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Who’s the Real Victim of Oklahoma’s Botched Execution?

Clayton Lockett took forty-five minutes to be executed in Oklahoma.  Horrors.  All the liberals regard this as torture rather than an accident.

“It was a horrible thing to witness. This was totally botched,” said Lockett’s attorney, David Autry.

Since when is a lethal injection as “horrible (a) thing to witness” as serial felon Lockett shooting Stephanie Neiman with a sawed-off shotgun and watching as two friends buried her alive.

Lockett’s 46 year old friend Charles Warner was scheduled to be executed two hours later for raping and killing his roommate’s 11 month old daughter.

Thanks to Lockett’s botched execution rapist Warner now goes back to jail. The girl he raped only lived 11 months before he killed her.  Where’s her fair share of life? Obama and the Occupy Wall Street crowd worry about a fair share of income.  Where are their priorities?  What about life?  What about worrying about the devil when a little angel is murdered?

Clayton LockettWarner is going back to jail.  I’ve been to jail.  It’s not so bad.  Only liberals who know nothing about jail think that it’s the horror of horrors.

So much worry about Lockett.  The man had a rap sheet that spread across the misery of victim’s faces.

As for Neiman, she certainly suffered longer than Lockett.

She was buried alive.

Lockett’s soul was dead before he was buried.  He was never alive.  You can’t be human and be a murderer. Who cares if his execution lasted forty minutes?  He didn’t deserve his last breath.

To feel sorry for Lockett is to betray Neiman and the human race. Liberals pride themselves on their compassion.  How about some compassion for the innocent victims?

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About the author

David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

  • Blessings

    You murder in cold blood, you forfeit your own life! He got exactly what he deserved. Who cares if he suffered… His victim didn’t? Shot, then buried alive and she didn’t suffer.. karma’s a bitch , isn’t it!

    • Irredeemable Gary

      Nope, his victim didn’t, ’cause she was dead.

      Many here like to quote the bible to support their position. I’m surprised no one has posted this:

      Genesis 9:6
      “Whoever sheds human blood,
      by humans shall their blood be shed;
      for in the image of God
      has God made mankind.”

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Have you noticed the absence of retarded trolls regarding this post?

        • seeymour kleerly

          What would Jesus say!

          • seeymour kleerlyj


          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            Aha, we now have a quorum of one. Some of your flow travelers should be showing up as soon as they arise.

          • seeymour kleerly

            But no one will answer my question! You clowns lose big time!

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            That’s because everyone who has ever had the misfortune to read one of your idiotic posts realizes that there are no questions involved, just your transparent attempts to formulate arguements. You retards have no facts, just tons of liberal talking points and leftist Bullsh*t! Go back to Huff & Puff.

        • Irredeemable Gary

          I have. and even when they do post, their comments are more nonsensical than usual.

      • Nathan51

        The more accurate translation of that verse is “Whoever sheds innocent blood”. That makes a huge difference and is exactly why abortion is wrong but execution of a piece of trash like this is not.

        • Irredeemable Gary

          Well, no, that is not more accurate, Nathan. This is you (and others) trying to pour more into the verse than is there.

          There is no reference to the position of guilt or innocence in this verse. (Probably because there is none considered innocent).

          The ‘more accurate translation would be ‘murder’ as in unjustified killing.

          Lastly, stay on point. This post has nothing to do with abortion. Though a noble fight, it does not belong in this conversation.

          • Nathan51

            MURDER IS the shedding of innocent blood, Capital Punishment is not! This is on topic because anti death penalty idiots frequently trot out and twist this verse to justify their anti death penalty stance. They Like to try and make the twisted argument that “how can you be against abortion and for the death penalty” and then use the twisted version of this verse to justify their argument.

      • Blessings

        Didn’t I read that she was shot, then buried alive? I’d say she suffered,no?

        • Irredeemable Gary

          I miss understood what you wrote. I thought you said ‘his victim didn’t care if he suffered’; not that she herself suffered.
          My bad

          • Blessings

            Gary, no big deal.. All good my brother in Christ..

