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Police Steal Man’s Car Judge Lets them Keep it

In one of the most absurd little pieces of news I’ve read in a while, a Minnesota man was arrested for a crime, had his car impounded and then was found not guilty… but never got his car back.

A Brainerd, Minnesota man who was found not guilty in a burglary at Wakeside Bar and Grill near Hankinson won’t be getting his car back.

Despite the jury’s verdict, a judge has decided that the car will be forfeited to the Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. Adam Bush was arrested last August.

Adam Bush, a construction worker in Minnesota, was arrested and his car impounded when police concluded that he was likely behind a local robbery. He was tried and found not guilty of the crime, but that didn’t matter to local authorities who decided to keep his car anyway. So basically, an innocent local citizen had his car stolen by the police, and the local government decided it was completely okay for them to do so.

It’s a completely disgusting perversion of the justice system.

Sadly, this may sound like an isolated incident, but it isn’t. In a dangerous and unconstitutional trend, more and more localities are turning to “civil forfeiture laws” to turn a quick buck.

stealingCivil forfeiture laws represent one of the most serious assaults on private property rights in the nation today.  Under civil forfeiture, police and prosecutors can seize your car or other property, sell it and use the proceeds to fund agency budgets—all without so much as charging you with a crime.  Unlike criminal forfeiture, where property is taken after its owner has been found guilty in a court of law, with civil forfeiture, owners need not be charged with or convicted of a crime to lose homes, cars, cash or other property.

Americans are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but civil forfeiture turns that principle on its head.  With civil forfeiture, your property is guilty until you prove it innocent.

Local communities all over America are taking part in this horribly unjust practice of stealing private property from law abiding citizens just to fill their own coffers.

Nearly all contemporary forfeiture involves the civil variety. Criminal forfeiture operates as punishment for a crime. It, therefore, requires a conviction, following which the state takes the assets in question from the criminal. Civil forfeiture rests on the idea (a legal fiction) that the property itself, not the owner, has violated the law. Thus, the proceeding is directed against the res, or the thing involved in some illegal activity specified by statute. Unlike criminal forfeiture, in rem forfeiture does not require a conviction or even an official criminal charge against the owner. This is the source of its attractiveness to law enforcement, and its threat to those concerned about abuse or circumvention of Constitutional protections.

Call your local representatives and demand that they stand against this terrible and unconstitutional practice of “civil forfeiture.” The government has no right to your private property, and we must stand together to make sure it stops.

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • EllenBernal

    The GESTAPO did very similar things. I am not surprised about the new America. Looks a lot like that.

  • Rattlerjake

    Government steals everything else so why not personal property. They are making the rules and the American people are sitting back allowing it to happen. We will send our military to war to fight for other people’s rights, but refuse to fight here at home for our own rights.

    • Myrtle

      We are making new laws all of the time, many of which makes little sense and many times are evil antichrist laws. Now is the time to make a law favoring the American citizen, “WHEN FOUND INNOCENT OF ANY CRIME, ALL POSSESSIONS CONFISCATED MUST BE RETURNED TO THE OWNER!”.

      • Russell Sayce

        While I do agree with what your saying, reality is still reality. They can and do falsely convict people everyday, then there’s the problem of, who is going to make them give property back?

        I was reading AOL headlines this morning, seems that 3 drunk off-duty cops shot unarmed people in different instances in just one week in NYC. There is no longer any accountability in local gov, nevermind the higher levels.

        A wise person knows when evil has run amuck, and hides from it, a fool marches forward and pays the price….

        The devil is angry because he knows his time is short, hunker down people, live to see another day. And DO NOT call the gov for help, they are the problem, not the solution.

        • FreedomFray

          Perhaps I am misunderstanding you… as I can’t agree.

          Running from evil only buys time. It only serves to strengthen it’s resolve and perpetuate the onslaught.

          Hunker down to live another day? Again, sorry, no. I’ve made my decision. I stand by the motto, and I do mean literally; “Live Free or Die”.

          You are dead-on correct, however, when you suggest to never call gov for help. They have become the enemy.

          • Russell Sayce

            An enemy with nuclear bombs no less….

            I didn’t say run from the evil, nor should anyone run to the evil. Especially people without the full armor of God. The devil is being allowed to collect souls right now, 5-16 will be more about this than restoring law and order to our corrupt gov.

    • FreedomFray

      got any plans for 5/16?

      • Rattlerjake

        If you’re referring to a run for an office, I wouldn’t have a chance. The left would immediately label me anti-gay, anti-feminist, a racist, anti-education, anti-immigration, and a host of other things considering that I refuse to be politically correct, kiss a55, or cater to minorities. Besides, my first day on the job I would probably shoot half of the already DEAD weight in the building!

  • Gaines Bruce

    Seems that we are getting closer and closer to time for people to start taking back the country the government has stolen from us.

    • FreedomFray

      That time has arrived. The time for talk – continues on. The time for action, IS NOW!

      > Operation American Spring / May 16th

      > Convention of States / amending the Constitution via the People, not Congress

      > National Liberty Alliance / Common Law Grand Juries

  • Russell Smith

    This is take from the English common law, which our common law was based on. Our 1688 Bill of Rights says this:

    Grants of Forfeitures.

    “That all Grants and Promises of Fines and Forfeitures of particular persons before Conviction are illegall and void.”

    This is Common Law and also likely included in America’s first Bill of Rights (circa 1700 AD).

    If the Government, does it, it’s illegal (not that criminality seems to worry the crooks).

    There will come a time when if they take everything of yours, then you must take EVERYTHING of theirs.

    • FreedomFray

      There will come a time…

      That time has arrived. The time for talk – continues on. The time for action, IS NOW!

      > Operation American Spring / May 16th

      > Convention of States / amending the Constitution via the People, not Congress

      > National Liberty Alliance / Common Law Grand Juries

  • glop

    Corruption, corruption, corruption. What else can we expect when it starts from the very top, which also started from the local and went to the top. Reason enough to clean up local government and progress to the top, IMMEDIATELY.

    • FreedomFray

      May 16th almost classifies as immediate. Will you be in DC?

