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10 Things You Won’t Find In A Godly Marriage

Could you stand up in a room and say, without embarrassment, “We’re not perfect but even so, I encourage you to follow our example in marriage?”

A godly couple can say this because of what’s missing from their marriage (and because of what’s there, but that’s another article). Sometimes it’s good when certain things go missing.

Here are 10 that have no place in a godly relationship:

1. A Sharp Tongue

It can be easy to cut with words when things don’t go our way but, in a godly marriage, neither spouse yields to this ungodly impulse. (James 3:8)

2. A Good Memory (When It Comes to Offenses)

A good memory can be very bad. After we repent of our sins before God, He doesn’t then commit them to memory so they can be thrown in our faces the next time we need to repent. The Bible says that God forgets our sins. When we repent and ask forgiveness of each other, they should never be referenced again. Remembering and repeating past wrongs will prevent the true fellowship that always follows true forgiveness. We are called to forgive as God has forgiven. (Col. 3:13)

3. A Neglect of the Bibilical Order in Marriage

In today’s culture, it’s practically hate speech by now, but if you desire to have a marriage ordered according to God’s structure and standards, read and live by Ephesians chapter 5.

4. A Lack of Care for How Each Other Is Doing

Godly love engenders a genuine concern for one’s spouse. Communicating that love is as easy as, “Hey, how are you doing … really?” Love is kind (1 Cor. 13:4).

5. A Short Temper Or Easily Offended

Godly couples are slow to become angry (1 Cor. 13:5).

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  • America_Woman

    Do you subscribe to an organized religion, LABobE?

  • Dr Laura

    LABobE replied to me that Christianity created a problem called “sin” and then provided a solution called “salvation”…Proverbs stated that “there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, only leads to death.” He doesn’t realize that man creates his own problems because his heart is sinful and depraved to begin with –Jesus knew everyone’s hearts, so He loved them but did not entrust Himself TO them, right? It is very hard for someone who is in the dark, who likes the dark, to even realize he is in the dark and needs the Light of the World, Jesus, to live. I invite anyone who reads this to join me to pray that God will reach down and give LABobE a loving dose of spiritual reality…the poor guy sounds miserable!

  • America_Woman

    Dr Laura, while you have a Christian ministry, don’t you think you should let the people that read your posts that you are NOT Dr. Laura Schlessinger ?

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