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Transgender People Now Asking and Telling in Obama’s Military

Transgenders People: The United States military has one reason for being:

To defend the United States Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The Obama Administration, with it’s persistent weakening and downright girlish makeover of those forces over the past five years – and now listening to Chuck Hagel waffle about “transgender” people serving; seems intent on looking like those enemies reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Our military forces are not a social studies experiment. They are to be recruited and trained to kill people and destroy stuff at the most efficient and devastating rate possible, with the most expensive, technologically advanced weaponry and techniques known to man. Not as nation-builders, not your friendly neighbors, not peace-keepers, but platoons and regiments of highly effective killing machines.

military1Wave after wave of certain and sudden death so powerful and so bloodcurdling that no one will even think about F-ing with us, our allies, or our interests unless you want your ass in a drag race with your bald spot. I don’t know what that means, but I’m pretty sure it ends up painful for you.

Sound harsh? Guess what you ungrateful punks on your smart phones, playing with yourselves on the Internet and texting your BFF about that new iPad app and getting NetFlix on your X-box because you want to watch Miley Cyrus stick her twerk out – let me tell you something:

None of your safe little lifestyles would be possible without the U.S. Military spilling blood for it.

Not teachers, politicians, not celebrities, athletes, DJ’s, talk show hosts, me, actors, doctors, lawyers, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg or Stewie Griffin is responsible for you being able to hang out, pissing and moaning about global warming, your parents, gluten, math class, your boss, your ex, income inequality or your fat ass.

It is the soldier who brought you this moment and it is President Obama who is now bringing it all down. Some background:

obama hagel pentagonObama’s Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, said on Sunday that the prohibition on transgender individuals serving in the U.S. military “continually should be reviewed.” First of all, what the hell does that mean, “continually should be reviewed?” In other words, it’s a done deal – review it until it comes out Obama’s way?

In case you don’t spend a whole lot of time with an; “I don’t know what the hell I am” scorecard; a transgender person is somebody with one set of naughty bits, but feels they are just the opposite of what you would guess, based on the appearance of those naughty bits. In other words, they have girl parts, but are convinced they’re a boy and vice-verse. This in many cases leads to what we used to call a sex-change operation.

Of course that old caveman language just will not do and it’s “gender reassignment” surgery now.

Anyway, please don’t ask me to explain further – I’m in enough hot water right now, I’m sure. This article is about what’s being done to make the military into an entitlement and Chuck Hagel’s latest Obamanation is just another example of an order coming from a President who I honestly think is gay. There, I said it. President Obama is either gay or transgender for all I know. Hey – he can be in the military now! If he only knew how to hold a gun.

A think tank at San Francisco State University – where else? – estimated around 15,000 transgenders currently serve in the military, National Guard and Reserve. Although in 2010 Congress said gays and lesbians could serve openly, Hagel said transgenders were way more complicated because “they have issues requiring medical attention” that can’t be provided in certain locations.

military 6Okay, transgenders I don’t hate you, I’m not against you, I don’t pretend to understand you, I just know you shouldn’t be in the military. Shut up and get the hell out. End of story. Why? Because the military is there to blow shit up, not run around worrying about your issues, brother / sister.

Stop it, already. This is the branch of life that is securing our freedoms and may I remind you that the freedom you have to claim you are, in fact not a boy, despite the tally-whacker and orphans down there and no matter how dubious myself and the lion’s share of people feel regarding that POV; you more than anyone should value that freedom, my man / lady.

Does any of this coming from Hagel surprise anyone?

military 5While Obama is building up his own private Homeland Security army, he’s decimating our National Forces, demanding retirement of our finest officers, cutting personnel, equipment, training – all while agencies of the Federal Government from the IRS to the Social Securtity office buys up weapons and ammo by the billions of dollars. This administration is out of control – the line needs to be drawn.

Why would anyone with such a major psychological disorder be allowed to enlist? Sorry, but that’s what Transgender is. A disorder that comes with a massive psychological and physiological price tag, as well as a dollar price tag. Being attracted to the same sex is one thing, but having your genitals and organs cut out? Your breasts sliced off and sewn up?

Former Navy SEAL Team 6 Chris Beck, who now goes by Kristin Beck, has proposed a pilot program that would give service members in the process of changing their sex a year to complete the emotional and physical transition in return for two years of additional service.

Chelsea Manning, the former Army private serving a 35-year prison sentence for providing classified documents to WikiLeaks, is fighting to be treated as a woman. She is seeking a counselor who specializes in gender issues and also wants to get hormone replacement therapy, which the military has said it does not provide.

We can only hope that many more like the private gets their privates straightened out courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Or better yet, the adults will one day take over and put someone qualified in charge.


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  • Walt

    Is this Think Tank at San Francisco State University the same one that said that we should not eat tacos because we might offend Latinos? Seems to me that what is wrong today is that our young people cannot focus on solving any real world problems so they have to invent one to campaign about in order to feel good about themselves. The Baby-Boomers and prior generations built this country into the greatest and most advanced in the world. Seems the newer generation just simply doesn’t care about it or the country or the future. They want now what we spent most of our lives to get and are not willing to work and plan for it.

    • jims-blog

      They will understand when they are being “TOLD” what they are allowed to think

  • $5326605

    My father served in the Merchant Marines underage in WWII. My uncle in Korea. I am a retired career Vietnam era veteran. My son served. I am telling my grandkids to NOT serve. The military is now nothing more than a PC social experiment.