  • fistdeyuma

    Another freedom taken away because of the lost war on drugs. The idea behind this was that people with lots of money, with no honest way of having any money should not profit because there was no way to prove it was drug money. A day labor who owns a million dollar house for example.
    As is normal for government they expanded the use until they can take what they want with only the suspicion of a crime.
    It is time we end this abuse. People have died because someone wanted their home, and convinced the police it was paid for with drug money. They raid the house with the intent to find drugs and the owner is killed. Then the government official gets the house.
    It is time this and other laws created in the lost war on drugs be repealed. They did not work and have turned into a nightmare for the public at large.

  • Shagnasty1

    The original premise for civil forfeiture laws was to keep drug dealers from using their illegally acquired money to pay for high dollar lawyers. On the surface this might sound good and I was all for it but nobody thought a person acquitted of the charges would be unable to get their property back. The problems started when local governments and law enforcement got greedy and began confiscating property even without charging the owners. I remember about 8 years ago hearing about a man traveling from Texas to Orlando with his family to visit Disney World. He was stopped in Louisiana for an alleged traffic violation. The officer asked and received permission to search the car. When the officer found $1500 cash the family had to finance their vacation expenses the pig, yes that kind of cop is a pig, claimed it was drug money and confiscated it ruining this family’s vacation. The father was able to get it back after spending $750 for an attorney. I heard it had gotten so bad in Louisiana that the casinos demanded law enforcement back off because they were losing the fools coming to gamble from Texas. I have read about other victims of this around the country doing nothing illegal but they were carrying large amounts of cash which is legal.

  • Ron Smith

    Same as with a police officer commandeering a vehicle the citizen should be able to sue to get the value (or even replacement cost) of the item in question. It is common for government bureaucratic red tape laden systems to throw the burden or recovery efforts upon the citizen rather than taking the time to recompense the citizen because each and every one of the cogs in the dirty machine will tell you it’s not their job. They each have a job and that helping you get your car back or get your compensation for it is not in their job description.

    They also have motivation because not everyone will sue or can afford to sue so the poor will get trampled and they get to keep the stuff. What’s worse is the case initially will go to the lower court and likely be the same judge that took the stuff away to begin with. It won’t be until the first or second appeal that you will get outside of the dirty local judicial circle. Think 100’s of thousands of dollars to press a suit through multiple appeals.

  • John

    The property has violated the law? This is sheer idiocy. An inanimate object cannot do or be responsible for anything.

    Sounds like the asinine gun debate, assigning evil deeds to an inanimate object.

    • FreedomFray

      It’s not so asinine if it works…

      It’s the Sheeple that accept it that is asinine.

      • John

        The stupidity of the argument is not dependent on the number of morons who mindlessly accept it. I agree that the sheeple who accept it are also asinine.

        What ever happened to the concept of critical thought?

        • Russell Sayce

          And then along came TV….

          • John

            LOL. Yes, that wonderful, glowing box that sucks all semblance of sense out of the skulls of people and turns them into zombies.

            Must have sports, must know entertainment news, must have fluffy stories about kittens and puppies. Must hear the broadcast version of empty calories. Must be told what to think between things that distract me from things that matter.

          • Russell Sayce

            Yup…..That about sums it up John, well said……

        • FreedomFray

          “The stupidity of the argument is not dependent on the number of morons who mindlessly accept it.”

          You’re exactly right about that. However, the outcome of the argument is dependent.

          As far as “critical thought”; one has to have the ability for “rational” thought before they could possibly master critical thought. Just a thought…

  • blackhawk132

    Wanna bet the judge was a democrat ???

  • adrianvance

    This is not an uncommon story in California where the Franchise Tax Board takes money from Bank of America accounts freely and the bank then charges you $100 “for legal service.”

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative via Google or at and you will be the star of your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    I bet this IGNORANCE was put in place by a LIBERAL and will be blamed on Republicans.

    • Myrtle

      Yeah, along with the legalizing of homosexuality and many others in the last 5 years. We are run by the antichrist, we can not stand as a free nation with this evil going on. The country should rise up as one, and run completely over the martial law thay is coming.

  • RalphSC

    You are in trouble if you are carrying $1000.00 or more cash, (which is not that much today) because the cops will call it suspected drug money and keep it. There are a lot of good cops out there but they are a minority. About one half of the judges are liberals and have their private agenda. –

    • BSJ

      That is why you can never fully trust a cop ever. Even Though they appear to be friendly by talking to you in a “non-threatening” manner, they are usually looking for you to slip up and say something so they can charge you with something. I’ve seen this happen too many times. They start talking talking to someone and laughing and before u know it, someone is in handcuffs and going to jail. Cops are always “fishing” for something to use against u.

      • Pissed Off

        Don’t talk to cops. Ever.

  • Capt. Parker

    The “judge” and the “police” involved should be hanged for “abuse of office during the commission of a crime”.

    Hang a few of the [email protected]@rds and the rest might wake up.

    • Mr.Mike

      That is exactly what I was going to say. This is exactly what needs to be done. These criminals think that they are above the law. They need to be put under the soil to make them stop this criminal activity.

      • FreedomFray

        Sorry, but as much as I’d like to plant these bastards under the soil as well, – it won’t work. This is only treating the symptom and not the disease. We won’t be able to keep up with all the “gardening” as the replacements will be just as bad. This continued assault on American values, culture and our Constitution WILL NOT CHANGE – until We the People change.

        For those that would like change, here are three suggestions;
        1 – Operation American Spring / May 16th
        2 – Convention of States
        3 – National Liberty Alliance / Common Law Grand Juries

        It’s time we (me included) get up off our asses and start acting beyond pounding out our frustrations (to the choir, I might ad) on these blogs…

        • rivahmitch

          We disagree on the prudence of Operation American Spring. I see marching unarmed into the national cesspool as a repeat of the Bonus Marches by WWI vets which, as you may recall, did not end well for the vets.

          “Convention of States”…A little double talk there, Fray. You write, “This continued assault on American values… and our Constitution will not change”. Yet you call for a Constitutional Convention likely to change it permanently. (My bet is that the major changes will be to the 1st 10 Amendments and other “balance of power” portions of the document.) The Constitution should be enforced (with the “people’s liberty teeth” if necessary) rather than changed.

