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Massachusetts Rules Pledge of Allegiance Constitutional

Should this even be something we have to discuss? I mean, seriously. How is this even something anyone could argue about? Are there mental midgets out there who actually believe that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional?

Some atheist in Massachusetts got mad back in 2010 that a school was reciting the pledge. The words “under God” offended their silly sensibilities – so, of course, they reacted appropriately and SUED the school district. (I’m being sarcastic about the appropriateness of the action.) Sure, every public school or school district across the country also recites the pledge, and sure, time after time Courts have already upheld that the pledge does not violate anyone’s rights, ESPECIALLY when said voluntarily. But who cares… let’s sue.

Thankfully, even a liberal court like the one in Massachusetts can’t seem to find the legal ground to make the pledge unconstitutional. Can we finally put this silly debate between the godless and all of the rest of us to bed? Saying the pledge and believing in God are two very different things. A public organization offering you the opportunity to take part in a patriotic tradition does not qualify as religious oppression or even the feared “government endorsement of religion.”

The Supreme Judicial Court said the words “under God” in the pledge reflect a patriotic practice, not a religious one.

“We hold that the recitation of the pledge, which is entirely voluntary, violates neither the Constitution nor the statute,” Chief Justice Roderick Ireland wrote, later adding “it is not a litmus test for defining who is or is not patriotic.”

“Although the words “under God” undeniably have a religious tinge, courts that have considered the history of the pledge and the presence of those words have consistently concluded that the pledge, notwithstanding its reference to God, is a fundamentally patriotic exercise, not a religious one.”

flagThe plaintiffs also whined that when their child didn’t say the pledge they were made to feel less patriotic. (I’m not kidding.) In essence, these people sued the school district because their child felt like other people thought less of them when they chose not to recite the pledge. Instead of suing, these parents should have been telling their child to “Suck it up. If you want to stand for what you believe, sometimes it’s going to hurt.” That’s what every other good parent does when their child goes against the grain and stands up for things they believe, even when it’s tough.

The Court responded to this part of the suit too. Though they were a bit nicer than me.

“We likewise reject the plaintiffs’ contention that, when some children choose to exercise their constitutionally protected right not to say the words “under God,” there is necessarily conveyed a message that the children are “unpatriotic.”” Justice Barbara Lenk wrote in Friday’s ruling.

“Patriotism is not a legal status or benefit that is conferred or withheld by the State, and it is certainly not limited to those who recite the pledge in its entirety. There is no litmus test for patriotism. Schools might conduct patriotic exercises, but they do not define who is and who is not patriotic.”

Listen up, atheists. The Pledge is Constitutional – stop acting like it’s not.


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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • Blessings

    They just need to shut up, suck it up or get the heck out of the United States of America, as we pledge under GOD!

    • Dale Putnam

      It is either they leave… or the rest of us do… Is there any country that is ready to be populated with an entire society that believes in GOD and Freedom, and will bring a Constitution with them? We’ll leave all the atheists to take care of all the current administration and -rats in the government. Should be a good mix.. to watch from afar, for a while. Maybe we should simply carve a country out of this one.???

      • Lawrence Keeney Marsh

        President John Adams wrote that our Constitution was written for a religious and a moral people.It is totally inadequate for the government of any other.

        • Dale Putnam

          Absolutely… and moving 250 million folks onto a land that has a couple million would pretty much solve that too. OR.. simply carve out a hunk of this land… and make it Constitutional.

      • Finkster

        Funny that you should mention this. That’s exactly what’s going to happen when Christ comes to take his Church. Those that will be left are the Left and I’m sure there will be Hell on earth. At least here in the USA there will be a blood bath with those who are left here to live under the Tyranny of the Leftist.

    • seeymour kleerly

      Why did the Founding Father’s avoid using “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance?

  • Spoony

    Satan is always ready to destroy the things we know to be right. But his time is limited and he knows it; so he’s constantly throwing monkey wrenches into our beliefs and ways of life to distract us from God and His mandates!

    • Johnny G.

      Satan chose to tempt Jesus, and he was rejected then. We can do no less.

      • Spoony

        It’s a daily battle; but we can do it!:)

  • EnemyoftheState

    Your country’s government is almost as stupid as Britain’s but it is not as evil.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Atheists have hell, it is theirs, we are not trying to take it from them, they can have it.

  • ron8072

    Seriously, I don’t agree with SCOTUS over there being a choice about reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Should be a requirement in order to maintain your citizenship. Just because SCOTUS rules on something doesn’t make it right. Remember Obamacare! If you still need more lessons, you probably voted for Obama twice, therefore arguing with you is pointless. Your brain doesn’t fill the cavity God provided for it.

    • patriotrenegade

      roberts hemmed and hawed, wrestling with his conscience, then finally blurted out the word “tax” to make it line up with the proposed idea to have the irs run stalincare. They got to him.

      • Jim

        Problem is, Roberts did not go far enough. Okay, according to Roberts, Obamacare is a “tax” which the government can impose under the taxing authority in our Constitution. However, Roberts did not consider the constitutionality of how the tax imposed by that law came about. In the present case, Obamacare was completely drafted by the United States Senate. Under our Constitution it is ONLY the House of Representatives who can establish a “tax”. The Senate is only authorized to approve or disapprove, but is not authorized by the Constitution to propose a tax. Had Roberts truly considered the constitutional requirements that such a tax must have its origin in the House of Representatives, he would have been required to hold that the entire law, because of the taxes imposed, were unconstitutionally established. While our Constitution provides a guide for how taxes may be established. Our government did not follow the constitution in that case.

        • patriotrenegade

          thanks for the info, great response. A Cal rep brought in impeachment articles citing 504 instances of bama not following or violating the Constitution. The votes aren’t there yet.

        • Lawrence Keeney Marsh

          Actually, it was Senator “Dingy Harry” Reid who drafted ObamaCare out of another piece of legislation. He erased many words from the original bill and wrote in the provisions of what is now known as ObamaCare. Let us place the blame precisely where it belongs.

    • wmgill

      If you believe in the constitution, truly believe in it, then you’re simply wrong. Rulings of constitutionality are the authority of the SCOTUS. I often disagree with the courts ruling, but I accept it as I truly believe the constitution is an incredible document that precisely and properly lays out our form of government. I’m completely against Obamacare, but technically Chief Justice Roberts was correct in that Congress has the authority to create a tax. Requiring anyone to recite the pledge would and should be unconstitutional. I understand your sentiment, but you really should think things out before you post such statements. There is nothing gained by insulting those that don’t share your opinion. It only diminishes your own.

      • uptohere

        “…Congress has the authority to create a tax.” True; but Congress did not create a tax, they created a penalty.

        • Lawrence Keeney Marsh

          Even if John Roberts did say it is a tax from Congress, there still remains the question of whether Congress is authorized by the U.S. Constitution to spend our tax money on health care. I think not, nothing in the text of the Constitution explicitly authorizes that at the federal government level.

          • wmgill

            I agree 100% with you as to how this tax was earmarked. That is the primary flaw of the courts ruling, but Roberts didn’t take it to the next step of determining whether congress had the authority to force citizens to purchase a product or service. Ultimately, that needs to be challenged in court. That is likely the only way to end Obamacare in the courts, otherwise we are forced to hope and pray that control of the house and senate will change to republican so that this entire law can be tossed.

      • ron8072

        I really believe in the Constitution as it was written, not as it has been contorted today. And I did think things out before I posted. I stand by my statement.
        “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

        Every time our illustrious “above our laws” President decides to alter, change, or otherwise ignore our laws that he swore to uphold and protect, and SCOTUS rules with him, we fall further down the rat hole of Tyranny and the creation of a Banana Republic. That is reality today. That is the result of elected a suspected tyrant the first time and reelecting a known tyrant the second time.

        We have put the noose around our own necks. Some have, but not all. Some will never submit to an out of control government that was set up with three equal branches so as to prevent one branch from overstepping its Constitutional bounds. When two or even three of the branches scheme together to enact some plan that utterly changes our Constitution. then we are back at square one.

        America knows how to free itself from a tyrant. We can do it again.

        • NoCrud

          Hope you see the sarcasm in this as I reflect the Leftroid hatred:

          “Never believe self serving fake quotes cited by far right people.”
          — Abraham Lincoln, in a text message to Socrates
          ☺☻ (See? I’m not prejudiced.)

        • wmgill

          My comment supported your belief in the constitution as it was written. Do I think the decision by the court regarding the constitutionality of Obamacare was good for this country? Absolutely not! In fact, it may ultimately lead to the total collapse of our economy and a second civil war. My point was that technically Roberts was correct in his opinion that congress makes tax laws, and he determined that this was a tax law. I think more could have and should have been considered. I’m of the opinion that our current president is a criminal, and he’s not doing anything because he’s inept, but because he has sinister designs in mind to destroy this great nation. There are people in both houses of congress that are complicit, and at some point in time, there will be a day or reckoning and hopefully, many will be swinging from the business end of a rope.

