorate of this country has become. None of them have a clue about what’s happening. They could care less. Just vote for who they’re told to vote for. As long as it is a Godless, pro-choice, homo loving, anti military moron then that’s who they vote for. Disgusting.

  • OldVeteran

    Aww…C’mon……..These higher education students are busy with listening to uber leftists ideals, being brain trained to not know the real world. The beer party schedules, keeping track of where the “pot parties” are on any given day……They’ll graduate college with a huge debt, very little chance of finding a job that will pay enough to live on and pay off their education debt. The only voting they do is who brings the kegs and who buys the drugs……..they probably take turns. Ask them questions that won’t make them look like morons. “What day follows Tuesday?” “What day comes before Tuesday?” Easy questions……imagine if they get those questions wrong? “Oy Vay!”

    • TAM44

      Funny, some of them our clueless of what day it really is already.

  • happyimnot 20

    It’s not surprising about the results of the interviews.
    Young people of today are too busy texting,facing bla bla bla to be concerned with what’s happening around them. No newspapers, TV news programs etc.
    Should go back to the days when you had to read the paper and write a report on an article to show that you were at least somewhat involved in the world around you.

    • Silver

      When my daughter was in college I told her she would basically be teaching herself because nearly all professors are left wing activist and wouldn’t be teaching but pushing their agenda. She came home and said,”mom you were so right.” All she ever heard was abortion is fabulous, right wingers are nuts, there’s no God, queers are wonderful and the military sucks and they are all murderers. Thank God she had the upbringing and background to get through it and have great grades even though she had to do it on her own. Most of the idiots you see today are the kids of liberal idiots.

      • Larry

        What a shame. They are mostly a bunch of mouth breathing morons who think they are the “enlightened”.

      • Seldena

        Thank God for parents like you!

        • Silver

          Thank you! Parents should demand that this stop. Who do these idiots think is paying their salary. If the deans are told that they will put a stop to these professors, or all kids will be pulled out, maybe they would get the point. I wouldn’t want my kid in college today. It was bad enough when my daughter went. Maybe these parents should tell their kids that they will only pay for their education if they stand up to these left wing idiot professors. Money really does talk.

  • Seldena

    They are being taught by Liberal professors and only one point of view. This is a big problem in America. They are really cheating our students.

  • DetroitDom

    If anyone gets a chance, go see the movie “GOD’S NOT DEAD”. Movie is based on the liberal push by college professors against the Christian and True God.

    Excellent materials used in the movie to tear down the false premises put forth by anti-religious liberals.

  • sanman99

    STUPID is what STUPID does!!!

  • homer1057

    One has to have a higher education to become as “STUPID” as these people are! They are as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard!

  • TAM44

    Families were destroyed by the democrat party many years ago. Taking the mothers away from raising their own children to go out and work to pay taxes into a corrupt government system. Meanwhile her children are placed in day care centers that cost the parent to keep them in while they both work to pay the high taxes the government put on them.

    My mother was a stay home maker and so was my wife and we ate at our table not in front of a TV watching crap and not talking about important things such as God, school, and love and teaching our children right from wrong.

    I miss those days and see my own children working and their children missing out on lots of things.

    • janis mcdonald

      I’m a woman in my 60s. When I was a kid, none of the women in my family worked outside the home. None of them had a driver’s license. None of them had a college education. Does that even make sense — to keep basically half the population (not necessarily the smartest half) out of the workforce, denied the opportunity to explore intellectual endeavors?
      When I got married at 19 (kind of late), we couldn’t count my salary when buying a home (since I was going to drop out of society, apparently, at any minute to raise a family). Men who did the same job as I made more money per hour — openly — since they were the real “breadwinners”. Pregnant women had to quit their jobs the minute they started to “show” — since that apparently was an unprofessional look (said the fat, bald boss with gravy on his tie and a sloppy comb-over!).
      My son is grown, well-adjusted, college-educated — he apparently did okay for a kid with a mom who enjoyed being in the workforce. I doubt he ever perceived his family as suffering from any type of “destruction”.

      • TAM44

        College education is nice to earn and think it’s a great thing to do so. My mother only went to the third grade and had more sense than any of those brain dead college student had that were ask about Benghazi. I have no complaints about women working after her children are all in grade school and realize it’s expensive to raise a family now do to the high cost of living because of sky high taxes. DEMONCRATS loves high taxes and a weak economy. That’s why they support that lying sissified boy barack hussein obama.

      • Silver

        Gee. That’s odd. I’m pushing 70 and I never saw any of those things. My mother worked when she wanted to and stayed home at times. I never knew any woman who had to quit her job because she was pregnant. I worked with a work permit as a teen and from then on. As a woman I never felt like I had less rights. I was always paid for MY WORTH and many times it was more than the men. I raised my daughter and she graduated from college with excellent grades because I told her she would have to do it on her own because of the useless activist professors who try to indoctrinate. Thank God I told her how it would be. She saw it the first day. She has a great job and runs into some of the indoctrinated unemployed idiots from time to time. I don’t know where you grew up but I NEVER saw any of the things you did.