          Common Law Grand Juries are not a bad idea. However, Jury nullification and States exercising their powers of nullification would largely accomplish the same ends.

        • Capt. Parker

          1) an “unarmed” march means absolutely NOTHING.
          2) a “Convention of States” is the surest way to lose everything – besides, the “government” is not obeying the law now, what make you think that “one more law” will make them suddenly start obeying “The LAW”. That’s just like the “gun-free” zone nonsense, or the plethora of “gun-control” laws – OUTLAWS DO NOT OBEY THE LAW. The only thing that will make them obey the law is swift, sure, and final justice according to the law

          3) The Constitution, as written, and Jury Nullification, should be more than sufficient as long as WE THE PEOPLE force OUR government to obey Rule of Law.

  • Joe

    These cops ad judges are thieves that are hiding behind unjust laws. We must fight these unjust laws and corrupt lawmen.

    • FreedomFray

      where will you be on 5/16?

      • rivahmitch

        Not unarmed in the enemy’s capitol. Home, locked and loaded. Remember 1932? Passive resistance is a fools game against a Hitler, a Stalin or a Mulatto Mussolini. Semper Fi!

        • Sunshine Kid

          Smart man!

  • SteveCAP

    The notion of “private” property was lost as soon as the government started taxing inanimate objects on a yearly basis, based on their value, rather than a “one time” tax at the time of sale. This, in effect, renders the property the Government’s and they are simply leasing it to you on a yearly basis. How many billons of $$ worth of privately owned land has the government confiscated from farmers because they could not pay
    their taxes? How many farms have been lost when the parent passes away and the children can’t pay the inheritance taxes? How many homes have been lost to eminent domain, not for infrastructure purposes but to turn the land over to developers to enrich other citizens, not the community? There is no such thing as private property in the USSA.

    • BSJ

      Even though my property has been fully “paid off” for some years now, I have to keep paying “rent” to local governments or they will steal my property away. I do wish we could truly own our property here in Texas. I guess I will always be a ” renter” no matter what.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Had a conversation with a leftist today who said that those who don’t pay taxes on their property deserve to have their property taken away. Then he used the argument of “taxes pay for road repairs, education, and other things.” Dang, what do gasoline taxes pay for? How about sales taxes? If the government would stop BS-ing the public and spending money on useless projects that help no one, we could get things done without property taxes. Besides, what was that about the fourth and fifth amendments and the government taking your property?

        • BSJ

          There are other ways for them to extort money from the people. A persons true home should never be taxed in any way. If a person is a landowner and lives on that property, the said property should never be in danger of being taken over by government officials or anyone. That is that persons home. I would always advise people to pay their properties off as soon as possible to get it out of the hands of the banksters.

    • Lasher

      Here is a good site on Constitutional law you might like.

  • oldmo

    Obama’s exact long range plans. The government shall own everything. Even people.

  • red nig

    Minn is almost as well-known for Nazis as Chicago. I live in Hazleton, PA, land of Kids for Kash, where children were being sold by two dem judges. the party that protected their racket is still in power and powerful. And till the party of nazism and the KKK.

    • Lasher

      Well, hell, Chicago is the home of Obama and his Jew mayor, what can you expect from a town that produces such scum?

      • red nig

        The Jew in question is pro-Nazis, as were many liberal Jews who worked with Hitler. Atheism is the enemy of the people, with its missionary zeal to break the people to its will. We don’t need another genocidal administration, such as we knew under Jackson and so many other dems.

  • HDA

    cases like this one is one of the reasons why we are bound for a full blown revolution.

  • CaptGene

    The Fourth Amendment? WE DON’ NEED NO STINKIN’ FOURTH AMENDMENT! I would OWN Brainerd, MN, when I finished with them in court.

  • Pissed Off

    It’s just the police state acting as the usually do. I don’t find it odd.

    Dash Cam Footage Shows Nevada Deputy Extorting $50,000 from Innocent Motorist

  • $5326605

    We used to have Peace Officers whose motto was to protect and serve. Now we have Pigs whose motto is policing for profit. Entertainment on the side is shooting family pets and tasing old men, old women, and children.

  • glock 19 fan

    George Will recently lambasted “civil forfeiture” laws regarding a theft of money by government: “The civil forfeiture law — if something so devoid of due process can be dignified as law — is an incentive for perverse behavior: Predatory government agencies get to pocket the proceeds from the property they seize from Americans without even charging them with, let alone convicting them, of crimes. Criminals are treated better than this because they only lose the fruits of their criminality only after being convicted.”

    George Will is right; “civil forfeiture” is an unlimited license to steal that government gives itself.

    Since civil forfeiture was passed, Big Bro has followed up with another law just as devoid of due process: the National Defense Authorization Act that allows government to snatch Americans of the street and throw them in jail without any semblance of due process: no charges, no trial, no right to a lawyer, you name it. Allegedly claimed to “fight terrorism” the real purpose will eventually define “terrorist” as anyone who dares to complain about the goings-on in Washington. Then we’ll see — first hand — what Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were like.

    • Pissed Off

      To beat the Soviet Union we must, to an extent, imitate the Soviet Union. . . . we shall totalitarianize ourselves to a point where life in the United States would be indistinguishable from life in the Soviet Union. ~ William F. Buckley, Jr.

  • tom nogaro

    godfather 5. write/call paul, cruz, lee, palin, etal. sounds like bundy cattle confiscation and destruction to me.

    • Pissed Off

      LOL! They are in on it too.

      • tom nogaro


        you seriously think? why? i am concerned, man.

        • Pissed Off

          Name one rights destroying laws the the republicans have overturned. None. It’s partisan all the way.

          • Russell Sayce

            I can name plenty that they’ve supported….

            Patriot Act and NDAA top the list….

          • Pissed Off

            Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011,

            Which was Sponsored by Rep. Thomas Rooney [R-FL] and was passed by 399/3.

          • Russell Sayce

            The illusion of 2 parties is definately fading….

          • Pissed Off


        • tom nogaro


          i see what you mean. this is why i just wrote to all of them. this was news to me, actually. did you know of these civil forfeiture laws before this? i am really concerned.

