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Criminal Breaks into Home then Calls Cops to Save Himself from Homeowner

Is there anything more invigorating than seeing justice prevail? Sometimes we get to see justice unfold quickly and judiciously — and boy is it sweet.

Recently a thug in Mountain Park, Oklahoma was looking to make some easy money by breaking into a home and beating up on some defenseless victims. He chose the wrong house. The man violently broke into the home using a large metal pipe and attacked the homeowners.

Sadly for the not-so-bright criminal (but happily for us), the homeowner was well armed and opened fire on the intruder, who was hit several times. The thug naturally ran away from the scene and made it all the way back to his own home where he called emergency services to report that he’d been shot several times.

KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: News, Weather, Sports. ABC, 24/7, Telemundo –

The thug was so badly injured that he had to be airlifted from his home to a nearby hospital where he is described as having potentially life threatening injuries.

While no charges have yet been filed, it is likely that the authorities will be ready to arrest the criminal once he is released from the hospital.

This is just more proof that the most dangerous thing for criminals is an armed citizenry.


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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • John

    Now that’s funny right there,I don’t care who ya are!

    • Rattlerjake

      It’s funny up until they save his worthless life, now the story will continue!

  • fed-up

    I can see it now and it won’t surprise me in the least if the homeowner is charged with excessive use of force. If the guy has any wounds to his back… it means the homeowner was shooting him as he was leaving. Too bad the guy wasn’t a better shot. I’m sure the ‘thug’ will file a civil lawsuit against the homeowner. The ‘thug’ will now be on disability and no will longer be able to continue on his chosen career path.

    • Rattlerjake

      AND? Who is footing the bill for the hospital care, disability, and future law suit? BINGO! The tax payer. I’m sure this dirt bag is a proud recipient of Ovomitcare, too!

    • jaxtom

      Waiting for him to sue the shooter…

  • John Hasse

    and who will be paying for the life flight and the hospitalization????? Too bad the homeowner wasn’t a better shot!!!

    • HDA

      Yeah, too bad he wasn’t; not only do we pay for the helicopter ride but that a-hole will be back to his crimes the day he gets released.

  • charlie

    looks like the homeowner needs to practice more

  • lygafe

    These people defending themselves need more target practice at the shooting range, if he was able to walk away after being shot several times.

    • steveafrikaner

      .45 acp, “Keith” semi-wadcutter – no hospital, no cost to the taxpayer.

  • Bulldog74

    Sadly, here in gun-phobic MA the story would have had a different and unhappy ending.

    • brazuca

      Right, the homeowner would have been airlifted to maximum security prison and thrown into the slammer for a long time.

    • Bob Collinsworth

      They don’t call the folks who live there Massholes for nothing!

  • Bo_Kassa

    Love it!!!

  • Insurgent

    Too bad the shooter was not more accurate————————could have saved the taxpayers a chunk of change !!!!!

    • John

      Not easy to be accurate in that situation. You have to have made up your mind ahead of time and mentally prepared and rehearsed the scenario so that you will be ready. With the adrenaline rushing and faced with a situation where mistakes can be deadly to you and your family it isn’t easy at all. Add on top of that the fact that anyone with a heart, as justified as they might be, would not want to actually have to kill another human being. This is why every military vet I’ve ever known did not want to talk about their combat experiences.

      Think of it this way, if you are driving in a snowstorm and begin to fishtail, how easy do you think it is to actually recover? We all know the theories…lay off the brakes, countersteer, etc…but unless you have actually practiced (which I do every year) when faced with an actual problem you won’t pull it off properly.

      Lust a though from someone who has been faced with the situation (thank God I didn’t have to actually shoot).

    • Robert Thompson

      That’ why I have Crimson Trace laser sights on my handguns. It’s fun to be able to shoot a Campbell’s soup can off a stump at 50 feet shooting from the hip, or hit between the eyes if necessary

  • steveafrikaner

    Another one bites the dust. (remeber the song?)

  • brazuca

    The problem there is that we still had to pay for his being airlifted and his lawyer if he majkes it, let alone all the medical bills. But, this truly is a heart warming story.

  • rodstew

    ….and the democratic party is heart broken. Should this criminal die, they might lose another voter. Wait…my bad. Even the dead still vote democrat. I just wasn’t thinking clearly there for a brief moment.

    • NoCrud

      Democrats may secretly hope the man dies. Then it will be a guarantee that he votes Democrat.

    • swemson

      An armed society is a polite society!


  • mixplix

    Articles like this are ignored by the left, in fact, the thug would probably gain the sympathy of the left. In OK sympathy for the killer because the drugs didn’t work correctly for a man that reaped an infant and it killed the baby. SYMPATHY? Not on your life.

    • boccagalupe

      Re-read the stories, or unscramble your grey matter.

  • Wary Fisherman

    This could have been Obama’s son…

    • LeSellers

      He very likely is: there was no indication of his ethnicity.

      However, the issue is not “race”, per se: it’s welfare. When Black children have fathers in the home, fathers who go to work every day, who tell those children “No” once in a while, who love the mother, those Black children turn out very much like White Children in similar circumstances.

      On the other hand, when White children have no father at home, when their mother leeches of the system and has five children by three different men (none of whom she married), those White children turn out like Black children in similar circumstances.

      Government creates “problems”, then “solves” them (usually, the problem only gets worse) for one reason and one reason only: to grow its power and control over people’s lives. Welfare was not about helping the poor — it was (and is) about helping the politicians and bureaucrats.

      Every program, from government-run, tax-funded welfare schools to antiSocial inSecurity to O’bamaDon’tCare is designed to weaken families. Government knows that strong families do not need (and do not want) much government, but that weak families not only need it, but demand huge government. So it is in government’s best interest to destroy the Family.

      It has largely succeeded among Black families, and is well on the way to doing so for White families, too.

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • flagmantexasmarine

        That is exactly what Mr. Bundy was trying to say.
        People have become slaves to the government

  • Midwestmike

    “The thug was so badly injured that he had to be airlifted from his home to a nearby hospital where he is described as having potentially life threatening injuries.”

    Why are we wasting the resources of a Life Flight for this POS?

    • Americans Wake Up

      Should have transported him by rickshaw.

      • noweareman

        or by carrier pigeon!

    • $5326605

      And no doubt he cannot pay his own medical bills.

    • MooTieFighter

      Exactly. That flight probably cost more than ever honest dollar he made.

  • Blessings

    He got off easy.. If he came into my home, he would be leaving in a body bag!

  • Webb

    If One Chooses To Break Into a Home….One Gets What They Deserve!

  • Naomi

    What is a person supposed to do? If someone is breaking into your house, you don’t assume that they are just coming for a friendly visit. Although it would probably devastate me to have to shoot someone, I keep a gun in my nightstand and a rifle under my bed. My family comes first. Some years ago, my adult son was mugged by two very big teenagers while he was filling up his truck at a gas station. When one of them was coming at him, he managed to slam his truck door into the kid’s head. The other boy knocked my son down onto his knees but my son got a grip around this boy’s throat. The kid kept punching my son in his kidney but every time he hit him, my son tightened his grip around his neck. He told him if he hit him again that he would break his neck. The boy hit him again so my son tightened his grip on the boy until the boy passed out. The teller at the gas station saw what was happening and called the police. When they arrived, both of these big teenagers were lying on the ground. The one who got hit in the head with the truck door was in a coma. He had permanent brain damage and never came out of the coma. The police couldn’t believe that my son, who is only 5’8″ could do this to 2 big burly teenagers who were a lot younger than him. My son was doing construction work at the time so he was very muscular. Although he was the one who was attacked, he was still very upset at having to hurt these teenagers. If they had a weapon, they would have killed him. I thank God that he was able to defend himself.

