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Terrifying Video Sheds Light on our Future

This is what is so terrifying about our Universities and Colleges today.

Under the pretense of developing critical thinking skills, the liberal academic elites have indoctrinated our younger generations into a generation of sheep.

They can’t even recognize that among themselves there is no diversity of thought.

Nor can they tell that they have no reason to believe what they believe!

Even as they try to articulate why Hillary Clinton should be President… they have nothing to say!

It’s almost laughable. Until you realize that they are all of voting age.

Gulp… terrifying.

What is going to happen to our country?

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • Gary

    Hillary Clinton would make an unbelievable soldier in the war against Islamic terrorists but she might be killed in her office by the Muslim Brotherhood. Why would it matter?

    She has been an effective self serving hater of America, murderess and destroyer of our young mush filled brain matter with garbage.

  • anne

    Please raise the voting age!

    • wmgill

      To at least 40…. I’m convinced that unless you’ve reached that age, you don’t have enough life experience to make such an important decision, but based on the last elections results, there is clear evidence that many in that age group can’t think for themselves either.

  • Mark Tallman

    Unbelievable!!! Hillary did NOTHING, except:

    1-Arab Spring which was an absolute disaster
    2-Lied about the Benghazi attack, blaming a video when she knew that nigth, real-time, it was a muslim terrorist attack

    That’s about it. Find something she REALLY accomplished. I dare you. You will not find it.

    • Rattlerjake

      I’d ask for any accomplishment that she has had since she was born. And for those that will say, she made Chelsea, that’s like saying because I empty the trash I accomplished something! Chelsea is a clone of her self-righteous, money-hungry, feminazi bitch mother.

      • Mark Tallman

        As for Chelsea, I saw her application to Stanford. She IS a smart girl, but she was NOT Stanford material and had she not been the First Daughter, she NEVER would have been looked at seriously by Admissions.

        • Rattlerjake

          Depends on your definition of smart. Academic wise, smart is based on how much and how fast you retain information presented. It’s been proven that you can teach anyone anything (even sign language to a gorilla) if you have enough time, but common sense and true intelligence is not learned.

          • Mark Tallman

            True. However, Chelsea’s incoming class at Stanford was almost 100% National Merit Scholars…with a single exception. Want to venture a guess?

          • Rattlerjake

            You place far too much emphasis on academic achievement. Do you realize that the academic community has done the most damage to this country and the world than anything else? Legal academics, professors and teachers, PhD’s in all subjects have sold this country down the drain for MONEY, namely government funds! Three quarters of the college educated people in this country are less intelligent and worth less in the work force than most blue-collar workers when you consider their income vs their ability and productivity. Most college graduates are unable to apply what they learned to their actual job, that is one reason that so many degree holders flip burgers!

    • bbarnicle

      She successfully bullied the SS guarding the recently dead Vince Foster’s office, getting in and loading damaging evidence into a box and walking out the door….so they reported.

      She’s a very successful bully.

  • act

    It is sad to see the way our young have been brain washed or the lack of interest in our country. They seem to have no real knowledge of what is going on in the country. Very, very sad indeed.

  • huey6367

    These people are idiots. Products of public education. Critical thinkers they are not. Whoever is running for President, their gender, race, religion, sexual preference, etc should not be a consideration. Are they leaders? What have they accomplished to show us they are leaders? Two important questions when selecting your President. Hitlery has shown us she is not a leader and has accomplished nothing.

  • Robert Myles

    Well they do get the part about “First African” President but need to leave the American part out. Because of him is why they think Hillary should be our next president to set a precedent of having a woman for president? these kids have indeed learned nothing while getting a “Higher Education”. They are so up to date they have no clue about what she has done to America and American’s

    • bbarnicle

      Obama, through his father’s dual citizenship, born in Hawaii he still was born into dual citizenship. Kenyan law read that anyone born outside the country got Kenyan citizenship through the father. But their law changed, and it gave the citizen until adulthood (age 21) to decide if they wanted to retain that Kenyan citizenship. The law allowed a two year window, so officially, in 1984, Obama’s Kenyan dual citizenship expired.

      So, truth is stranger than fiction. He really was Kenyan…until age 24.

      That doesn’t even address the Indonesian citizenship issue.

      All valid concerns. Anti-colonialism is very anti-American. Why do you think the American embassy was blown up in Kenya? And what’s up with Obama’s cousin Odinga?

  • Texasfedupgramma

    Scary to think these liberal morons are the future leaders of this country! They haven’t a clue about what is going on in this world! What a shame.

  • steven

    You reap what you sow,all the women who voted for Obama and face future medical problems are going to have it bite them square on the a$$.

  • Lon M. Dugan

    These are the people that will be voting in the next election? Hillary has absolutely no accomplishments in her entire life! Everything that she has “achieved” has been handed to her! The ignorance of the people interviewed is astounding! These are people that Rush refers to as the low information voter. The one young man says he is doing his thesis on Hillary. Perhaps if he does some actual investigative research he will become educated about Hillary!

    • Terry Lee

      No he will just say nice things about her and get a pass. Doing research for a dissertation in a public institution of higher education…you are funny.

  • KingofBeers

    Another stupid edited video, which proves nothing, but those of you with hatred toward Clinton, lap it up, like the sheep you are.

    How many of you can even name the Sec of State under GW Bush? Accomplishments?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    The good thing about this video? The youth overwhelmingly reject the republican agenda….and they will be voting.

    • BlueViolets

      Condoleza Rice.

    • AEKelley

      The whole idea of her being the first woman has absolutely nothing to do with who is best. That is a goal by some group in our country that has no understanding of the desperate state we are in and heading.

    • gvette

      Keep the beer flowing. Maybe if you sober up, you’ll get it.

    • Osamabeenscrewed

      The only thing you are king of is BS! GFY! read between the letters if you can read.

    • Omer the 3rd

      Always the answer, deflect to Bush. That was then, THIS IS NOW! Time to end the destruction of our Country. The irony is that these clowns, as they awaken from the lib-induced stupidity, will be the first occupiers of the FEMA camps…

    • Irredeemable Gary

      KOB: “How many of you can even name the Sec of State under GW Bush? Accomplishments?”

      “As Secretary of State, Rice championed the expansion of democratic governments. Rice stated that the September 11 attacks in 2001 were rooted in “oppression and despair” and so, the US must advance democratic reform and support basic rights throughout the greater Middle East. Rice also reformed and restructured the department, as well as US diplomacy as a whole. “Transformational Diplomacy” is the goal that Rice describes as “work[ing] with our many partners around the world… [and] build[ing] and sustain[ing] democratic, well-governed states that will respond to the needs of their people and conduct themselves responsibly in the international system.”

      (Source: Wiki)

      There are no stupid questions… just stupid people who ask them.

      • KingofBeers

        So you cut and paste and believe that proves your point?! If I would’ve asked you on the street to name the biggest accomplishment of Rice, what would you have done? Grabbed your cell and tried to do a wiki links search? How stupid are you? This is my whole point…an edited video proves nothing. All of you in this forum know the truth…if asked to name a Rice accomplishment? You can’t even admit the truth to yourselves. Sad.

        • Irredeemable Gary

          No a$$ monkey, my point was that you asked a silly question that could be answered by wiki

          Granted, the question is a bit rediculous because the SecState operates at the pleasure of the president, and represents him and his policies, so there aren’t usually great achievements to be remembered

          Never the less, the kids are sighting Bengazi as her greatest achievement

          You ALL are a bunch of maroons

        • luci

          dems, always the same, complain and blame, its all they know how to do. so sad.

      • seeymour kleerly

        You forgot to mention LYING American into the Iraq ‘BLUNDER OF THE AGES”. Mushroom cloud!!!

        • Irredeemable Gary

          You’re the village idiot Seemour.
          You’ve been schooled in previous posts regarding actual history, yet you choose to ignore it, remaining in your dirty diaper of stupidity.
          Liberals claim to be ‘enlightened’, but scurry under the refrigerator like a bunch of cockroaches when the light of reality is shone upon them.

    • wmgill

      As far as the republican agenda, they wouldn’t know it if it hit them in the face. They only get a distorted view of what conservatives believe. As for “they will be voting”, I seriously doubt that s true. If there is a beer bong party on election day, their true priorities will come through.

  • Capt. Parker

    Proof positive that postpartum abortion should be completely legal.

  • Maria castro

    The only thing that comes to my mind…is….what a bunch of Idiots.

  • SammysDad


    • michael


  • wolfen244

    what morons.

    “I want to continue to install communism in this country. I just need some buffoons to vote for me.”
    –Hillary Rodham Benghazi.

    “After watching Dick Cheney last night on Chris Wallace, I now know precisely who I want in 2016 – a renewed, invigorated Cheney which would make the crazy left even crazier.”

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Killary can join the Antichrist-In-Chief in héll.

  • kennethwbaguley

    What a disgrace…honoring another empty suit…What a danger to our country…Ken

  • michael lawless

    libtards gone wild

  • ECwashr

    I remember Obama sheep being ask, What policies of Obama’s do you agree with? “Hope and Change”, that’s not a policy that’s a campaign slogan, “Yes We Can”. Again that’s not a policy do you have a real answer to the question, “Transform America”….Its not even funny anymore, these useful idiot sheep have done all they can to help this muslim brotherhood usuper destroy this nation.

  • Alexandra Mark

    These kids, among others, suffer from reality deprivation. They live in a bubble where ignorance is their oxygen.

  • Jack Adams

    The *Dumbing Down* of America!!! How is this country going to survive in the future with “dummies” like this!!!

    • paulrph1

      You are correct with the “dumbing down” statement. But these are college kids and according to their way of thinking they are the informed ones.

    • Co-Reigner

      America is not going to survive–we are all doomed. The younger ones are just too dumbed-down to keep this good country going.