          • Pissed Off

            Tewksbury’s Motel Caswell wins forfeiture case


            Feds Raid Family Grocery Store’s Checking Account Over Innocent Bank Deposits


          • tom nogaro

            ty for sharing, pissed. this is why i read here, to get helpful info like this, not to engage in silly argument as some do.

            in the caswell case the motel owner, to my mind, went to extraordinary efforts to help the police (gave them keys, had warning signs, installed cameras, etc.) but they, knowing this happened over a period of years, were quite lax. it is they who were remiss, especially in this “get smart” spy era in which we live.

          • Pissed Off

            No problemo. Look up “bail in” in your favorite web browser. The government will empty out your bank account to bail out the too-big-too-fail banks.

          • tom nogaro

            ty again. i read the article. to my mind, both bail out and in are wrong: let the buyer (creditor) beware. any other way points to moral hazard. ain’t no free lunch, unless you eatin somebody else’s.

  • larry

    o’ boy needs some work on his knee caps… they have to be bothering him, spending all that time on them servicing his fascist masters…

    • Sunshine Kid

      Well, the old Mafia knew all about kneecapping. Very effecting learning tool, as I understand their use of it.

    • Lasher

      His Zionist masters.

  • roanymacaroni

    We can also throw into the mix no knock warrants in the middle of the night and them being outfitted with military style weapons and MRAPS, huge SWAT vehicles, the same as was used in the Gulf War. WHY do we need this stuff in small town America? And, WHY do we need LEOs who treat everyday citizens like they are serial killers or drug dealers?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Forfeit the judge’s car and home, kick him off the bench, give him no recourse and see if he wants to maintain his ruling as “fair”.

  • DetroitDom

    FIRST – his Congressional Rep had better be helping the victim resolve this UNJUSTICE.

    SECOND – I do NOT want to hear one single person complain that our country is getting worse when someone perpetrates “street justice” on this thug (aka the judge).

    Why aren’t the people of this city/ state standing in front of the court house demanding the judge’s head and this man’s vehicle?

    Better start making noise people just like Bundy did in Nevada or the government will continue to run rough-shot over you!!

  • Jack Combs

    This country belongs to us not the ba staards that stole it from us. Take it back and jail these ccriminals

    • Pissed Off

      LOL! They own the jails.

      • astrojohn

        then they should be right at home…

  • roanymacaroni

    I don’t think there is a Hankinson, MN but there is a Hankinson, ND so maybe it is also across state lines. Maybe they thought the guy wouldn’t fight very much just like you don’t fight a speeding ticket if it is a ways away.

  • 4everBfree

    I’m not sure what is going on with this news letter, but for the past few weeks if not the last month all the articles have very little information in them, like I am missing most the article, there is a big white box where there looks to be maybe a picture or video on the left side of the article. I have tride to contact Eagle Rising and get no response. This is the only news letter I receive that is doing it. Here is all I am seeing:

    Local communities all over America are taking part in this horribly unjust practice of stealing private property from law abiding citizens just to fill their own coffers.

    Nearly all contemporary forfeiture involves the civil variety. Criminal forfeiture operates as punishment for a crime. It, therefore, requires a conviction, following which the state takes the assets in question from the criminal. Civil forfeiture rests on the idea (a legal fiction) that the property itself, not the owner, has violated the law. Thus, the proceeding is directed against the res, or the thing involved in some illegal activity specified by statute. Unlike criminal forfeiture, in rem forfeiture does not require a conviction or even an official criminal charge against the owner. This is the source of its attractiveness to law enforcement, and its threat to those concerned about abuse or circumvention of Constitutional protections.

    Call your local representatives and demand that they stand against this terrible and unconstitutional practice of “civil forfeiture.” The government has no right to your private property, and we must stand together to make sure it stops.

    That’s it, no link to anything else.

    • Russell Sayce

      Call your local representative? I think this has been tried for at least 5 years, with zero results….Got any new ideas?

      • KayDeeBeau

        Local representative are those in your city government and your State government – not the ones in DC.

        Your comment may illustrate a common problem in our thinking and contribute the the increases we see in Central Planning (aka Fed govt).

        Those of us who haven’t taken the fight for freedom closer to home are fighting on the wrong battle field.

        the Fed govt grows partly because State govt have relinquished their sovereignty (10th Amendment) and responsibilities as envisioned (again US Constitution – limited and well defined Fed govt – everything else to the States and the people).

        When we keep looking to DC rather than our State and local govt we are perpetuating the notion that the Fed is entitled to the power it has assumed.

        We need to encourage our States to re-assert the rights intended for them against the Fed Govt and expect them to use it

      • Pissed Off

        Yeah, prepare.

    • Yobama

      That’s not an issue with the website. It’s an issue with your computer. Update flash, run a disk scan, etc.

      • 4everBfree

        Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

      • SmokingReb

        Also try updating java and make sure it’s enabled in your browser and on your computer.

  • Old Kute

    Anyone who says we are not fast moving into a condition called a police state or a dictatorship, does not have their thinking caps on. The Constitution, which is suppose to protect us has been shredded by the past several administration and their appointees to the Federal Courts. This case should go to the US Supreme Court since there is clearly a violation of the 4th,& 14th amendments, along with other areas within the Constitution. forfeiture of property as part of a penalty for a crime is one thing, if such forfeiture is a part of the penalty prescribed or allowed by the law making the action a crime. Forfeiture of property when someone is NOT guilty of the crime is clearly another story. Where are these “do-gooder” lawyers who want to protect people’s rights in this case? Guess there would not be as much money in this as there would be in a case where a person, warned of the dangers of a medicine, decides to take the medication anyway, and then contracts the condition they were told could happen if they used the medicine, by the company who made it. Most lawyers today are in the business for one thing MONEY! But that is a different issue, I guess. Lawyers being in it for the money and police taking property for the money must be different things (or, perhaps they are to closely related and taking the issue to court would expose the similarities).

  • Johnstoirvin

    For another, even more scary example of the abuses of civil forfeiture, this time by the IRS, check out this article…

  • Knife10

    Interesting dilemma…defend yourself and you become a criminal.

