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The Muslim War on Women and Gays

Like I am a Muslim

I have been riding a wave in a drought.  I am hanging ten like honor killings.

I am surfing on corpses.  I am drowning pussy cats in the name of Allah.

I think I am going to get seventy-two virgins when I get to heaven for attaching dynamite to my son and blowing up a village of elders.  That’s worth something in a roulette wheel of depravity. I am kind of heroic in a murderous sort of way.

I kill gays.  It’s in the Koran.  I do what I must do and sometimes I don’t depending upon my mood.

Westerners feel bad about the way they treat gays and women.  You should see how bad the gays and women feel in the hands of Muslims.

What’s the big deal about an occasional pedophilic priest?  Our whole Pakistani culture is rampant with mounting boys like a taxidermist hanging them on a wall.

I pray five times a day.  I like kneeling.  My forehead feels good against a mat.

If our women cheat on us we stone them to death.  Why wouldn’t they cheat on us?  We are nasty, ugly and bearded.

We are afraid of women. We hide them in veils. They have strange powers to hurt us.  That’s something we know that western men don’t understand.  Love is a can of worms with which we catch either affection or violence.

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About the author

David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

  • SammysDad

    An indoctrinated sick and demented culture that has been present for 1thousands of years, and the liberal world folks have fallen for it as just a diversity to tolerate. Britain and France are prime examples.

  • Walt

    Islam was designed for the illiterate, uneducated dregs of society. It keeps them together and gives them a boost. Where else could you have a lifestyle like you want. You can rape, kill, commit violence, steal, rob, sodomize and in essence do whatever you want to do. It is a following of sheeple who have no particular leader except the written instructions to do what you want, when you want.

    • seeymour kleerly

      You first line sounds a lot like why Fox News was designed!

      • ort

        Seriously, do you hang around sites where nobody wants you, just to do an ignorant drive-by posting? How sad.

        • seeymour kleerly

          You need me here! How sad you’re afraid of debate!

          • ort

            Umm, no. See, you THINK you engage in a debate, but all you do is show up and post something incredibly dumb. That is not engaging in a debate–that is being an annoying tool.

            If you truly wish to debate, try posting something intelligent that will engage people in a debate, instead of doing a drive-by.

          • seeymour kleerly

            Is everyone else still allowed to do “drive buy” against Liberals and Obama?

          • ort

            If you mean against the Manchurian President, his lawlessness, and the socialist left, then yes.

      • PhylBoyse

        since you are so ignorant – FOX News is the ONLY UNBIASED news network on TV. But since you are so leftist – you wouldn’t understand TRUE UNBIASED news – you must listen to the totally LEFTIST msnbc, cnn, nbc, cbs, abc and the rest. Sorry I pity you.

        • seeymour kleerly

          Fox is 100% anti-Liberal! Msnbc is the Liberal counterweight!

  • DockyWocky

    Not “thousands of years,” but much too long for the good of humanity, that’s for damn sure!

    • PhylBoyse

      Yes mu-slimes have NOT been around for thousands of years – unlike Christians have. And the part of the world where mu-slimes now control was originally Christian area – because that is where Jesus Christ was born and raised. And yet they do not believe in Jesus but their own god – which they are too stupid to realize that “their” god is the same as everyone’s god.

      • DockyWocky

        Idon’t believe “their god is the same as everyone’s god,” because their god is merely the old Arab Moon god resurrected by a certified lunatic. Their god only appeals to the the most primitive and savage elements of humanity. The militarism, rape, and pillage defines a definitely criminal mentality which accounts for its popularity among the baser elements of the population in the area.

  • LFRD

    Muslims are enbread. Must be bad gene pool.

  • PhylBoyse

    This is kind of confusing. IF mu-slimes are so against “gays”, and yet our “president” barry is a qu*** and claims to be mu-slime. So why are they also selective against some “gays” and women and yet some qu***s get thru the screening? Not sure what kind of hype the mu-slimes are spouting too.

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