      • patriotrenegade

        You and roberts are both wrong. You use the word “congress’, while Jim above specifically cites the mechanism. You and roberts overlooked all that.

      • DNS

        1. “authority of the SCOTUS”
        The court is a mechanism. A tool. A device. Unfortunately, It has become self-aware and now feels it is an entity. It runs amok from time to time.

        2. “There is nothing gained by insulting those that don’t share your opinion.” The pledge is an “opinion” now? Knowing if you can trust those on your right and left during a showdown is vital.

        • wmgill

          The Supreme Court is an entity, and equal branch of our government, which has clearly outlined “authority” to determine the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress and signed by the President. They absolutely run amok from time to time, mainly because I don’t agree with the philosophy of some of the justices appointed.
          I never suggested that the pledge was an opinion. I was simply saying that insulting those that don’t agree with a certain opinion diminishes the value of ones comment.

  • wizard

    Out flag is not a graven image nor a religious icon. It is the standard of our nation and the symbol of freedom and liberty. People have died to keep that flag flying. The pledge of allegiance is exactly that. It is not a prayer nor a religious statement. It shows a support for our nation and our fellow citizens. To demonstrate disrespect for the flag is to show disrespect for the nation and our fellow citizens.


    It is about time the court took a stand that reflects the feelings of the people. Since they lost the suit they should be forced to reimburse the people for the court costs which was $60,000 dollars

  • Dave P.

    The Pledge itself is not unconstitutional but it is blasphemous for putting anything above God, especially when this country does nothing to warrant God’s blessing. There’s also the origins of the Pledge itself.

    Forcing someone to say the Pledge is definitely unconstitutional.

    • dranalog

      So is re-distribution of wealth, and the many agencies in Government that make the many regulations that are destroying America.

    • DNS

      “but it is blasphemous for putting anything above God” What? Where? When? How? What words in the pledge even come near that?

  • Grtgrandpa-Tom

    Maybe the atheist should quit spending U.S. currency because it says on the money IN GOD WE TRUST. Most people and most cultures believe in a Supreme Being, Him we call God. The Native Indians called Him Wanka Tanka, The Big Spirit in the Sky, Big Holy.

    • NoCrud

      The Indians, some of them, also referred to God as Grandfather since they associated those who were dead as being in the same place with The All, as some thought of him.

      • Grtgrandpa-Tom

        Some native Indians of North America called God the Great Turtle. The Crow Indians called God, Old Man Coyote who scooped up some of the earth and shaped it into men (sounds like how God made Adam).

        • NoCrud

          What you say is interesting. However, there are some problems deciding what some words mean since some similarity between words, or a nearly identical sounding word, often threw off some linguists.

          For example, in one Indian language of the Amazon, Naran means “My Nose.” The word for “Your Nose” is Na’aran which only means that your nose is longer than my nose. ☺☻ This I got from a linguist that went to the tribe and learned their language.

          • Grtgrandpa-Tom

            I got the information from the book: The Spirit World – Time Life Books (Author Virginia Alexandria). Chapter One begins with the story of the Lakota Nation the Indian name for the western Sioux and their 45 year old Chief Sitting Bull who sought the guidance of Wakan Tanka who he offered a “scarlet blanket,” 50 pellets of flesh, and a dance prior to receiving a vision of soldiers in defeat, of many white soldiers falling like grasshoppers. Not long afterwards, on a ridge above a river known to the Indians as the Greasy Grass, the Sioux and their allies destroyed a force of United States Cavalrymen led by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. — As far back as memory can travel, the American Indians have dwelled in a world filled with spirits, where the birds have carried messages to the gods beyond the clouds, the rivers have sung, and the rocks have talked. — There is no single Native American religion, but all tribes have a spiritual realm. The Indians revered Mother Earth. There was nothing between them and Wakan Tanka, Big Holy, the one ruling power. — The Crow Indians believed the earth was created by a coyote. The Crows were hard riding buffalo hunters and fierce warriors from Wyoming and Montana near the Bighorn Mountains. After Old Man Coyote made man from the earth he scooped up, the Old Man Coyote divided his people into tribes, giving them different languages. — An Inuit Indian mother would sew a hawk’s wing on the clothing of her little boy to give him speed, a fox’s tail to impart cunning, and a seabird’s skin for luck in fishing. A Kwakitl (Kwakwaka’wakw) mother might place a raccoon’s paw on her baby’s right hand in hope of producing a hard worker, and a squirrel’s foot to make a good climber. — The American Indian grapple with the basic questions about life, namely where do we come from? And where are we going. They did not believe in evolution. They have creation legends and tales they tell around a fire accompanied by rhythmic dancing and chanting prayers.

  • Jr1776

    We should have online voting what the American people want.

    • NoCrud

      Is that why the Federales want to take the Internet away from US?

  • John

    It’s from the north,so no surprise there! They’re all full of crap is seems! N. Korea N. Viet nam,N.against the South,etc. just a bunch of fools,that go south because they can’t cut the weather,then try to tell us how it’s done up there!

  • Stealth


  • patriotrenegade

    With a series of real whackjobs on that court, seems like they did it right. The suit came out of brookline, now a socialist valhalla, which allows illegals to vote in local elections. If “that”was challenged in court, the practice would be found to be illegal as well. amherst (zoo mass), and the ol people’s republic of cambridge allow that voting also. Where is the outrage?

  • Vega632

    Like the article say’s, should it even be up for discussion? But I will be ridiculed for being a racists anyway I’m sure.

  • Val

    As a Tax payer , I have one question… DON’T THEY HAVE REALLY IMPORTANT BUSINESS TO GET DONE ?? Were they voted in or hired to nit pick,? setting around “Wondering”. (and getting paid very well for it.) And they “RULED” it, that just doesn’t set well with me . Just who the HELL do they think they are ….????? I never heard them ASK us .!

  • Joan Neighbors

    Here is another “squeaky wheel”, anti-Christian minority mouthing off! If they don’t believe in our Pledge of Allegiance, our “In God We Trust” or anything American which our forefathers created in our government, its about time they were stopped changing America’s patriotic ways of life. What is so hilarious, do you know the atheists now have their own “chaplins” for their anti-whatever beliefs? Hope the dingbats in DC don’t listen to them. Of course, the politicians are so empty headed, they listen and approve of anything that would fill the voids in their brains.

  • higgy01

    Interestingly I read that the original Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist which should make the libs happy. “Under God” was added by President Eisenhower. These so-called atheists can either accept the Pledge as is or go someplace else.

    • jakex_iii

      I would they might consider – Nigeria?

      • NoCrud

        Why not Antiarctica??? They’d be right at home there.

        It would go along with their tendency toward cold-hardheartedness.

  • 1NJNurse1

    Once again this is dumb. What state would even consider that the pledge was unconstitutional? Bazaar.

    • SoWhatBubb

      You, obviously, haven’t been paying attention for the last 60 years.
      Messachusetts is the perfect breeding ground for every despicable
      Anti-American sentiment. Messachusetts is enemy HQ Central Command.

      • Bob Collinsworth

        Actually, it is difficult at best to tell which is worse . . . Ma, Ca, or NY! All three are filled to overflowing with self-important mental midgets who want to impose their sad agendas on everyone else.

        • NoCrud

          Check and you will also find that those states are rich with the homozectual crowd droppings. And no doubt a few other traditionally asocial groupies.

          It may have something to do with the old saying “Misery loves Comfort” but maybe better would be “The Miserable love to Associate themselves with each other.” And where this is not possible, then you see them in perpetual whine mode.

  • gekruckeberg

    The problem with putting “under god” in the pledge is gramatical. “One nation indivisible” is a continuous phrase. Juxtaposing “under god” in the middle of it is like saying, “One nation with a population of 300 million indivisible,” or “One nation with a Disney Land theme park on the West coast and a Disney World theme park on the East coast indivisible.” “One narion under god indivisible” means that god is indivisiblde, which while propably true, was not the intent of the author of the pledge.

    • snowyriver

      The author did not put those words in the pledge.. that words “under God” were added to the pledge while Eisenhower was in office

    • DNS

      Comas. Insert comas before and after “under God”. Comas. They work. Comas. Comas.
      Such as:
      “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

      • horrible deplorable raynbene

        Some libs are in a sort of coma, but you mean insert ‘commas’, right ?

        • DNS

          I contributed most of my m’s to the War Effort. The Spell Check here really sucks. “Commas” used to have only one m but added another after “coma” got an m to copy them. What difference,, at this point,, does it make? This is not DNS. This is one of his unschooled kids who got out of the basement while it was quiet up here. Oops. The One is returning.

    • Dennis Pike

      Of course it was not the intent of its author. Under God was added at a later date. I wonder why the Constitution “original intent” folks don’t care about the original intent of the Pledge. That’s right, it only matters if they agree with it.

