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The Murder of Free Speech Continues

Great Britain is one of our closest allies in the world. The nation holds a special place for Americans along with Canada and Israel. We share a history and a culture with the British people and that has led to a strong connection with the nation that helped to birth our own.

So it is with great interest (and more than a little sadness) that we continue to watch closely the degradation of British culture and law.

One of the more important failures of modern British law and justice is their war on free speech. Free Speech has a long history in the Anglo world, and the fact that it is being destroyed in Britain speaks volumes about the collapse of western culture. We have brought you the stories of Britain’s attacks on free speech before (here and here), and things only appear to be growing worse.

How could it get worse than Christians being arrested for simply speaking what they believe?

How about the police arresting politicians for quoting other politicians?

westonThat is what happened in the most recent attack on free speech in Britain. Paul Weston, who is the chairman of the Liberty GB Party, was recently arrested while giving a speech in Winchester, England. What was the horrible thing that got him arrested?

He quoted Sir Winston Churchill, the hero and British Prime Minister through much of WWII.

‘Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. 

‘Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. 

‘No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.’

The police say that Mr. Weston was arrested “on suspicion of religious/racial harassment.” Religious/racial harassment for quoting on of Great Britain’s greatest and most iconic leaders? It is definitely a sad day for the nation of Britain.

A spokesperson from Liberty GB had this to say about the entire situation.

‘Mr Weston was standing on the steps of Winchester Guildhall, addressing the passers-by in the street with a megaphone. 

‘He quoted an excerpt about Islam from the book The River War by Winston Churchill.

‘Reportedly, a woman came out of the Guildhall and asked Mr Weston if he had the authorisation to make this speech. 

‘When he answered that he didn’t, she told him, “It’s disgusting,” and then called the police.

‘Six or seven officers arrived. They talked with the people standing nearby, asking questions about what had happened. 

‘The police had a long discussion with Mr. Weston, lasting about 40 minutes.

‘At about 3pm he was arrested. They searched him, put him in a police van and took him away.’

The Liberty GB mission statement reveals what the party believes to be the ‘most important issues of our time’ – namely ‘mass immigration from the Third World, the steady rise of fundamentalist Islam and the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing progressives’.

It seems that in this case the fears of the Liberty GB Party have been proven correct. Will we allow the same destruction of liberty to happen here in the USA that Britain has allowed there? I pray not.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

About the author

Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • adrianvance

    How can we escape the fact that something terrible is happening?

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative via Google or at and you will be applauded at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  • Frank

    Are we forgetting why we fought the Revolutionary War? Same Brits, different day. Spineless wonders in search of a leader. Almost sounds like us over here across the pond.

  • BigC

    The world is becoming so politically correct it’s dangerous and counters the dissemination of truth!

    • seeymour kleerly


  • froggy

    WoW ! this explains why the Muslim in the white house sent the bust of Churchill back to England .If this does not open your eyes as to who this monster is in the white house then you are blinding your selves and condemning your children to death .

    • Washington22

      good point


    We must stand for our freedoms down to the last man. The government uses its toadies to force laws misinterpreted and others ignored. These who back government feel secure that they are on the winning side because they see that force wins. Does it? When the people rise up it is a force that will not be ignored.

    • Washington22

      We can’t be stupid like the Brits and wait too long………….Before they get a REAL foot hold, they need to be stopped.

  • Nathan51

    This is how evil works to suppress the truth and hide its true intentions. Islam is pure, unadulterated evil; always has been, always will be. It was founded by a lunatic, hate filled pedophile and was spread by murder and oppression. Beware, this is where king buttcrack is taking this country.

  • RandyRose

    I will never visit England. I would be arrested because I have a big mouth.

    • Casmige

      Oh, then you should LOVE Michael Savage & his repertoire of plain speak rhetoric.

      UK Banned him from being allowed into the Country while they encourage & allow Islamist radicals to infiltrate & immigrate!!

      “Britain reaffirms its ban on Michael Savage”

      • RandyRose

        Then you should love Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and any other hateful ruler like your friends in North Korea and others like him

        • Casmige

          okay, some-one missed their meds to-day??

          • RandyRose

            Thank you for admitting that you have not taken your meds yet today. After you take your meds perhaps you will come to your senses and stop hating Jews and Christians.

          • Casmige

            Interesting your suppositions.

            Here’s the facts of who I am, sir: French Jewish from my Fathers side of the Fam, French Catholic from my Mothers side.

            I am neither…but a blend in totality as I advocate & attend to ORTHODOX Jewish Teachings (Yes I even wear a beard since clean shaven is what pertains unto a women…and all the dietary laws to such an extreme that I am a vegan vegetarian since one can not get all the blood nor all the fat out of “meat”).