  • Nostromo

    The people interviewed in this video are not only ignorant of current events, they are totally insulated from reality of what is happening to the country and around the world. Brainless, they regurgitate what they hear from the liberal media. These are the voters who elected Obama. They will elect Hillary Clinton. The silent majority remains silent because they don’t have the stomach for a good fight, demonstration and agitation. For this reason, the USA continues to be ruled by corrupt, unscrupulous, power hungry government bureaucrats who know just how to enslave the sheep-people with handouts and free stuff. Until the silent majority rises up, America will have its head in its rectum.

    • Osamabeenscrewed

      You are so right about people needing to wake up or we will see our country go down the tubes even further then we already have.

  • Louman

    What a pack of over educated idiots. If this is typical of our college grads then we are in a lot of trouble. Mindless Robots. Living proof that college is a waste of money and time.

    • dranalog

      Actually, they are under educated idiots.

      • nunya

        This is NOT only happening in NE liberal schools. I know this one student going to TCU in Texas who is as liberal socialist as they come.

        He spews the leftist talking point just like the rest of them.

        You will NEVER convince them that they are wrong on any issue until government attacks them personally. Otherwise, government is their God and savior.

        • dranalog

          I agree, it is nationwide.

    • rivahmitch

      They’re NOT educated. They’re PROGRAMMED!

      • Louman

        OK We will call them over Programmed.Idiots.

    • Oleg

      they talk a lot and do little, next generation of bullshitologists… so, you and dranalog are both right.

  • paulrph1

    Scary? Too say the least. Like we heard a two year old say the other day, “People are idiots”. Benghazi is an accomplishment? “What difference at this point does it make?” That should tell us all about her. Nothing makes a difference to her not even murder especially her own employees.

    • Osamabeenscrewed

      That is so obvious watching this video. The real problem is that education has turned into brainwashing, not education.

    • If those students were ask about Benghazi they wouldn’t know what you were talking about!!!

      • seeymour kleerly

        I guess they don’t watch Fox News’ 24/7 coverage of Benghazi!

  • savage24

    As I have said before, education is not the solution for stupidity.

  • LeonBerton

    The fact is that these kids are NOT educated at all, but merely mindless babblers.

    They reveal no ability to sustain any reflective analysis nor much less give any evidence for what they assert.

  • paulrph1

    I found in particular the statement where he said we need a woman president because we have elected our first black president. That is stupid, asinine and idiotic all rolled up into one. That is no reason to elect a President. I hope the parents are proud of their misconception.

    • rivahmitch

      Nice use of the pun.

  • Jan

    She’ll win. Unfortunately, the sheeple rule in this country–and still keep lauding her on and giving her credit. For what I’ll never know! A shame… hey/ they the people did it before, and they the sheeple will do it again!

    • Average_Joe56

      Actually, I am not afraid of Hillary winning…I worry more about another 8 years of Obama…as in…..Michelle Obama…I think she is going to be the “October Surprise”….And she’ll win…because she is Black and female. Think not? I have a buck…any takers?
      Food for thought…….

      • Renellin

        I don’t think so. Nobody likes Michelle, and she always looks mad. Who in the world would vote for her?

        • Average_Joe56

          That’s a silly question….
          The same folks who voted for his wife…Barry.

  • jaxtom

    Pass out the crackers….as in “Polly wants a cracker” aka parroting what they hear.

  • jd1958


  • Don Williams

    With these young skulls of mush. America is [email protected]#ked.

  • dave

    That was a clear case of tweetle dee and tweetle dumb !!! Those jokers were so clueless that it really makes me sad for this country and its future !!

  • lark2

    If this is the future … it is really depressing. Certainly on many levels, we need to re-think the value of a college education and we certainly need to STOP sending money to colleges and universities. Did everyone notice the equating of the word PROGRESSIVE with “progress”…. this is a real semantic advantage these people have. I am 71 years old … people my age need to realize there is no future. It is going to be a very long and painful time for our children and others yet unborn, before our country begins to turn around…. hopefully … historians will put the blame where it belongs but, we have a president who is very skilled at avoiding responsibility for anything. Does anyone remember a presidency where the incumbent is not held responsible for ANYTHING?

  • Jerry_Morgan

    I’ve heard others say they like Hillary because “She Has Done So Much.” What I want to know is just what those things are by name…..Other than allowing the murder of four American’s in Benghazi and then lie about it. Name the other great things she has done. Number them #1 thru ever how many great things there are. If a person can stand there and say they like Hillary because of all the great things she has done they must have great things in mind…..What are they? That’s all I ask….WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY? Put up or shut up!
    – – Jerry Morgan

    • Renellin

      She’s done plenty!! Like she got made partner at the Rose Law Firm because her husband made Governor! Like she shooped in the role of First Lady because her husband became President!! And he said she was his co-president, because, after all, look at all the stuff he did that she overlooked! Then, because she was so fabulous for standing by her man even with the blue dress, she was awarded a senatorship in New York, even though she didn’t live in New York, and had no idea what New York’s interests were. Next she ran for President, eventually settling with our current president who gave her the SofS job to get her out of the country so he could go on with his own little scheme. Finally, she proved that neither she nor Obama can be trusted when that 3 am call comes, and quit. That’s what she’s done. Oh did I mention travelgate? The FBI files? Vince Foster?

  • Ken Cooley

    I agree Jerry, what has she done?

    • Red_Ruffansore

      She got our people killed on sovereign territory and paid no price for her failure. She’s definitely top flight Dhimmicrat material.

  • Gary Colongo

    This Government Movement has brain washed the College kids since 80’s and it has worked. Also the Welfare free loaers and free money Mexicans. We’re all in big trouble if we don’t wise up. Internal communism is here and now. Wise up America. This is real stuff.

  • Chief

    Hillary Clinton Is Joseph Stalin in drag.

    • Renellin

      Not very good drag.

  • Driver_S

    Like one of them said….”They have no clue”. It would sure be interesting to read the kid’s thesis on Hillary Clinton and probably just as interesting to see the professors take on it. I’ve had a taste of these recently graduated college kids when my employer started hiring their supervision personnel from a job service to avoid providing health care and retirement benefits to their new salary personnel. None of them had ever seen the inside of a factory yet they came in thinking they knew everything instead of learning things from the people that had 20-30 years experience. It was scary to see and a big part of the reason my employer closed their doors and sent all the work overseas and to Mexico. Luckily I had enough time in to retire and get the hell out before they sold it all off and people lost their benefits and jobs.

  • Tasine

    Sad, but even worse, DISGUSTING. These mental children LOVE her, and do so without any REASON they can name. People this empty headed have no business voting. Yes, they have the right, but ALL voters should have to pass some sort of a test that tells us they are voting for issues and what those issues entail. Sadly, most true adults have very little more knowledge about why they vote for whom than do these little airheads.

  • What a DUM bunch of A$$ holes!!!!!!

  • Bearshar

    OMG!! We are sooo doomed!!!!

  • Tim

    We love her because the media drum beat says we love her and that’s all we know…sooo sad, downright depressing!

  • Spark1845

    Hillary CLITon is a MURDEROUS BITCH. PERIOD. She should be if JAIL.

  • MajJohn

    Pre Programmed robots taught nothing but to adore the cult of personnality.

  • JeffH

    Bahhhhh, bahhhhhh, bahhhhh as they all fight for their place at the trough.

  • yaki534

    These dolts haven’t even a clue. And most of them admit it but they still think she is good.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    Send them to school and college, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to do it, then feed the feeble minds with garbage and what do you get? Garbage in and garbage out.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    All these young skulls full of mush need to know is Hillary can return not only our country but the entire planet to what it once was, a choking smoke filled cauldron of volcanic activity devoid of life. I don’t always talk to liberals but when I do I choose to abuse them. Stay stupid my friends, vote Hillary.

  • ATexasGirl10

    This is one more reason to bring up Bill and Hillarious’ past. These young adults were not born when the Clinton scandals happened. Most of the young voters can not tell you anything about the Clintons past. So we need to educate them before the election and hope and pray they will listen to the truth about them and their socialist way of life.

  • Pat Alexander

    Pea brains at large!

  • Dave L.

    Morons like this are what you get when first cousins marry !! Hope these retards are sterile and can’t reproduce !

    • The Big Easy

      Too late,there is Chelsea for one————-and there are two in the half-white house——-

  • Carol Dorne

    Absolutely frightening, what a bunch of idiots. John

  • mallen11

    If this is what the young people in our universities think across our land, we are in big trouble. They don’t keep up with politics but they sure have an opinion. The boy who is writing about her needs to do some real research becasue Hellory did nothing to help the Bengazi fiasco. I hope he finds out the truth about her. He sure didn’t make sense. None of them made sense. Pray for our Nation.
    Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bears rule, the people mourn….

    • LFRD

      They can’t keep up with politics. There is no time between Facebooking & Selfies. Very low priorities. Self consumption. America is dead.

      • mallen11

        I agree but we can’t give up. It hurts to see our country go in the wrong direction and we need stand firm and turn it around.
        I Tim 2:1-2 First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and ALL who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. (This is God’s way)

        • LFRD

          Thank You mallen11

    • jobird

      2nd.Chronicles 7 v 14.If my people who are called by my name will turn from their wicked ways,pray and seek MY-FACE,I will hear from heaven. Please
      read and pray everyday.

      • mallen11

        Yes, hopefully, people know HOW to pray.
        The prevailing power of Bible Doctrine must precede the power of prevailing prayer.
        John 4:24 God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit (in fellowship) and truth (using the knowledge of his Word.)


    It is not even 8AM and I feel like curling up in my bed and crying myself to sleep. God save us all, if America’s future is in the hands of these inbeciles!

    Our colleges look more like sheep farms, than institutions of higher learning. Parents pull the good old “Animal Farm” out and have your kids read it.