  • Paul

    Send this to all that don’t like Pledge of Allegiance .. (

  • sandman

    I is about time these “bottom feeders” lawyers who will represent anyone in a law suit against anything, are made to PAY! when they loose! and I mean Pay for all cost involved being for both sides! and made to pay for all time involved with the court cost, lawyers cost to fight for such trivial suits! That is going to be the only way these “suits” end! and this includes the ACLU! that will have to pay for all suits brought forth by them, if they lose, they pay ALL costs! as it is right now? the ACLU gets PAID whether they win! BUT never have they had to pay for a suit they have lost! Now we do not know, or have not been told if they were involved with this suit, but I would bet they have something to do with it!

  • LC

    Thank God! It would not have surprised me in the least for some liberal court to decide the other way. But maybe there’s a little common sense left in this world.

  • Lawrence Keeney Marsh

    So long as recitation of the pledge is voluntary, there should never be a problem. Under the First Amendment, the right to speak is also the right not to speak, as we choose. Those who do not believe in God have no right to silence the voices of those who say they do. We do not have speech police and thought police in this country…..YET!

  • Pat Alexander

    If you don’t like the greatest nation on earth, leave!

  • SoWhatBubb

    This should surprise no one.

    These states are not the friend of America.
    Connecticut, Nu Yawk, Maryland, Nu Jerky, Messachusetts, DC, and the other east coast yankee cesspools have been a disgrace for a long time. Everyone has known for a long, long time, that the fight for American Liberty will have to be made against these yankee cesspools, and a few others of their despicable ilk.

    This is the enemy within,
    and it is reaching into your states,
    but the Enemy Fortress is well know.

    Like the Nazis,
    this is their new “Festung Europa”:

    New York

    The Enemy Fortress
    can not possibly be
    news to anyone.

    • NoCrud

      I agree but California needs to be higher on the list. They pride themselves there, as they do in Noo Yawk for being the “trend setters” for the rest of America, or so they say.

      • crazyfreddie

        TRUE the state is overloaded with illegal alien criminal Mexicans and the state government is more crooked than the Colorado river / while the few white American tax payers suppoirt these worthless pieces of filthy garbage / call a spade a spade / be honest more than a liberal socialist Communist ; would ever be

    • crazyfreddie


    • SirWilhelm

      It’s no coincidence that the DC area is now the wealthiest area of the country.

      • NoCrud

        Yep, that’s the result of Wealth Redistribution. And it’s the main reason that politicians panic when election time comes around and they risk losing their part of the Kingdom.

        Also, it’s part of the old saying: “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” DC-mongers personify the saying and perpetuate it.

    • Paula

      Your comments made me start thinking of all the foreigners in the country, especially the states you named off. It’s no wonder “these states are not the friend of America.”

    • jessica22

      Hey, SoWhatBubb… I happen to be from one of those blue, Yankee states and, while I disagree with much of the politics, my vote has made a difference many times. We’ve had our share of Republican governors and Senators

      From both coasts, they’ve contributed some amazing technologies and are symbolic of advanced education. Still, the true heart of our country comes from the heartland and the conservative thinkers are the real backbone of our future. Doesn’t it seem there is a value to the contributions of both sides?
      (As long as you vote republican!!!!)

  • mbnick

    Smart Judge did not want to go against the voters and get tarred and feathered on this one.

    • SoWhatBubb

      Get real.
      In Messachusetts they would have pinned a medal on his chest.

      • mbnick

        True in the big cities but not in the burbs.

        • wmgill

          The entire state re-elected Uncle Ted many times after Chappaquiddick.

  • teaman

    I praise this liberal court for doing the right thing! I believe the Pledge should be mandatory, but that’s just me! Why?, because the love of our Nation has been eroded to the worst levels ever! Our Nation was built on Godly principles! Even if you don’t believe in God, living a life based on ‘Godly principles for living’ is the best way to go. Our Nation was founded on these concepts, even if we have failed in many ways, the evidence is still there and most people do live by God’s rules! Do we make mistakes, of course, we are all sinners!

    Getting back to our country, we are raising a Nation of wimps who no longer have a deep love for the United States(illegal influence a big problem here) as they once did! I place much of the blame for this on a totally out of control Gooberment! In fact, generations now are extremely selfish and care only about what they can get for themselves, i.e., free food, phones, houses, education, medical care, and much more!

    This is entirely to long to post here, but you should go to, “The Case for America’s Christian Heritage” at “”! It is a 110 pages long in PDF format and you will have to search the site for it! When you find it, download and read at your leisure.
    There is a force from the left to move us away from our Heritage by the likes of William Ayres, Franklin Raines, Obama and his minions, and many. When you look around with opened eyes you see the evidence everywhere! Our Once Great Nation is now in the gutter and the rut is getting deeper!

  • Ted R. Weiland

    A more consequential issue than whether the Pledge is Constitutional is whether the Pledge is Biblical. see online article “The Pledge of Allegiance: IS IT UNDER GOD?” at

  • regulus30

    I WONDER if Massachusetts belongs in our United States;; where does it say we got to include COMMUNISTS ??????

  • veronica

    I suspect they are court-shopping, that is what the left does. They will continue to bring these cases to court looking for one ruling different than what they’ve already gotten. Then they can petition to have it taken to a federal district court to resolve the difference btwn the state courts. I’m sure they are going for the first, second, third, fourth, or ninth circuit court. This is how the left rules-thru judicial fiat. The right needs to clue in and fight fire with fire.

    • Simon Bolivar

      Court shopping is a common practice for civil suit lawyers. As to those atheists who gripe about the pledge, how do the feel every time they use cash? Doesn’t that “in God we trust” bother them?

      • Udo

        It does, for me at least. It reminds me of a time when America couldn’t stand up to fear.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Remember that He is still in control of even the morons who think they have the edge on controlling our country!

    • slk5

      sheeple believe!!!

  • slk5

    what i find amusing is leftfields call, about all the infighting in the gop!!! but look at the left, religious vs atheist, christian vs muslim vs jewish, patriotic vs unpatriotic, and black vs white vs hipanic vs asian vs the rest!!! is there one thing bama can say, that would make all of leftfield happy, at one time???

    • crazyfreddie


      • wmgill

        That pretty much sums it up…. with the exception of non US citizen

  • NoCrud

    That’s also why they also keep referring to our government as a democracy instead of a Republic. They love mob rule as long as it’s their mob doing the ruling.

  • Maria castro

    They hate the Constitution because it doesn’t help their agenda.

  • Combatvet52

    Massachusetts can kiss my azz

  • mesaman

    Massatooshits was a lost cause 200 years ago. Their only claim to fame is “baked beans” and a marathon.

  • yaki534

    Our pledge of Allegiance is a part of daily things to do. If you do not like the “under God part, just don’t say it but say the rest.

  • pysco

    What is wrong with Mass. to even take this to court ? At one time Mass was the cradle of the American revolution………..

  • crazyfreddie


  • Bram Sortwell

    If more freedom loving people in the Tea Party knew about the history behind the Pledge and listened closely to the words in it, they might not be so enthusiastic to defend it.

  • Russ Neal

    In other words, the phrase “under God” is OK because we don’t mean it. Perhaps Christians should want the phrase removed from our pledge, not because it shouldn’t be true, but because it isn’t. Do we not insult God by claiming to be his loyal subjects while in fact opposing and mocking him at every point?

    • Bram Sortwell

      Indeed. It is taking God’s name in vain to use it as a meaningless filler in the Pledge, just as surely as using it as an expletive.

    • SirWilhelm

      What don’t you get about saying the pledge being voluntary? If you don’t like the phrase “under God”, don’t say the pledge! Or say the pledge, and leave out the phrase! Why do you have to continue to make it, and everything concerning religion, a Federal case! Literally! It’s a free country. Why can’t you excersize your freedom of choice, and let everyone else, excersize theirs? Without telling each other what they should say? Or not? If God is offended, he will judge those that offend him. Worry about how He might judge you, and let everyone else worry about their own judgement, if they are believers. If you’re not a believer, why are you worrying about it? And how does “under God” offend you, if you don’t believe in God? It all comes back to it being voluntary. If it offends you, don’t say it. Otherwise, you’re just trying to force your beliefs, on others that don’t share them.

  • mike slaney

    Well if you are Atheist or Liberal, your daddy the Devil “just excepts you with open arms. However, with GOD no big thing, Just don’t die.

  • 4USA2


  • PatCindyCunningham

    I am getting sick and tired of these so called Citizens who constantly try to take from those in the majority. There must be consequences for these deranged people. I believe they are troops of the Leftist Storm Troopers and, don’t even try to tell me there is no such thing. Court costs and Lawyer fee’s must be charged to these kooks.

