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Illegal Immigration Politics

Fire John Boehner!

It’s time to fire the GOP House leader. A few days ago he too the time to mock his fellow GOP representatives for their stance against comprehensive immigration reform including amnesty for illegal aliens. Boehner’s time as leader of the House GOP is over. Anyone who mocks a position that the majority of GOP voters support doesn’t deserve to represent us.



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  • PatCindyCunningham

    John Boehner is almost as bad as Harry Reid. Boehner isn’t that old but senility can come early to some. Or, Boehner has been bought off? I hate to say something so drastic but, our Country is on the precipice of falling off the Planet.

    Barack Obama and his Administration has a lot of access to funds and could easily buy a Politician. Lets face it, Politicians are lower than a Lawyer and used car salesman, with apologies to used car salesmen.

    John Boehner is trying to slow down the Benghazi investigation and the IRS. Or at least it appears that way. I now know a Select Committee has to be approved by both the Senate and House. Harry Reid would never do it so maybe that is why Boehner is hedging.

    The thing is the People of this Country need to see just what Obama, Reid, Holder and Jarrett, are doing to this Country. If Boehner is in anyway trying to slow things down, time to fire him and not wait any longer.

  • glop

    He has been a BIG disappointment from the beginning, nothing like I thought he would be. He needs to step down and re-consider his beliefs.

  • reepete

    The honorable thing would be admit he is a cheesy liberal and resign. Honor won’t work here, he should be fired NOW! Quit paying him.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    POS is another Washington establishment who will say or do anything to keep his bar stool in D.C. where he can hobnob with lobbyists and sell out his party.

  • tom s

    Any amnesty for those illegally invading our country should not even be considered. It’s the responsibility of the voters to vote these politicians out of office; and the responsibility of the republicans in the House to vote this politician out of the leader-ship position. Do it now.

    • jimshaw54

      Unfortunately, way too many citizens are NOT responsible, so they do not pay attention to what the candidates stand for but vote according to the propagandistic sound bytes they hear. Do you think they will care enough to do anything?

  • aurora9

    John Boehner is not only mocking the congress, he is also mocking the American Public. He has been elected to represent We the People and our laws and his actions are treasonous. Whatever his reasons are to opt for this corrupt path, do not dismiss him from conspiring with the enemy to help destroy our nation. The Investigative Committee should also single him out for his insidious actions!

  • seeymour kleerly

    He’s just trying to salvage Any hope of retaining Republican influence.

    • jimshaw54

      If he is, then he is going about it in the wrong way — by alienating many Republicans who know that amnesty will only lead to more illegals crossing our borders, so we are against amnesty.
      If we NEED people to do jobs Americans are not willing to do, then we can take care of that problem with Temporary Workers Cards that also levels the playing field for those in other countries who want to work here at higher wages than they can make in their home countries. They work here for a season then go back home to allow others to take their turn at working here. No families allowed, and if a pregnant woman gives birth here the child does not become a U.S. citizen.

  • Solid_Facts

    The problem is that if the “also-ran” candidate in the OH-8 Primary doen’t withdraw from the race, Boehner will win by default. The Ohio Primary is one that is determined on a “simple majority. So in a 3-way race, Boehner, who is disliked by half of his district’s GOP voters, could win with as little as 34% of the vote.

    John Boehner might be easily defeated, in a 2-way race against the leading TEA Party Candidate, J.D. Winteregg. That’s because Boehner would then have to get a solid majority (50% +1 vote), rather than a simple majority. But as long as the also-ran TEA Party candidate, Eric Gurr, stays in the race, he will act as a spoiler and could pull enough conservative votes from Winteregg, to hand the seat back to Boehner, without a solid majority.

    I just sent a letter to the Gurr campaign, asking him to drop out, since he stands no chance of winning even a 2-way race, let alone, a 3-way race and Winteregg, who has created great name recognition in recent weeks, can win. I reminded him that the goal here is to replace Boehner and send a loud and clear message to every RINO who survives this election, that there are no “Safe Seats” for RINOs. If we can defeat Boehner, then they’re all vulnerable and they will start voting accordingly.

  • renipo

    This two-faced, crying madonna should have been fired shortly after elected, better idea, never elected!!! He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and aiding and abetting his “pal” the racist, Commie, Nazi, Muslim criminal in the White House destroying America, day by day. FIRE BOEHNER, IMMEDIATELY!!!
    God Bless America.

    • tsmiths

      Boehner is right. The Tea Party leaders have been a pain in the ass. They have cost us four Senate seats and turned one in Indiana into a Democrat seat. The TPs are wackos.

  • Al Bumen

    It is Harry Reid and Senate democrats who refused to compromise.

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