  • tom s

    yeah, as the one idiot said, Benghazi was her biggest accomplishment? What?? When you think about it, that probably was her biggest accomplishment, but not as a good accomplishment. Stupid is as stupid does. And look at what most of their professors are. Yeah, the USA may well be rushing toward it’s ending.

  • drattastic

    Hillary is soooo awesome because of ……uh…….vagina , yeah that’s it !

    • DetroitDom

      I wouldn’t bet my house on it.

  • Guest

    Someone PLEASE tell those generation that “upspeaking” (framing statements as if they were questions) makes you sound VERY dumb and constantly unsure of yourself.
    Or, shoud I rephrase that; Makes you sound VERY dumb????

  • Oldtymepatriot

    I wish I could say unbelievable, but this is a clear example of the dumbing down of America.

  • Insurgent

    Very good reasons to move to another country !!!

    • southern tom

      …WHAT country did you have in mind?

      • jobird

        My question exactly,what country? Singapore maybe??

        • southern tom

          …MOST FOLKS… especially liberals… wouldn’t like Singapore… their laws ARE enforced, and even a minor infraction could result in many lashes with a cane… 20 years in prison for one marijuana seed… I’ve been to Singapore many times, it’s a nice, clean, citystate, but ya gotta know the rules and obey them…

          …WHEN USA becomes a socialist police state, there won’t be another ‘free’ country to flee to…

          • jobird

            I had the pleasure to visit once years ago.The Viet-Nam war
            was in full swing.These are really times that try one’s soul isn’t

    • LFRD

      Yeah, I want to flee as well.

  • politicstick

    Someone PLEASE tell those kids in that generation that “upspeaking” (framing
    statements as if they were questions) makes you sound VERY dumb and
    constantly unsure of yourself.
    Or, shoud I rephrase that; Makes you sound VERY dumb????

  • Burton Pauly

    Nada is what she has accomplished in politics, or as a human being. And these so-called smart folks are really a factor in our elections. God forbid. Ineptness is the only word that really applies to her in all the positions she has held.

    • LFRD

      Hopefully, by election 2014 (there being no jobs for their paper accomplishment) it might jus sink in.

      • Burton Pauly

        Who knew. But I’m not holding my breath.

  • The Big Easy

    Between the ‘POT HEADS’ in such as Washington state and Colorado state and most college campuses,and now these highly intelligent ‘IDIOTS’ being ‘INDOCTRINATED’ with such as the commie professors and now this common core RAW SEWERAGE—————-such as russia,china,n,korea,iran,pockeystan,all the other stans,greece,etc.,etc.,will NOT have a very hard time taking over————————And these are the ‘future leaders’ of AMERICA———–WE ARE IN VERY,VERY DEEP RAW SEWERAGE————-WHAT A BUNCH OF PUKES——————–

    • oldmo

      The winds of change are blowing. Now you know how the Indians must have felt. Could this be payback ??

  • DetroitDom

    For all those in the video – I hope you see this comment –


  • Randolph Rivers

    I hope the parents of these children watch this video it should make them mad as hell. However, it scares the $hit out of me. Sad state we find ourselves in. No wonder obama was elected twice.

    • oldmo

      Why would it make their parents mad as hell ? Aren’t the parents the ones that voted for him ?

    • jobird

      Isn’t that the truth? Great post,just wonder how many of us there are and if
      there is any way to change the course this country appears to be on?

  • oldmo

    “At this point in time, what difference does it make ?” There dammit now that is handling it !!!

  • disqus_6FSrLgCvxF

    …ALL of these “students” need to ask for their College tuition back ! (and) get a “shovel-ready” job ! These kids are about as sharp as a rack of Bowling Balls ! A few more points on the IQ chart and “they” could be a group of Trees ! May God (…Yes, I just used the “G” Word) have mercy on America !

    • LFRD

      AMEN to all (especially the ‘G’ word.)

  • Connie Smith Mendez

    What is next? These kids put gender and race over competence….

  • bix2246

    I only hope that SOMEDAY these “brilliant” students will get off of their progressive butts and that their eyes will be opened to the work that their heroes have done and the carnage it’s left behind.

  • VA Patriot

    All this, at $60K a year! Bet these parents are really happy with these outcomes! And to think, that GWU’s political science and public policy colleges are world class institution too…WOW!!!!!

  • I’m ready when you all are


  • Phil McMorrow

    The product of indoctrination. Not a trace of reasoning ability among those students.

  • Seldena

    It is sickening to realize how many college students are not taught to think for themselves.These liberal so-called educators cannot be too intelligent themselves. Maybe they will learn of this video and they will see a hateful, lying, decietful person that Hillary really is.She does not care for anyone but herself. Four dead Americans and what difference does it make! Well you heartless_____ it makes a huge difference to the families and 83% of the American people. We demand answers to a lot of unanswered questions and we demand the truth this time!!!

  • rog363

    These collage students have no idea what is going on in the world, let alone their own country, other then what some Liberal professor drums into their feeble little minds. I got my education by joining the military when I graduated High School. This afforded me the chance to travel to other places outside of America and better understand human nature and life in general in other countries. the worst thing, I believe, that ever happened in America was the abolishment of the draft. The joining up, in a military organization , not only taught me to respect authority, and to follow orders, also how to question those orders, if I believed them to be wrong, also the chance to go to other countries and to learn and understand much more about them then any collage professor could ever teach me. I’m not saying collage is a bad thing, like the training I received in the military, it is nothing more then On The Job Training and when you got to where your education takes you, you then apply what you learned to the job you have. These children, I call them that because that is in fact what they really are, think they are so intelligent but when they get out in the work force and join the real world they will begin to understand that what they have been taught is not necessarily right.

  • mack

    If your stupid about an issue, best to keep your mouth shut or look like a Fool.

  • hdwrench

    And this my friends is the future of our country?????? No wonder so many people with money are leaving the country and giving up their citizenships. I am just glad I will probably not be alive to see when this country finally completely fails. Go for it all you young tax and spend libitards!

  • pilgrimsjog

    As secretary of state Hillary’s greatest achievement has been holding high government office based on nothing that was remotely remarkable. Nothing she has done had any value for our country after half a minute. Yet, the powers that be have positioned her to become President. Hitler’s communications regime would be proud!

  • daveveselenak

    … in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost… AMERIKA is lost! REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION!

  • traverdog

    Such non-informed IDIOTS. I am very concerned about America’s future. With brainwashed kids such as those, I’m glad I won’t be around when they run for office. This country is in deep poo poo.

  • USPatriotOne

    I had to stop watching this video after 1:32 it was that discusting! This is a clear indication of what CommieCore has done to our Children…They are brainwashed, uninformed, dumb-down, MORONS..!!! They think the metal midget Hillary’s mu*dering of 4 Americans is and accomplishment..??? These kids know nothing of our History, nothing of the fight for “We the People” independence from Tyranny, they believe OB is a good President, when he has nearly destroyed OUR NATION..!!! Satan is alive and well and is working from Kindergarten through Grad-School…!!! OB and his Commie/Muslim/NWO/DemoRat Godless Monster Cronies have followed Hitlers plan down to the letter, and since our Kids KNOW NOTHING about World history they can’t even see the Communist plan that is unfolding right before their very eyes…!!! And these kids have nearly NO ability to think on their own, they have be told even what to take a dump, sorry not trying to be gross, but this is the facts..!!! OAS start this past weekend and Phase 1 of “We the People” taking our Nation back has started…PEOPLE its now or Never, and don’t let the Commie/Cronies tell you that it failed because they are wrong! They make stupid statements like only 10 to 100 people showed-up…WRONG, thousand had come and are still coming, “We the People” are not leaving until OB, Biden, Holder, Reid, Polosi, McConnell, and Boehner are gone…PERIOD..!!! OB started this Civil War II back on Oct 13, 2013 at the WWII Vet Memorial when he sent his Military Police after disabled Vets at the WWII Vet Memorial and at the WH…!!! The American People better wake-up and fast, OB has already declared War on “We the People” and OB’s Military Police are already killing innocent American Citizen allover our Nation for no other reason then to kill (mostly Conservatives) to gain control and brainwash the People to follow orders while there homes are invaded, Guns are illegally confiscated, and you and your family ar marched right into the nearest Fema re-education Camp…!!! God Help us, PLEASE!

    • mallen11

      God will help us when enough people decide to put Him first in their lives.

  • jobird

    I saw this and just cringed.Who is paying for these “kids” to go to school?? We are so
    gone an a once great nation if these idiots are the future!!!

  • LittleMoose

    What a bunch of stupid idiots!

  • LFRD

    OMG!!! Clueless & Superficial Idiots are going to run this country??!!

    • luci

      we wont have a country very long. if we do it will not be a great or successful country. very sad

    • CommonSenseFanatic

      You mean they aren’t already ?????

      • LFRD

        Well, isn’t why they went to educated? I guess they need a refund.

    • kay tournay

      they’ve been prepared to live in a socialist society!

      • LFRD

        Brain Dead?

  • US Patriot Chick

    Our future is in the hands of idiots with a degree…..friggin great

    • LFRD

      No degree of sense–just a damb paper from progressive professors.

  • Insurgent

    Her looks and the looks of many other dumbocrab women I find very frightening.
    She, like the rest, are mentally unbalanced.

  • edsmssi

    There is a long history of political apathy in America. However, in the past, such people rarely voted. Today the Democrap party has managed to motivate even the most ignorant and uninformed to vote, to the detriment of us all. Large numbers of shallow and uneducated college students are voting for candidates because of their race or gender, having no idea of their plans for this country. Truly frightening.