  • NoCrud

    Courts have used “Under God” traditionally in an oath before the court as an incentive to tell the truth and all the truth, with the implied threat from a higher authority as the impetus, for not being honest.

    For courts to have “Under God” in an oath is acceptance and agreement that there is indeed a higher authority.

    With this in mind, “Under God” has a useful meaning even though many have either forgotten or have not been taught the full implications of what these two little words signify.

  • afanaglenn

    Massachusetts needs to withdraw from the United States. They have lost their way, now controlled by a communist party. They no longer represent the ideals of America. Paul Revere is probably rolling over in his grave, maybe now wondering if it was all worth it. He didn’t lose his way.

    • NoCrud

      Didn’t our Featless Weeder go to school in MA? Didn’t it take him several years up there so he could learn to read a Teleprompter?


      • Korean War Vet

        I would think that a 10-year old could read a teleprompter; shouldn’t take him/her very long to learn how.

        • NoCrud

          He had to learn how to read English that was not laced with Alinsky Jargon so the rest of us, the GOOD Americans, could at least have a chance of understanding him.

          • Korean War Vet

            Now I undersand.

  • USPatriotOne

    If these morons/traitors hate OUR Nation so much just leave…PLAIN AND SIMPLE, END OF DEBATE…!!!

    • lndependent

      I agree no one has them locked up and keeping hem here.

      • NoCrud

        They want to take US with them.

  • America_Woman

    This doesn’t surprise me. Massachusetts is Democrat-land. The majority of these folks don’t want to pull together for the sake of the Union. They put everyone and their ideas through the most ridiculous wringer. The Kennedy days are gone. Let’s come together. …One nation under God, INDIVISIBLE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all. Our Republic needs the help of all of her people.

  • Burton Pauly

    In my lifetime the pledge of allegiance has been real until liberals, atheist, communist, pinkos, socialist, and foreigners started their hate of it. If one isn’t a true patriot they won’t say the pledge, and they should move to somewhere else . Possibly to another country where they can practice what they believe.

    • horrible deplorable raynbene
      • NoCrud

        Per that website, “Deteriorata” was performed by The National Lampoon…

        • Korean War Vet

          ‘Morning, NoCrud! I see we have “another one” going, here. 8-))

          • NoCrud

            Yep, LABoob is doing his Thang, too.

            What a joke.

            Soros must be proud of him/her/it.

          • Korean War Vet

            You know, my good friend, if everyone would just ignore those stupid yayhoos, the garbage might stop. I know, I know: sometimes, it’s difficult to pretend they’re not there, and so we feel that retribution is in order. I’ve taken the attitude that they just love to get a reaction from folks…it gives them a “rise”; know what I mean? Have a great one, Patriot!

          • NoCrud

            People like LABoob are like cattle with rings in their noses.

          • Korean War Vet

            Yeah…they love to led around by puppeteers like Obama.

          • NoCrud

            And many of them go where they even just imagine their Featless Weeder wants them to go. The Obamaroid is counting on people doing what he wants without telling them so he can act like he knows nothing about it and besides, he was at the links when it was going down, anyway.

          • Korean War Vet

            Yeah, NoCrud, I can just hear him now: “I haven’t got the foggiest idea of what you’re talking about; I was in conference”.

          • NoCrud

            Looks like a shift change. LABoob is on a break or at another “more pressing” blog doing his thingy while Udo has taken his place. Bet they are on speed-dial with each other, too.

          • Korean War Vet

            LaBoob has ‘more pressing’ things to do?

      • Burton Pauly

        Now that was weird to say the least, and it exactly describes all of those who hate the pledge.

    • Udo

      Yet it’s because of my patriotism that I don’t say it. The United States didn’t strive through hardship just so we could repeat the pledge again and again like some meaningless mantra.

      • NoCrud

        Look at those Comments to Votes tallies. That tells me that you are not in the mainstream of thinking. In fact, I suspect that some of those Up Votes came from others of similar vacuous acuity.

        • Udo

          Good, if I wanted to keep score of upvotes I’d go to facebook or imgur.

          • NoCrud

            What’s keepin’ ya???

          • Udo

            You’re the one that seems to put importance on them, not me.

          • NoCrud

            I’m not talking about your Votes and not being in the mainstream of thinking here, I’m asking why you don’t wander over to “facebook or imgur” [sic], as you said. so, why are you still here? You have contributed NOTHING to the tenor and venue of this blog. But maybe a paycheck from MoveOn/Soros is your raison d’etre.

          • Udo

            Because there are blatant lies that come up in some articles here that I like to point out. It’s also to be the devil’s advocate in a way. There are extremists that don’t do this country good, I don’t want them replaced by more extremists.

  • Robert L. Rice

    Ive always said ” THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE”,IF you don’t want to say it,move to Kenya,AND please take obozo and his fat A$$ED wife with you…

  • james

    MA has a mass of IDIOT NAZI Socialist called DUMBOCRATS .which goes back to Joe K.

  • NoCrud

    Yep, same thing. But the Oath of Allegiance is what places the concept of Higher Authority firmly in the minds of those who do in fact believe in God.

  • grassroot

    The People’s Republic of Mass. working overtime to
    take this nation with it’s freedoms down.

  • JohninVirginia

    Massachusetts was settled by people trying to sail to Virginia. They got lost at sea and have been at sea ever since. This has not slowed their convictions that they need to tell others how to live and what to believe and think. People from Massachusetts picked up their families and belongings, packed them into wagons and moved them to the frontier of Kansas after the passage of the Kansas – Nebraska Act of 1854 which established the right of “local sovereignty” to determine if a territory would be admitted to the Union as a pro-slave or anti-slave state. They wanted to ensure that Kansas, as well as Nebraska entered the Union as anti-slave states. They shipped rifles to Kansas free-staters in crates of Bibles from the Reverend Beecher, the rifles becoming known as “Beecher’s Bibles”. Kansas gained the name “Bleeding Kansas” as a result of the compulsion of those from Massachusetts to stick their noses into others’ business.

  • lndependent

    Next they’ll be suing to have the Constitution declared unConstitutional. Dumbass trouble makers.

    • Korean War Vet

      I wonder why they don’t just move out of the country, and leave those of us who appreciate it, alone!

  • Mitchina

    I posted something today on my facebook:”I have made a commitment to be true to
    thyself: Face truths, Be honest, Have morals and the strength to stand
    on them in the face of bigotry and delusion of others. If you support
    Obama and his administration or still support the past president Bush
    and his administration – please un-friend me now. I want no further
    association with you. You are a detriment to society as a whole and
    more specifically to me and my family. “

    • NoCrud

      Your Bush Hatred element sure makes you sound like a Lying Democrat. Otherwise, it’s pretty much on the mark.

  • William Keeney

    After over 200 yrs., the Socialist, Nazi, Progressives are going too still try to liquidate OUR Constitution ? ? ? Imprison them ALL ! !

    • Korean War Vet

      Let them try, Brother; let them try!

      • southern tom

        …I BELIEVE they are, and will soon attempt to put the final pieces of the fundamental transformation in place and in play…

        • Korean War Vet

          Thanks for your service, southern tom!

    • southern tom

      …I LOOK at “them” just like I did the Viet Cong and NVA… they’re the enemy… and the only good one is a dead one…

      • EdWatts

        “ARVN by day, VC by night.” We have made the same mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The locals are NOT our friends.

  • Korean War Vet

    Now hear this, Atheists of America: this is MY country, BY GOD, and you are F*^%$ing with the wrong person, when you do ANYTHING against Her. Messing with the Pledge of Allegiance is NOT your right. If you, LIBTARD, or you little image of you doesd not believe in God, that is your privilege, the US Constitution gives you and your brethren that right, but you WILL NOT mess around with MY beliefs or those of others around you…UNDERSTAND???
    If your darling little Atheist doesn’t want to recite tjhe Pledge of Allegiance, which has meant so much to those who have fought to protect your little A$$ against so many of America’s enemies, and gave their lives in the process, then that little Rug-Rag, Crumb-snatcher of yours is NOT obligated in any friggin’ way to do so; DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? Get it through your atheistic thin skull that you or little Susie-Q are not the only people populating this country of MINE, once and for damned all!! Leave the Pledge of Allegiance alone! Massachusetts, that goes for YOU, too!

    • Udo

      It’s perhaps worth noting that this wouldn’t be an issue if it didn’t get messed with in the first place.

      • Korean War Vet

        I hear you, Udo, but some people just don’t believe in leaving well enough alone; that’s when they get into trouble.

    • jessica22

      Of the 55 framers of the Constitution, 51 were Christian (49 Protestant and
      2 Roman Catholic).

      While the COTUS ensures religious freedom for the individual citizen, it DOES NOT ensure freedom of religion for political thinking, like many liberals or
      non-believers try to insinuate.

      This country clearly WAS built upon Judeo-Christian beliefs.