    • Myrtle

      This might teach the thief to find a new job, where he can do good not evil and will be safe while he is doing his job.This is one of the sins that HIS WORDS speaks often about and still we have hundreds of thieves in every section of this country.

      Ephesians 4:28 Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth

      Prov. 6:30-31
      30. Men do not despise a thief,if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;
      31. But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give ll the substance of his house.

      Mathew 15:19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. JESUS will see that righteousness will be done, it will do great harm to those who chose not to obey, which will be called wicked by those who hate HIM.

      The WORD OF GOD tells us this evil will come to pass in the last days and people will tell us that JESUS would accept and be king. JESUS says in Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

      • $5326605

        It will only teach the thief to be more violent more quickly. The poor little injured innocent thief will now kill to rob to avoid reaping another shoot down. Society would be better off if the thief was killed in commission of his violent assault.

        • NoCrud

          Just like with the Democrats. When they are caught lying, which is frequently, their only regret is getting caught. It only makes the more determined to hide it better.

  • otisrneedleman

    Too bad the homeowner didn’t hit the thug in the right place right off. Result – one less thug,

  • blackhawk132


    • Larry

      BANG BANG BANG Gotcha!

  • Coffee49

    Too bad the poor minority didnt get a 180 gr hydroshock in the center chest area, taxpayers would be saving 35k per year

  • old_salty_dawg99

    The sad part of this story is the thug will most likely live.

  • patriot4life


  • Charles

    If this happened in NY, the family that was attacked and fought back would be arrested and charged with attempted murder.

    • junkmailbin

      also in California. If the burglar was a mexican , balck, or moslem the hme owner would be facing hate crimes besides atepmted murder

  • monacall

    My house the guy wouldn’t have left…. at least in a standing position…

  • Capt. Parker

    Since the criminal lived ….. now he can make-up some story about how he was on drugs or had been drinking and thought the house was a ‘girlfriend’s’ house or some such nonsense.
    I would seriously expect that the homeowner will be charged for some ‘gun crime’ and will have to waste his savings to get his butt out of it.

    • NoCrud

      And no doubt the police have that gun and all the others the homeowner had, with ammo, as police “evidence” and thus leaving the homeowner defenseless. And I’m betting the homeowner will NEVER see his gun/s again.

      He should have used dynamite.

  • Larry Gordon

    he would leave, but in a body bag

  • sbruce1154

    Are you kidding me! The guy hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime yet. What is taking so long.

    • Nathan51

      Maybe they are hoping the doctors screw up, the worthless scum dies and save them the paperwork.

    • NoCrud

      No doubt the Liaryers are all beating their heads trying to figure out how to model this and get some TV facetime.

    • danE DanE

      The thief is now eligible for food stamps, welfare, unemployment, SSI and many other bennies. He has an on the job injury.

  • Jarhead

    Home owner needs to start some target practice soon…….and be reminded that the last two shots should be to the intruders head. That way the scumbag cannot be a witness telling a jury that you were mean to him and demand compensation from you because he is a member of a minority group. Home owner could also face racist charges if he called the scumbag a so-called bad name and he lives to report it (or to create it?).

    • Jim

      So right!

    • AHP1081

      I must have missed it, but I didn’t read anything about his race.

    • roanymacaroni

      Did you hear about the homeowner in MN who was just found guilty of murdering a couple of teenage thugs who had broke into his house? He had been broken into before so he outfitted his house with recording devices and hid his truck and waited in the basement. A little more to it but this is the gist.

      It is too bad when you cannot protect you and your possessions anymore. I feel sorry for the old guy.

      • MildBill

        At least he took two possibly life long thugs off the street. . . I was following that story. . . Sorry to hear Mn is more liberal than I had even imagined. . . . Seems as if you put your car in your own garage, at other than “acceptable” times and go into your own basement, or anywhere else in your own home, you can be judged as “laying in wait” ! . . . . What’s next, “laying in wait” while in your own bed. . . After all you “should” be sleeping, right ?

        • roanymacaroni

          I lived there up until 2 years ago and gained my senses! Mark Dayton is an awful governor and the taxes there were 10 times more than where I live now. Not kidding, either.
          Liberal… They voted in the biggest goof in the Senate! Al Frankenstein

          I thought the state of MN had the Castle doctrine in effect. SMH

          • MildBill

            Minnesota is getting so Liberal even Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant moved out ! . . lol

          • roanymacaroni

            Haha, as liberal as Lou is, he would have helped the guy get away.
            Isn’t it sad how many people we looked up to and paid to see their acting are no longer on our lists to go see? I used to love Redford. I wouldn’t cross the street to shake his hand anymore.

          • MildBill

            . . . . . and Paul Newman . . . I still refuse to buy his salad dressing or popcorn. . . .Andy Griffith and Opey are two more. . . One of my favorite shows I no longer can stand to watch. . . . Glad to see some Conservative “types” standing up in Hollywood.

          • roanymacaroni

            Getting pretty bad when you gotta check their politics before you go to the movies! I think we are safe with Dinesh D’Sousa’s new movie that will come out this summer.
            Andy Griffith was a big disappointment to many people. I really think his brain had gone to mush when he was promoting

  • SuperDave2

    I’m sorry to hear that he needed medical attention instead of the coroner.

  • david

    if this would have happened in a state controlled by democrats the homeowner defending his property and life would be in jail – the homeowner is lucky he lives in the free state of OK

  • FreedomFray

    The criminal had to be airlifted to the hospital… So, once again the taxpayer is hosed. To bad the there couldn’t have been an equipment failure at max altitude that caused the cargo to be dropped…

  • downs1

    With the way justice is going [literally] in this country, the law will probably come down on the side of the thug! The homeowner will be charged with “attempted murder!” I just don’t trust our government in any way, shape or form! When you formally turn away from God and go your own way [individuals and governments], things go in one direction only . . . DOWN!

    • NoCrud

      And if they cannot “get” the homeowner in Criminal Court, they’ll turn it around in some form of Reverse Justice and use Civil Court to do the job on him.

  • mysticwine

    Poor thing. All he did was get in the way of airborne lead! Where’s the EPA? It’s Bush’s fault.

    • NoCrud

      And, “What race was that bullet?” whine Sharpton and Jackson. But if we later find that the ignorant son of a witch that broke in to beat up and rob the guy was a minority of some kind, you can bet the Race Baitors will be right in there looking for a camera.

  • noweareman

    I love these Feel Good stories!

  • OldVeteran

    FUNNY….When the “thug” gets out of jail….I hope he moves into a safer line of work. Maybe robbing girl scouts on cookie sale week…….

    • fideux

      Remember the chain gangs (like in the movie “Cool Hand Luke”, or ” The Longest Yard”)? If there were more chain gangs as punishment and fewer country club prisons, as many of become, there would probably be fewer repeat offenders, and upstart criminals. Bring em back!