      • nlb

        When I read this, I thought about this scripture. Glad you posted it.nlb

    • John

      Nobody knows da trouble I sees,Nobody knows my Sorrow! Don’t do the crime If ya can’t do the time or in this case,just die! I have no sympathy for this convict or any other! If the bleeding heart liberals can’t cut it,stay at home! I personally would hang them upside down by their heels,cut em,and bleed em out slow! They’d wish they were dead many times before it happened,and a long time remembering what they did to get them there!

  • David Churchill

    Why are we so concerned that a convicted murderer’s dead was inhumane? Did he show any pity when he murdered his victim? No. He got what he deserved.

  • Navy Vet

    Bleeding heart libtard, worried how he suffered! WHAT ABOUT THE LADY THAT WAS BURRIED ALIVE! I only wish I was able to be the executioner, believe me the crime would fit the punishment!

  • rog363

    The punishment should fit the crime and the majority if us really don’t care what he may have gone through. I personally believe he should have been shot and then dumped in a whole in the ground and buried alive. I’m sure that would have lasted less then the 45 minutes that poor, deprived, little scumbag suffered.

  • pennsyltuckian

    Let the family of the victims decide the proper type of capital punishment. Me, I vote for either a firing squad or feeding feet first through a wood chipper.

    • Nathan51

      I like the wood chipper but put it on a VERY SLOW feed thus giving the scum a little time to reflect.

  • Ed

    What botched. The scum is dead, isn’t he?

  • barb patton

    Boo Hoo he got what he deserved….

  • rcp11742

    This is why these animals should be executed by hanging, or firing squad. Why isn’t the death penalty carried out right after the sentence. When you have a cut and dried case, there should be no appeals. With all the murderers sitting on death row in Ca. lets start up the old gas chamber, pack as many as possible into it, and start dropping the pellets. These whinee assed anti death penalty people should be shut down now. Do they ever wonder how the victims of these animals felt when they were being murdered. Here we have a slime ball who raped and murdered an 11 month old baby waiting execution. The more pain he feels the better. I’m surprised he wasn’t whacked in prison already.

  • pappadave

    What was “botched?” He was sentenced to die and he’s DEAD…end of story. Why not execute these vicious animals in the same fashion as they executed their victims?

  • glenn

    The person who committed the crime should get the same treatment as his or her own punishment.

  • Joan Neighbors

    The real and ONLY victim is the innocent girl he murdered. Why are the liberals always protecting criminals? What about the rights of the innocent victims and their families? Could it be liberals can totally relate to criminals as they have the very same psychotic tendencies, but they have never had a chance (that we know of) to murder or rape someone?

    • Nathan51

      Liberals do so much to protect criminals because they identify so closely with them.

  • Capt. Parker

    Any one who would rape and murder an 11 month old child DESERVES to be beaten to death with baseball bats or taken apart one joint at a time – HE DESERVES NO MERCY WHAT-SO-EVER.
    The same applies to Lockett – I really hope he was conscious enough to “enjoy” the experience.

    That is one nice thing about a .45 to the back of the head – there ain’t much doubt.

  • Ron Smith

    Excellent work by the corrections department. My compliments to the chef!

    • DetroitDom


  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Was death not an expected moment for this murderer?

  • Chris

    If we had any sense whatsoever we’d just use a bullet to the back of the head. Simple, cheap, and justice is served. It could be a rail gun setup with a timer – a computer pulls the trigger. Done. All this crap about European drugs and chemical cocktails is ridiculous. Use a bullet, or use a noose. I think a public execution would offer some fantastic insight to would-be criminals about how their career could potentially end if they could turn on any channel on ‘execution night’ and watch Billy Bob kicking at the end of a rope or watch his forehead bulge from the pressures of a small caliber bullet entering his cranium.

    • slapjack

      China does and the family pays for the bullet. Plus when the Judge say death your dead that day. I’m sick of Libtards glorifying these criminal animals. This ghoul raped and tortured an innocent young girl and buried her in a grave while she was still alive. This bastard didn’t suffer enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Irredeemable Gary

    Why the hell do you call it a “BOTCHED” execution?! He’s dead, ain’t he? That’s pretty damned successful in my book.

    Stop using language of the bleeding hearts.

    • Nathan51

      As far as I am concerned the only thing that was “botched” is the fact that it didn’t take days for this piece of trash to die a very slow, painful death!