      • Korean War Vet

        You’re right, jessica. I don’t know where those non-believers get off, with their nonsensical thinking.

  • Taquoshi

    I’m sorry these children feel they are being labeled “unpatriotic” when they don’t recite the pledge or omit part of it, but to me, that signals a much deeper problem. It isn’t really about whether the pledge or whether the words “under God” are included or not. It’s about whether others NOTICE they aren’t reciting the Pledge or including certain words.

    Actually, if you think about it, protocol requires those present to stand and face the flag. That means everyone should be facing the flag, including the teacher/aide or any other adult, and not taking score on who is or isn’t reciting the Pledge. And this is not like the students are reciting the Gettysburg address or the Preamble of the Constitution. The Pledge takes approximately 10-15 seconds. So, little Bobby or Susie whose actions up to this point, were total unremarkable in class now has their fifteen minutes of fame (Oooooh, there goes Bobby. He doesn’t recite the Pledge. He’s a rebel!) or (Look, here comes Susie. She’s an atheist. Quick, move over Sally, so she had to sit at another lunch table!)

    So, it isn’t about the Pledge, it isn’t about being patriotic; it’s about parents wanting to make a political statement and using the taxpayers money and their kids to do it.

  • Brenda

    Atheists, LBGT, Muslim, illegal aliens, liberal judges who enact law from the bench, government agencies with no regard for the Constitution, members of the House and Senate, an Attorney General that thinks he can pick and choose what laws he will enforce, and a president that would be king with total disregard for the Constitution; all bent on destroying America and her beliefs. It is time patriots stand and be counted. Stop letting the minority dictate to the course of our future. Recognize that their rights are the same as ours, but they do not have the authority or the right to impose their beliefs and customs on the rest of us.

  • PatCindyCunningham

    The only fate they need to feel is isolation. If People ignored them and payed them no mind they would eventually dry up and blow away.

  • zrevtom

    let us make this simple like all atheists do, if you don’t like this country, LEAVE IT
    we like it when people improve this country not disrupt it. You don’t believe in God, your choice 300 million Americans do, Shut your mouth and live YOUR life and leave mine alone. If you have a problem with that remember IT IS YOUR PROBLEM. ,ive with it, This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. We pledge allegiance because we love our country, if you don’t GET THE HELL OUT OF IT, Mexico I am sure will love to see your money, go tell them to change their way of life and find yourself in some hole in the ground prison with the lizards and snakes and I am sure you will find many Mexicans who will want to get REAL close to you. And I am sure if you can’t speak their language they will try and learn yours to make you feel at home. Believe that and I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge

    • Korean War Vet

      Well-said, Friend of The Republic!

    • southern tom

      …EVERY TIME I hear someone say they don’t want to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, I wonder WHERE does their allegiance lay? With whom, which nation, which “ism” do they pledge their allegiance??

      • Korean War Vet

        They’re free to populate whatever country they’d like.

    • NoCrud

      In 1954, Eisenhower and Congress officially added “under God.” At a 1954 Flag Day speech, the president explained why he added the Lord into the Pledge. Rather than attempting to push his beliefs on others, he explained, the action was taken in an effort to recognize America’s religious heritage.
      (Found in a The Blaze article)

      • NoCrud

        Oh and did it say that it was on Flag Day or some dreamy-minded day that a mindless Troll has decided is somehow fighting the Cold War?

        LABoob is struggling to find some valid rationale and, typical of Rahm Emackerel who says to not let a good crisis go to waste, he’s also doing the Democrat thingy and where there is no crisis, one is created.

        It’s interesting to watch little puppies and drooling children play.

  • nimbii

    I must confess, the way things have been going lately, I’m a bit surprised that “We The People” won.

    • NoCrud

      I’m not as surprised that We the People won as much as that We the People are now allowing “losers” to win.

  • chief1937

    If it is so offensive for these people to recite the pledge of allegiance maybe they should consider leaving this country and go to one more to their liking. If plaintiffs where required to pay all legal fees if they loose these cases would disappear shortly. It seems everyone wants to sue over something ridiculous these days. If you don’t like it you are perfectly welcome to leave here.

  • E.D. Todd

    Its about time .

  • DAY8293A

    Let’s make this a true democracy, and we can get rid of anything that offends us, like all these atheists that offend the majority……

  • Walt

    Can we find a way to declare Atheists Unconstitutional?

    • NoCrud

      Tell them to move to Iran. Then they can start saying they are against Allah, the Moon God, and get their empty heads lopped off. And, by the way, if their heads were to fall on the ground, it might land with a dull thud but would make no further noise.

      • jessica22

        They’re a lot safer if they stay here.

        As Christians, we should look to console and heal… not let loose on a government of killers that would cut off their heads before they could finish the sentence “I don’t believe in Allah”…

        Did we learn nothing from the Inquisition?

        • NoCrud

          The Great Crusades has also been hijacked by some of the PC crowd that are so eager to be nice to the Muzzies. It was when the Jihadists back then were going around and killing Christians, just like they want to do today, and in self-defense and preservation, a counter-war was declared against them. When they put a sword to the throat of a Muzzie, they asked, “Do you believe in God?” Of course, the Muzzies had to say, in their ignorance, “I believe in Allahaha.” And that was when the war took another turn for the better regarding the threatened Christians.

  • Chilstrom

    Great, we are allowed to say a prayer to the state windsock…

  • Rick J Black, Sr.

    Being an Atheist myself, I’ve never felt threatened by the words “under God”. The Pledge to me, is a Patriotic one and not one of religion. I acknowledge that religion played a huge part in the foundation of this country and its Constitution. It is the tenets of that Faith that were the building blocks of the Constitution and its guiding Principles set forth within. They promote freedom, liberty and individual sovereignty. All of which I served and my brothers bled for during my time in the jungles of SE Asia. All of which I firmly believe in.

    • Evan White

      Skocked! You are the first athiest on this site to not be a nutball troll. You officsly get awarded the prize of first first atheist on this site thats not a idiot.

      • Rick J Black, Sr.

        Thank you. I am no Toll of Progressives but a die hard fan of the Republic the Constitution and the Capitalist system used by our country. I am an Independent voter and vote my conscience, which btw, almost always leans to the Right.:)

    • Evan White

      I think @LABobiE needs to take a few lessons from you on how not to be an idiot Labobie is rather unpatriotic

      • Rick J Black, Sr.

        If only Atheists would wake and realize that we are just a tool for the Progressives, there would be more like me.:(

        • NoCrud

          Progressives, as Socialists and Communists, are also Atheists. They believe everyone’s destiny is in his or her own hands and want to leave the idea of a superior being (GOD) out of it.

          The Supreme Court calls it Humanism and says that it is a religion in a 1961 case.

          The Religion of Humanism

          • Rick J Black, Sr.

            However you want to label me, it don’t matter at all. I have no malice towards those that have Faith.

      • Rick

        That will never happen Evan; he’s to far gone.

        • NoCrud

          You are right. LABoob is one of those Donkey’s Hind Ends that when he has nothing to say, he goes ahead and says it anyway with the full intention of engaging someone in his mindless drivel.

      • NoCrud

        And he apparently does not know or wants to ignore that people have spend much time, two years in one case I read about from England, that stopped all they were doing and spent all their time in an effort to disprove the Bible and that God does not exist. After a while, though, they failed in their attempts and became great men of God.

        And what has any Atheist done, as an Atheist, except to prove that he’s an Atheist?

        They are losers and want everyone to know it.

        • Udo

          “…spent all their time in an effort to disprove the Bible and that God does not exist.”

          Then they started off on the wrong foot to begin with.

    • Korean War Vet

      Rick, thank you for your service to the country, my Brother! Secondly, you sound like a man with good sense; you don’t let this crap get to you. Hail, Brother, and Welcome Home! 😎

      • Rick J Black, Sr.

        Thank you, my brother. For all of us that saw combat, that is indeed what we are to each other. I am sure your sacrifice was equal to my own. And no, this rift cause by my fellow Atheists does not sway me to be like them. I grew up with the attitude of “live and let live”.

        • Korean War Vet

          Rick, although I served in a combat zone (Korea), I venture to say, that as a ground vehicle mechanic in the Air Force, I saw nothing of crap that you and your brothers did in Viet Nam. In spite of that, we are still brothers-in-arms. We may be on opposite sides of the fence, me a Christian, you an Atheist, but we are still human beings and must respect and love each other as such. Have a great Memorial Day, Brother!

    • John Cherish

      In this country you have the right to believe in God or not. You have served this country to preserve those rights and taken an oath to uphold those rights I do not fault you in not believing because that is your choice. I commend you for upholding my rights and choice to do so. In all sincerity thank you for your service to this country

  • Evan White

    Never Buy progressive insurance! Its a. Ripoff .

    • Evan White

      Buy nationwide instead.

      • Rick J Black, Sr.