        • 1americanjane

          Silver, how blessed you were. I have no idea where you grew up, but it must have been very different from Janice McDonald or me. Janice’s experiences were the same as mine. I will be 70 my next birthday. I also have college educated children. I even had the experience of being offered an “equal opportunity” job at a very low salary, which was explained by: “you have dependent children. aid to dependent children will pay you the difference” That is between my salary and a man.

          • Silver

            Wow. I’m DEFINATELY blessed but I never had any of those experiences. No one in my family or any of my friends. Shopping with mom in the 50’s saw many pregnant women working. Also had pregnant family members working. Any job I ever had was merit pay. Of course when I was younger I worked minimum wage and worked hard to get raises. I married young, always worked and was never insulted by being offered anything I didn’t like. I have always had equal oportunities. Even being in management I never saw any of that. I’ve just never know anyone who had any if those things happen. So sorry you did. I’m in Louisiana and never saw it.

          • 1americanjane

            Louisiana explains it. I grew up in Texas, but the “equal opportunity” experience happened in Connecticut. However, I spent a lot of time visiting realitives in various part of Louisiana. I had friends my own age. and I was always dreaming that I could live an work there! even though some of my more rural kin considered me an “old maid” at 16!

          • Silver

            LOL. Well I’m one of those rural country girls. Maybe we just give off that vibe, “don’t mess with me.” Haha. That DEFINATELY was an era of being an old maid at 16. Kids these days probably wouldn’t have made it back then. But then in their era of technology we sometimes get lost. My 6&8 year old grandsons “fix” my screw ups sometimes. Lol

          • 1americanjane

            Thanks, Silver! you make my day. What a nice visit to memory lane. and yes, I also benefit from the pint size tech bunch.

    • Silver

      My daughter and family eat at the table. One of the boys says the blessing. They say their prayers at night with their parents. They are in private school where they say Grace at lunch. I pray that others can have that life. They are so happy and close knit.

      • TAM44

        Guess I’ll always have fond memories of days gone by. Great that is wonderful to hear from you and know what great children you have and having them saying grace before eating is Gods blessing.

        • Silver

          Me too. I remember when we first got a TV. I think there may have been 10 shows on……The innersanctum…..who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of me. The shadow does……Can’t believe I remembered that..Gunsmoke, have Gun will Travel….the screen was so small. Before that my dad played the guitar and the fiddle and all the kids laughed and danced. We grew our own fruits and vegetables and we all had our chores. I loved sitting at my dads feet and listening to his stories of being on Okinawa in WWII. days of innocence. Wish kids could experience that. My grandkids are so tech savvy. They fix things for me. They are 8 & 6. LOL Wow. Didn’t mean to have all those memories. 😉

          • TAM44

            Families are a blessing and to recall all those fond things families did before everything turn into the electronic age. Playing out side catching lightning bugs and putting them in a mason jar with holes punched in the top for them to get air. watching mom making a cake and waiting to lick the spoon. Seeing dad show his love for us when he gave us hugs for being good. Eating home made pop corn we raised ourselves
            and hear him tell stories was great also. Those were the days my friend.

          • Silver

            Yes they were. I too loved catching lightening bugs. What a memory. My mom would pop popcorn and put it in brown paper bags and make jugs of lemonade and we would go to the drive-in theatre and swat Mosquitos all night. Wow!! Thanks for the memories. I see we had the same innocent childhood.

  • madman

    They are all idiots.

  • snowyriver

    This shows the power of the press.. to show or not to show.. these students are simply not informed

  • homer1057

    You know: as I see it and for whatit is worth, there is ONE solution that would clear up all the “Evolution, big bang, global warming etc crap that occurs today! that is: PROVE it whether it be right or wrong! search the truth and KNOW whether they lie or not! I have proven that fact and just to show you, here is an example that the earth is NOT millions of years old…the earths magnatism: in just the last the past 40 years the Earths magnetic field has deminished by more than 5%! Can you imagine what that would have been like million(s) of years ago! Problem is: people find it easier to believe what they are told and are “IGNORANT” on purpose!

  • Dave

    When I was in college, I was focused primarily on my class work, girls/sex, and spent zero time watching TV or reading newspapers. Since I was in Engineering school, most of my classes were in line with the math and science classes in the first two years and all technical in the last two years. I probably would not have known what Benghazi was either, if stopped by someone on campus who asked me that question out of the blue. I am not saying that is good, I am just saying where the focus of my time was on campus. Those majoring in political science or humanities or economics or history would, or should, be more politically aware.

    The problem with this is that all of us were old enough to vote and therefore, we have to ask the basis of college students voting choices in any election. Unfortunately, the college environment is target rich for anyone pushing their political ideology as these kids are easily influenced, and who has the advantage in our school system?

    We all know the answer to that question and why most college graduates come out of the chute with a liberal bias.