    • USMC Sniper

      Yeah, especially with the wimpy coward, who never served anything or anybody. And is now a disgraceful “commander in chief” of the entire military. NO wonder enlistments are dropping rapidly. Who wants to be put in “harms way” for a total asssshole like obamarama. And that is the total reason he wants to “partial fund” the military in total funding. he has to cover his ass politically, so not many people realize, that it is the soldiers that are leaving because of him. So in his pathetic mind, if there is less funding, then the reason will be because of that, and not the real reason.

      • seeymour kleerly

        The CHICKEN HAWKS Bush and Cheney avoided service and sent 4500 young Americans to die for lies and stupidity in Iraq!

        • $29252601

          Cheney was never in the service but Bush served in the national guard. Why didn’t Billy boy Clinton or Obama never serve? as for Iraq Hillary and several democrats voted to go to war because of the intelligece they were informed with. so I guess you should also include Hillary in your accusations about lies, stupidity and the deaths of 4,500 young Americans deaths.

        • USMC Sniper

          Gee, HOW could YOU so “conveniently” (easy for a dumb liberal) forget about the “great society” johnson. But I guess over 63000 deaths are of little consequence to you. Figures.

          YOU should definitely purchase a new brain. It is sorely needed at once. That is an order.

          • seeymour kleerly

            Clinton and Obama did not send troops to die for lies and stupidity like Bush in Iraq. Liberals turned on Johnson and the Democratic Party because of Vietnam. Something the Conservatives should have done to Bush/Cheney. If they had the GOP. would back in power by now for sure.

          • USMC Sniper

            THE “CONGRESS” (which includes the liberal dumbocrats) AUTHORIZED GOING TO IRAQ.

            President Bush was not like obamarama, and use “executive order” to go to Iraq. It was the entire Congress that voted and wanted to go to Iraq.

            When will you dumbocrats “wake up to this” of what REALLY happened. It is kind of boring to hear the same old, same old, dumbocrat bs.

  • Beckah

    I pray everyday that something will be done about this country. It is truly sad to see what it has become (and on steroids with this regime).
    Thank you for being “spot on” about what the military is for!

    • USMC Sniper

      Unless some form of impeachment for treason happens soon, we are totally stuck with this wimpy coward embarrassment for another few years, sad but true. But we only have to wait until November 4th, to eliminate the misfits and corrupt incompetent liberal dumbocraps from the Senate, and then a larger resemblance of America can temporarily return, until 2016, when it can “fully return” to the way it was.

  • Mary Emerson

    To get our country back to where it was in the 50s , we need to clean out Washington, and start over, But first we need to clean out the nest of left wing liberals who have taken over our educational system , and are training our young people to hate all things American !

    • oldmo

      I don’t think we can win there. Call me a dark horse if you want. While shopping the other day I saw a kid maybe 12 or 14 wearing a tee shirt that said “America Sucks — Russia Shines”. I wanted to brain the little bas**rd. But he was only believing and following the way he has been brought up. Where the heII is his parents ? Where the heII is his school ? Parents and schools that don’t care, even encourage it, how can it be conquered ? What do you think he is going to teach his kids ?

      • NukeWaste

        That is shocking but I understand it. The commies are winning. We have to get serious.

    • Sunshine

      Start with Soro’s and all of his not for profit organizations…

  • junkmailbin

    it does not matter what color of camis the person wears a perv is a perv is a perv and needs to be told so and shunned

  • Walt

    I remember a quote from a famous American that says it all. A lot of today’s young people don’t seem to like him for some reason but he was very smart.

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. ” – Ronald Reagan

  • Blessings

    What will we have left in 3 years? Nothing but a complete broken nation that Satan rules..
    We see this evil unfolding, as it has been for 50 years in the making. Satan has his influence masquerading as fairness and love to all, residing in the hearts and minds of many in Washington, especially Obama and those closest to him, that push this evil forward.
    The difference is, we Christians know, to provide the wishes of immoral desires of these misguided people, holds deadly and evil consequences for all of us..

  • hayrake

    The left is all about glorification of perversion. It is most certainly caught up in the spirit of the antichrist.

  • Tutu

    Well said. I could not imagine anyone saying it more clearly and you hit a home run. We need soldiers who are willing to lay their lives on the line every day. We have many of them and they do not need to be hindered in their mission by all the social experimenting in the military. We also need senior leaders who will stand up at the risk of their careers. They are few and far between. For many of them, it is about the next promotion and career assignments. To bad it has come to that. I pray that it will someday turn around, but am not optimistic that it will happen.

  • Beepster

    If a person doesn’t really know whether “it’s” a male or female, I seriously oppose that person trying to defend my backside.

  • Robert L. Rice

    When hagel was in the Army,his rank was specialist 4th class,thats one step above the guy that picks up cigarette butts,and used condoms,now,this muslim idiot is secretary of defense????and hes thinking of letting more fag wannabes into MY MILITARY??? I served 21 years,9 months,and 21 days in the US Army,and only ran across one queer,an ARMY CAPTAIN FROM WASHINGTON STATE NAMED Jerry R, Wa****,now,theres a bunch,im sure glad I retired when I did,F–K hagel and obozo,AND the horse they rode in on……….

  • ABBAsFernando

    I am a Viet Nam combat veteran and would refuse to fight for the MUSLIM COMMUNIST infesting the Oval Office presently!

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Ditto your statement. I’m sure we had queers too, but they kept it in the closet where it belongs!
      Thanks for your service!

      • ABBAsFernando

        Thank you for your service. Our ENEMY within seeks to destroy the moral of our military hence the social vileness.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Amazing that the mass departures of the fighting men, women and officers of both genders are fleeing the service in record numbers. Apparently they are turned off by Obama’s new pink pussy military.

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