  • James Maxwell

    Wonder which of the bottom feeders keep the car for their personal usage or sold
    it to a “special friend”? Who ever said all the criminals are on the streets? It would
    appear that the courts and policed dept are just a corrupt as the criminals when it
    suits their own purpose.

    • Russell Sayce

      Well James, that’s a sugarcoated version of the real truth of it.

      Our current justice system (lawyers and police) have no interest in prosecuting what most of us would consider crime. They need the criminals to promote a need for themselves. Just simply examine what happens to criminals vs victims for confirmation (hiding in plain sight).

      Victims, should they choose to prosecute, face an uphill battle where they are made by lawyers to look guilty or deserving of the crime against them. Perps, if not relaesed right away, are given room and board, with gym and cable TV, and training for future crimes by their peers, all paid for by the victims taxes.

      The more criminals we have on the street, the more people will pay for police protection, and on it goes, until people see it for what it is……

  • jimshaw54

    “Tax day” has just passed when government can take our money at will, so if the Federal Government can do it why can’t local government do it albeit on a lesser scale. People, we need to begin to stand together against the wholesale raiding of what we have worked hard to accumulate. We need a national uprising — except close to one half of our population are on the “taking” side along with our government and wouldn’t participate. The rest of us suckers need to do something quickly or we will lose all of our freedom.

  • Kylene Gould

    After I moved to Chicago and was threatened and harassed repeatedly about how I had better vote…and how things are done the Chicago Way here etc……and I of course think for myself so I refused to go along with the corrupt bullsh*t….and also the added bonus of having an ex-husband who is a Democrat and from a police family….so one night my truck just disappeared off the street where I live….then the police said it was an abandoned vehicle that’s why they took it…but it was parked right with the other vehicles on the street…they later changed their story…you know after I went to the FBI office and the FBI turned that whole thing over to their corruption unit. So after they took it and knew they might get in trouble they then said I had all of these tickets….which I did not…they recorded tickets for my truck on streets that I had never even been on and do not even know where they are. One of the tickets was written for being on Paulina street….this is significant because I had talked to a reporter at one point who works for a Jewish newspaper and was telling her about all of the Anti-Semitism I had experienced since moving to Chicago…her name happened to be Paulina. This is the kind of ominous corrupt insane bullsh*t that people in our country are doing to citizens and it needs to be stopped.

    • Saltporkdoc

      I am handicapped and have a handicapped placard to hang from the rearview mirror. I always leave it on top my dashboard as I sometimes forget to hang it. One day I was parked in my local store’s handicapped spot with the placard on the dash (my space was a “pull in space” across from a spot marked for a van with a rear lift, a “parallel space. That spot had one car parked in the van spot then two others pulled in over the place where the ramp would need to come down. When I exited the store I had a parking ticket but none of the other illegally parked cars did. As a formerpolice officer, I took the time to read the ticket. I was appalled to se it was NOT signed by an officer, nor issued by the municipal police department but by by someone called “Parking Solutions” a private entity that runs parking lots around the city!
      I ignored the “citation” until I got a letter in the mail to report IN PERSON to appeal the ticket, or send in proof of my disability. Since my disability is a result of a high spinal cord injury and resultant extreme balance and walking difficulty, I chose the latter. Ten days later, I was “found guilty ” and fined $35 and advised that I would not be able to register my vehicle again due to “accumulation of excessive unpaid parking tickets”, the new total would be $350.00! The only problem was they documented 4 “outstanding tickets” showing a license plate I have NEVER owned, and all in the same place (NOT the spot of the original “violation”) and all occurring over a 10 minute time frame.
      That car is sold to my daughter who has it registered in her name.It’s replacement is in my wife’s name (professional). Let them come and get me.I’ll get free healthcare, dental care and “three hots and a cot”. They’ll get nothing!

  • $910553

    Sounds like it’s time for a dead “judge” and some dead pigs.

    • ErSwnn

      Well, the name is available, the location is known…go for it bigshot. Put your money where your mouth is.

      But you won’t. You have the guts of a gnat on my windshield.

      • $910553

        NO FORT SUMTERS!!!

        And I’ll be dealing with the “judges” in my AO when that screeching ends instead.

  • Robert L. Rice

    Dumbest thing I THINK ive ever heard of, A lot of Judges,make their own laws, IF,the car was financed,let the finance company fight with them…….

  • Jeanne Ballard

    I hope he files a civil suite against the judge and the police Dept!

  • Mark Kuykendall

    The true definition of a police state. I fear it’s where we’re headed.

    • Pissed Off

      We are already there.

  • jd1958

    Crime victim? You got money to pay for justice? No? Gee too bad next!!
    Why did you stop me did I do something wrong? No I like your car, it’s expensive. You’re under arrest.

  • Saltporkdoc

    I am not an attorney, but have many years experience in Law Enforcement. That said, let me assure you that i agree with the premise that civil seizures of this type are, unjustified, immoral and questionable.Sadly they fall into an area of common law which has some small degree of constitutional justification. Also sadly, as has been pointed out here, because of lack of codification and constitutional clarity, the practice has been rife with abuse.
    The history of the practice goes back to the days of piracy when cargoes were often either recovered or abandonded and ownership not able to be determined, as well as to reward the privateers (mainly) who made the recovery. The recovered property was declared by the maritime courts to be in violation of tariff and taxation laws and therefore fordeit to the state. (Imagine PROPERTY having the mental capacity ( a legal requisite as an element for all crimes) to violate the law!)
    In the 1970’s drug enforcement efforts, because of the alleged need to protect the identity of information sources, and to decrease the profitability of the higher levels of drug running, courts expanded the concept to include not just property proven to be the assets of drug sales/distribution activity, but any assests suspected of being assests of drug activity! Furthermore, when DEA came to seize your house, car, plane, yacht, bank account, (literally everything you owned) they did not have to reveal WHO snitched on you! All they had to do was take everything you owned and tell you it was suspected assests of drug activity! Of course horror stories abound because of innocents being the target of vendettas by crochity neighbors or over zealous police, yet unable to fight back because of …NO ASSESTS to pay for a defense or investigation.
    It is from these abominable theories of activist judges that it is now acceptable for you to receive a citation for your car speeding or running a red light when YOU were not driving it!
    So, it comes full circle.