  • Nathan51

    Apparently the homeowner needs to get a larger caliber weapon and use hollow point or even better, tracer ammo. Nothing like giving a thug a little shake and bake. Maybe the police could help out by giving the homeowner a little free firearms training. That way, maybe the next time they will not need to waste taxpayer money on a stat flight for a scum bag!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I’m still trying to figure out why cops carry guns.

    With “fewer guns on the streets, America will be safer”.

    cops kill more innocent civilian in a month than law abiding gun owners kill in ten years.

    I’m just not seeing the justification.

    • fideux

      Try to imagine life in your city without the police. It’s still way better with them than it would be without them. I just make every effort to behave myself!

      • NoCrud

        Yeah, in all that good cake, we have to put up with a few isolated nutshells.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        Law Enforcement has its place.

        THAT PLACE does not include your living room with paramilitary adornments and automatic weapons in your wife and kids face. because ‘they got the wrong address’.

        Law Enforcement causes its own problems because they run roughshod over the RIGHTS of the People, then wonder why they no longer get any respect they think they have a RIGHT to.

    • Vega632

      Yeah not to mention all the harmless dogs they have killed.

    • bil

      Yes, and for all those who don’t want “guns in schools” no matter who is doing the carrying, I ask, how do we, as a society, protect the valuable things in America? The banks, the politicians, the actors, the jewelry stores? Armed people is how. Well, what’s more valuable than our children?

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        “What’s more valuable than our children?”

        Their minds.

        Put ARMED Teachers and administrators into the schools, and make sure EVERY ‘educational system’ employee adheres to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, The Federalist Papers.

        Make sure they TEACH the limitations on each branch of government, the RIGHTS and POWER of the Jury System.

        Teach “Gun Safety” K-12, MANDATORY for all children. They don’t have to own them, or love them, but they do NEED to know how to safely handle them.

        Hands on in K-2 with live fire beginning in the third grade, marksmanship in 7-12.

        Teach them why governments want to disarm the people and what happens when they achieve their goals.

        After Graduation, more People will carry open and concealed which cause the crime rates to nose dive.

        The Military will get pre-trained marksmen that know the weapons inside and out.

        The only downside would be to the leftists.

  • JRT12

    Wasted tax payers money to AIRLIFT this worthless piece of human refuse to a hospital!???!! Next time, the owner needs to aim better, so the animal can’t run out of his house!!!

    • NoCrud

      The homeowner probably only had a .22 or some other small caliber gun and did not aim at the neck or head. The old axiom applies: If you don’t want to outright kill someone, use a small caliber gun which is like having a fist 20-30 feet away from your body. But if you want to polish someone off, use more power and aim better. The sound of the bullets going off alone is not going to make the day.

      • PatRiot

        Stand in front of my 22? You will die. Lot of deer kills with a 22 short, NO head or neck shots, all properly placed behind the shoulder.

        • NoCrud

          Why is Disgus acting funny today???

          I’m talking about the average .22 shooter. You are not the average. Neither am I and I would aim at the stomach or chest area if I wanted to give the guy a chance of living but if I wanted to do him in, I’d go for the neck or aim at an eye. And not do the Marquis of Queensberry thingy and fire off one round and stop to see if the guy is going to get mad.

          Anyone who breaks in my house deserves to get all the lead my gun can hold, one bullet after another.

        • CrustyOldGeezer

          Quartering shot slightly below and behind either ear.

      • MildBill

        I agree. . . Too many people expect a .22 to be a “stopper” in all situations. . .Shot placement is always the key, but is a necessity when the caliber is that small. . . I shoot match all the time and quite possibly any intruder would be in trouble if breaking into your, my, or PatRiot’s house. . . But I feel for the homeowner, at 3 a.m. in the morning, groggy and not as prepared as we would like to be, a larger caliber (.357 Mag) or as big as the homeowner can effectively handle would be a benefit as shot placement may be hurried and inaccurate. . .A large caliber “shoulder hit’ for instance may incapacitate the intruder long enough to get a group center mass. . . . I am not “downing” the .22 cal, as I love the little round, but there are more effective rounds that will work in more varying conditions, by people of varying skill levels. . . . Again, I agree with you and your comment. . . Just wanted to add this and “familiarity” with whatever weapon of choice is a good idea. . . .So glad this turned out well for this homeowner !

  • Avert

    I inadvertently went on CBS web site during the mental case FEDEX shooting,two of the gun control green freaks were touting other foreign country gun confiscation schemes and that they walk down the streets without any fear knowing that the thugs in their country have no guns,I guess a stab in the neck is safer than a gun shot.But what I really am writing about is the United Kingdoms’ skewed number of gun related deaths appears just above the United States on the list and appears so much lower.My thought is that the UK does not include suicides,police shooting,the US lobs it all in henceforth the 1st skew,as well as the UK has to continue the masquerade to justify the nonsense law 2nd skew.I’ve researched some of the background of the nonsense confiscation to a single shooting that I’m sure the BCC jumped on just as our media jumped on all the weekly reported shootings.If the US falls under the UN arms confiscation I will train my children and grandchildren accordingly.

    • Sarg

      RULE # 1
      Never believe any numbers coming from any Government!!!

  • red55bird

    Question to the bad guy, How fast can you run, can you run faster then a speeding bullet, if your a home owner and still don’t believe you need a gun, then just put a sign up in your front yard declaring this is a gun free zone home, I’m sure the bad guy will leave you alone.

    • danE DanE

      “Hi Mr. Burglar, I’m a gun free zone, have a nice day. BURGLAR says: What a nice guy, let’s go rob one on them gun owners and leave this guy alone.” Sure, wanna bet?

      • NoCrud

        Apparently you missed Red’s sarcasm.

  • Admiral America

    I thought for sure this was going to be an article about a liberal community where the homeowner is sent to jail for not dropping to the fetal position for the criminal. Then the criminal sues for having his rights violated along with mental distress.

    • Vega632

      Yeah as soon as I read he called the cops on the homeowner, I immediately thought oh no the homeowner is going to jail.

  • amazed108

    Why would they airlift him to a hospital? They should have questioned him until he confessed and then let him bleed out and called the coroner.

  • DetroitDom

    They should have taken him to the hospital by bicycle – nice n’ slow.

    • Vega632


    • NoCrud

      Or by dogsled.

    • Carol Skelton

      No, you see this way, when he gets to prison, and his fellow inmates ask him how he got shot, well……

  • wizard

    Good for the home owner.

  • bil

    “This is just more proof that the most dangerous thing for criminals is an armed citizenry.”
    Too bad this isn’t true for the IRS and some other federal government agencies.

    • Tonto

      Why can’t it be? I’d shoot them just for fun.

    • danE DanE

      Yes, and the reason is because the American people won’t pull together, they only pull in thousands of different of directions and could be considered a cowardly society. The IRS should have been abolished many decades ago. I propose that the IRS employed citizens and TSA agents walk out on their jobs to save America and then America will never allow anyone to do this again to a decent society. After all the IRS buildings are vacant, we turn them into free healthcare centers for AMERICAN CITIZENS ONLY or burn them to the ground and leave them to sit there to remind us how thugs, thieves and liars can take you over, if you become complacent.

      • hydy

        how did the RS came in to existence the were 2 1/3 short, so the are not a law ,wee have to get read of that lawless olutfit

      • Wapitiman

        Did it ever occur to you that our esteemed government sows disharmony? It splits the people up into so many factions that they cannot ever organize and then the government just goes on its merry way, doing whatever it wants to.