        It is much higher than what I pay for thru the USAA. I checked on both. USAA is not a government insurance company but a privately owned one for Vets only. How is Nationwide going to save me money on any of my insurance policies when there is so much difference in the rates charged?

    • Rick J Black, Sr.

      I use USAA. Its for Vets only and much cheaper than what is available to the public in the private market.:)

      • pthor

        I am going to check them out. Thanx

    • Rick

      The name “progressive” says it all Evan.

    • NoCrud

      The head of Progressive Insurance is an Obamaroid and has contributed beaucoup moolah to that worm-eaten Socialist’s cause.

  • Evan White

    I’m still pissed about the anti american flag campaigns in CA

  • John Walt

    Why? Why would this even take a second thought?

  • jaydee

    Did anyone stop to think that if it weren’t for that flag and what it represents, that these atheists would have a right NOT to say the pledge.

    • NoCrud

      I would like it better if they were allowed to soapbox ONCE and then tell them that their “freedom of speech” rights had been attained and then to shut the Hades up.

      Freedom of Speech does not have to be a one-time dealie but neither does it have to be a rusty nail driven in with a wet noodle, either.

      For me, once a fool declares him/herself, it then needs no further affirmation.

  • craig

    Atheists it’s time to relocate to a new country…or just shut up and try and blend in.. our countries whole reason for being is because we wanted the opportunities to practice religion …any religion exclusive of the muslim religion ..and do it quick before we start the practices of old Salem Mass.

  • Admiral America

    They should be looking at whether or not the Federal, and their own State government is unconstitutional. Then disband their own asses with a recommendation that the Feds do the same.

  • Trythis Last

    Should I sue the atheists for asking me to NOT pray?
    In the court of PC they severely offend me and should pay!

  • Skinpower

    Now that “The Pledge” has been decided lets get the question of BO being constitutional. To be a legal President he must have been born in the United States. Well, all those documents he has presented (certificate of live birth, two different birth certificates and the letter from his midwife) have been shown to be fraudulent. Besides, he is using the Social Security number of a dead man from Connecticut. Let’s see a valid high school and college transcript, work visa, immigration papers, previous mailing address, anything to show that he had a past. We know NOTHING about this man other than what he has told us. Who is he and where is the real Barack Obama?

  • kenhowes

    They sue because of the Progressive Principle. That is as follows: When a liberal cause goes to court, if it loses, that only means that liberals will have to try again. If it wins, then it is the Law of the Land, and sacrosanct as a precedent. This means that the law may never move in a conservative direction.

    • NoCrud

      Liberals/Socialists and Unions have the mentality of “Well, it did not work this time but it will the next time.”

      And they will fail time and time again by suckering others to think like they do and this is why they love to get some socialist professors to teach those mush-for-brains yoots to be Liberal.

      But Einstein said that the definition of insanity is performing the same failure again and expecting different results.

      This proves that the Left/Democrats are insane because they elected The Obamaroid a second time — but this is disregarding voter fraud and election theft.

  • NoCrud

    Here an element of why Atheists fight the Pledge of Allegiance being said in schools…

    The Religion of Humanism
    OR What is being taught in Government Schools

    Although preferring to remain shielded by the shadows of deception, half truths, lies, scientific-sounding gobbledygook, and pseudo-intellectual rhetoric, the religion of Humanism is now standing naked in the light. In 1961 the United States Supreme Court declared Humanism to be a RELIGION (case of Torcasco vs. Watkins). Now you say, “If Humanism is a religion, such as Judaism, Christianity, etc., where are the Humanist churches, where is the headquarters, the Mother Church?” My answer: The government school classrooms have been misappropriated by the Humanists as their ‘churches.’ Their ‘cathedrals’ are the universities, colleges and seminaries; their ‘Mother Church’ a not-so-well known institute. It is in these places that they provide, mostly through deception, daily ‘preaching’ of their religious ideology. They use taxpayer funds to further their cause, and they do so in violation of the Constitution of the United States.

    Read much more at:

    • jessica22

      The sad part is that we have allowed atheism or humanism to become religions of their own. Hillary Clinton ONCE made a profound statement which was partly true. She said it “takes a village” to raise a child. Hard for a child to grow on their own. Faith requires tending and care and that usually comes from the family. Although my parents have a mixed marriage (Catholic and Lutheran) faith was such a strong part of our family life.

      You can’t hold someone accountable for something they were never taught.
      In the RCC, baptism is conferred on a person if they die without the actual ceremony had the intent been to baptize.

  • John Cherish

    There’s a simple solution for those atheists and it is simple if the word GOD offends you simply omit it when you say it. I am sure Christians won’t mind if you do because after all you don’t believe in GOD, So omitting it when you say it is no big deal. But to force others to not being able to is against their constitutional rights if they choose to say it. I’m sure the atheists could substitute other words for it like under Satan, or under Santa Claus for that matter. Or to not even say it at all that is your right. Just don’t infringe on my right to say it. That makes you a hypocrite

    • NoCrud

      They’d prefer to say: “Under Dewey” since that’s the little fellah that started the Atheist nonsense.

  • Phil McMorrow

    Atheists have no trouble collecting currency that says in God we Trust, do they. Hypocrites. The word “God” is not imposing a “religion” on anyone. There is no penalty in this world for being a non-believer, as there may be for being a member of the Tea Party. The penalty for non-believers is known and imposed after death.

    • Bulldog74

      Nor do they have a problems with Christmas being a federal holiday — at least I’ve never seen them volunteering en masse to forego the paid day off.

      • Phil McMorrow

        Great point. Thank you.

    • LittleRoot_48

      Amen. They won’t say “under God” but they accept and spend money with “under God” written on it. H Y P O C R I S Y!


    We have no protection against having insult or hurt feelings.

    • NoCrud

      The Left is all about feelings. THEIR feelings.

  • MichaelLawera

    see what happens when u stick your head up your kids……brain cells vaporize

    • NoCrud

      It seems you may have left a word out of the comment. You can edit to add/remove some element of YOUR comment by using the Edit button below YOUR post, beside the Reply button.

  • Daylo

    We need to be TOLD this? It’s a given. This country has raised some really stupid kids, who are about the age of their parents having been hippies, (possibly passing along their genes after drugs, as well as their liberalism), and we have foreigners who come here to cause grief and chaos on purpose, and will never LOVE America and Americans. They are here for reasons that are evil. Never, but never doubt that. We have a president who is trying his darned best to ruin this country; morally, financially, economically and destroy patriotism at its core through that rottenness called “Common Core”.

    First off, GOVERNMENT has NO BUSINESS IN EDUCATION. Education should be decided at the LOCAL COUNTY LEVEL.

    Secondly, there is no actual working Congress that will do their duties as Americans first and servants to the people second. They are there for the money, the insight into stocks, new inventions and land deals to make themselves wealthy.

    Thirdly, the Constitution is being ignored and trashed daily in this country. People are being appointed to high offices on purpose, who have no good intentions for our country. This has thrown the country into chaos.

    We have way too many “Party Line” people who ONLY vote Democrat no matter how bad of a job the Democrat is doing. They are robbing us blind, and people are still voting Democrat because that is what their granddaddy voted. Well, I have news for you! This is IN NO WAY THE PARTY OF YOUR GRANDADDY! Wise up, people! We have other names to add to the many names of the Democrat Party…The New Party (the party that Obama used to get elected to the Illinois Senate). We have the Progressive Party (sounds like they are moving forward, doesn’t it). Well they are moving FAR LEFT. Then we have the Socialist Party, the Communist Party, the Marxist Party…the list is endless to keep you fooled.

    Don’t believe It? Read here:

    When you get through there…there is a search box in the upper left. Type in the following names:

    Barbara Taylor Bowman
    Bowman is Valerie Jarrett’s mother. She works for the Erickson Institute – Bill Ayers father (of Weather Underground fame), and Bernadette Dohrn (his wife) – killed people in THIS COUNTRY! and got away with it.

    David Axelrod

    Frank Marshall Davis

    Vernon Jarrett
    Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law

    Oh the things you will read…then there are more names interspersed with all of these names that you will soon recognize as being part of the Communist network.

    Then if you are still hankering for some reading…go here

    Reading is what makes us better voters.

    • NoCrud

      Very good info. Here is something that may interest you and, surprise-surprise, it is from Democrats:

      Common Core IS United Nations Agenga 21

      Also, see the good links on the website’s sidebar.

      • Daylo

        I have heard of Agenda 21, but will read more about it! Thanks a bunch!

        • NoCrud

          I went to that website

          and it is very, very good. A lot of info. Bookmarked for later consideration. Thanks.

          • Daylo

            This site is based in New Zealand. It is RESEARCH performed by the Author, Trevor Loudon, a New Zealander. This information has proof to back up its statements in footnotes! It is an awesome site!

          • NoCrud

            That website is fantastic. Thanks again.