    • wildchill

      This is true…I always say, just like red light cameras , they end up costing the police more than they bring in. Those cameras cost quit a bit of money. But they are no match for a 150 gr. Hollow point from about 400 yards. Every time they move the line it cost um.

      • Saltporkdoc

        Only hole (pun intended) in your theory is that virtually 80% to 95% of the “fines” taken in by camera goes back to the company that made them and “maintains” them.
        Reminds me of the bunch of drunks sitting around the campfire drinking water to soothe their hangover when one of them said,” Let’s bottle this stuff people can get for free and sell it to them for $1 a bottle!”
        Pure profit for both of those groups!

      • MrInterpid

        Red light cameras do not cost me anything. I just run them through the shredder when they come in the mail and forget them. Here in Texas they cannot report them to the state (no effect on license) nor can they inform your insurance company (no effect on insurance). The only thing they can do is inform the tax office, who doesn’t care, and sells you your tag like normal anyway. Why throw away money? Throw away the unjust red light ticket instead. It is a civil fine, let em try to sue for a hundred bucks.

    • ken.

      the war on drugs has not stopped or even slowed down drug use, the only thing it has done is created a black market that created an 85% increase in violent and non-violent crime and it was also used to destroy our rights and our constitution, along with our criminal justice system which is now the citizen injustice system.

  • Oscar Mysterious

    I’ve found this to be a useful antidote against the superstitions of today’s liberals and progressives, formatted for smartphones:

  • Walt

    I would quit making any payments and notify the lien holder that the car was legally taken by the court and no longer belongs to me. They took it, they can pay for it.

    • ErSwnn

      How does that help if your car is paid for?

  • Rancier360

    End “Policing for profit”! Sign the Institute for Justice’s petition:

    And check the links for more info about these criminal government thefts of private property, like the store-owners who had over $30,000 seized from their business bank accounts just because they deposited their receipts in the bank frequently so that their loss prevention insurance would cover it if anything happened and so they would not have to carry around too much cash. (More than $10,000 at a time was not covered by insurance.)

    Victims of such “legalized” government thefts may contact the Institute for Justice for assistance. They were able to recover all of the money in the case cited above.

    And now the IJ has started a campaign of lawsuits to try to stop the practice altogether: “This case, the inaugural effort by the Institute to stop forfeiture abuse on a national level, presents an opportunity to both strengthen protections for innocent property owners caught up in forfeiture proceedings and to end the direct financial incentives at the heart of these laws. Importantly, if the Institute for Justice is successful in its efforts, law enforcement will still be able to convict criminals and seize their ill-gotten gain while at the same time respecting the constitutionally enshrined rights of property owners who have done nothing wrong.”

    • Rancier360

      Turns out they lost the Texas case. It was finally decided by the Texas Supreme Court on March 28, 2014 in a 5-3 opinion. The Texas Supreme Court said the police can keep the truck they stole in that case. And they repeatedly cited a 1957 case, State v. Richards, another narrow and contentious ruling that also let the police keep a vehicle they had stolen from another innocent person. One of the dissenting justices in that case wrote this: “It is inconceivable under the record in this case that this Court can find any sound basis for the harsh result as indicated in the majority opinion.”

      Yet the Texas Supreme Court continues to rely on that ruling to let the police repeatedly steal private property and convert it to their own uses.

      I know that the IJ will not be discouraged by the ruling in this case and they will continue to do all they can to try to overturn these outrageously unjust government thefts of property from innocent people who are the rightful owners.

      In this more recent case, ZAHER EL-ALI v. THE STATE OF TEXAS, one of the dissenting justices wrote this, and I was thinking it myself upon hearing about this: “To some critics, 21st-century excesses are reminiscent of pre-Revolutionary America, when colonists chafed under the slights and indignities inflicted by King George III and Mother England—among them, ‘writs of assistance’ that empowered government to invade homes and seize suspected contraband. Legal scholars have declared these writs ‘among the key grievances that triggered the American Revolution.'”

      Yep. we’ve been saying that for a long, long time:
      “Meet the new boss! Same as the old boss!
      “I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
      Take a bow for the new revolution
      Smile and grin at the change all around
      Pick up my guitar and play
      Just like yesterday
      Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
      We don’t get fooled again
      Don’t get fooled again!” …lyrics by Pete Townshend, The Who

      • SoWhatBubb

        My all time favorite band.
        If you were a good boy, then you listened to the Beatles.
        If you were a bad boy, then you listened to the Stones.
        If you were crazy, then you listened to the Who.
        I listened to the Who, my favorite band.

  • daveveselenak

    COMMUNISM is alive and thriving! – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  • SoWhatBubb

    While I typically agree with Coca, and also find the statement “corrupt cops” to be a redundancy, in this case Coca has glaringly demonstrated the typical error made by the rube that does not have a clue about the American justice system.

    Coca says:
    “He was tried and found not guilty of the crime…an innocent local citizen had his car stolen by the police.”

    Here is lesson one in Criminal Justice.
    The American legal system has no holding of “innocence”.
    The American legal system has no structure to determine “innocence”.
    The American legal system has never found anyone to be “innocent”.
    The American legal system finds one either “guilty” or “not guilty”.
    “Guilty” means that sufficient evidence has been presented to support a finding of “guilty.
    “Not guilty” means that there has not been sufficient evidence to support a finding of “guilty”.
    So, someone can be a bloody murder, but still be found ‘Not Guilty”, because of insufficient evidence.
    The facts of this particular case might have been sufficient to support confiscation, but insufficient for a finding of “Guilty” of the underlying crime.
    “Innocence” has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    My opinion on cops confiscating property:
    should elicit a hail of gunfire from the citizenship.

    The howling mob can now resume its howling.

    • $104618240

      Thank you.

    • DNS

      Pick, pick, pick, punt.

    • uptohere

      Coca did not say he was found innocent. He said that the man was found not guilty.
      He then made the valid (from the evidence shown) conclusion, that an innocent man had his car stolen.