    • NoCrud

      There is a fine line defining who are the thugs and those who act like thugs under the color of a goobermint uniform.

  • Vega632

    The Homeowner should get a bigger gun and use hollow points.

    • NoCrud

      A sawed off shotgun would have turned the thug into a two-part ex-criminal.

      • Mt.Wm.

        Sawed off is illegal, but there are short barrel home defense shotguns that are legal & lethal. I have a Mossberg 5500 Cruiser,18″x 5 round semi auto & a Mossberg 500A Tac, 20″x 8 round pump, both are fed 00Buck.

        • NoCrud

          Illegal where? At your home in the face of someone who is wanting to kill you?

          Then if you don’t want to discuss the legality of a “sawed-off” shotgun when trying to save your life, then just get The Judge and load up with .410 Ga. shells and let ‘er fly. Sure beats throwing a kitchen knife and then regretting it when the “perp” turns the knife back on you.

        • Robert Whitlow

          Sawed off is definitely NOT illegal, as long as the regulations governing barrel length, and overall dimensions are followed. Barrel length requirements are at minimum 18 inches with overall length of 26 inches. ( For any shotgun not meeting these restrictions a $200 background check is required by the BATF, or a $5 transfer fee if the weapon was manufactured without a stock, thus not considered a shotgun. (U.S.C. title II)

      • Sarg

        I agree ,but it makes a hell of a mess to try and clean up. 🙂

  • mesaman

    This is the best story of the year. Thugs, beware! Not everyone is a braindead democrat who wants to disarm us. They’re just a bunch of wusses and spineless moles. Thugs, if you must be violent, pick your target wisely. Wait, that’s an oxymoron.

  • Raul Jimenez

    Must be a democrat.

    • NoCrud

      Or a border hopper that hadn’t the nerve to carry.

  • NoCrud

    Is this another case where the Mediaroids are going to be careful to not hand out the name of the “suspect” until it loses people’s interest or a bigger story covers it up?

    We must not have any indicators (profiling, anyone?) of perps lest they be recognized as potential criminals and we be more alert around them. We are not trained to take care of ourselves. Ha… This story shoots THAT theory in the foot.

  • MikeR

    If he dies, he dies. I won’t miss the sob.

  • Stephanos

    I’m surprised they didn’t arrest the homeowner for attempted murder. This would be the politically-correct thing to do, since, burglary does not have a death penalty.

    • Traveller62

      Oklahoma has the “Make My Day” law. If you shoot the perp inside your home, it’s justified, and self-defense.

  • Tall Tex

    To Admiral America: Oklahoma has no liberal communities. All 77 counties votes for Romney. Obummer didn’t even bother to campaign there.

    • Traveller62

      You got that one right on the mark, brother!! NO ONE likes Obama there. Oklahoma is known as a “fly-over” state. Too conservative, and proud of it.

  • sillyboy

    The home owner needs to go to the range a little more often…

  • Old Kute

    If the police there are anything like the ones in NYNY, they would probably arrest the homeowner. (for the morons who have commented on some of my other posts, the following is satire) I mean, how dare a home owner shoot an intruder when all the intruder had was a steel pipe. And to shoot them several times……) I hope that the crook gets everything he deserves — and I see he is well on his way, having gotten a lot of it already.

    • Traveller62

      Again I say, NOT IN OKLAHOMA. The state has the “Make My Day” law,

  • tuvals

    Surprise, Surprise!!!

  • seeymour kleerly

    A slow ambulance ride would have been much more fitting.

    • IVDAD

      Preferably a vintage ambulance from WWI that is pulled by mules.

  • Jr1776

    The homeowner needs to work on shot placement.

    • Wapitiman

      This sounds good, but there are a lot of people who would not like the lifetime burden of having taken another life.

      • Jr1776

        That is true, on the other hand the criminal should have processed that in his small squirrel cage of a brain.

      • MildBill

        That is true and needs to be considered by every owner. . . If you act honestly and have justification to protect yourself and family, it can be reconciled as absolutely necessary. . . . I doubt most assailants worry about the psychological burden of taking YOUR life. . . . You could always use the Democraps defense against rape, and just throw up on the assailant. . . . It also makes it easier for the bloodhounds to track him.

  • C K Johnson

    That is 1 for the good guys


    People are fed up with the crime. More people then ever have been purchasing guns for their protection. Criminals beware. Warning shots will not be fired. You are not only risking a prison sentence if caught but now possibly your life for being where you are not supposed to be.

    • Navy Vet

      Have to agree, the only that are against us owening a weapon are bleeding heart LIB-TURDS!

  • Knife10

    That homeowner gets an attaboy.

  • snowyriver

    Why wasn’t this broadcast on national media?? If it had been a bad guy shooting a good guy it would !!!

    • AZ BOB

      National media is anti gun or should I say Political Correct!!!!

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Good news travels slow and don’t sell. Just the bad news travels like wildfire.

  • DavidE

    More of that type of response will eventually stop that crap….LOCK & LOAD!

  • MildBill

    . . . . . and the judges’ cards read ; 9.8,,,,9.8,,,,and 9.8 . .. We have a winner in the 100 yard “Dash to Safety” and it looks like it’s “.45 Cal” !!!

  • mary ann oyanib

    2nd amendment works all the time

  • nimbii

    This is the way it’s supposed to happen.

  • AZ BOB

    Depending on the State and City, the home owner could be arrested or sued. That is the tool the Liberal gun free idiots want.

    • Traveller62

      NOT IN OKLAHOMA!! Oklahoma has the “Make My Day” law. The only way the homeowner can be arrested or sued is if he stood on the front or back porch (depending on where the perp runs from) and open fires hitting said perp in the back. Now according to Oklahoma law, that is Murder One.

  • MildBill

    NEVER take a pipe to a g-un fight !

    • Gospel Knight

      Dont forget number 2. Never take an empty head to a gunfight. TGKR

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    If this were California, the home owner would have been arrested for shooting the thug more than once, because in the minds of a whacked out Liberal, even thugs have a right to life.

  • USAPatriotSC

    This is how the story should have gone…The cops arrive and ask how he was shot, he told them he tried to rob a house and was shot by the owner, the cops leave and go to the nearest donut shop and leave the guy bleeding on the floor.
    Criminals do not have any RIGHTS when the are wounded when committing a crime against the very people who will have to pay their hospital bill. They can’t pay for services then no services should be given.

    • fisherman

      I love your answer and if I owned the donut shop and knew what happened I would give the cops free donuts for awhile. Guess I’m only dreaming it could happen that way.

      • MildBill

        Coffee ? . . . just askin’.

      • USAPatriotSC

        When Liberalism is outlawed in America we can make it happen…lol

  • MajJohn

    He did not call the police to save himself from the homeowner, he called 911 to save his life. Big difference here.

  • Billy Miller

    Great job!! Now have any of you noticed that there are no comments on this from the lefties??

    • Gospel Knight

      yep, all we are hearing are crickets. TGKR

  • RhettButler1

    Beware criminals. If you break in on a young person, the worse you will get is a butt whipping. You break in on an older couple………….. you will get your butt shot off.

  • Gospel Knight

    Great Story – sorry the home owner had to receive a blow to the head. Home owner was in a position to defend himself. If this Government had its way, the poor defenseless home owner (not forgetting his family) would be the victim. TGKR

  • drbhelthi

    The homeowner needs expert assistance with proper usage of weapons.
    Recommend that the person get in touch with the local NRA leadership for training.

