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Middle School Teacher Gives Student Lap Dance

Have you ever wondered what was happening to our country?

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, our world was literally falling apart?

This story is one of those that has me wondering if our world really is “going to hell in a hand basket.”

A Houston Middle School teacher, Felicia A. Smith, has been removed from the classroom and is facing criminal charges after giving a middle school boy a birthday lap dance. During the lap dance, which lasted about 4 minutes, the woman rubbed her body on the child while also rubbing him all over with her hands. She even had her head in the boys lap at some point during her performance. During her dance the boys repeatedly slapped the teachers behind, and at the end she hugged him and told him that she loved him. About this time, the student cradled the teacher’s backside in his hands and gave one last squeeze.

Um, this seems a bit more than warm birthday wishes a student should expect from his teachers, no?

What is wrong with people today?

In what alternate reality has sexual interaction between an adult teacher and a child become the kind of thing that someone would even consider, let alone actually do?!?

The teacher hasn’t yet been fired but the school district released this statement decrying her actions.

“A criminal charge of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student has been filed against a Stovall Middle School teacher. The charge was filed by Aldine Independent School District Police, who investigated the case along with the campus administration,” the school district told KHOU in a statement. “The teacher was removed from the campus during the investigation and has not returned. The district takes this allegation seriously and is fully cooperating with prosecutors. The safety and security of our students will continue to be a top priority in Aldine ISD.”

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • Dave M

    I hope that people realize that it is not going to get any better as long as we have the ‘progressive’ liberal agenda determining how we educate our children.

    • SGM Bob

      How right you are! (No pun intended.)

    • FreedomFray

      It’s going to take a whole lot more than just “realization”. It’s going to take a whole lot more than chit-chat on blogs. It’s going to require that We the People take action.

  • Capt. Parker

    When one PERVERSION becomes an “accepted norm” there will soon be many, many more perversions acceptable to fools.

    • SandraJ

      That is so true, and I’m afraid we haven’t seen anything yet!

  • standforfreedom

    Sounds like Obamies “Common Core” to me!

    • Nathan51

      It is pretty common to the core!

  • Aware

    Where was she when I was 15?

  • Marc

    It’s change you can believe in.

  • Josiah Victor Hoffman

    Public Schools sunk a long time ago…like 60 years ago! However what do you expect from a teacher when the so called “first lady” shakes her booty on Youtube and television? I really do not understand how people can profess to love their children and continue to live in a Communist state (those who manipulate and destroy our constitutional rights). I moved mine halfway around the world to provide a better life for them….without any promise of a job or significant money in my pocket! Move to a more sane state and obtain a better school for your children..even if you have to home school them! we as adults can reboot and keep going…but children are only children once!
    If you really love your children then there is not much to think about! Not to mention the responsibility you have before the Creator!

  • SGM Bob

    Let’s see, the School Instruction letters clearly states: On 15th birthday, give boys lap intimate lap dance and put your head between their legs. On 16th birthday, give boys a full BJ and bare breasts for them to fondle. On 17th birthday, give them what they’ve really wanted all along – and feel free to use your imagination. On 18th birthday, give them a combination, round-the-world experience which includes all the above.
    That’s just GOT to the in the Teacher’s Guide – right?
    Why has she not been fired? Had this been a male teacher doing this to a female student, his pants would be ablaze, he would have been fired and jailed so quickly. So, I guess all teachers are not equal, huh?

  • BigC

    “Teachers”!! Today what passes for teachers in many, not all, instances, are liberal, left-wing idiots, indoctrinating today’s youth to their warped idea of what the USA should be, who got into teaching simply to have all Summer off to play!
    If these people are too stupid to realize, in today’s social networking world, that they are under a microscope, do you REALLY want them doing ANYTHING around your children, let alone instructing them for their future?


    What do you expect when a whole generation is taught to think with their hormones and the consequences will be taken care of by government. We now have a moraly bankrupt society.

  • jas1019

    “In what alternate reality has sexual interaction between an adult teacher and a child become the kind of thing that someone would even consider, let alone actually do?!?”

    U.S.A 2014

    The insidious cabal that is the NEA, along with virtually every teachers union through out the U.S. have abandoned the education of our children, for a liberal agenda, all based on the sexualization of our children at the earliest stages of their ability of understanding, dumbing them down, without a shred of a possibility of being anything other than lifelong dependents of the government.
    Why else would they be so stridently against home-schooling, charter schools, and a voucher system so parents can decide what is the best for their children?

  • Mark Tallman

    LMAO! Want to be she accuses everyone of racism?

    • Nathan51

      I can hardly wait for Al Notsosharpton, Jessy Racebaiterjackson and the rest of the race baiter crew to show up telling us how she is being unfairly persecuted just because things are different in her culture!