    • pilgrimsjog

      The democrat application of identity politics promotes irrational anger and fear among their constituent groups. Then, democrat takes a non-issue news event and puts a racism-gay-woman issue spin on the news event to exploit the fears of each group. Then, democrat keeps the story in the echo chamber and media re-cycles the story until it dies. Then, on to exploit the next identity political group. This is done through a repeating cycle. Over and over. Manufactured “news” crisis to exploit their sheep. And, the sheep are so dumped down they can’t see it!

    • luci

      they also will vote for someone they think is cool. they should have to take a little test before they can vote.

  • LFRD

    As I see the media – shots of our countries graduates this month, I think to myself how oblivious the young people are. They have degrees and have worked for a piece of paper that will give them no employment. It will sink in before 2014 election I hope.

  • Kelvin

    My daughter has a PhD. Very bright lady, But, she didn’t even know who Harry Reid is. She is on the faculty of a university. I just want to cry.

    • LFRD

      🙁 I want to as well.

    • JuneUSA

      We have been taken over by evil aliens. That can’t be your real daughter.

    • luci

      if she did not know who harry reid is, shes lucky.

      • wmgill

        Maybe even blessed….. look at all the nightmares she’s avoided.

    • jobird

      Yes ,and that PHD stands for “Piled higher and deeper”I bet you want to cry
      and for good reason.

  • Vega632

    ALL I CAN SAY IS OMG!!!!!!!

  • AmericanLass

    He’s black, lets vote for him. She’s a woman, lets vote for her. What next a child, just so they can be the first.


      Well after Female comes Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, Criminal, Transvestite, Homosexual, Muslim, ….. oh, wait some might be already covered.

    • luci

      maybe we should have the first cat president, so stupid

  • giant33

    This is very very very scary. First a black man that is more white then black who is doing a bad job leading our country. Now these morons want to put a women in that office just because she is a women. The country is in big trouble. These are the same young people that really think there is white privilege.

    • mallen11

      Their reasoning is what the demoRats are counting on to get her in office. We need to counterattack everything they say about her and try to get through the minds of the clueless the truth.

  • SirWilhelm

    It’s bad enough that most of them could not name one accomplishment, but the girl, and the guy, that tried to fabricate accomplishments for her, are what I found really disturbing, especially when they tried to do it with Benghazi. Are they not aware of the questions, and accusations, surrounding Benghazi regarding her? Or, are they deliberately trying to cover for her? Either way, they are being dishonest, about a serious subject. Having the first female President, following the first, supposedly, Black President, is not reason enough to vote for her, in my opinion.

    • luci

      its no reason to vote for anyone, and why does the next president have to be a female, how about someone who can accomplish something for this country, and why does the first female president have to be hillary clinton. who made her queen. i would never vote for her.

  • Gary Cangemi

    If this is the future of America, we are doomed! Where did they grow these morons?

    • NDwight

      Public education system that has removed morals from their thinking processes.

      • mallen11

        Yes, and parents need to Home School

  • pilgrimsjog

    They’re off to vote for the wizard, the wonderful wizard of AAHH! Why?!?! Just because … because … because … because of the wonderful things she’s done! What things are these? Everyone knows of the wonderful things she’s done! I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, just because … because … because of the wonderful things she’s done!

    But, what things are these?!?! We’re told, everyone knows!

  • Warren Taylor

    The best qualification any of these naïve kids could cite for Hellary to be president seemed to be her reproductive system. Since she is beyond childbearing age, I cannot see how this is relevant. None could actually identify even a single valid accomplishment of hers as Secretary of State. The scariest thing is that the vote of each of these profoundly ignorant kids counts exactly the same as mine. Every one of them exhibits a problem that I describe as being educated far beyond their ability to assimilate it.

  • wmgill

    As I read all these posts which blame the public education system for the complete lack of critical thinking, which is obvious in the video, I came to a revelation that we are blaming the wrong group of people. Though the public education system makes every effort to indoctrinate every student that walks through the door, the responsible party is and always was the parents of these kids. I raised two sons that are also a product of public education, but I made it a point to talk with them as they grew up, and did everything in my power to get them to see what was going on in the world, and to actually think about things as they happened. They are very much critical thinkers, and no they don’t always agree with me. In time, with more life experience, they will surely come around to be conservatives as they fully realize the flaws and fallacies of liberal or progressive philosophy. I’m confident that there are many that didn’t simply produce offspring and send them off to indoctrination centers, at least I pray that is the case.

  • jtomanelli

    This is very scary. They all think Hillary is great, but cannot name one accomplishment. I think that the answer why they cannot name a single accomplishment is that there was not a single one, Nada, zilch, zero, nothing. The proof is in the video. Letting these anal orifii vote is like allowing blind people to be licensed bus-drivers.

  • Co-founder AFSG

    Are people stupid, ignorant, or believe in a communist society? Hillary has done nothing to convince me she believes in freedom, but instead wants the government to control the people. Her thinking is irrational, and dangerous. If she becomes our next president, America will become a third world country. Nazi Germany thought they were doing the right thing in the beginning. They said something like that could never happen again. Time will tell the road our country takes! Ronald Reagan, I wish you were here.

  • urbisoler

    It’s NOT the kids — it’s the teaching establishment!! The kids get a steady diet of pap, pablum, mother’s milk – all designed to be regurgitated at a later date. Liberal Education is the downfall of America.

  • seeymour kleerly

    The Rabid Right has relentlessly attacked this women over 20 years! She’s a hero to all non-Right Wingnuts!

    • johnanaguski

      She is an absolute non-caring bitch that only cares abut herself. Remember she lied to the parents of those killed in Benghazi at the Dover AFB when the bodies returned.

      • seeymour kleerly

        You folks have never and never will here anything but negative things about Hillary from your low brow media. The vast majority of people agree with me! Sorry guys.

        • johnanaguski

          Not on your life kool aid drinker, move to Russia with the rest of the commies.

          • seeymour kleerly

            Newsflash!!!! Russia virtually banned Communism in the 1990s!

          • johnanaguski

            Newsflash communism is as dead as al queda, more kool aid and you will be fine fool.

    • Bla Bla Bla

      Right, like overseeing Benghazi

    • jobird

      Why don’t you look into this women’s back ground? I suppose I’m to call you
      a left wing nut?? Grow up and open your eyes.Where there is smoke there is

    • Vega632

      Your sick!

    • dmbunce

      47 people dead who was associated with her! I’m glad she is your hero because that tells volumes about you.

    • rav1

      If this woman is your hero, seeymour, I don’t even feel sorry for you or the kingobeers. It is becoming obvious that you probably wont be awakened in this lifetime. Best suggestion I can offer is for you to look forward to your NEXT life. It might all become clear to you.

    • DetroitDom

      Of course she’s a HERO to morons like you!!

      She was a hero to Vince Foster too. And what about her role in White Water? And let’s all ignore her past where she was FIRED by a fellow Democrat for her UN-Constitutional actions while working against Nixon. How about how she conveniently “bumped” her head and couldn’t testify for months regarding Benghazi.


  • John

    Yikes! What a bunch of dopes! Shallow minds and small minds are taking over our country!

    Hillary Clinton hates the United States of America and everything it stands for!

    This video exposed the serious lack of intelligence of those people! All of them talked liked they were high on themselves or high on drugs!

    A person with such ignorance as the result of a self-high is a sucker (they make good obedient slaves because they truly are unaware of the world around them)!

  • Ron Catalano

    This is so sad. They are going to vote for hillary because it will be “cool” to have the first woman president immediately following the first black president, but no one could point to even 1 single accomplishment that she had while secretary of state, except for 1 who said that Bengazi was her greatest accomplishment, and 1 who said it was high on his list. Wow!!! The word accomplishment has taken on a whole new meaning, apparently. Facilitating a disgraceful attack that resulted in the death of 6 people, knowingly covering up the real reason for that attack, and then asking the American people: “At this point, what difference does it make?” None of these things seem to me what I would call an accomplishment, unless your goal is to overthrow the system of government that was established by the United States Constitution and the bill of rights. Conservatives who really care about our country had better wake up, because these kids votes do count, and unless people who really care about our country also make their vote coount, we will have hillary as our next president.

  • chief1937

    If these people are an example of our future leaders boy are we in deep trouble.

  • KingofBeers

    The point is….half of you couldn’t have named the Sec of State under GW, and none of you could’ve named a single accomplishment by Rice. Precisely why these videos are so stupid, proving nothing. But some of you believe this is some great condemnation of the “liberal indoctrination program?!” Please do America a favor and secede your citizenship. You can go live with Bundy on his ranch and shoot endangered species all day.

    • Vega632

      Go away your to full of chit and beer. Go sleep it off Mental Midget.

      • KingofBeers

        I can debate you into the ground. You’re not even in my league.

        • Vega632

          Ok kid what has she done that’s benefited us? one thing?
          You are right about one thing, I left your league of thinking years ago.

          • KingofBeers

            I probably have a few years on you, Vega, and what’s the point of listing Hillary’s accomplishments as Sec of State? I could’ve looked it up and rattled off a few answers, but what does this prove? Nothing. My point being these edited videos also prove nothing, and no one in here could’ve named a single accomplishment of Rice under the Bush administration, yet so many are bemoaning the state of our education process. How do we know a few political science majors were able to list accomplishments, but those were edited out? Yet a lot of people in here are acting like this is some great proof of our failing education system!?

        • Vega632

          Kids should not be able to vote! Minimum age 50

        • Vega632

          Come on Mr Liberal sicko I’m waiting???? I think you better get out of here before all of us strip whats left of your pathetic thinking. Come back in 20 years and lets see if you have grown up yet.

          • seeymour kleerly

            Your childish barbs and taunts only prove you can’t debate effectively.

          • Vega632

            How do you plan to debate me??? Like these brainwashed sheeple in that clip? I can’t have a match of wits with an unarmed Liberal? You have nothing to stand on. The country’s in dire straight’s from the last six years of Obama.
            The 1st Amendment is under attack just like the 2nd. Can you account for these. My guess is no you can’t. And please no race BS because that card is just plain wore out by you people that it’s just pathetic and will get no attention from me.