    • falling321

      At the very least he needs some time at the range doing some target practice!

    • Rick

      A very good idea.

  • Floyd Dangerfield

    OH YEAH!!!


    Here in WESTERN Oregon, the stasi would have been to the VICTIM’S house to confiscate all his weapons and ammo, charge him with criminal discharge of a fire arm, attempted murder with a lethal weapon, child endangerment, public endangerment, illegal use of a firearm, resisting arrest, littering, personal property damage, animal endangerment, enviromental contamination, and charged as a domestic terrorist. Then, given the criminal a public defender and sue the home owner for emotional damage and unnecessary bodily injury, AND THE JURY WOULD RULE IN THE FAVOR OF THE CRIMINAL, because GUNS ARE SCARY !!!!!!! That is my reality/HELL. Gawd dammed SH! T progressives in Pornland ( portland) and eugenicslab (Eugene) have made my home state into a commie utopia !!!!

    • Dasgeiss

      Well, get up a coalition and get rid of the commie government any way you can.

    • Mac

      If you think your state is bad, just try living in California.

      • Walt

        I settled for just moving where that kind of conduct is unheard of. I live in W. Virginia – most of us here are armed and most of the criminals leave in body bags. The police here usually thank us for our public service.


          For God’s reason I and my family are here. I do not like it at all, would love to move, but as Paul said who am I to question my Father.

  • Al Chemist

    Next time, put enough rounds into him that they have to drag his butt out with a crane.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Maybe you’ve heard the old canard, “Kill ’em all and lot God sort it out. Seems to me the criminal got what he deserved.

  • Terry Cornell

    There are many such cases but you never hear about them because Obummer’s propaganda machine refuses to tell about where guns protect people from criminals. I bet this never made the news.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Looks like the homeowner needs a bigger caliber gun or better ammo. Shot several times and not dead.

    • Rick

      I still think the 12 Guage Remington is the best home defense weapon as it takes no prisoners.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        1941 vintage Ithaca Model 37 in 12 gauge is what I use for home defense. Somebody shortened the barrel to 20″ long before I got it. Slam fire!

  • jd1958

    The homeowner OBVIOUSLY needs training. The perp was hit several times and lived.

  • Frank Zappa

    Get a 40 Cal. that should do it….OR a .45 because they don’t make a .46. The moral of the story is DON’T BUY A “POP GUN.”

    • hmmathis

      He needs to get a Taurus Judge. It fires .45 and .410 shotgun shells. A .45 slug or some double-00 buckshot would have put this perp away.

      • Woody

        Hey, I was just looking at the Taurus catalog last night and they have a version of the Judge which will also fire the 454 Casull. Plus, it carries six rounds as opposed to five. Now, THAT would be a hell of a self-defense weapon.

    • Woody

      Hey, Guncrafter Industries makes a 1911 style pistol in .50 caliber. Unfortunately, they cost $3185.00. They also have a .50 caliber conversion unit one of the Glocks.

      • MildBill

        I think the 50 cal. slide they make is for the G20 and G21. . . They are pretty expensive, but everything Guncrafter makes is top notch stuff. . . It seems for a fully outfitted slide they were in the $800 range, as best as I recall. . . I wonder how the Polymer frame would hold up to the 50 cal AE ? . . . I haven’t cracked one yet with the 10MM G20, or even the smaller 10 MM G29, but that 50 AE is a whole ‘nother animal. . . I guess that’s why the 50 cal Desert Eagle weighs like 47 lbs ! . . lol

    • Gary

      My only delima would be, which gun should I get, every gun I own is fully loaded with one in the chamber. I have taught my kids and grand kids, that they are loaded. If, my 8 yr old grandson wants to look at a firearm, he asks me to unload it and remove the one in the chamber! By the way, he has an AR15/.22 rifle and a semi auto .22 pistol. I would venture to say, he probably knows more about gun safety, than the average adult in this country! He NEVER plays with firearms! He is a good shot though!

      • Phd Marty

        Are you nuts? The idiot anti gun morons would have you drawn and quartered! That being said, you have a much lower chance of an accidental shooting than those who hide these issues. I have done the same with my kids and this takes away the “curiosity factor” that leads to child shootings. Most of them happen when they are unaware of guns in the house and find them. Their natural curiosity takes over and bang, another kid gets hurt. I applaud you Gary! We could cut accidental child shootings by 75% if more did what you and I do.

    • Pclages

      No, but they do make a .50.

  • Puckmeister1

    A little more practice my Brother…………….Should have kiilled him

  • hayrake

    Surprised they didn’t arrest the homeowner. Not that I think they should have. I just have NO faith in a government that usually sides with the criminal in such cases.

    • hmmathis

      If this had occurred in CA, NY, CT or any other “blue” states, the homeowner probably would be in jail now.

      • Woody

        How true about California! And, I’ll bet if the thug was a ‘minority,’ the homeowner would also be charged with a hate crime.

  • Nattibratti

    As the Police in Michigan told me. When they break into your home. You have to show signs that you tried to beat them off of you. Because if you can’t. Then you will go to Jail instead of the criminal. They said because they have to have brusing on their bodies. And if they don’t them they know you killed them instead of fighting them off of you. I told the police fine, after I shoot them I will then beat them with my big old cast iron frying pan. The police told me no good. Because once their body has a hole or cut on then then do not bruise. So they said remember to bruise them up good before you shoot them. Because if you don’t the Police will take me to jail for killing them. And their Family will sue me and WIN. So as I see it. The criminal has all the rights and homeowners do not. WARNING Criminals when you enter my house without permission. I will Kill you and then dispose of your body so your Family and friends will never FIND You.

    • MildBill

      Mo. isn’t that way. . . If you even attempt to break in, you can be sh-ot. . . This is under the Mo. Castle Law Doctrine. . . It even has provisions for the state to provide council and a defense lawyer in case of a civil suit by the burglar’s family. . . It really is a good Castle Law Doctrine and considers any place you could sleep as your castle, including any out building, tents when camping in Mo., and hotel rooms in Mo. and always in your car with no need for CC license to carry in your car. . . I wish more/all states would have a equally good Castle Law Doctrine. . . .Pretty much anyone breaking into houses with people home in Mo. are crack heads or really, really stupid.

      • David

        GA has similar laws to MO. And they just got better!

      • walman

        I live in NY. They want us to try to escape from our own house in the event of an invasion. Such Bullshit! Luckily My bedroom is on one side of house and my son’s is on the other. That gives me justification to protect family. 12 gauge #7’s at close range. He won’t live to sue.

        • Pclages

          Wax slugs

        • MildBill

          Sounds like a excellent plan to me ! . . I keep a 870 x 10 rnd with alternating #2 Buck and slug on my bed post . . . Glad to hear from a New Yorker with their head on straight. . . The only person going to try to escape from my house is the burglar !

        • Phd Marty

          The laws in that state are insane! They give criminals every break they can. When you live in a state that gives them more rights than law abiding citizens, it’s time to move! After they published who has carry permits in some areas, it opens up chances the crooks will be selective where they go, depending on if they are looking to steal weapons or other booty. That is one messed up state!