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran


  • John

    Seriously? I see ABC news in NYC (Liberal bastion shills for their parent company) reporting that this was “cruel and unusual”. Never once do they whine for his victim.

    Here’s how I see it. Surgically implanted explosives with a long fuse. Tie him to a pole, stretch the fuse out and allow the victim’s father or other loved one light the fuse and then stand there and laugh as the guy panics while the fuse burns down. Let him know what his victim felt.

    Same thing for the guy who raped the 11 month old, but start with a small charge in the genitalia, blow that off and let him suffer a while first, then go for the main charge.

    Sounds sick, but coddling criminals has created a subculture of prison inmates who don’t fear going back. It is a badge of honor to some losers out there to go to prison.

    If they were actually scared to death of going it might act as a deterrent.

    • John

      Nobody knows da trouble I sees,Nobody knows my Sorrow! Don’t do the crime If ya can’t do the time or in this case,just die! I have no sympathy for this convict or any other! If the bleeding heart liberals can’t cut it,stay at home! I personally would hang them upside down by their heels,cut em,and bleed em out slow! They’d wish they were dead many times before it happened,and a long time remembering what they did to get them there! Tennessee Justice!

  • JRT12

    What was CRUEL and UNUSUAL was what this Worthless piece of human refuse did to his victims!!!! ALl he got was a needle, he should have had the SAME as he GAVE to his VICTIMS!!!! He wasn’t BURIED ALIVE like his VICTIMS, he should have been BURIED ALIVE, not dead!!

  • sweetqueen777

    Oh, BOO-HOO. I am sick of people worrying about the poor criminals, and how “inhumane” their executions are. They are getting out of this world much nicer than their victims did. These are heinous crimes, and these perpetrators do not deserve any nicety. The author is correct. For many of these, prison is much better than how they were living, and it is the epitome of the gang world they value so much. I would gladly start their IV’s and push a big-ass bolus of potassium in. They have a massive heart attack, and it is all over. They have been exterminated like the viscious rats that they are. Society never has to be concerned about them again. JUSTICE is served.

    • mbnick

      Just another reason we now need to remove ALL Democrats from public office, our Courts and our schools.

  • Nathan51

    Poor piece of garbage may have suffered. Gee, I hope so!!! Give him a “painless death”? If it were left up to me he would have been injected with liquid plumber! This worthless piece of garbage had no compassion or mercy for any of his victims, he should be given the same.

  • unknown

    I don’t think 45 minutes was long enough, maybe they should have killed him the same way he took his victims

    • Myrtle

      How long did it take this lovely lady to die, buried alive in the ditch, do these who are complaining think of that, plus the cruelty and suffering she had already forced onto her as she was fighting for her life, as he was wrestling her property from her. This is some of the evil that the WORD OF GOD, JESUS speaking, which will come, and is coming, in the last days just before the RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST for HIS people. Read Matthew 24, Mark 14 and Luke 21, and many other scriptures

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      I agree. His ‘suffering’ did not cause my give-a-sh*t meter to come off zero! We should bring back mass public hangings and the guillotine. No deterrent? I suggest that the cretins who are fortunate enough to survive the guillotine or hanging till dead will never again personally commit another crime!

      • Tom K.

        curmedgeon: The Progressives are saving the guillotines for those in the F.E.M.A. Camps that refuse to be ” re-educated “.

        • seeymour kleerly

          I thought the FEMA camps were supposed to be full long ago? Could you have been tricked yet again by the extremely low brow Conservative media?

  • DetroitDom

    Regardless of his terrible and painful execution, I would have harvested his organs and donated them to an “Organ Transplant Foundation”. No one has to know that they came from a scum bag like this.

    If we speed up the execution process, fewer sick people will die and those deserving of death will.

  • tom s

    just another “liberal” situation of too much sympathy for the criminal instead of the criminal’s victims.

  • armynse

    This is easy. One who cares about the murder. That being said there are several options. 1. Firing squad. 2. Guillotine 3. Gas Chamber 4 Old Sparky( Electric Chair use solar energy of course!) 5. Combination of Heavy dose of Morphine(40-50 mg) Normal dose is 10 mg for an adult,( Decreases respiratory center) followed by Ketamine or Pavulon( Both paralyze the respiratory Center. It’s good enough for Dogs. Since he was a Dog for what he did , he should lie with the fleas!