    • phishing4men

      You are to be pitied.

      • KingofBeers

        If you’re phishing for men, maybe there’s something wrong with you? Could you have named a single Rice accomplishment? No, of course not. You can’t even be honest with yourself.

    • kay tournay

      are you an endangered species?

    • froggy

      Beer balls personified by a drunken LIBERAL

    • rav1

      Looks/sounds like you need another one – just like the other one you just finished. If you cannot see/hear the absolute farce the answers to her questions were, you need to surrender your citizenship. Is that what Bundy’s doing out there on the ranch ?? How do you know ??

    • Edward

      It sounds like you’ve had too many beers!

    • KingofBeers you tell me to go live with Bundy you know where you can go and it is not Heaven!!!!!

  • froggy

    Change the Voting age to 50 ,let these a$s holes live a few years under the liberal agenda .I have to think that Mummie and DA DA are paying for their education because if they had to pay hundreds of thousands in tuition they might have a speck of an Idea .DUH !!! is a passing grade in todays colleges .

    • Vega632

      I have been saying that for years froggy. I don’t think we should be letting kids vote anyway until they have some life behind them and some sense.

      • killer63

        Couldn’t agree more. They have nothing vested in this country – no job, no business, only a paid vacation. Why should they vote?

  • TAM44

    Undoubtedly the worst question you could ask a bunch of idiots. What’s scary is that these idiots are our future and will breed. Our children are being indoctrinated by the left to be anti God, anti America, anti our Constitution and our Military as well.

    God bless America

    And to hell with the clintons and the obama’s.

    • kay tournay

      and the bushes as Jeddie boy might run.

      • TAM44

        jeb bush is noting more that a rino, a closet DEMONCRAT and we’ve got lots of conservatives that loves God America and our Constitution and Military. I will vote for a conservative as that’s what this country needs to return too.

  • victoriadelacy

    I find it absolutely pathetic that any college student would think that the fact that Hillary stepped down (hot footed it out of that secretary of state position…FAST!) to avoid accountability was any sort of an “accomplishment” of which a person in elected office could be proud. Are they really that clueless? Our colleges are obviously failing – may God save America!

    • kay tournay

      our colleges are the reason kids are clueless – kids are indoctrinated by leftist, tenured teachers (i can’t bear to call them professors – it’s too dignified a word) think counter culture kids of the 60’s (and their followers) now spewing their anti american hate in our colleges/universities.

      • victoriadelacy

        I went to college later in life and graduated in 1999, by which time conservative students were already having to swim against the tide when speaking out on the issues of the day. As one old enough to be the mother of many of the students there, I was able to bring in scientifically based studies to back up my assertions and the professors hated it but they dared not tell a student that freedom of speech is no longer allowed on campus since it is supposed to be an open forum for the exchange and discussion of every idea in the public square with regard to current events. After sharing information like that, a few conservative students who had been feeling like the lone voice in the wilderness there came up and thanked me profusely when the class was over. The bottom line is that the leftists must not be allowed to trample underfoot our First Amendment Constitutional right to freedom of speech guaranteed to every citizen under our founding document, period.

  • rollervic

    I can’t believe these morons didn’t mention her “reset button” with Russia.

  • DustyFae

    DUH these people are so uninformed and do they really know how to tie their own shoes or are they still using sticky tabs on their shoes ?

  • Mari

    so just elect her because she is a woman???? Wait, can I run? I am as qualified as she is!!

    • killer63

      I’m a woman too. Count me in.

    • LC

      Let’s have an all-female cabinet and we can have even more czars than this administration! I guess we can throw in a few token males just to even it out.

  • JBKonya104

    TIME TO RE-EDUCATE THE YOUNG PEOPLE….AND FAST! Hillary would be another disaster! Obama is the biggest Disaster our Country has ever seen! But, Hillary is very close to it….she’s very shady, sneaky, corrupt, twisted and also has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. She is responsible for 4 American’s death in Benghazi and who knows how many other’s. We cannot have another person who has ties to terrorists and sells weapons to terrorists. Don’t be fooled, she’s not who she portrays herself to be…as this President is doing.

  • colsooonscoorner

    And they vote. Nuff said!

  • Arizona Don

    These people are a part, if not the major part, of the uninterested uninformed, but they vote and have an ignorant opinion. They just are unable to see how ignorant it really is because they do not understand how important it is. Many more mistakes like obama and they will learn a very hard lesson. One they may not survive very well. Not being able to discuss in detail a reason she would be a good or great president is only a small part of their ignorance about government and its downfalls along with it’s inherent corruption. These who think they are so smart are actually not smart at all. Feed (teach) them garbage and get garbage answers like being cool to have had a black president and then a white female president is undoubtably a very ignorant statement. Does it matter at all to these young folks what they do? What do these young adults see as necessary qualifications? Race, sex, ethnic group or something else? Usually bad decisions come back to haunt the person making the bad decision. They have not learned this about life yet! But they will one way or the other!

  • JoeShmoe

    It is like watching people put a noose around their own neck, while smiling like a fool. I wouldn’t care if my neck weren’t involved as well.

  • Gary Smith

    I hope any republican candidate calls her out by name. The gloves need to come off. Romney and McCain did not fight for this country like they should have. Pray for a leader to be nominated to run against her.

    • Pat Alexander

      Bad propaganda is coming from this corrupt lying government and is toxic to America! Hoping the next elected President has brass knuckles on and loves, wants America to be strong to flourish over our enemies!

  • wmgill

    People need to be aware that there is something going on with the poster named Co-founder AFSG. If you click on the name, the profile of the last person you clicked on comes up, not one of the name Co-founder AFSG. It’s also interesting that there are comments under that name that is on both sides of the issue being discussed, some pro and some con about Hillary Clinton. Be careful what you post in response that name. I’m not sure someone isn’t hacking into this website and changing names of the post author.

    • wmgill

      Seems I may have been right about someone hacking into this site. The name on the posts that used to be Co-founder AFSG have been changed to the name of the real post author, but now you can’t click on the name and get the profile apparently.

  • LC

    Benghazi is her high point? I’d hate to see what a low point is! This is so sad – to think these young people are actually going to vote is even sadder. Maybe the voting age should be 30 and only after you can pass a 10-question civics test and list at least three of the major issues of the day…

  • Viet Vet

    I can’t believe these kids are this stupid,they got a rude awakening coming to them.

  • FRENCHIE1369


  • Alondra

    It’s just amazing how Liberals succeeded in the brainwashing and indoctrination of the youth.

    The Leftist ideas of an “EDUCATION”
    Is Brainwashing INDOCTRINATION
    With the Alinsky and Piven’s INTERPRETATION
    And Kevin Jennings’ DEPRAVATION

    I have just ONE question: WHERE are the parents ????????

    • 10579

      You left out propagander.Parents what parents? They send the kids to pre-K so they don’t have to be bothered raising when they need parents most. Then they get them a computer, I-Phone /i-pad so this will keep them occupied until they go to college,then they are coddled by leftist professors who will fail your child if he/she tries to think for them selves. So when the arrive on the seen they have a brain that is more socialist to communist than democratic thinking and freedom loving Care we say amen to that wonderful bastion of socialism Havard,Prinston Yale, Rutgers. People teach your kids don’t let you kids be brought up by schools automation, leftist professors, Unions who only want more money to teach (common Core) and still your child is not prepared for the outside world.Common Core math is a farse. If you get an answer using 2-3 steps instead of 108. and if you get the correct answer in 2-3 steps they mark you wrong.Well done teachers you failed our children, our most precious resourse. And you failed yourself

  • alclown

    This is America’s future . How sad and pitiful ! These students are clueless .

  • Combatvet52

    I thought this BITCH left the country lets show her the way out.

  • loulun

    How is it progression when the first Black President exacerbated the problems in this country and Hillary will continue the nose dive of this country can someone explain how this is good ?

  • Tim Casey

    The low information voters strike again!!!!!!

  • Tim Casey

    They said she has done so much and we dont know the half of it!!!!!

  • wvstarktruth

    Until we take control of the public schools and the public colleges/universities and set some policies with teeth that prevent teachers, professors and others from using their position to tell one side of the story and reflect only the progressive view of “truth” (which seems to be very elastic over the past six years), we will continue to go down the tubes to hades in a handbasket. The colleges of education spawn the teachers and they are being taught that it is their job to “mold young minds” into the progressive’s view of the world. What can we expect? It starts at the local school district level as we elect those representatives to the boards. They can slow this down, but cannot unless they are thinking right as well. It is up to the citizens to stand for real truth and demand it be taught. It took 100 years to get us down to this level. It might take that long to get us back to our proper level of morality and intelligence. Lots of prayer and supplication required.

  • armydadtexas

    HOW STUPID have Americans become. “like she failed, like the 3 a.m., like phone call” She then “like lied about it, like in front of like, the whole, like world”. She has lied every step she has taken. Hilary (THE HILDA-BEAST) Clinton is a FRAUD. And Like, her biggest accomplishment while Sec of State, like was how she hood winked the far left wing radical dolts in America. Like”

    • 10579

      she has a great tutor his name is bill.

  • Don Sr.

    after listening to these young people it truely scares me. Our young people are mostly shallow minded. Their reasoning in having hillary as leader of our country shows the extent of knowledge they are short on. Not one student had a truely good reason to vote hillary in. It’s a sign of the lack of education in history…these young people need to be educated in history of the clintons’ past lives. Are they the kind of people you would invite into your home should be asked. Are there any outward signs of Godlyness in them would be another question to ask them…then again with todays definition of Godly they might answer “yes”. America needs help in a serious way.