      • have_gun_will_travel

        Texas is very similar. Your “castle” includes your home, a motel/hotel room, a tent, your car, etc… any place you happen to be at the moment. As far as carrying in your car goes, you MAY “carry” in your car without a license or permit (actually, there is NO permit to carry in your car, the Castle Doctrine covers it), but it MUST be CONCEALED. You CAN protect yourself against a car jacking! In Texas, you have the right to protect YOURSELF AND your PROPERTY!

        • MildBill

          Kudos to Texas ! . . It’s as it should be ! . . . The reference to carrying concealed in my truck actually was referring to my carrying all the time concealed on my ranch. . . Sometimes I leave for a errand and forget I am carrying, and must “remember” to leave it in the car, as I purposely have given up a CC option due to “paperwork”, although open carry is allowed, it only takes one nimrod LEO to cause a ruckus, so I usually don’t.

    • jwright673

      That’s the best defense against a justice system run amok. Kill them and ditch their bodies. Might not hurt to chop off the hands and feet, and knock out all the teeth so as to hamper identification. If it wasn’t for ambulance-chasing lawyers, a simple double tap would suffice…with a really big caliber gun.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Feed the pigs.

    • gus

      I live in mi and a cop,thats BS

    • punanabe80+

      In hawaii we have lave tubes that are used in this way. Seems real efficient

    • ARJAY

      Michigan has had the “Castle Doctrine” for a few years now. You no longer have to retreat from ANYPLACE you have a legal right to be. The criminal or his family can NOT sue for damages, either. That cop is sadly MISINFORMED or out and out A LIAR!!

  • Walt

    How about we require everyone to post on the mailbox – GUN OWNER or GUN FREE, and we see who lives longer and who is robbed more often.

  • Nuf Sed

    I put a sign on my front door saying; “This door is locked for YOUR protection, not mine.” Robber comes in I’m shooting them and they won’t need an ambulance to transport them,… they will need a hearse.

  • ted1478

    need more time at the range

  • RichardandJan Bawol

    Too bad he didn’t kill the guy b/c he’ll get well and do it again. People like that never learn!!

  • Gary

    I have two signs, prominently displayed, “WE DON’T CALL 9-1-1”! I have hungry coyotes and feral hogs out here, and they eat EVERYTHING!

  • blacksunshine84

    He’ll think twice before he commits his next crime.

    • LeAnn Addleman

      You would hope but there’s no guarantee.

    • Don Merriam

      Unfortunately, he’s still in a position to be thinking.

  • daanerud

    Sad. Some desperate lawyer will pick up the case and sue the homeowner for using excessive force.

  • msmotown

    And they try to tell us that guns are violent? Not when we are defending ourselves and others! That is deterring crime. Even Juan Williams’ wife said that she wished she had had a gun when she was robbed!

  • mesaman

    I do hope the thug was not black. For if he was, the homeowner will suffer a media trial and racist charges will be called. If so, there will be criticism from the very bottom all the way to the NAACP.

  • Veteranasm

    To bad he lived !!!

  • Stanley

    You kill one of those criminals and you will go to jail then prison!

    • MR AR50

      No, if the perp lives, then it gets ugly. The bad guy can sue you. Dead men can’t sue any one.

    • sc

      not in Texas, or Oklahoma

  • SoWhatBubb

    Center mass to get his attention,
    then splash the brain pan.

  • $104618240

    “Live by the sword, Die by the sword.”

    • Joseph Mertens

      Luke 22:36

      New International Version (NIV)

      36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

  • mallen11

    It was funny. Every home owner should own a gun to be used on criminals who think they can break in our home and take whatever they want.

  • Paul Brown

    I love it when the good guy wins!!!!!!

  • MooTieFighter

    Real justice. Good to hear stories like this.

  • gotham1883

    This is why the army originally went from a 9mm to a 45. When you hit someone with a 9mm they continue to live and possibly attack you. When you hit someone with a 45 they fall down and down not get back up. 9mm are nice politically correct guns that give the perp a chance.

    • Pclages

      9mm are great for plinking, but I would suggest a .45 or 12ga for home defense…

    • William Wallace

      Negative… the US Army used to carry the M1911/1911A1 in .45ACP starting back in 1911 with its adoption and then made the switch to 9mm in 1985 (after 74 years) to standardize ammo with NATO. Some special units were allowed to keep their .45ACP so the switch was from .45ACP to 9mm, not the other way around.

      You are also talking about anecdotes most likely based on FMJ ammo which is pathetic for stopping in any caliber. With modern high performance hollow points, shot placement is more important than caliber. If you really think 9mm is that weak, go volunteer to get shot by one. Let me know how that works out for ya.

      To see real world performance for the 9mm, research police shootings to see the effectiveness of the common defensive calibers. The 9mm does not lack in performance against the .45ACP or any other cartridge.

      And as for the 9mm being politically correct? It was a German round invented back in the early 1900’s with the full name of 9mm Parabellum, or “Prepare for War” in Latin, while the .45ACP is an all American round, chambered for an All-American gun, the Colt 1911. The ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol. Which one is more politically incorrect?

      Please get your facts straight and do some research when it comes to firearms and ammunition before spouting off like you know it all.

      • Beepster

        LOLOL Well, whut kan I say??? I gots ta agree with ya 100%. Personally, I carry, and rely, on a Kahr 9mm with Home Defense loads. BUT, I also have a 12ga about two steps from my side of the bed, loaded with #4, I shoot for the head so that the neck is also involved. They can bleed out before I call the cops, but then, probably neighbors have already called them.

        • William Wallace

          I carry one of my 3 9mm guns daily, depending on what I am doing and what my outfit is for the day. I also have a 12 gauge under the bed loaded with #00 but the 9mm of the day is always loaded and ready to go right on the night stand so it’s grab and go if need be.

          • MildBill

            Sounds like my routine.

          • Phd Marty

            The one thing I have reservations about carrying the 9mm even with defensive rounds is you have to be very accurate to depend on them getting the full benefit of the round. This will suffer under stressful situations. Under that circumstance, adrenalin is not always a good thing. I know some pretty damn good shots miss with more than a few rounds. Understand this is not meant as a criticism, but just my opinion from experience. I carry a 40 cal M&P or the M&Pc with defensive rounds. I also carry a 45 cal M&P or 1911 Kimber occasionally depending on the situation. I have carried for over 30 years and truly feel odd without. Regardless, above all, carry what you feel comfortable with. I go to the range once a week and always finish with one of my 40’s. The only thing I did notice is that those who I felt were good shots yet missed under pressure tend to not hit the range very often. I truly hope you never have to experience either shooting someone or being shot at. You will never be the same, but, make sure you go to the range often.

          • William Wallace

            I get to the range quite regularly… it’s part of the job. I hit just fine with any of the defensive calibers, but I have much faster follow up shots with the 9mm.

            I don’t count on any handgun calibers to do 1 shot stops. That’s why I value the pace and accuracy with which I can place follow up shots. If I can put 3-4 shots on target with the 9mm compared to 2 shots with the 45ACP in the same time frame, then I will go with that.

            I am not in the sandbox and with my loadout, I can spare putting more shots on target to get the job done.