  • madman

    Clayon Lockett should have suffered more. His actions towards that poor Neiman girl were sick & depraved.

  • me1952

    Any idea how long his victim was in agony before her terrible death?
    I’m only sorry he didn’t suffer more and for a longer time.

  • mbnick

    Well Oklahoma, a firing squad works real good.

  • Bruce A. Frank

    We have laws here in the US against “cruel and unusual punishment,” but…it seems reasonable that a murderer’s execution, when found guilty, equal the horror that the murderer used upon his victim!

    This case reminded me of the movie, “Law Abiding Citizen.”

  • Sarg

    Hell dead is dead no matter how he got there.
    Damn bleeding hearts.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Sorry, I think all murderers should face the same punishment that they dealt to their victims. In this case, burial alive would have been quite appropriate, and don’t forget to be certain that he was not comfortable, either.

  • Lon M. Dugan

    The only people who are calling this a “Botched” execution are the news media and the bleeding heart liberals! They guy is dead! He got what he deserved. Why does his execution need to be “humane”? I don’t care if he was in agony for the entire 45 minutes. He is dead now and will not be a repeat offender. I personally support public hangings. It lets the public see justice being done and hopefully serves as a deterrent to others who want to commit horrible crimes. I also believe that slow justice is no justice! Why was this guy on death row for 15 years?

  • ActualConundrum

    A twitch and a mumble is torture? Injection is way to good for these waste of flesh. Bring back the electric chair. Where some really satisfying twitching can happen. These animals should not die pleasantly. It removes all justice when it is pleasant. Their victims had no pleasant death. If it were truly justice they would die exactly as their victims did. To deny death to that baby rapist killer is obscene. Give that babies parents baseball bats in a room with the animal tied up and let them get their justice at their leisure. These left wing freakshow people have to be stopped. They will rejoice at the death of innocent and fight for the most heinous murderer tooth and nail. Why do we let insane people have a voice. Then all you get is insanity. That is what is wrong with things today.

    • jjkrjw

      I have no sympathy for this murderer. Bring back the firing squad. It’s cheap and effective.

  • John – Atlanta

    His real punishment starts now that he is in heaven with his victim, somehow I do not think it made it to the good side of the gulf.

    He deserved to be stoned and the victim’s family deserved to toss the first rocks.

    • Saltporkdoc

      May I politely point out thathis victim may be in heaven, but I seriously doubt hisblackhearted soul is there. I’d wager he is in a LOT warmer climate to do his pennance!

      • John – Atlanta

        The lake of fire does not exist yet and when you are tossed in then you no longer exist.

        Jesus describes the gulf with Lazarus and the rich man. If you want to read more about life after death and want to trust it, then The Apocrypha describes the seven days.

  • DavidE

    Oh, Gee, too bad…so sad yet I’m glad. Once found guilty of murder, I feel they should not be in prison more than a week and then executed. Why pay to house, feed and contend with their crap while in prison and having we tax payers pay the price.

  • yaki534

    Hey, Mr Autry, wasnt the murder of the innocent girl more horrible? I would have been applauding the execution. He deserved to suffer.

  • bowhunter

    Go back to hanging. quick, effective, and costs nothing. The problem arose when the company that used to make the drug quit making it. Rope can be bought at any Home Depot and a gallows used over and over. Worked well for Saddam Hussein.

  • 48vince

    Why fool around with the often variable effects of chemicals and gases when we have a long and effective history with the electric chair? 6 amps, 2500 volts AC will do the job quickly and with certainty, and it would provide a uniformity and predictability to the process that is often lacked by these other methods. Of course, this would also have the side benefit of much less controversy after the fact.

  • Get Real

    Being drawn and quartered in the public square would have been more “humane: than the horrific crimes of this slimeball. Wake uplll He is not a victim!!!

  • anastasia

    I say do to him what he did to the 19 year old girl, shoot hime then bury him alive—did the same way!