    • jwright673

      Agreed, and they need to study the issues of the day to see if hillary could address them. Lying about the massacre of four heroic Americans is hardly a starter to be President of the once most powerful country in the world – she would only further weaken it. Please, no more social engineering.

      • 10579

        let me tell you how i see it. The voting age should be changed to 30 YOA.Giving the youth vote has gotten us this absolutly do nothing socialist president and the soros paid congress. The youth of America is not worldly and smart enough to vote This is why we are in the trouble in the world that we are.They elected a sissy man and he brings in his Communist advisor Valerie Jarrett,and she tells him who is RED(socialist) and who is not. Remember Van Jones.Card carring commie. she and obama wanted him for the jobs czar.

        • jwright673

          No argument here. I would make an exception for combat veterans as they certainly have a broad world view after what they have been through. They go to war as kids and come home seasoned adults. And voter ID is still near the top of my list. I voted in the primary last week and had to produce a photo ID as well as my voter registration. When I go to my doctor or a hospital, I have to produce a photo ID and my health insurance card. The takers have IDs issued to get their welfare so requiring voter ID is hardly an imposition.

  • MadMax7

    Two Drama Queens for president in a row…..please Insane Hussein has been enough……Hillary’s only accomplishment was dodging bullets in Bosnia. ….and she had to lie about that…..what a joke…..Democrats, what are they good for ???absolutely nothing.

    • 10579

      y’all hurmph.

  • looneytoonsindville

    We have raised up a generation of know nothings and idiots!

    • 10579

      and the dumbycrats are perpetuating the problem so the can dois keeping them in office.I have seen corrupt governments before in the world with the USA saying this country or that country is very corrupt.They should look in the mirror this is the most corrupt government in the world and we have the most eneffective politicians ever to be elected to office.And obama is the worst president ever.(he does not deserve capitols and what he has done to the office of potus none deserve capitol leters) obama makes jimmy carter look almost reaganesq,But NOT quite.November is coming and if you love your country and want to see it doing well you have to put conservatives into office in the election month. If You don’t and then hillary walks in in the 2016 election we all deserve what we get.Don’t forget Hillary said at one of the Presidential debates that she was a PROGRESSIVE. Her words, not mine.

  • DetroitDom

    Let’s split this country in half for a few years. Let the libs have the West Coast and we’ll take the East Coast. It will make it easier for these libtards to let in the Mexicans.

    After 5 years, let’s see which half is prosperous and which side is dying of AIDS (that’s right – they get the LGBT community too), as well as, financial ruin!!

    After 5 years, they will be so weak, we will take them over and make things right again in our nation.

    • wmgill

      A new approach that is probably not workable, but I like the direction you’re going with your thinking. Not sure I’d want to take them over down the road though. We’d still end up having to carry their sorry azzes.

  • del

    OMG what a disaster the old gal would be! Ugly inside as well as outside and 4 dead folk under her watch in Benghazi with her screeching “what difference does it make” should be her mantra! Of course they cant think of anything she has done….she has done a lot wrong and nothing good for We the People!

  • giley1

    Gullible,gullible,gullible. No life experience, obviously brainwashed by the professors

  • Kookie

    Why don’t they interview some educated people on Hilary. They will give very different answrs.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Communist agents infesting America’s schools are the ENEMY who worship MONEY above all ELSE. So full of the DEVIL their SOULS are lost.

    There can be no surrender or treaties with the SCUM. FIGHT and WIN is the only way!

  • domingo

    I really almost vomited after hearing these “students” at such a prestigious university. They all sounded like typical politicians, expounding so eloquently. About absolutely nothing. What a bunch of idiots! They will vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman. How shallow is that! And then the one idiot saying that Benghazi was her greatest accomplishment? WOW!!

  • Steve Nadeau

    Benghazi as her highest accomplishment? more like her disaster….these kids will vote for her to be the 1st woman president is just like those who voted this jerk in office.. out of pity for the person who is the underdog just how well educated are these first time voters in politics are?

  • thinkingaboutit

    As if f we are the first country to have a person of African descent as president – wake up pal most of Africa as already done that and, by the way, most Europeans countries have aalaready had a woman president – so, exactly who would we be teaching what? The lack of logic is mind numbing. To the guy who is writing his senior paper on Ms. Clinton’s accomplishments as Secretary of State – if more than a paragraph is required you will be in some serious trouble.

    • Don Merriam

      Lol!!! Bravo!

  • Randy131

    Unbelievable, these are our students in higher learning institutions, some about to be graduates, and they speak on matters, that when asked questions of, their answers prove they know nothing about, absolutely nothing. Have they ever heard of the old mot that, “It’s better to be thought of as maybe being an idiot, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”, especially concerning things we have no knowledge of. But the real tragedy in this matter is that even career state department employees, when asked the same question of what Hillary’s major accomplishments were as Secretary of State, could not bring to mind a single one either, proving what most intelligent and informed American citizens already know, that she has ‘NONE’, in her entire 4 years as Secretary of State. But unfortunately also, Hillary as no major accomplishments while she held the position of US Senator of the state of New York either. As these questions have been asked of many, and the only qualification for Hillary to become President, that these people are capable of giving an answer for, is that she’s a woman, similar to Obama’s only qualification to become President, and that was that he was a black man, and look what that has done for our country and the American people.


    Error……error…….error…….lost in space…..

  • Libsrlintlickers

    Do they know ANYTHING about ANYTHING?? If these BRAINWASHED IDIOTS are any indication, we are in deep DOO DOO!! Donate to the College Republicans NOW!!


      Hilliary will get elected President in 2016. Count on it . all the stops have been pulled out. In a few weeks there will be a T.V. series called” Madame Secretary. Seven out of Ten single women voted for Obama. There will be more for Hilliary because she is a woman. Many people think Letterman and SNL are the real deal and not Comedy and Satire. The Blacks vote in lockstep with the Democrats. The Unions are going all out and they are in lockstep with the Democrats. There are people who will vote for Hillary just because she will be the first U.S. woman President and there will be the “First Gentleman ” in the WH. You saw the clip. These students thought it would be “cool”. Every one of these Students said she had done great things but none could name one thing . The mindless zombies and the rest of the low information voters will elect her president.

      • Don Merriam

        It truly was sad in the extreme, but just imagine the thought processes of the members of their generation who didn’t go to college. That frightens me even more than these future degree holding idiots.

  • fideux

    Yeah, she is one amazing woman, like for sure! And her accomplishments in Benghazi…Amazing, (Christ on a crutch! We’re doomed!)

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    If there is a choice between voting for Hillary and voting for Joe……save the trouble….vote republican….50/50 chance it won’t be AS bad!

    • pilgrimsjog

      But, remember, all of the details and news of Obama’s failure will be heaped on the next Republican president. For example, the heartless Republican will be responsible for the hundreds of VA healthcare deaths. The bad economy will suddenly become news worthy. The high gasoline prices with be laid at the Republican’s feet, etc, etc, etc.

    • Poco424

      The last time there was a republican majority in both houses and a president from that party the republicans went on one heck of a spending spree using borrowed money from our grand kids (just like the dems would do if the house wasn’t repub). I don’t trust either one of them. If they are politicians they are corrupt by the time they get to federal office.
      If we could make it impossible for politicians to enrich themselves or their friends and families while in office or benefit from votes they have cast after they leave, I believe, we would have a lot fewer candidates for office but much higher quality ones.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        Borrowed from our Grandchildren OR borrowed from a foreign country …..what’s the difference? First option we borrow from ourselves….second option the Government sells our souls to a foreign land.

        • Poco424

          This country is getting just like the Philippines. They take turns getting elected and raiding the treasury (TARP, auto bailout, bank bailout, etc) and the taxpayer coughs up more and more to these corrupt b*st*rds. Nothing’s going to change until we take them down.
          But, as evidenced by the youtube clip, that won’t happen as long as they have these walking, talking, uneducated rubes to fall back on. It will probably come to violence and I think those at the top know it. Why else would the USDA be buying machine guns and body armor?

  • Rham

    Asking questions from these neophytes that have no experience about the world only can generate these stupid comments. It can be noticed that they cannot tell you why they like her. What a bunch of losers.

  • Richard

    God that group is a great add for the use of birth control among Liberals!

  • Ron Allen

    Wow. Just because she is a women? I am not against a competent women being president but it has to be for more that just being a women. Look what happen with this id..t we have now. When you ask them a pointed question you get the typical liberal dumb look (hmmmmm, I not sure what she has accomplished). Public education is a shambles.

  • Hooch

    Many of the responses I heard were of the kind “I think it would be really cool.” Haven’t we had enough of “Really Cool” presidents? Shouldn’t we be looking into the background of these candidates instead of being dazzled by their fancy clothes, plastic jokes, and guest appearances on late night talk shows?

    The thing I have come to understand is a “cool and hip” president is exactly what turned our nation into a laughing stock before the world. An image of a man isn’t in his fancy dress, charming demeanor, or unique style, its in the substance of the man, in his heart and soul, at the core of his being. He is a man that doesn’t waver, never falters, and is always consistent. He has a heart full of compassion and understanding for his fellow man.

    The present era of presidents have continuously whittled away at our rights and freedoms. They have created a nation of indentured servants. The powerful elites that control the fate and destinies of millions sit on their thrones in the District of Criminals and make their edicts and dictate their decrees. The fates and destinies of the people are held hostage by the very words they utter. Our leaders and controllers are nothing less than the Federal Reserve, Wall Street Bankers, and Corporate Conglomerates who rape and pillage the land.

    The last champion of the republic was JFK and ever since he was eliminated every president of “USA” Corporation has been a spokesman, salesman, and conman furthering the agenda of their hidden masters. Its time to remove the gangs of the District of Cults. Begin with a 2nd Declaration of Independence and take the country back running the Rebloodlicans and Democrypts out of town.