          • Phd Marty

            Most I know/knew only went enough to qualify yearly. They scored well, but when the time came, their accuracy was not very consistent. Another piece of info I will add, take it for what it’s worth, a heavy trigger will not do you any favors when the adrenalin is flowing. Some I knew would always qualify with their 7 or 8 pound trigger. I am sure you know the controversy about it. When they had to fire under stress, the rounds went all over. Others have different weights for every weapon. All four of my carry weapons are within 1/8 ounce. A comfortable weight works for everyone I know. As for follow ups, I have little trouble with that as well. Keep in mind, a .40 is not that much different than the 9mm +p, from what I remember. Mine has been sitting for years. For some reason, I just never think to bring that. As I have had over a dozen weapons, it’s pretty low on my list. Once again, keep in mind what I said concerning stress, the more you practice, the more it becomes muscle memory. What ever you do, please do not think I am preaching. That is just not my way. However, I try to pass on my experiences, good or bad. Stay safe!

      • Phd Marty

        While I agree with the idea of availability of good hollow point ammo for 9mm, it is a fact that it only takes one 45 to knock down an assailant most times. There have been documented cases of people high on crack or other drugs that kept on coming after one shot of 9mm. This is not preference, it’s fact. This comes from a report from Coroners. I personally carry a .40 at all times. For me it’s kind of middle of the road. Of course the type of projectile has a lot to do with the outcome, but keep in mind the .45 is a slow moving heavy round and it does serious damage due to those two qualities. That study stated the .45 was the top round for putting someone out of commission with one shot. As for the 9mm change for the military, I never felt it made sense to go from an American made weapon that has proven itself time and time again to a non American weapon that has yet to prove itself in combat. It is nice to have twice the rounds available, but considering they are only allowed full metal jacket rounds, it takes two or three rounds to incapacitate an enemy soldier. Unfortunately, the study I read says nothing about the .40 comparatively.

        • William Wallace

          Knock-down power is one of the biggest myths in handgun projectile performance. There is no such thing because if something comes out with enough power to knock someone down, it will also knock the shooter down by virtue of Newtonian law.

          What we see as stoppages on human targets is incapacitation due to shock and trauma. You get that from high velocity ammunition that transfers the energy in a rapid manner which causes a huge termporal cavity versus the permanent cavity.

          Forget ballistic gelatin… it’s a good approximation and predictor but nothing beats real world data. Studies from cororners and police shootings across the country show a correlation between some ballistic gel data and real world performance, but you can’t predict it 100% from ballistic gelatin alone.

          • Phd Marty

            You are confusing the cinema use of knock down power with the definition I mean. You are correct 100% on what you say concerning Newton’s law and the dramatic blowing back of a bad guy they show on T.V. I cringe when I see what is supposed to portray realistic action and the man shot with a 12 gauge shot gun flies back some five or ten yards. What you say concerning shock and trauma is exactly what I mean when I say knock down power. It is what it does inside the human body that I speak of when I say knock down. When someone gets shot, I can tell you from experience, it is far from what is portrayed. I have also been unlucky enough to see what it does to the human body. Suffice to say, what I actually mean by knock down power is from damage the actual projectile causes. It is better described as the combination of mass and velocity. I believe we speak of the same thing, but it is dramatized by the media. I will put it this way, when someone is shot with a 45 caliber round, they tend to go sown and stay down. When someone gets hit by a 9mm handgun round, depending where they are hit, often they may not go down with just the one shot, of which I have seen happen. Considering some of the drugs on the streets, I just don’t feel comfortable carrying a 9mm and will keep on carrying my 40 caliber.

          • William Wallace

            How many real world 1 shot stops have you studied in comparing the calibers? I’ve read both seminal studies by Ed Sanow and there is a negligible difference of 1-2% between all the calibers, using premium ammo.

            With the state of current performance ammo, I don’t think a 9mm +P+ that has better performance parameters than a .357Mag will not perform as well as or better than a regular 45ACP even with the heaviest 230 grain bullet design.

            You speak as you have been witness or even involved in many real shooting with real felons. Is that the case?

          • Phd Marty

            Unfortunately involved in more than one, including being the one shot at. Trust me, it is NOT something you want to go through and trying to forget is futile. I am well into my second set of cat lives! I read a really good real world study by an M.E., but can not find it nor remember his name. Considering it did not have info about the .40, it may have been a few years ago. Time tends to melt together for me. The .45 had, by far, the most number of first shot stops mostly using hollow points. As I said, carry what you are comfortable with and be competent with it. I have no doubt the range is your best friend!

      • MildBill

        9 mm’s were only semi-effective until the advent of new bullets and hollow point configurations. . . Now the 9 MM is respectable, but unless you are using 9MM +P or +P+, the terminal ballistics are not that of the newer .40 cal rounds, and certainly inferior to the 10 MM ballistically. . . All you need do is compare on a ballistics chart and verify by actual gelatin to see the difference. . . I carry 9MM’s too, but they do not have the 767 ft. lbs that a 10 MM (atleast the Doubletap that I use) do. . . The .45 is still a good round for certain things because they are big and slow, like the 45-70 govt. is still a effective round for certain things. . . The .380 was not a very effective round until, along with the 9MM new bullet designs lead to better terminal characteristics. . . Now the .380 has moved up to a semi-usable caliber because of this and the fact that most people prefer the usually smaller/lighter frame size for carry purposes. . . .40 cals are now getting up into 475 ft. lb. range for some loads, and have basically surpassed the .45 cal for a number of reasons and the 10 MM full strength loads that I use are 767 ft. lbs,, which I believe is in the lower range of a .41 Magnum. . . The .40 is used primarily by LEO’s as it has the most power x cost ratio and as many advanced bullet types as any other. . . Some feel the 10 MM is just too much power to handle. . . It is not bad at all, even in full load configuration. . . One very good load that seems to be overlooked is the .357 SIG, which is just a 9MM bullet stuffed in a .40 cal. case. . . Very zippy indeed, and are in the .357 Mag range in ballistics. . . . It seems the good ole’ .45 ACP is fading somewhat and I really hate to see that happen, as it was a true work horse for many, many years. . . The 9MM’s I have that had become “safe queens” are now broken out and carried with confidence due to the new innovations in bullet types and availability.. . There are also some new powders out there that also add greatly to the effectiveness of all rounds when used.

  • WVF

    The man who shot the thug made a terrible mistake! He should have killed him, because now he is going to be sued by this miscreant!

  • Michael Rayford Powell

    Definitely need to shoot to STOP, the perpetrator, as allowing him to flee brings lots of questions to be answered to light; I can smell a lawsuit on this one, even though the victim is right to defend himself and his home; keep the perp inside and to do that you use a larger caliber pistol or a hotter round! Just my 2 cents worth!

    • ourzoo10

      Oh, definitely, make sure he doesn’t escape. I was once told to make sure the perpetrator was on the floor inside the house, even if I had to drag him in the window…

      • msueh

        same here, years ago, by a California LEO.

  • Ednar

    Are you a
    Democrat, Republican or Southern Republican?

    Here is a little test that will help you decide.

    Question: How do you tell the difference between Democrats, Republicans

    and Southern Republicans? The answer can be found by posing the

    following question:

    You’re walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small

    children. Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife comes around

    the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah,

    raises the knife, and charges. You are carrying a Glock 40, and you are

    an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your

    family. What do you do?

    Democrat’s Answer:

    Well, I need more information to answer the question!

    Does the man look poor or oppressed? Have I done anything to him that would
    inspire him to attack? Can we run away? What about my wife & kids?

    Maybe if I swing the gun & knock the knife out of his hand? What does the
    law say about this situation? Does the Glock have appropriate safety built into
    it? Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway & what kind of message does this
    send to society and to my children?