            I had a friend in Texas years ago that was commenting on a book about Ancient History. He said that people that did not like or accept the book had no room to argue unless they read all the references.

            Here is another very good website that is about Archeology relating to Islam and it is from Australia:

            Allah is the Moon God

          • Daylo

            Went to the site and scanned it. Read the first few paragraphs and immediately noted what every Christian knows in our heart already.

            Mohammad wrote the Q’uran 600 YEARS AFTER Christ. They mention in their “Q’uran” Adam, Eve, Abraham (of course) and others in the Christian bible, and even mention Christ, but not as the Son of the Living God, which we all know is his right and proper place.

            Just think about it…600 years AFTER Christ, the Q’uran was written. That tells me that they are Johnny Come-Lately, and that they fashioned their Q’uran after the Hebrew Bible, the Torah. Else, where did the names of Adam, Eve emerge? Abraham is claimed by both the Jew and the Arabs as their “father” all due to Sarah encouraging an affair with Hagar…well, you know the story.

            The Christian God is NOT in any way Allah and never will be…Rick Warren is dead wrong. Jesus taught us to love our neighbor — the Q’uran states to kill anyone who does not become a Muslim — the differences are vast!

            The moon god theory makes sense after reading about the archaeology involved.

          • glenn

            Also with the moon god that tells me one thing. muslims are worshippers of satan.For satan is of the moon and saturn.satan is of the dark and saturn got it’s name from satan and saturday as being the 6th day.For God is of the day (or light) and satan of the moon (or dark). Any one who knows the bible knows that.Revelation gives a full account of this.

        • NoCrud

          Oh, and Agenda 21 is a United Nations effort to take over America all the way to the ground-roots level by trying to impose mandates at the community level all across America. Between Common Core and the overall umbrella of Agenda 21, you have to see this as a war being played on many fronts, designed to fight one battle while people are looking at another problem in their little shell game. It’s as if they are scheming to give us something to fight while they are busy doing damage in other areas.

          • Daylo

            I have the same exact feelings here. I believe it is an all out effort through the placement on purpose of a president who was already predisposed to be a communist, and who has complete and utter disregard for America and American citizens. He was hand-picked, and these people were already in place waiting on his arrival. I believe that with all of my heart!

          • NoCrud

            I also believe it. And here’s a link with info that shows just how far back that this goes:

            Joe McCarthy Was Right

          • Daylo

            Joe McCarthy WAS RIGHT. He was demonized by liberals and Communists alike to shame anyone who “thought” like him and the word McCarthyism was created to produce a stigma for that kind of thinking. Winning the game through words has always been their highest agenda.

  • David Hodges

    Patriotism means loyalty to one’s Father. It’s another word we have allowed the idolaters to steal from us. I get patriotic about the Flag of Exodus 17: 15, where Moses said, “Yahweh is my banner.” Here are some questions I have concerning flag worship:
    1) Do you acknowledge, according to the definition of the word, that “desecration” can occur only to something that is sacred?
    2) Do you acknowledge, according to the definition of the word, that “sacred” means “of a deity”?
    3) Do you believe that, since the word “desecration” is used to describe the destruction of Old Glory, that Old Glory is indeed sacred, and if so, of which deity is Old Glory?
    4) Does America have a national (G,g)od?
    5) Do you believe that there exist “gods…which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell,” according to Deuteronomy 4: 28?
    6) Do you acknowledge that the word “worship” is accurately described as “acts, expressions and/or a state of religious devotion typically directed to one or more deities?
    7) Can you show me, according to the definitions of “desecration,” “sacred,” and “worship,” where Old Glory is not an object of worship?
    8) When you see the presentation of colors–Old Glory alongside the military flags–do you ever think of the “god of forces” of Daniel 11: 38?
    9) What do you think Jesus thought about Peter’s pledge of allegiance in Matthew 26: 33: “Though all [men] shall be offended because of thee, [yet] will I never be offended.”?
    10) What are you going to say if the first question God asks you on Judgment Day is: Did you ever disobey my First Commandment?
    11) And last, but not least, what do you think of Psalms 33: 12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”?

  • Daylo

    First of all Patriotism does not mean “loyalty to one’s Father”. It means “Love of one’s country”.

    This country was founded on Christians principles. Our ancestors came here to be able to worship freely. I don’t think any American “worships” the flag, but we recognize it as a hard-fought battle to attain freedoms of all kinds and therefore, we (as all other country’s in this world) have our banners. I have to wonder if our flag was not designed by a Christian, and I also like to think that the 13 original colonies (as the stars), which were placed on the flag, as well as the stripes (i hope were represented “by his stripes are we healed” verse in the Bible – which of course is conjecture on my part).

    I don’t think that our flag is described as being “sacred”, but only to have our allegiance based on the above. Our flag has been desecrated multiple times. There should, however, be respect for the flag, under which so many lives have been given for the freedoms we enjoy.

    Christians have OUR God, and His Son. There is no “National God”, although this country was founded on Christian principles.

    What one person calls a god, could be nothing more than a stone set up as an idol.

    Worship can be something as small as a hymn.

    Worship is not the correct word to use for a flag. It is with gratefulness that our country is free and enjoys freedoms that almost no other country shares, and we are proud of the fact that under that banner, we have been able to free other countries from tyranny and oppression.

    I never think of the “god of forces”.

    Peter proved nothing more than the frailty of all human beings when he was unable to muster the courage to keep from denying his Savior. It’s what Peter did after Jesus rose from the dead, that proved his allegiance to Jesus!

    God will not ask that! God does not and will not see our sins, because His Son died for us and through the blood of Christ!!! God can not look upon sin, but after we have become Christians, he sees us through the blood of Christ, who has purified us from our sins.

    I believe that God has and will bless this nation, but we are turning from God. When we, as a nation deny God, he will judge us on those things, i.e. (abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, turning our backs on Israel, turning from God), …and the outcome will not be pretty.

  • zookeeper216

    “Listen up, atheists. The Pledge is Constitutional – stop acting like it’s not.”

    What does athesism have to do with a sociialist state ruled by Democrats. I don’t know who wrote this but I think they are brain dead. When I say the pledge I don’t say under god. If others want to say it, good for them. Athesism has nothing to do with patricism, The definition of patricism is loving our country. Has nothing to do with religion. I’m non-religious and I love my country.

    The Pledge of Allegiance was written in August 1892 by the socialist minister
    Francis Bellamy (1855-1931). It was originally published in The Youth’s
    Companion on September 8, 1892. Bellamy had hoped that the pledge would be
    used by citizens in any country.

    In its original form it read:

    “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it
    stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    In 1923, the words, “the Flag of the United States of America” were added. At
    this time it read:

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and
    to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and
    justice for all.”

    In 1954, in response to the Communist threat of the times, President
    Eisenhower encouraged Congress to add the words “under God,” creating the
    31-word pledge we say today. Bellamy’s daughter objected to this alteration.

    Today it reads:

    “I pledge allegiance to the
    flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands,
    one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    • Jim

      that leaves out the atheists…who when they near the end of their time on earth will probably hedge their bets by considering that perhaps they should include “under God” in all that they do….not just when saying “The Pledge”

      • zookeeper216

        When you stand at the gates to be judged I hope you will be judged by your smallness. Because you are a mean spirited hypocrite who doesn’t deserve to be called a christian. It’s people like you who have turned me away from god. Your smallness to call others names, to be unkind to strangers makes me sick. In other words, you’re an as#.

    • GeneP54

      Pledge is as written, like it or not. You say they whole thing or you say none
      of it. Placing your personal religious agenda into it by not saying part of it
      doesn’t make you ‘patriotic but atheist’, it makes you UNpatriotic because you
      are choosing to go against the voices of this country who have stated and agreed
      upon the work in its entirety….by Congress. THAT has nothing to do with religion, only patriotism.

      • zookeeper216

        Dumbnuts, I don’t have to say under god if I don’t want to. The original didn’t have it. I think you must be an idiot to say I’m unpatriotic. My father was a WW2 Navy veteran. My brother a Vietnam veteran. This is America, I can make my choices. That is what my father and my brother fought for. The right to make our own choices. You don’t use your faith, or god to bully people. That makes you both small.
        To use god to bully people, that makes you the lowest of the low. I don’t see many people actually practicing their religion, I see many like you. Conceited and hypocritical.

        • GeneP54

          First, I don’t appreciate being called names just because we disagree. Second, yes, you may do what you wish, but that doesn’t make it right. I see that your father and your brother were patriots that served their/our country and for that I am grateful. That has nothing to do with you.
          I didn’t use my faith. I said nothing about my religious stance nor did I use God at all and certainly not to bully anyone. I said nothing that would point to my being conceited or hypocritical because I only said that it is unpatriotic to not say the Pledge the way Congress has approved it. I’m a Constitutionalist. That has nothing to do with my religious beliefs.
          I think thou doest protest too much. You are awfully angry and defensive for such a simple statement.