  • Stanley

    You morons have let these people including cops get away with this stuff, now live with it!!!

    • ErSwnn

      You’re one of the morons….you realize that right? Unless you don’t vote at all in which case you’re even more guilty than those who voted for the corrupt.

  • renipo

    Nothing worse than dirty cops and dirty judges. Worked the legal field and respect good cops and good judges but they are far and few between the last 4-5 years!!!!

    • ErSwnn

      Well maybe one more to add to your unfortunate list. Politicans. Too few do anything to stop the abuses of police and judges.

      In our form of government and our constitution abuse of authority should rake with rape and murder. Our very freedoms and liberties are well tied to the responsibilty rights include. We The People give OUR power to authorities to use in our behalf for our well-being and security. It’s of the highest criminal degree when that power is misused or abused. It shakes the very foundation of our most basic tenets.

      We have these criminals because the penalties are far too soft. Like the street gangs, we have given too much leniancy, excuse and profit. Abort those aspects, cause such abuse to involve very severe results and we will gain back justice and liberties. With those we then secure our safety, both physical and political.

      • ken.

        the war on drugs was used to destroy our rights and constitution along with the criminal justice system which is now the citizens injustice system, it never did anything to stop or even slow down drug use.

      • renipo

        ErSwnn, I agree with you 100%. If “IT’S” a Politician, it’s a liar and crook. This Commie, Marxist, Socialist, Nazi, Radical Mulsim Terrorist destroyng America minute by minute is the worst Political Criminal in History. Nixon looks like an Angel in comparison with this Hitler #2.
        He should be in GITMO facing a American Military Firing Squad for Charges of “TERRORISM AGAINST AMERICA AND AMERICANS”, IMMEDIATELY. He probably adds a notch in his “BELT” daily for his accomplishments in his “DREAMS of DESTROYING AMERICA and RULING those EVIL AMERICAN INFIDELS.

  • Paul Brown

    Gee, I bet the thief was black and so was the judge, and the cops there all voted for Osama the muslim pig terrorist.

    • Tom Bailey

      Well both were white……………………

    • ErSwnn

      You spouting your garbage again Paul? Where’s your idiot friend? Where do you come up with this crud you call thoughts?

      They’re white. We have absolutely no idea who the cops voted for and Osama never ran for election……besides, he’s dead.

      Oh….you mean Obama! Wow, your originality and wit astound me. Any chance you can one day think for yourself?

  • ohjohnnyoh

    The jack booted thugs win again, the guy will never get it back.
    The cops have badges to steal legally, surprised they didn’t shoot him first

  • Tom Bailey

    Folks this has been going on for a very long time now. At least as far back as the 80s. But, back then it was the Feds and really only them that were doing this. I worked for a Client back in 82 hmmm that was under Reagan’s admin…that was “suspected” of receiving stolen property. He was charged with said crime BUT an indictment was never rendered because the Grand Jury returned a No-Bill. Why? Because there was zero evidence.My Client had several hundred thousand dollars of merchandise “seized” by the Feds and State Agency but even after ALL proper receipts were presented to prove innocence plus an order from two state judges/Superior Court Judges to return the property, the merchandise was NEVER returned nor was my Client ever compensated for his loss. Ironically both Judges retired a very very short time later and Both represented my Client in a suit to be compensated for his losses. The case went all the way to the State Supreme Court and yet the Feds, had “mistakenly destroyed the evidence.” However, they never paid for the goods and loss of profits for my Client.

    • ErSwnn

      I have to feel a bit suspicious here. The judges who ruled in the case and allowed the property to be retained by authorities then became his lawyers to regain the property? And no one, not even the state’s attorneys fighting to keep the property, brought up this blatant conflict of interest?

      I’m gonna need a case or docket number, a defendent’s name, something better than your story before I swallow that pill. At this point it’s public record so it shouldn’t be a problem right?

      It wasn’t just the feds….but federal law that allowed this travesty to exist. It started with drug seizures which gave federal, state and local law enforcement the ability to keep certain property such as vehicles, boats and homes if drugs were found in those properties. A conviction was not necessary, just the documented evidence of drugs. Any fellow cop could collaborate the story.

      The Village of Hacienda in Broward County, FL was infamous for this practice. Eventually they planted 2 grams of cocaine in the wrong guy’s car. He was well connected and didn’t take the abuse well at all. This lead to a state investigation of the Village police. The town’s residents numbered 126. The police force was 31 full and part time “officers”. Located at the busiest intersection in the county it was well known as a speed trap by the locals and hell for the tourists. At the conclusion of the investigation the town charter was revoked by the state and the village was absorbed by Davie, FL. This was about 1983 or so.

      • uptohere

        Read it again. They ruled against the police but they ignored the order to return the merchandise.

        • ErSwnn

          Ah…good catch! Thanks to both of you. I did indeed miss that point as I formed my thoughts.

          Hey Tom, I apologize for questioning the situation when I mistook or didn’t comprehend the situation as you expressed it.

      • Pclages

        Poor reading comprehension. The two state judges ordered the property returned.

        • ErSwnn

          Yeah, I missed that little nuiance. Thanks for pointing it out. When a discussion is in play it’s can only benefit the outcome when truth and facts are properly represented.

      • Bob Compton

        I remember that! I didn’t know the details of why, but I do remember the town having its charter revoked. I also remember giving a silent little cheer, and saying, “Chalk one up for the good guys!” In GA around 1958 or so, the little town of Ludowici had a bad speed trap. Gov Lester Maddox (off the subject: a rabid racist) was so incensed about the speed trap and his lack of legal means to stop it, that he had the state draw up and install billboards on both ends of town, warning about it. The speed trap soon folded like a cheap suit. More of these kinds of justice need to happen. In fact, many states are writing laws forbidding the enforcement of, or local participation in the enforcement of, federal laws like gun control and obamacare. The classic picture of Ariz’s Gov Jan Brewer with her nose about a foot from the lying king’s, and her wagging her finger at him, should be on the wall of every Tea Partier. Sometimes, it’s the little things that turn the tide, but every burr under the saddle of a tyrant adds to at least his misery, and the lessening of his boot on our necks.