    Does he definitely want to kill me, happy w/just killing me or would he be
    content just to wound me?

    If I were to grab his knees & hold on, could my family get away while he
    was stabbing me? Should I call 9-1-1? Why is this street so deserted?

    We need to raise taxes, have a paint & weed day & make this happier,
    healthier street that would discourage such behavior.

    This is all so confusing!! I need to debate this with some friends for few days
    and try to come to a consensus.

    Republican ‘s Answer:


    Republican’s Answer:


    click … (sounds of reloading).



    Daughter: “Nice grouping, Daddy! Were those the Winchester Silver


    • bob

      Gentlemen, for sixty five years I have fought for the right to bear arms, joined the NRA, wrote letter to my congress man, made donations to pro gun social groups, bought and sold guns, and took pride in my concealed weapons permit. Until today I thought gun people were level headed and responsible, able to look at a situation, evaluate it, and take responsible action. Boy was I wrong! Of the forty or so comments I read not one answered the question “What would you do?”. Many changed the facts in the scenario to suit themselves, other added “facts” from their imagination, a few chose to talk about the effectiveness of one caliber over another or why the military chose one caliber and not another.

      Not one person however, pointed out that there was nineteen shots fired and no mention made of how many rounds hit the terrorist, if any. One gentleman, WVF, tells me someone “…shot the thug…should have killed him…” because the shooter is now “…going to be sued by this miscreant.” Nothing Mr. WVF can be substantiated by the facts. If the reasoning ability of these responses represent the reasoning ability of gun owners across the nation then I urge you, one and all, turn in your weapons before you hurt yourself, shoot your neighbor, or become embroiled in a crusade other than your own. If you can’t do that then just shut up. You are making responsible gun owners look bad.

      • Alton Clark

        I must fall some where in the middle because I think both of you are full of bull crap , him with the joke and you with your know it all attitude and nothing you said makes you more responsible than Ednar !

      • Ednar

        Howdy Bob!

        I, too am a NRA member but don’t have a gun but would like one sooner than later but am a good procrastinator, unfortunately!

        My son is a prison guard & has a CCW permit.

        My other son is a USMC, marine.

        You said, ‘nineteen shots’, remember? Where is this information in the story or video above? The intruder was shot several times.

        Now I do joke around a lot & have blogged posts all over especially in Islamic videos going into the thousands … in fact, even have my own anti-Islamic profile page YouTube:

        Here is another story but a little bit more serious for all gun owners!


        1. An armed man is a citizen.

        An unarmed man is a subject.

        2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop
        on the phone.

        3. Colt: The original point and
        click interface.

        4. Gun control is not about guns;

        it’s about control.

        5. If guns are outlawed, can
        we use swords?

        6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause
        misspelled words.

        7. “Free” men do not
        ask permission to bear arms.

        8. If you don’t know your rights you don’t
        have any.

        9. Those who trade liberty for
        security have neither.


        10. The United
        States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights reserved.

        11. What part of “shall not
        be infringed” do you not understand?

        12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore

        the others.

        13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

        14. Guns only have two enemies:
        rust and politicians.

        15. Know guns, know peace, know

        No guns, no peace, no safety.

        16. You don’t shoot to kill; you
        shoot to stay alive.

        17. 911 – government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.

        18. Assault is a behavior,
        not a device.

        19. Criminals love gun control —
        it makes their jobs safer.

        20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause

        21. Only a government that is
        afraid of its citizens tries to
        control them.

        22. You only have the rights you
        are willing to fight for.

        23. Enforce the “gun control
        laws” we ALREADY have, don’t make more.

        24. When you remove the people’s
        right to bear arms, you create

        25. The American Revolution would
        never have happened with gun

        26. “A government of the
        people, by the people, for the

        “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who
        do not.”

        – Thomas Jefferson

      • MildBill

        Having a bad day, bob ?

      • Pg America

        A SALUTE!! To you Mr.Bob. Thank You for your service in your Fight for our Right’s ever so few as they are anymore.

        I know you have seen some good times in this country, and I know you’ve seen some bad. But nothing of the likes we have today!

        What ever happened to how PROUD THE UNITED STATES was. When the Flag was raised everyone without question turned and saluted or put a hand over their heart, and there was for a moment Love that spread across the nation wide.

        A Time when you stood for the singing of the National Anthem, and a tear fall from your eye as you envision that brave man sitting there in the dark of night only to catch a glimmer that our flag was still there.

        I Love My Country..And I know where we are headed it is already written. But it can be Stopped with Unity and Faith The United States CAN RISE Again and be once again. The honorable,justice, truth We Established for ourselves in 1776 and in 1787..That all Men should be FREE. Free From am Oppressive Government.

        “PEOPLE” have got to stop supporting C.O.P.P. Criminal Organization of Political Party’s.That work under Assumed Power.The Supreme Court is acting Unconstitutional. The very first established governing Body is defined in the first three words of our Constitution. They are the reason with government run corrupt schools Civics and legal English isn’t taught anymore. cause if no one knew their rights or how to conduct a court of the people then they could trample all over you because YOU AGREE to things you don’t have to but they intimidate you into submission and thus assume authority.

        People need to learn about their history and civics and learn legal English and when those in authority have overstepped their bounds you the “people” have to have a peoples court on the record.But you have to learn it because one slip up and they can assume authority again. (you have to know how to counter their attack, once learned all it requires is preparation. I’m still learning) The only way to get them is by their own game..THE LAW of the Land. We have to exert our Inalienable Rights and do as our Declaration of Independence say’s to do and establish a new government for the security of our future..

        This Election Pick someone from your community to represent you. stop supporting these party’s that have time after time, election after election,day after day week after week month after month, year after year. have PROVEN they are NOT in our best interest. I’d trust my neighbor before I’d trust a lawyer which most are and part of another corrupt organization The BARR and our Judicial Branch. OUR founder NEVER intended our justice branch self governing and unaccountable to the people.

        I mean come on our whole point of existence was freedom to worship god how we saw fit. and FREEDOM from an OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT!! The Supreme Court was intended to be some old guy’s schmoozing foreign diplomats..THAT’S IT (in a nutshell.). DON’T ELECT ANOTHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT..ELECT ONE OF THE PEOPLE..Laws are what WE THE PEOPLE agree on. Pick candidate among your communities (hold town meeting) collect required number of signatures required by law and write in their names on the ballot…take back our country. The Red,White and Blue are more than just a mere colored rag

      • celticwaryor

        Bob, It was a frigging joke! Good grief!!! Get a life!!

  • Matt D.

    If the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in encroachment by men of zeal, then today’s key threats to liberty are centralized administrators.

  • The Prick should have died from the gunshots.

  • TruePatriotInTX

    If it were a northern state, they would go back and arrest the homeowner. But not in OK or TX. Dumb criminal, dumb.

  • Higherstandard13

    I say if Obama thinks citizens should not have guns then I ask him to lead by example and disarm all his secret service agents and others whom protect him and his family. What is good or the goose is good for the gander.

    I would like to also counter the voter Id being racist and violation of people’s rights. If it is a violation and burden to require ID for voting, then it is obviously the same to require it for the purchase and ownership of guns, not to mention the background check.

  • KatRob

    I love this story!!!!! What a happy ending.

    • Matt Racicot

      only if he dies!!

  • fucawe

    Didn’t they tell him to piss himself?

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