    Elections should be held without regard to lobbies or special interest groups. Voting without corrupt computer balloting where deceased voters rise from the dead to cast their votes a few more times. A return to a system of paper balloting where votes are tallied locally under vigilant supervision by task forces whose main duty and focus is to prevent fraud and corruption.

    Our first president, George Washington, was the only president in American history who wasn’t a part of any political party. No president since George Washington has existed outside this two gang mental state. The nation should return to the fundamental principles that our nation was founded under. A reaffirmation to reestablish our nation’s status as a Constitutional Republic. For the relentless march of totalitarianism never ceases but creeps along an inch at a time. “We the People” must become agitated and do something before its too late and we find we must bow our knee and be subject to our masters in the “Kingdom of the Cults.”

    • jayshay

      JFK? Surely you jest!

      • Hooch

        He was trying to bring back the gold standard at least and he did warn us against powers and principalities in high places. lol!

      • bug

        He’s right

    • Poco424

      My uncle was a life long republican who voted that way exclusively. He died about three years back in Chicago and I’ve heard he votes democrat now.

  • johnny b

    These morons have the right to vote???? Talk about dumbing down of America….. They think Benghazi is Hillary’s best accomplishment???? Leaving 4 men behind to die defending a consulate was her greatest accomplishment???
    These morons should NEVER be allowed near a voting booth…. This was how Nobama got reelected, because of morons like this and ignorant blacks that don’t watch the news or read a newspaper…. and the fact that they are bigoted….

    • Tagdogs

      Yeah, and she even said this was her most regretable moment as Sec. of State. Talk about dumb.

  • EMS

    OMG could it get any more frightening then that!!!!!

  • Tagdogs

    This is what happens when we let liberal idiot teachers and professors brainwash our youth. These so called “college students” aren’t smart enough to be out of grade school and should be ashame of their ignorance, but yet they will be able to vote without any real knowledge of what is going on in the world around them.

    • Poco424

      I have been inadvertently taught by almost all professors I’ve been exposed to at various institutions of higher learning over the period of almost 10 years that instructors at colleges possess copious agglomerations of knowledge but very, very few are endowed with one whit of wisdom. As is apparent from the above video, that quality is being passed on to their charges.
      For a thinking person to believe in someone like Hillary, given her history, takes a special kind of individual with the ability to reject rational thought and reason and stand morality and patriotism on their heads. Alternately, that belief requires a parrot, which, unfortunately, these kids appear to be.
      Someone once said something to the effect, “Having knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad”. I’m afraid a lot of these students would use tomatoes in a fruit salad.

  • kogk1943

    That was painful to watch. But not surprising in the least.

  • thecelt1

    Hillary Clinton, in all her life, HAS NOT done anything good for the USA. The statement by a student that BENGAHZI WAS HILLARYS GREATEST ACCOMPLISHENT was a TERRIFING shock! The Great Hillary accomplishment concerning Bengahzi was she proved to the world that she is THE GREATEST LIAR, COVERUP ARTIST and ORDER FOLLOWING KILLER! I ask WHY the COVER UP? If Hillary Did Nothing Wrong, Why The Lie and The Attempt TO BURY THE BENGAHZI FIASCO? The Democrat Perfect Storm.

  • barb patton

    I squirmed in my seat to see how successful the schools have been with the dumbing down of an entire generation. The future looks bleak for America.

    • Alupara

      Before you are the results of open admissions policies and affirmative action.

  • rancid pitts

    ALL would make great Politicians as they all spoke at length and said NOTHING.

  • SusanKeener

    My Goodness — if Bengahzi was her high point, what in the WORLD was her low point!?!??!

    • Don Merriam

      “What difference does it make!?” — Hillary Clinton

  • blacksunshine84

    We are sooo screwed.

  • Jr1776

    Kid’s today are so stupid.

  • jayshay

    I’ll bet these are the same students that, when seniors in high school , said there were too many countries to mention on the borders of the continental United States.

    I would really like to read that guy’s senior thesis!

  • jim scofield

    These kids are going to be our next generation of Doctors Lawyers
    and politicians God Help us

    • Don Merriam

      What sort of people do you think put Obama in office?

  • Stealth

    I heard this a few days ago on the ‘Jim Vicevich’ show here in the STINKING LIBERAL DISEASE-BRAINED state of Communisticut! Made me nauseous that these ‘young people’ seem to have 10% of the brains we did at their age 40 or so YEARS ago!

  • Alupara

    My application to George Washington University was rejected back in 1968. Thank you so much!

  • H. Gillingham

    Hillary is a waste of oxygen, and these children are a waste of skulls – since they obviously contain NOTHING!

  • art

    please bring back the draft they would make great sand bags

  • 63Marine

    OMG!! These organisms are capable of breading……We are in deep schette now!!!
    No wonder America is FUBAR!!!

    • Don Merriam

      You’ve got it dead center Marine.

  • Alohabro

    Idiots all. This is the future? We are in big trouble.

  • Don Merriam

    Since their only requirement appears to be a female as president, I wonder if they’d feel the same way about Sarah Palin.

    • pilgrimsjog

      No! Their handlers have conditioned them to hate strong, effective, independent, happy Republican women!

      • Don Merriam

        I’ll bet if they had to though they could come up with plenty of reasons why they hated her, but can’t think of any good reasons why they like Clinton.

  • Mary Mohanan

    Apparently Hillary’s greatest “accomplishment” is BENGHAZI !!! o…m…g

  • Thomas

    Who the ” F ” is that moron …graduate thieis….. please God tale me now before I go postal….

  • deseartu1

    People attract to their own kind so only a murdering liar will vote for her!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    Been going that way for a long time. The academic set is stupider and more myopic than ever. That’s exactly it. There’s no diversity of thought and they don’t know why. They really don’t know much. They know how to shout down and insult people much smarter than they are, though.

  • tarbella

    Oh my, these kids know nothing except a woman President would be cool. And Clinton would make a good one. HELP!

  • Sicem

    That was brutal! God help us if these are tomorrow’s leaders. No ability to think or reason. Something ate their brains and, if it’s contagious, we deperately need the antidote.

  • CherokeeDan

    I give you the democrat party base. I wish I could say “unbelievable” but, given the ever worsening public education system, this is to be expected.

    • NotYour UsualPolitics

      That’s a smidgen of the Democratic base. Historically the youth vote doesn’t sway an election. The turn out numbers the last 6 years shows an increase in the youth vote but they are still only one faction of many that pertains to election demographics. Below is link that gives a good look at recent trends and the graphs show where the votes are coming from simply from an age standpoint. The youth vote as portrayed in the video. I would like to know how many answers were edited out because they didn’t fit the conclusion the videographer wanted to portray.
      It doesn’t do an income breakdown which is where you’ll really learn something about the electorate. People below or at the poverty line show up on the lowest number of any demographic group you can conceive. Age, Race, Financial circumstances are really where you’ll see disparity in actual voters.

  • paul

    over the time that this country has developed, I suspect that , after watching this clip, that our youth are the dumbest bunch of morons in our recent history when it comes to having a vote for the leadership of our country.. they are a danger to the survival of this nation……………..I watched them embrace Obama, and then they did it again.. many are now sour on Obama, yet would support Clinton, another person with zero credentials to handle the job of POTUS.. we just cannot give these dumbies any credibility.. just listen to the dude who claims to be doing a thesis on Clinton’s performance as SOS… and he says that here great accomplishment was there any need to say more.. I think not

    • Edward Ebersole

      I hear you there. I am 33 and my God hearing all of what I heard on this clip made me want to either yell at the top of my lungs or run out of the room and throw up. Fortunately I did neither. What a bunch of dumb asses. Pardon my french, but I did not vote for Obama from the start and my reasons were because he seemed to be a man who would not put away his anger. He practically appeard to be carrying it like baggage and literally said some things that made it clear he was. Remember this one, “American’s are too hyped up on their guns and religion.” There are many other examples of things he said that turned me off. And his speeches were just shallow and the meaning of his words empty. I would not vote of Hillary Clinton either. She is no different in my opinion.

  • greyhound44

    Hey dummies, Bathhouse Barry (AKA Insane Hussein) is 50 % white; 45 % Illegal Alien Muslim, and 5 % black.
    Hillary is useless and has done NOTHING (well, not completely true, as she and BILLY had a lot of folks killed)!!!!
    GOD help the useless USA with you idiots getting degrees!!
    None of you A$$ Wholes would have ever had an interview in any of my businesses.
    Georgetown M 71
    retired expatriate MD; NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR
    fmr Asst Prof (Nuclear Medicine) GWU 1975 – 1978

  • Jarhead6393

    Isn’t it scary to think that these college idiots may someday become our military officers. Or are we just being exposed to the non thinkers and soon to be drop outs?
    It’s truly troubling to think that so many Hilary voters are more interested in helping Her to become the first woman president for history’s sake rather than on the merits of her proven leadership traits and principles. What’s next for our country’s first ever fantasy? Could it be the first King or Queen contest? I just hope it’s not in my life time. May God help us if it’s sooner rather than later. I have said all along that If its a woman president that the entire country wants, then lets be smart about it and elect a competent woman who has significant leadership accomplishments who is also a skilled and trustworthy politician, assuming there is such a thing. Hillary would do the least good and the most harm if installed by the same corrupt crowd who put Obama on the throne. But, I’m only one vote, and I say with conviction, “I’m Ready For Hillary My Butt”.

    My my thoughts be with you.

    • LFRD

      I agree with, except the first sentence. They will be in line with the rest of the slaves. They don’t have any gumption or spirit to ever be military—anything.

    • jobird

      Thank you so much for you well thought out post.Maybe seeymore will read.