    • tins6

      They didn’t stopped there. Now they’re capturing the hearts of
      young students, young children, even kindergarden’s thumbing
      their parent’s eyes while in their care.

  • homer1057

    Here is a thought and one to prove: Go to Google etc and LOOK up “EVERY” states Constitution, and your own state! Even Alaska and Hawaii and SEE just how far this nation has fallen! Then tell me that this nation is on the right track! It can’t be done! John 15:5 …without me (Jesus Christ) ye can do nothing! the destruction of this nation is by design!

  • slk5

    happy??? isn’t that how you feel, when you find out, mom or the government comes to the rescue!!!

  • tins6

    Both the administration and the mainstream media are derelict of duties,
    failing to perform for the american people.
    What these smarty-pants don’t realized is if this country goes down, they
    go down with us.

  • Knife10

    And those interviews, my fellow Americans, tell us the reason so many voters vote for one political party or the other and not the important issues when they enter the polling places. It’s easier to vote for a party because we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt the party “knows what needs to be done” so we don’t have to think about anything.

  • Get Real

    The instruction received by these kids reflects the left’s stranglehold on our educational system and the numbing or blinding of truth so long as it fit’s their warped and degenerate ideologies.

  • Doug Icenhower

    When asked if this is a reflection of our education system, one must only say that ‘Reality TV’ and the ‘Dumbing Down of America’ have become the really big winners in society. It would seem that my priorities were different when I was going to school, but then I had nothing like “Dancing With the Stars”, and “Survivor”, and “American Idol” to draw my attention. Really looking forward to modern youth moving into positions of importance and authority and …………oh, wait a second…….they’re already there. Maybe that explains why we’re in such a mess.

  • Johnstoirvin

    I have wondered for a long time why the mainstream media, which is comprised of for-profit organizations, would choose to promote and support only one side of the political world, thereby willfully alienating and probably eliminating half of their potential customer base? Do the stockholders not care or are they all liberals too? Why are their current customers content with only half the story or, worse yet, no story at all?

    • dmbunce

      John, I have wondered about that very issue for years. I also wonder why companies cater to the dregs of society only to lose business from the majority of decent folks. Liberalism sure is stupid.

      • Johnstoirvin

        Right. It just shows that blind and fanatical partisanship is much more important to many people than the well-being of their own country. It’s amazing how many are perfectly comfortable having their ignorance manipulated without even questioning it and then passing it along as gospel.

  • Hellhound

    ” A guy at the gym. ” We’re doomed ! God bless ’em but the younger generation is dumber than a sack of hammers.

    • Michael Bowen

      Sam that’s not nice at least a sack of hammers serves a purpose .

    • DetroitDom

      Actually, they’re more like a sack of screwdrivers because they will be “screwing” up America for a long time.

      • Hellhound

        I stand corrected. LOL !

  • William M Durham

    The blame is not all on their ignorance of the truth and believing in the black demo-god they have come to worship because they feel guilt over thing that happened almost 150 years ago, that was actually brought on by Africans selling other Africans to each other, the Arabs and anyone else with money or bright cloth. Why the guilt complex, the liberals teaching school and their parents spouting the mess at home. The other reason they are so out of touch is the drug problems of the 60’s, where everything and anything to get high and feel good was used by that generation, despite the warnings of health officials and doctors and parents at the time of the coming problems and effects on their children and their children.E idea of things and besides getting high was fun and cool. Now look at the figures of children and young adults with all sorts of learning problems and things now called social disabilities all due to the good times had by the get high generation.Everyone was warned, but blew it off because it did not fit into their idea of having fun and getting high. Now even our current President admits he used drugs and did not see anything wrong with it. Great really great and you wonder whats wrong with and in America. Why wonder? Everyone knows, its the me,me generation with the get high generation which equals the last generation of free Americans.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      A lot of stupid, DNA, brain damaged and lazy people that aren’t smart enough to know that most people that gravitate toward government careers are products of those same stupid and lazy know better than they do and will take care of them.

      There’s a lot to be said about the guilty projections of a few generations.
      With the force of the union collectivists and its ruling government in our schools, we are the United States of Stupid and Self Destruction.

  • Sheileagh

    What can we expect from our present collegiate generation, when we ourselves always glorified Hollywood actors, singers etc. to such an acute degree, that we instigated their insidious take over of the hearts & minds of our kids? We as adults need to start being less flippant about our lives & more serious with educating our own selves to the real facts of life, before we can criticize out next generations for being brainless & ambition-less. If they are messed up, it’s our fault, so get off the ‘reality’ shows & ‘who can dance’ wasteful foolishness & start re-checking our own basic knowledge & intelligence about the things that really matter in life.

  • Chuck Rogers II

    Hmm, the real take-away from the Bengazhi thing is be careful if you serve in the military. If there is a problem in a combat situation, a Liberal Democrat Administration will leave your butt hanging out there and you die.

  • adrianvance

    The press was given special protections for special responsibilities. They have given up one and will lose the other while we lose America.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative via Google or at When you speak fine ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

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