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The White Privilege Movement and the Black KKK

Liberals never give up. When they lose one battle, they fight another one. When the facts don’t support their cause, no problem, they ignore the facts and claim “the debate is over.” It’s similar to a first grader who gets his feelings hurt and decides to take his ball and go home.

The latest liberal cause is “white privilege.” Just being white makes a person a racist. A white person doesn’t have to say anything. There are no facts to argue. White = racist.

Professor Adrien Wing of the University of Iowa recently attacked President Barack Obama as the ‘face of global white privilege’ at the 15th annual White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Describing Obama as the ‘front man for the system,’ Wing said people shouldn’t be happy just because there is a ‘black face in the White House, who is running the White House instead of serving in the White House.’

“‘The master’s house has now got a black face, but it’s still the master’s house!’ she said. ‘He works for the master of the system of white privilege.’”

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that this is the 15th White Privilege Conference. I had no idea that this was going on for so long. Like I said, Liberals are tenacious.

Adrien Wing is no dummy. She didn’t get where she is by Affirmative Action. What makes her dangerous is that she is teaching future lawyers, some of whom will be making laws for us. If you think the courts are bad now, wait until some of her students start making up laws that will be the law.

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Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar

  • gotham1883

    Somehow working hard and trying to stay morally good makes us privileged. Only in todays Amerika where living off others like parasites is the norm.

  • One tour 2 go

    Black racism at it finest. The only privileges I’ve ever as a white person are the exactly the same all American receive. Free grammar school & high school educations.. It’s what I’ve done with that basic start we all have. Military service , college, a useable skill , family and a nice home. ALL Come from hard work… Without any government handouts.. EVER.
    I’m sick & tired of all the crying BS that some minority groups do over issues that THEY themselves cause for their race. Drugs,crime, 75% of the children born out of wedlock …….well I could go on & on. Is solely their fault.
    Time we stand up to this BS… Enough is enough

    • disqus_XK9gIx2U7h

      Shhh,no one is supposed to know that.

  • DustyFae

    Are people so dumb they can not see that Blacks and Whites are all equal and they only thing that is different is the skin color , but we are all the same as far as being human beings…. And there were some smarter Blacks then Whites throughout History…. What part of EQUAL do people have not understanding .. Obama taking us back to the roman era , he can not seem to evolve like the rest of the People are doing… It is like Obama was stepping out of a time machine He is living in a world of his own.. Or his puppet masters are… they are so ancient so miss placed in today’s world of progress and freedom for all…

  • underthewire

    I guess i am privileged…………raised by a widowed mother……..worked my way through high school…….joined the military………worked my way through college……….raised a family……….married for over fifty years………..still involved in community organizations and member of our local government……….and still think my impoverished background was the best time of my life. All this because i am white and privileged. Thank God.

  • seeymour kleerly

    Condi Rice and Colin Powell were used by Conservatives to to Bush’s dirty work and sell the Military Blunder of the ages!

    • disqus_XK9gIx2U7h

      Unlike the current inhabitant of the “White House”,Bush did not make that military move on his own.All of the western powers agreed that Sadaam Hussien had wmd.Tell the truth.

      • seeymour kleerly

        They were all lied to and their governments buckled under our Fascist push to war! Fox News the Bush Administration’s mouth piece, called dissenters “Un-Patriotic”! Freedom Fries?? Boycot France? Luckily, the Western people never fell for the lies except Righties!

        • disqus_XK9gIx2U7h

          Please stop falling victim to the left wing narrative.While I am not saying that Republicans are wonderful,at least they are not un-American weak kneed fools such as we now have in this Admin.

          • seeymour kleerly

            I watched Fox News during the push and execution of the Iraq War. It was sad, dumb and quite chilling. That’s the main reason why I’m blogging here. Real patriots hate Fascist war mongers.

    • Ryan Tippens

      the dems voted TO GO INTO IRAQ…

  • krewl

    see more rag heads getting nukes

  • ★✩★ David ★✩★

    Who is this “Master” who controls Obama? Barack is doing a great job running the country into the ground — so the “Master” is either a liberal progressive
    or asleep at the wheel. Never forget what Voltaire is supposed to have
    said; “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not
    allowed to criticize.” By this standard — which I find very accurate
    — the quibbling whining minorities are running the asylum, not the white people. This is nothing more than a collection of ignorant white fools who think that they will be given a pat on the head and a thumbs up by the race hustlers if they have a conference denigrating their heritage. It should have been called the “White Guilt-trip Conference.”

    • disqus_XK9gIx2U7h

      I applaud you. You are absolutely correct !!

  • Nanook8

    I post here in the hope that this 40 min video will help enlighten more of all of us people as to what we think we know about slavery. Some I, or we already knew. Very much info, with some conclusion. Make up your own mind.

    • disqus_XK9gIx2U7h

      Every civilization since the dawn of man has had slavery of one kind or another.The black African tribes all had slaves,the tribes of the “noble savage” had slaves.The black African slaves that wehad in this country were sold to the slave traders by their own people.The Romans had slaves.The greeks had slaves.Why should we feel guilty for doing ,in the past,what every other civilization has done.F**k white guilt. It is all B.S,promoted by the left who desire to divide this country for their own purposes.The left in this country need to read some history.Every time their political and economic theories have been put into practice the result has been tyranny.Communism always results in an elite class and the rest of the population who live in abject poverty.Hundreds of millions of human beings have been murdered between this century and the last by countries attempting to enforce this “equality” nonsense.There can never be so called economic equality some people are born more intelligent,stronger, with a greater will to work hard and succeed.The constitution guarantees equal opportunity NOT equal outcomes.If people are willing to work hard ,learn a marketable skill and do whatever it takes,in this country,they WILL succeed no matter their race or what ever else the left uses to divide our citizens’into categorys.GROW UP.!!!

  • Karll

    Does my kid with almost straight A’s have the privilege of getting a full college scholarship?
    No, that’s largely reserved for black, hispanic or foreign born kids with far lesser grade point averages.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Stupid Black Communist Useful Idiots are being USED by the ENEMY WiTHIN to create CIVIL WAR. COMMUNIST LIBERALS are the ENEMY WITHIN infesting every segment of American society.

    This ENEMY seeks WAR!

    • yourmom

      Think about what America stands for, look up the definition of freedom and cross reference that meaning with the meaning of your above statement. Your showing the same intolerance as an extreme Muslim. Think Man

      • ABBAsFernando

        Do you comprehend why Communist Puppet Master’s refer to those they despitefully USE as Useful Idiots? Liberals are BEING USED! Wake the HELL UP!

  • Ryan Tippens

    You make your own luck,skin pigment has nothing to do with it.

  • red nig

    yeah, but it is true, BO is a token. dnc/kkk=nazi party

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