  • John

    F**& him! He’s dead & that’s all that matters! Mission accomplished! This Eagle Rising is a Lib page today!

  • Tom K.

    The whole lethal injection idea came from the meddling Liberals who said that the electric chair -or- gas chamber -or- firing squad -or- hanging were cruel and unusal punishment. The Libs were and are wrong. Lethal injection is used on aged or fatally ill / loyal pets that deserve a quiet and dignified death. Brutal Killers should NOT be ” put to sleep “, since they have not earned that privilage. Let’s hang them at the Courthouse square on Live Television.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    The only real victim here was the victim of this blackhearted a__hole. He got what he deserved. I only wish he could have suffered as long and as painfully as possible.

  • Aware

    Wasn’t botched. They set out to execute him, did so. Case closed.

  • Andrew Sloan

    I still say a nice 45 barns xtp pure copper would have done the job better and for a lot less money

  • Saltporkdoc

    I don’t know why the execution is constantly referred to as “botched”! The prisoner ended up dead didn’t he? So he didn’t get to go comfortably in a sterile environment…big deal, neither did his victim!
    I say it was not a botched execution but mission accomplished!

  • Bob

    I say, put them in a jail cell for about 2 days with no food or water, then have them come out a dig their own hole. Put a peanut butter sandwhich in the hole and when they jump in to get it, blow their brains out with a 45.! Then the NEXT killer, gets to shovel this hole closed and dig his own! Cost, 2 slices of bread, 1 tsp of peanut butter and 1 or maybe 2 rounds of reloads at about 11 cents each. The shovel is “capital equipment”.
    Case closed.

    • smartgranny55

      Why bother with blowing their brains out when just tossing in the dirt will do it? He had his victim buried alive. Why does he deserve better?

  • Walt

    Switch to Heroin. He will be dead before you can get the needle out. You can get it from the DEA.

  • craig

    Botched not really…more like a severe case of occupational hazard…this guy should of chose a different career …accidents happen.

  • Gordon

    If Obama and Holder don’t like this form of execution – perhaps scum like this should be put in a parking lot , have a drone pass by and blow them to bits because them seem to be OK with killing people that way.

  • knight2

    Let’s start cleaning out these death row slime. China just shoots them in the head with one bullet and bills the family for the cost of the bullet. I say, we should also start that!

  • DADO


  • gwromer

    Maybe the guillotine would be better, his harvested organs could save someone’s life!

  • Disbelief

    David, I know Stephanie’s mom and she hasn’t been the same since. Stephanie was a great girl and their only child!!! Also nothing has been mentioned in the media about how Stephanie’s 2 friends were held captive for several days and tortured during that time. And it would be great if they would also know that the family members of Lockett have threatened these people and their families, DEATH THREATS, from the time Lockett was first arrested right up until the time of a very poetically JUST execution!!!!

  • obamathefailure

    sadly he didnt suffer longer

  • obamathefailure

    another chimper made good

    • seeymour kleerly


  • obamathefailure

    blacks and hispanics are violent and depraved

  • obamathefailure

    move the entire race back home where they can run amuk and wear brightly colored feathers

    • SoWhatBubb

      The feathers part…very, very funny. Thanks.

  • homer1057

    GOD Beleives in Capitol punishment so why shouldn’t this nation follow suit? Genesis 4:10-11/Gen 9:6 KJV! Who is the govt to say otherwise! Capitol punishment is what should be done to keep murder etc from happening! This is NOT based upon a constitution etc but upon the KJV Bible!

  • SoWhatBubb

    Next time,
    give me a gift certificate to Ruth Chris,
    and immunity,
    and send the perp to my house.

  • SoWhatBubb

    45 minutes ?
    Next time, let me know.
    I’ll bring the pizza and gasoline.

  • johnhorse

    Why worry about how this low life bottom feeder died or how long it took .The way he died was Still far better then the girl he buried alive. They should have buried this pile of scat alive so he knew how it felt and what the girl went through.

  • $104618240

    I often wonder if the people who are so worried about these criminals ever think about how the victims were murdered?

  • renipo

    This demon should have suffered more. He was not a victim in any way!!! No pity sake here!!!!

    • Fleur

      I’m with you.