    • pthor

      Rest assured, these idiots will not join the military, they are far to weak minded to deal with that pressure…

  • Kelly Smith

    13 ¶Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst. (Isaiah 5:13)

  • pappadave

    Fox ran a small segment this AM where interviewer asked college kids the name of the members of a popular band. They ALL knew the answer. Then he asked them what they knew about Benghazi. None of them knew what Benghazi even WAS. One guy thought it was the name of a late actor! (Ben Gazzara?)

    • seeymour kleerly

      And you probably thought it was “Fair and Balanced”!

      • pappadave

        And, according to your screen name, you probably were blind to the fact that every one of those morons could–and probably do–vote Democrat.

        • seeymour kleerly

          That’s beyond dumb!

          • pappadave

            Don’t know why you’d think that. One has to be pretty ignorant to be a Democrat voter any longer and these people were OBVIOUSLY ignorant.

          • seeymour kleerly

            Sorry, I thought you meant Fox News hosts voted Democrat.

      • jobird

        The truth always hurts doesn’t it seeymour?? This is the sum total of
        the education system.Stupid,uninformed “children” Keep on blasting Fox if you must.Have a good day with your head up your behind.

    • John

      I have done that with people in public. Asked what they know about Benghazi to be met with a blank stare, and then asked who the owner of the LA Clippers is and have them reply without hesitation, “Donald Sterling”.

  • Rosasolis

    Two great Baroque music composers wrote the truth about sheep:
    G.F. Handel wrote in his oratorio Messiah: All we like SHEEP have gone astray.
    J.S. Bach wrote in his cantata: Sheep can safely graze, IF they have a good leader.
    Several classical music lovers know and love these 2 great works, and are well
    acquainted with the age-old wisdom and advice given here-in.
    Since most folk prefer to live from day to day like sheep, they need a dedicated and trusty leader, or else their lazy and degenerate existance will fall apart.
    H. Clinton, has proven that she has forsaken her own colleagues in Benghazi,
    and if the Democrates want to push her as their next candidate for president,
    then they have become nothing more than Zombies without any heart, or love
    for their country. These SHEEP have indeed gone Astray!
    Dishonest cowards and traitors like H. Clinton do not deserve to become ” leaders”.

    • John

      All we like sheep have gone astray is from Isaiah 53.

      • tbone

        yes it is.

      • marget

        but Rosasolis stated this truth in a way that the anti-Bible crowd won’t knee-jerk reject, castigate, etc. Harmless as a dove yet as wily as a fox!

  • vietnam vet

    wtf, ths is how intelligent our young people have become!…, they think it’s cool to have a female president, and can’t even site accomplishments. smoke another joint and be a socialist!

  • pamela alston

    this is scary beyond belief…..

  • el_loco_jp

    “Set an example for the rest of the world”? What about Israel, England and Germany just to mention three, among others, who have had female leaders.

  • grunion

    They have said it all!! I hate to sound like this but when I was in college, the students were all smart. This…defies description….Maybe…..Tragic?

  • pthor

    It’s not like they cherry-picked these stooges either! This is the typical Dem registered voter & the reason why we are all Doomed…

  • kopl

    College educated idiots

  • Guest

    A college education does not necessarily make one intelligent, smart or wise. Being led by the nose to another’s ideas and thoughts, and regurgitating and parroting said rhetoric is not enlightened, thoughtful or even interesting. Independent lucid thought free from outside coercion is a novel idea that many may want to pick up and try out in college…

    • Vega632

      I will take common sense over book smarts any day.

  • abinico

    Hillary is a Satanist – that’s why she will be president.

  • Tom Townsend II

    I had a drill sergeant in my first hitch in the military who seemed to like the old Buck Rogers television series. His favorite thing when someone did or said something really stupid was to quote the little robot in this tv series, “BD, BD, BD, BD!” He always claimed the BD was a self-descriptor for the robot, meaning, “Brain Dead.”

    So in memory and in honor of my former DI’s words, and to each and every one of those backing Hillary for any elected position (and for all of those who backed Obama, Reid, or Pelosi for that matter), I now repeat, “BD, BD, BD, BD.” And in consideration and respect for the obvious brain damage hampering the reasoning of the Obama and as readily apparent in the above video, the Hillary supporters, I will enunciate their most honest self-descriptor, “Brain Dead, Brain Dead, Brain Dead, Brain Dead!”

    They quite obviously have absolutely no idea of what it takes to succeed in honestly serving the nation properly and truly represent the actual citizens of this free republic and what their favorite candidate has ever actually accomplished along these lines where they have failed in the same, harming our country; our families; and our place in the world community and even costing lives in the process. What a waste of votes obviously cast by a bunch of badly educated or mis-educated dumbed down morons!

    They should all learn some ethics and honesty and then go learn a little something before ever trying to cast any vote, even for the least of the government positions or issues being voted on. A lack of honesty, morality and a lack of well thought out information does far more harm than not voting and what is worse, we all have to live with the results of this uninformed dishonesty. Such a thing is not cool. It is not fun. It is quite simply a huge injustice that plagues everyone (including these voters and their eventual families) for years to come. Just think of those who voted for Obama simply because of his skin color who cannot find jobs now; especially those in school… Great choice morons! “BD, BD, BD, BD!”

  • insaney

    Well, the libs won’t be happy unti we have a black, female, lesbian president.

    • RamingtonStall

      And the Republicans won’t stop caving until every sub-category is filled and all of the Lib Boxes are checked.

      • Bob Collinsworth

        Bingo! and the caving-in stampede will most likely be led by the coward Boehner.


    Well folks there it is “brain washed college students” When these brain dead morons were asked what has she done that has been so positive only one could answer and that the far left wing bread dead one that said Benghazi was her greatest accomplishment is completely brain damaged. I hope no one is paying his college bills because they are NOT going to get their moneys worth. Hillary Clinton is a Murderer and disgrace to this country.

    • 3billy123

      Plus a liar to a grand jury and should have gone to prison for securities fraud.
      And don’t forget Whitewater. Half of Arkansas went to jail but Cankles and the bent one skated.

  • marget

    these young people seem to think voting for the first female President is equal to voting for Prom Queen!

  • Conservative

    Anybody notice the young skull full of mush who was writing his thesis on Hillary Clinton and HE couldn’t name an accomplishment of hers?

  • 3billy123

    As my mother used to say, Jesus Mary and Joseph and the seven saints, help us.

  • Jeff Haynes

    Heads full of mush.

  • Sonny

    I love the guy doing the thesis on Hillary naming Benghazi as her greatest accomplishment. Is he reading this now? These kids are dumber than a box of hair, and possibly the box of hair ranks higher.

  • ary

    The US is ready for, and in dire need of a good, God-fearing person who is competent and not a mere media-creation.

    These are un-educated college students. Their opinions are only that: opinions–just like the opinion-based and embedded “news” and entertainment news that “informs” their opinions. No thinking for themselves is evident – just parroting the media/administration opinions.

  • fedupinky

    Some of these kids will change their tunes once they graduate (if they do), get a job (if they can), get married and have kids, and start paying taxes. Life’s hard realities will remove the wool from their eyes. Unfortunately, others will remain clueless the rest of their lives.

  • Ramon Noches

    I must complement Republicans for teaching me how to objectively research facts, synthesize the results, and then report them in an unbiased and honest depiction of reality. We all know Hillary has been the best Secretary of State we have had since John Foster Dulles. She has traveled throughout the world resolving major issues while protecting the best interest of the United States. Her ability to sooth our relations with both our allies and those nations on the margins of trust is unmatched. While understandably much of her accomplishments cannot be reported in public, results of her efforts show up in several important ways. During her tenure, we have not begun new wars, did not have a major terrorist attack on our soil, and continued the administration’s policy of engaging in negotiations at a high and consistent level of intellectual capacity. Her public persona has always been of the highest and most respectable alacrity. While she easily conversed with
    top officials and some of the most brilliant minds in the world, she never resorted to juvenile behavior such as sneaking behind top leaders of the opposite sex and rubbing their shoulders for the whole world to see. As a potential Democratic presidential candidate for 2016, there is no better test of this than having the contrived, unproven, and enlarged opinions expressed by Republicans about her even as she is currently only an American citizen, who remains unafraid of expressing her opinions. I know we all agree, for a fact, members of both parties know, should she decide to run for president, for her, it would be a cake-walk with easily one of the highest potential to receive support for well over 80 percent of American voters, hands down.

    • GWRiddle

      Ramon, as John Wayne said, “Life’s tough……it’s even tougher if you’re
      stupid.” Hillary’s biggest accomplishment is that she did not do anything, and we can thank God for that!

    • CJeanne

      And I believe the body count that Bill and Hillary have left behind them has now reached 48….. All the mysterious deaths in Arkansas when one of their “friends” got too close to discovering the truth in the attorney/real estate business in Arkansas which were going to trial there for fraud…. Suddenly people who were supposed to testify like good friends of their starting having mysterious accidents, and dying of mysterious diseases!!! So Hillary leaves alot to be desired in the ethical components of her character.
      In addition, all her “projects” for the State Department fizzled ….. “resetting relations with Russia”…what a farce. She’s part of the reason the rest of the world has lost respect for the US. Then check back and discover that her advanced college work was all on Communism and Socialism….. just like obama!
      And since she’s a lesbian and has had more women coming in the back door at the White House than Bill had women meeting him upstairs…..
      She is now sleeping with a Muslim Brotherhood woman who was her right hand assistant in the state house and with her compaign planning.
      Indeed the foreign contributions coming in for her campaign just as significant as obama has had – ALL of them illegal compaign comtributions!!! Wake up people!

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Our schools and especially supposed higher education, have become little more than indoctrination centers to mind eff the populace?

    And the video shows how well it is working. But do NOT discount the power of PRAVDA/MSM ? They are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the current regime/politburo. It is all simply control mechanisms created by the illusions of PRAVDA/MSM .

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