  • Jr1776

    Evolutionary holdover.

  • Jr1776

    Keep your kids home.

  • pete0097

    What would swhe have done for a girl?

    • FreedomFray

      Well, in today’s world – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Nathan51

    Give it a couple of years and she will be given an award for “Teacher of the Year”! What a sick, depraved pit of slime our schools have become since the “Progressives” have taken them over.

  • brabbie2002

    I bet ovomit would have loved to have been there to see one of his “exemplary” NEA members perform what they know best! This is what happens when you take GOD out of our schools and government, the father out of the homes, and let a union tell you that you cannot fire a person for idiocy! The term psycho sicko comes to mind! No friggin’ wonder parents are opting out of public schooling!

  • Kamikazecowboy

    Giving the little tards in class ideas on employment and how to work your way thru school and supliment your income when ya just cant make it on fast food wages?

  • Sue

    This could be Obama’s daughter.

    • Nathan51

      In a few years.

  • Irredeemable Gary

    Liberalism in general, lowers the bar of acceptable behavior. When a liberal leads the country, the entire country is affected. When a liberal is reelected for a second term, the country will be destroyed at its moral core.

  • Jim Daniel

    But was she licensed and certified? That seems to be the only criteria for being entrusted with the education of our children today.

  • DetroitDom

    She should have saved her moves for the Parent-Teacher conferences with a single father of one of her students. Just kidding folks!!

  • Nami

    Dang why couldn’t I have teachers like that !!!! 🙁

  • Rightway1208

    Every liberal behavior ALWAYS reverts to sex. Think about it. You will see the truth to it.

  • Marilyn Z

    Has she no moral compass? How can anyone, even in their wildest imaginings, ever think this would be appropriate for any student-teacher interaction even a college student?

    She should not only be fired but she should be on a sexual deviant list and never have contact with other people’s children.

    • axmickl

      You clowns are all like the crowds at the Salem Witch trials. Burn her at the stake no matter what she did. We don’t need to know no stinking facts, just burn her.

      • Marilyn Z

        Oh…please come up with a scenario where a lap dance for a student is appropriate.

        I was in a jury pool one time where only 2 of us out of about 80 held our hands up to tell the defense attorney that we could never agree to a 5 year sentence for a 20 year old, healthy young man, strangled an 80 year old woman with a ligature. I thought very hard about that. First, by the attorney asking it if we thought that would be appropriate told me that he felt his client was guilty. I tried to come up with a reason for this and since the old lady did not have a weapon… I HAD to jump to the conclusion that he was guilty and I wanted life for him. Needless to say, I was thrown out of the pool. Later I asked a friend who worked for a victim advocacy group how only two of us out of 80 were thrown off and she said, THEY LIED. They wanted to serve and they wanted to try this man. A couple of years later, I ran into the prosecuting attorney socially and he said the guy got 99 years.

        I realize you liberals are always on the side of the morons, but one day you will come to your senses, I hope, and realize that the immorals and thugs of our society need to be separated from people wanting to live a civilized life.

        I will not tell you what I would have done to that teacher if it had been my son…I would make certain she never taught again.

        I have nothing more to say except GET LOST!

        • axmickl

          Marilyn, I learned very early in my life that the best way to avoid Jury duty was to admit you were an Engineer. Another lesson I learned was to not pass judgement on anything where I had little or no facts. Bridges fall when Engineers do that, and people’s lives are ruined when the public convicts someone without a bit of first hand information. I am about as far from being a liberal as you will ever get yet you jumped to the wrong conclusion about me based on a few words on a message board. I think whoever tossed you off that jury did society a good turn.

      • DaveM

        Obviously you are a liberal….take your opinions and bury them or find a doctor to talk too!

        • axmickl

          See my response to Marilyn Z. It fits you to a T

  • Patrick Thomas

    They should put this perverted bitch in jail for a long, long time.

  • allen goldberg

    Under what circumstances would this EVER be appropriate? She needs to be barred from teaching at any level for LIFE.

  • Susan

    Sex Ed is the trojan horse, designed by the Cultural Marxists, like Lukacs, to destroy Virtue in our children. Jerry Brown is Satan’s tool, normalizing Satanic Ethics in our children (Pride in sodomy and in pederasts like Harvey Milk which flips Good and Evil).

    This woman was “raised” and conditioned in our public schools with pagan ethics. It is what we get with Common Core—sexualization of children with removal of Virtue through conditioning and a removal of Classical Thinking (Western Civ.) ideas of Virtue and Truth.

    All Sex Ed (Planned Parenthood) agitprop is to normalize perversion (sodomy/”homosexual” marriage, abortion) and elevate emotion over Reason, so our children are stupid, and believe “Up is Down” and “Vice is Virtue” to destroy Christian Virtue (which created the Age of Reason and US Constitution) and return us to paganism, when sodomy was normal, kings decided Good and Evil; slavery, child-sacrifice, pederasty are normal and “good” and women are only good for breeding; boys are for recreation and companionship.