      These two should have suffered much longer and so should every
      Liberal that defended them.

  • Joe Bucci

    Sew there mouth shut and burn them at a stake over a slow fire, let them pay for their doings.

  • MooTieFighter

    I could care less. He raped and buried a girl alive. This was a girl that played in a band and went to church on Sunday. I simply don’t care what happened to him.

  • jack_parker

    What botched? He died didn’t he? How about a little compassion for his victim?

  • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Amen! Liberals love criminals and hate their victims. That isn’t compassion, it’s complicity.

  • WVF

    What this evil man did will last a lot longer than 45 minutes after he meets his maker.

  • Ron Alford

    This young Turk is another liberal “progressive” that you couldn’t possibly get through to.

  • Haymitch Abernathy

    Since liberty impels a free country’s citizens to unleash their talents, skills, and knowledge, free citizens are able to learn more, know more, and achieve more than those subjected to collectivism’s ever-shifting mirage of illusions.

    • Fleur

      You’re full of prunes and hot gas.

  • bouboulina

    In today’s America one has come to expect collective sympathy for the perp & amnesia when it comes to the many horrors the criminal has committed & that brought him or her to the point of execution. In this instance, we must remember that we are a civilized country with laws based on Christianity. The suffering caused by the botched administration of lethal drugs was entirely unintentional–American justice, especially when it comes to executions, is not based on callous, simplistic eye-for-an-eye cruelty–its purpose is to (1) serve as a deterrant to would-be criminals & (2) remove the most dangerous & unredeemable criminals from a vulnerable society. (Note: The Biblical eye-for-an-eye quote is often misinterpreted to be permission for vengeance & retaliation, when it really means that a true Christian should be willing to sacrifice physical integrity & even life itself in the practice of his/her faith.) What a shame that now the current administration seems to be trying to use this travesty as yet another weapon against America’s good citizenry by attacking the proper application of justice against a rising tide of ever more vicious lawbreakers, even to the point of now emptying prisons of an entire class of criminals.

  • Bob Compton

    “Who’s the real victim of Okla’s botched execution?” The answer is multi-part. Obviously, the first victim was the girl he wantonly murdered. However, there is a much bigger victim. Society in general is the victim. A little history: The drugs for lethal injections have not been made in the US now for about 10 years (unless I missed the news about some company starting to manufacture them again). That was forcing the states to go to Europe for them. However, no European country has capital punishment, and it was getting hard to get them to continue making them and to sell them to us. Consequently, animal euthanasia drugs were essentially the only alternative. The correct dosage for humans had to guestimated. The options for capital punishment are just about exhausted now, especially since a botched electric chair electrocution several decades ago took 3 tries to kill the man. That was the reason the electric chair was abolished and chemical injection instituted. With this chemical execution screw-up, the states will be even more in the spotlight with every subsequent execution, and capital punishment will be harder to win for the prosecution. It is very expensive to keep a person in prison, and life sentences instead of execution will increase that expense. With prison over-crowding, a decreasing percentage of all sentences are served to their completion. That means more hard-core scum-bags will be given another chance to continue their reigns of terror. I read once that if the criminal admits to the crime and does not want an appeal, the mandatory appeals process takes a minimum of 10 years! Ridiculous! The Innocence Project is finding a fairly large percentage of wrongly convicted death row occupants, so the trial and evidence need to be very carefully reviewed, but the appeals process is way too drawn out. A fair solution for this would be a case swap system, in which cases are reviewed by trained teams out of state. Occasional “ringers” could be inserted into the system to check for impartiality. Our society bends over backward to ensure that the criminal is in no way hurt or deprived, to the point of absurdity. As an example, Lockett’s friend Warner, the rapist-murderer of the 11 month old girl, now has his execution stayed. The definition of “cruel or unusual” has been taken to absurd levels. It was put in the Constitution to prevent drawing and quartering, iron maidens, burning at the stake, and that sort of killing. It should, however, always be remembered that the person being executed did something awful to justify the execution. I think a good solution to the problem would be a .357 to the temple, but for optimum effect, a gallows in the exercise yard, with compulsory 100% prisoner viewing would drive home a bit more forcefully the rewards of the hangee’s amoral behavior.

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