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I Was Just About to Pull My Money Out of SunTrust Banks

My wife and I and our children bank with SunTrust. We’ve been with them for decades. My business accounts are also with SunTrust.

Then I read an article posted on the DailyCaller website that made by blood boil and just before I was to have a life screening battery of tests.

Here’s the story from the first Daily Caller article about David and Jason Benham who got booted from HGTV because of pressure from a left-wing pro-homosexual and anti-Christian group. The Benham brothers did not lash out. They believed in principle over money.

Soon after the old heave-ho, they got word from SunTrust Banks that their accounts would be closed:

“SunTrust Banks is cutting ties with would-be reality stars David and Jason Benham after liberal activists attacked them for their conservative views on abortion and gay marriage, The Daily Caller has learned.

“In a statement provided first to TheDC on Friday, the Benham brothers confirmed that SunTrust Banks has pulled all of its listed properties with the Benham brothers’ bank-owned property business, which includes several franchisees across four states.

“The move comes just a week after HGTV announced it was canceling a planned home renovation show hosted by the brothers.

“‘If our faith costs us our HGTV show and our business, then so be it,’ said Jason Benham on Friday.

“‘We were caught off-guard with this one,’ David Benham said of SunTrust’s actions. ‘Keeping us off television wasn’t enough, now this agenda to silence wants us out of the marketplace.’”

David and Jason Benham

When my wife and I read the article, we were incensed. I promised that I would use every means at my disposal to get the word out that SunTrust could not be trusted with my money. I would have put the full force of this website and many more under my care to encourage people to pull out their money.

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About the author

Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar

  • Patricia Sickle

    I believe the brothers have every right to their opinion. It should have nothing to do with the banks. They also have the right to discontinue to do business with those banks. America is going to the dogs. We no longer can trust our congress or senate or president. It’s becoming just another third world country! I am ashamed of all of them. Makes me think its time for a revolution! We are rapidly losing our free speech, and every thing we use to believe in. I blame it all on the current administration, and bleeding heart liberals who can’t look at what is happening, and know that it is wrong.

  • raptor27

    Well, if this is really fact, I will also pull all my money from SunTrust.. I have been with them since 1983.. Your right, banks have no business dealing in politics and that is exactly what they have done..!!

    • catherineforrights

      About 3 years ago Bank of America put a freeze on a Legit Gun Companies account because he was selling too MANY GUNS!!! . I went down on that day and took my money out of my pathetic CD. We know the Gov, is involved in that one,. fight back when you can…

  • Walt

    When are businesses going to learn to stay out of politics and social issues. An opinion either way is bad for business. The most successful businesses keep their opinions to themselves and never have anything to say on politics or social issues. Business 101 – don’t irritate the people you do business with.

    • pat

      you mean be a servant slave to stroke the idiots sensitivities, hate and delusional thinking, Think not, stand your ground and call it as you see it. I just stop supporting any anti place (starbucks,jackn the box etc. and go elsewhere and support them.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    And banks are severing ties with gun retailers–is that right? “I will have a lot more leeway,” said the chief!

  • pat

    We should encourage a bank run’s on any bank that does this discrimination crap. They leverage our $ so if we could protest and get hundreds and thousands to pull all $ the same day it may shut down that branch or do worse.

  • tom s

    anyone that doesn’t agree with the suntrust political viewpoint has the right to quit doing business with them……and I would except that I don’t do business with them to start with……

  • tlpop

    We need a truly Conservative Bank or some such monetary system to secure our savings in. A business that reflects and invests in our values, with real monetary backing.

    • Scott Pam

      We need a Conservative Bank, a Conservative School system across the country, a Conservative station devoted to airing shows whose hosts are conservative and been kicked off other network along with true Conservative news.

      This country is being run by a puppet government full of Islamo-Communist Fascists that hide behind the subterfuge and obfuscation of their media controlled stream of garbage.

  • grassroot

    More Liberal Fascism by and from our homegrown Liberal

  • Brian

    I think that this is going to be the “straw that broke the camels back”.

  • William Walizer

    Sun Trust is off my list as a possible Bank to do business with.

  • kensington2day

    How many of you are just a little frightened
    right now, did this article cause you to do a mental evaluation of your
    associations and what your beliefs are and if you’ve spoken of them in a
    public forum?
    Well that is exactly how fascism works.
    Pound hard with a 2×4 in public on an individual or a specific group
    causing all others to shut up and move in the direction so ordered.
    Makes everyone sooo much easier to control. Remember, just because you
    befriend a bully doesn’t mean he won’t turn on you when it suits him.

  • machodog

    Well, then. Everyone needs to pull their money out of the banks that closed the accounts of gun stores and manufacturers. I don’t remember their names but I’m sure that if you put that in your search you would find out which ones. How dare these banks start policing morals!!! Who or what the hell do they think they are!?!?!?!?

  • Gordon Grant


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