  • Katie

    this type of Justice?…occurs in Denver….following takeover of the Dems approx 20 yrs ago.Not many true Justices .left…most have retired…SO very sad.

  • DNS

    Talk, talk, talk. There is a cure for these criminal activities by local governments if people are willing to apply it. It has been applied in the past. If not, accept your roles as inferiors.

    • Pogo

      Would you like for me to bring the tar, the feathers, or the rail?

  • porterv

    Theft by government has always occurred in third world countries. That is what the politicians and bureaucrats have turned us in to, a third world country. America is just a nice little bit of ancient history to read about, like Carthage or Sumer.

  • WVF

    This is ObamaNation! Why should anyone be surprised at the disregard of the law by the police? As far as I know Our Dictator, BHO, already owns everything everyone has in ObamaNation. He’s just spreading the wealth around.

  • Nathan51

    When there is no justice citizens will eventually exercise their God given right to extract their own justice. Historically civil wars have been started for exactly these reasons. When a government, any government, begins to abuse and ignore the rights of its citizens it does so at its own peril. Eventually there will be a price corrupt leaders will pay.

    • Michael Rayford Powell

      I keep saying and will till We the People do it…TIME to take back our Country from the Tyranist that are abusing their power of control over the people! Just a matter of time till we must take that stand!

    • afanaglenn

      How am I supposed to believe this when Obama has already taken away so many freedoms, but even worse has destroyed the country financially. Our nation will soon enter the darkest time in our history. Millions will die. Millions more will starve. We are just about there. It is so apparent that not even the mainstream press is talking about it, much less Congress.

      • Nathan51

        How many years have other tyrants remained in power in other countries before the populace finally decided they had enough? Eventually many of them were dragged into the streets and given their just rewards! Down through history this has been repeated all over the world and it can and eventually will happen here if the government continues to abuse its power.

        • karen

          Yes, but how long will it take to get there..

          • Nathan51

            It will take as long as it takes for people in this country to decide they have had enough. That could be anything from weeks to several generations.

  • JAD283

    This is what happens when snakes and snakes with tenure take over government. They have turned the once mighty United States of America to a third world tin pot dictatorship.

  • afanaglenn

    We have appointed idiots as judges, and the supreme court is not far behind although it is the threats they are getting from Obama and his goons that has colored their decisions of late. Obama and his goons have found that governance by threats is working, not only against judges, but newspapers, television and radio networks and individuals. Freedoms are disappearing faster than most realize, not just for democrats but for everyone.

    • karen

      If only more people cared…

  • David Dickey

    does this not fall under illegal search and siezure

    • Karen

      That is my question also… how in the world is this constitutional?

  • Pg America

    Pg America • a minute ago

    “PEOPLE” have got to stop supporting C.O.P.P. Criminal Organization of Political Party’s.That work under Assumed Power.The Supreme Court is acting Unconstitutional. The very first established governing Body is defined in the first three words of our Constitution. They are the reason with government run corrupt schools Civics and legal English isn’t taught anymore. cause if no one knew their rights or how to conduct a court of the people then they could trample all over you because YOU AGREE to things you don’t have to but they intimidate you into submission and thus assume authority.

    People need to learn about their history and civics and learn legal English and when those in authority have overstepped their bounds you the “people” have to have a peoples court on the record.But you have to learn it because one slip up and they can assume authority again. (you have to know how to counter their attack, once learned all it requires is preparation. I’m still learning) The only way to get them is by their own game..THE LAW of the Land. We have to exert our Inalienable Rights and do as our Declaration of Independence say’s to do and establish a new government for the security of our future..

    This Election Pick someone from your community to represent you. stop supporting these party’s that have time after time, election after election,day after day week after week month after month, year after year. have PROVEN they are NOT in our best interest. I’d trust my neighbor before I’d trust a lawyer which most are and part of another corrupt organization The BARR and our Judicial Branch. OUR founder NEVER intended our justice branch self governing and unaccountable to the people.

    I mean come on our whole point of existence was freedom to worship god how we saw fit. and FREEDOM from an OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT!! The Supreme Court was intended to be some old guy’s schmoozing foreign diplomats..THAT’S IT (in a nutshell.). DON’T ELECT ANOTHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT..ELECT ONE OF THE PEOPLE..Laws are what WE THE PEOPLE agree on. Pick candidate among your communities (hold town meeting) collect required number of signatures required by law and write in their names on the ballot…take back our country. The Red,White and Blue are more than just a mere colored rag

  • Pg America

    I registered as unaffiliated cause I didn’t want to support a criminal organization that was set out to destroy me!!

  • Adam B

    I am trying to appeal the civil forfeiture of my vehicle at this time. Due to the cost of fuel and distance from Brainerd and the loss of wages and time missed off of work fighting this case I have lost 2 jobs. The job I had when I was charged and the following employment I had after I posted a 25.000 conditional bail. I thought it was over after the jury returned with the not guilty verdict. I don have funds for a attorney from Fargo to travel to Richland county courts. I simply can’t afford the attorney fees so if you or anyone you know knows a attorney that can work something out or do some sort of future payment plan once I find employment I would feel blessed. This has been a huge financial burden on my family and loved ones. Sincerely ; Adam Bush please contact me [email protected]

  • Adam B

    I mentioned to the assistant county attorney that the Richland county attorney was not on the up and up in a not so nice way and that people might be interested uh hearing my story about what happened. She stated that “it’s a good thing no ones running against him. Please contact his office via phone or email and let him know what he is doing is wrong and un [email protected] or 701-642-7766

  • Higherstandard13

    This just shows that the government has become filled with self-serving immoral people that have no conscious. They have formed the largest organized crime organization in the history of man. This starts with the president and goes through the politicians both local and national, civil service employees, appointees, police, teachers, school boards, etc… They are on the take and want more power and money and care not whom they loot to get it. Additionally they violate the laws that would result in charges and jail for most Americans. It seems that it comes between the government goons and the people.

    Remember …as they look at it the laws are to suppress the rights of the people and make it easy for them to control and silence anyone that objects to the dictatorship and tyranny.

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