          • zookeeper216

            Again, you called me unpatriotic. Where do you get off doing that? Who made you special? As for congress, are they special, really? They are just politicians who change their minds to whichever way the wind blows. As for names, you’re an as#.

          • LittleRoot_48

            Grow up.

  • Paul Brown

    I think it is time to take these pigs the hell out of this country and put them some place else that might be more suitable to them, like maybe Russia or communist china for instance. If they don’t want to recite it, no body is forcing them to say anything, they are communist sympathizers then and we have no need for that kind of element in this country, and that includes the muslim mental moron dictator in Washington today. If the courts are that stupid to take something like this on twice, then maybe these courts and judges are unconstitutional as well.

  • sirwiley

    Clearly this is just a symptom of the sickness of our government and the creeps we have allowed to come into control of it. The PBS is running at extreme hours, like 3:30am, a series about America, Land of Secrets. Everyone needs to watch it. It can be bought. We are being sold out by those sworn to protect us. We are close to brown shirt NAZI roundup of citizens. Don’t say I did not tell you.

    • insaney

      Cable channel ” destination America” also has a great series called ” America’s Book of Secrets” Liberals walk around with blinders on, that is, when they can pull their heads out of the sand!

  • jdbixii

    I never ceased to be amazed at the pseudo-intellectual pursuit of the exercise of the freedom of choice. It does indicate that the alternatives of choice are not the issue. The freedom of choice is. In the light of history, if liberals had the opportunity to go back to the Garden of Eden and rectify the choice that initiated the problem of evil, predictably, they would champion Eve’s sense of independence and her right to “freedom of choice” given the alternatives of choice. Allegiance is a big deal, especially to government. And, it ought to be! Ironically, the value and respect placed on loyalty is affected by our baser instincts and liberalism believes that to be a logical exercise in the freedom of choice. Suicide is, of course, a matter of choice, albeit a very selfish one. It is the disaffection resulting from modern liberalism that is the cause for such a case even coming before a court. Allegiance, especially if it necessitates some kind of personal sacrifice, is subject to “freedom of choice.” In evaluation of government policies, a reservation concerning allegiance is a necessary prerogative, lest the cost of it be excessive. When one thinks about Kent State University years ago, the logical question arises as to whether fighting the police or national guard in defense of liberty was any different, in principle, than the soldier who went to Viet Nam to fight for the defense of liberty. Fighting for the right “not to” was more important than fighting for the right “to.” Having the freedom to be right, why would we champion the right to be wrong, especially if that right limits our freedom? Perhaps, the importance of the case is that it says the obvious really ought to be obvious. Somehow, I am cynical enough to believe that the decision was made grudgingly.


    Let’s not waste time with a lot of words here. Screw these America haters ! Go live in a Godless Communist country. I’m sure you will be very happy there basking in your hate of anything good and decent.

  • Daylo


    Are you a complete retard? Jews, Muslims & Christians ALL worship the god of
    Abraham. ONLY Christians believe jesus was god. The bible tells believes to kill
    all non believers too.

    Nonbelievers 2 Chronicles 15:12-13
    Kill Followers of Other Religions
    Deuteronomy 13:7-12
    Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God
    Deuteronomy 13:13-19

    TO LABobe:
    Seriously? Do you know this LITTLE about what you are talking about? You attack people based on their Christianity.

    The books you mention above are all from the Old Testament. Christ had not been born as of yet. These passages are talking to the Jews. God gave them the land. Get that? GOD, the CREATOR decided to give them the land, and they were told by GOD, THE CREATOR that the idol worshiping peoples of that land were to be removed. God’s ways are NOT our ways. The Bible tells you that, if you read the whole Bible.


    And your point is about Jesus? Jesus is the Son of the Living GOD, YOUR CREATOR. CHRISTIANS are saved by his blood. This plan was made from the foundations of the EARTH!


    • Johnny

      Hey daylo, Jesus is the son of Almighty God. If you must use his name at least get it correct.

      • Daylo

        Hey Johnny, let’s not put God or Jesus in a corner.

        Here are some additional names…I call him the LIVING God because at one point the atheists claimed he was dead. Not so! He lives! You will notice that alphabetically, the person who wrote this stated “Son of the Living God” so, it would appear that I am not alone.

        Almighty God
        Alpha and Omega
        Amen, The
        Ancient of Days
        Anointed One
        Author of Eternal Salvation
        Beginning and the Ending
        Beloved Son
        Beloved Son of God
        Blessed of God
        Bread of Life
        Bright and Morning Star
        Captain of Man’s Salvation
        Captain of Our Salvation
        Carpenter’s Son
        Chief Cornerstone
        Chosen of God
        Christ Child
        Christ of God
        Christ the Lamb
        Consolation of Israel
        Creator of All Things
        Divine Son
        Door of the Sheep
        End of the Law
        Eternal Father
        Eternal God
        Eternal Head
        Eternal Judge
        Eternal Judge of Quick and Dead
        Everlasting Father
        Faithful and True
        Father of Heaven and Earth
        Finisher of faith
        First and the Last
        God of Abraham
        God of Isaac
        God of Israel
        God of Jacob
        God of Thy Father
        God of Whole Earth
        God’s Anointed
        God’s Holy Child Jesus
        Good Shepherd
        Great I AM
        Great God
        Great Shepherd
        Head of Every Man
        Head of the Body
        Head of the Church
        Heir of All Things
        Holy Child
        Holy Messiah
        Holy One
        Holy One of Israel
        Holy One of Jacob
        I AM
        Image of God
        Jesus Christ
        Jesus of Galilee
        Jesus of Nazareth
        Joseph’s Son
        Judge of Quick and Dead
        Just One
        Just, The
        King of Israel
        King of Kings
        King of Zion/Sion
        King of the Jews
        Lamb of God
        Life, the
        Light of the World
        Light, the
        Lion of the Tribe of Judah
        Living Bread
        Living Stone
        Living Water
        Lord from Heaven
        Lord God
        Lord God Almighty
        Lord God of Hosts
        Lord Jehovah
        Lord Jesus
        Lord of All
        Lord of Dead
        Lord of Glory
        Lord of Hosts
        Lord of Living
        Lord of Lords
        Lord of the Sabbath
        Lord Omnipotent
        Lord our Righteousness
        Lord’s Christ
        Man of Counsel
        Man of Holiness
        Meek and Lowly
        Messenger of the Covenant
        Mighty God
        Mighty One
        Mighty One of Israel
        Mighty One of Jacob
        Most High God
        Offspring of David
        One Body
        Only Begotten
        Only Begotten of the Father
        Only Begotten Son
        Our Passover
        Power of God
        Prince of Life
        Prince of Peace
        Prophet of Nazareth
        Propitiation for Sins of Whole World
        Redeemer of Israel
        Redeemer of the World
        Resurrection and the Life
        Righteous Judge
        Righteous Man
        Rock, the
        Rock of Heaven
        Root of Jesse
        Sacrifice, the
        Savior of Israel
        Savior of the World
        Second Comforter
        Seed of Abraham
        Seed of David
        Seed of the Woman
        Servant of Jehovah
        Servant of the Lord
        Son of Abraham
        Son of David
        Son of God
        Son of Man
        Son of Mary
        Son of Righteousness
        Son of the Blessed
        Son of the Eternal Father
        Son of the Everlasting God
        Son of the Highest
        Son of the Living God
        Son of the Most High God
        Spiritual Rock
        Stem of Jesse
        Teacher Come from God
        True Vine
        Truth, the
        Unchangeable One
        Way, the
        Well Beloved
        Wisdom of God
        Word of Life
        Word, the
        The way, the truth and the life!

        • Blessings


          • Daylo

            Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!

  • seeymour kleerly

    God’s good, Religion bad!!

    • Blessings

      Christianity is a Faith, not a religion!!! There are different denominations of Christianity, however, it’s still a faith! It’s believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for our Sins! Religion is man made, not from God or Christ….

      God good, duh…

      • seeymour kleerly

        Then your “faith” is just silly childhood INDOCTRINATION” .

  • Cliff261

    We should start using their words against them. If you don’t like the Pledge of Allegiance, then you are a “Hater”. No one seems to want to be called a hater. So that’s what we should call them. Shut up or admit you are a hater of the Pledge.

  • insaney

    These libs and atheists only want to use the constitution when it suits them. I’ve noticed that none of the SUPER RICH dems and libs have complained about ” in God we Trust” still being printed on our money

  • Christians are such jerks. I know about 5 who are nice. Jesus was cool. You people? You suck.

    • southern tom

      …THAT’S how I feel about socialists, liberals, and useful idiots… the only good one is a dead one…

  • A, Price

    The day a ‘court’ in this country ‘RULES’ that the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ , IS NOT legal, is the day this country dies!!!!!!!!!!

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