    “Sex Ed” (a Marxist concept) focuses children on sex organs at immature ages which destroys IQ and curiosity and Wonder and moral formation—normal childhood. Innocence is essential in moral formation of children, and desire to Learn–Rousseau discovered that hundreds of years ago.

    Freud reiterated it. Immorality collapses all cultures and makes for useful idiots to be controlled.

    • axmickl

      Come on Susan! Sex ed in the lower grades is a giant waste of time. What most of the boys need is sex practice.

      • DaveM

        How about you volunteer and let them practice on you! This is a child!

  • pappadave

    Try to remember that this was in Houston…one of the ” blue” islands in a sea of red that is Texas! These are the same people who keep sending an idiot like Sheila Jackson Lee back to DC every two years. Aldine is a section of Houston’s north side…just East of I-45.

    • cregger1

      You are so right. People dumb enough to send Shelia Jackson Lee back to Washington who is dumber than a box of rocks and a communist should not be shocked by this teachers actions.

      • lndependent

        The kind of people who send her back again and again aren’t the ones who are shocked. They are just the ones who outnumber those who have some sense and morals.

    • DaveM

      NOt everyone in TEXAS VOTED FOR THAT NIMROD!

      • pappadave

        Yet enough did that she keeps going back to D.C. every two years!

  • WVF

    This is difficult to even comment about, because it is obvious that education is too often missing from classrooms in America.

  • FreedomFray

    Thinking back to when I was a young boy in middle school – I have to admit there were a few teachers that I engaged. But then, I woke up and had to get ready for school…

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Did the middleshooler object? Was it during class session?

    • DaveM

      Does child sexual abuse mean anything to this topic?

  • Samurai_Sam

    I’m still waiting to hear the cries of racism from the White House. Maybe this time there’ll be brass pole as part of the beer summit!

  • axmickl

    Goodness, she is almost in as much trouble as if she had exercised her right to free speech. Why the devil didn’t I have teachers like her when I was in high school?

    • DaveM

      Your sick…this is a child nim-nim!

      • axmickl

        And you should find a good therapist you midget mind. Call me when you learn to recognize sarcasm dope.

  • Socialism = Crash & Burn

    Looks like the liberal version of sex education.

  • DetroitDom

    Maybe she was going to teach the kids how to use a condom, forgot the cucumber, and needed to improvise?

    The States need to take back education and tell DC to kiss their arses!!! Then each State can begin to deal with teachers, principals and school boards appropriately!

  • snowyriver

    How lucky could a teenage boy get

    • DaveM

      You are sick burnt press…..this is a child and you perveertd it from obscene to ok. Get help from a doctor or get back on your meds!

  • jonbernal

    I never saw miss Landers do that on any episode of Leave it to Beaver. Yikes!!!

  • Liberty1941

    Ghetto in, Ghetto out. Liberalism has destroyed education, and Homeschooling is the best choice.

  • scott2345

    When I was in school we had marms. Never saw a marm do a lap dance.

  • scott2345

    We didn’t have the subject of lap dancing in my school.

  • scott2345

    “Hands on” used to start in college. I think 6th grade is a little young for “hands on.” Was this whole episode in front of the rest of the class?
    Maybe Felicia Smith was trying to get rise out of the boy.

  • Mort Leith

    Gotta love the whole promoting unqualified people via diversification doncha…

  • Blessings

    This is child abuse and the form of child molestation… As I read down at the jokes, I wonder what would happen if that was a male teacher doing this to a young female student??? Not to funny now, is it!

  • Hellhound

    She needs to go back to the Pussycat Lounge where she came from !

    • lndependent

      No, she needs to go to jail for a long time.

  • William 1

    and oh gee -here again -a black doing this!!?????

  • ★✩★ David ★✩★

    What is more shocking than the lap dance on the student is the fact that there are still people of conscience who will call this what it is and stand up against it. But just how long before even they are laughed at and ridiculed for being ol’ school, clinging to an old moral code that is outdated and dusty?

  • worldwatchers

    She was just practicing for an interview that night!

  • $104618240

    What is clearly evident is the moral decay of this nation. People no longer hold any type of moral compass, they no longer even understand what honor, respect, dignity, integrity mean. It is a free-for-all, where anything goes and everything impure, unclean and lewd and lecherous is not only permitted, but embraced as the norm and good. To me, it seems we are in the midst of a biblical “Sodom and Gomorrah”, but it isn’t just five cities it is the entire nation with small enclaves of decency and morality. What we have sown, we shall reap. I do not look forward to the collapse…

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