            Synagogue of attendance is that of “Baruch HaShem” in Dallas, Texas.

            so, I don’t quite get where you interpret incorrectly that I am somehow adverse to christain or jew.

            perhaps I am most averse to Bill-Soros types of Ashkenazi secular jews & their pursuits & as well as Joel-Olsteen Type Churchianity-insanity….but not to the truth.

            What day do you attend to your Church services??
            SUN-day the 1st day of the week, n’est pas??

            Castigate me when you can get the right day of ordained worship, at least, rudimentary-ly ‘right’.

            Meesa thinks you’re perhaps not reading Mes L’anglaise quite right….or that you indeed need to take your Meds.

            BTW?? Michael Savage is really Michael Weiner & a Jew…..& I advocate his message above all others.

    • FreedomFray

      Well, I hope you have a good attorney, for it won’t be long before your mouth gets you in trouble right here in the good ‘ole USA. Perhaps I’ll see you in the internment camp, as I have a large mouth as well! 🙂

      • Korean War Vet

        I’ll watch your back, FreedomFray.

        • FreedomFray

          Thank you Sir and thank you for your service. I’ve not served myself but have an immense gratitude for those that have.

          Your thoughts on OAS May 16th?

          • Korean War Vet

            Thank you for remembering. My thoughts on May 16th? Be there, if you can. History is in the making. Operation American Spring (OAS) is being billed as an immense retaliation against tyrannical government, seeking removal from office of officials who feel that they can walk all over the American people. It’s all on the website; go there. Gogle Operation American Spring. I, personally, cannot be there due to medical reasons; the doctor has forbidden my presence, as it proves to be a stressful event; at almost years of age, and a stroke survivor, it would be beyond my capabilities, however much I would love to be there. Check it out on Google; you’ll learn more from the site.

    • Korean War Vet

      Same here, Randy! 😎

  • [email protected]

    “free speech” is not free.. Can or will the US turn into a mirror of Britain? well that depends. Today we have a brainwashed / brain-dead population that blindly follows the communist mantra because they are just too stupid to understand what we have at stake.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    Terrible. Banning free speech will encourage evil. This is what happens when you allow Muslims privileges.

  • Mys77

    Regardless, quote or no quote, if it was his own words or someone elses, the man had the right to speak his mind, however, speaking openly on the street, is a lot different than having a mega phone shouting at people walking by. Be reasonable…. next thing would be mega steroe system blaring Allah rhetoric. Use your voice, but use it wisely!

  • Mark Tallman

    If he had attacked Christians or Whites, he would have been left alone.

  • Walt

    You had to see it coming. First they outlaw guns, allow the Muslims to infiltrate their government, start indoctrination in schools, then clamp down on free speech. Next they will start on religions and the implementation of Sharia Law. Wake up and take note because this is just the way things are headed here.

    • Korean War Vet

      “As England goes, so goes the U.S.” It’s happened time and time again, folks; LET’S WAKE UP!!

    • Guest

      its already happening in this country. the war on religion is rampant, the beginning of democrats wanting sharia law in florida:

      Florida Democrats Just Voted To Impose Sharia Law On Women

      • Marilyn Z

        Yes, they voted but they were stopped. Thankfully.

        I wonder what those people are smoking down there.

    • savannarose55

      the war on religion in this country is out of control. so many groups saying it goes against their rights so instead of fighting for our rights we take away in God we trust, we take out the pledge of allegiance, we take down crosses and other memorials, we allow them to say we cannot have Christmas manger scenes, and its happy holidays instead of merry Christmas. why do we allow these things to happen. im offended i cannot express my Christian views in this country. why is it more important not to offend a muslim than a Christian. i want to say if you cant have Christian prayers in schools then you cant have muslim prayers either. this is america, and i am a proud christian that wants my children and grandchildren to think of Jesus as their hero as he died for their sins. also, in the military there are soldiers risking their lives to keep us in a free land (so to speak, cause i wonder sometimes), but they have every right to write bible verses on their boards, carry their bibles and crosses with pride and honor and their chaplans should be there for them when ever needed, no president should ever have the right to tell a military soldier their chaplan can not have a mass or service for them and their Lord, he has no right to interfere with this. and for that matter if you are a soldier no beards or other muslim customs and their oath should remain with God in it, since Christians believe if you take God out of our country, it will fall. so much evil has tooken over this land and like so many others, i want my country back how it was before muslims infiltrated our land. and as for the implementation of sharia law, its already started:

  • Jimbo Jones

    The Jews are on top of the world right now, staying there is going to be very hard when everything they do or try to do makes people furious. Great great Jewish success has always lead to greater and greater tragedy for the Jews. It is almost a force of nature.

    • Casmige

      Jews Might well be the conspiratorial problem, but as much as Jews might be the proverbial “pigs”??… Islamism & the backwards religion of Islam are the blanket in which the pigs are concealed & rolled up in….& therefore Islam(e) is not any better for its demoralising effect upon the liberty of mankind, moral decency, & all good things that come from the hand of G*D (To partially quote JFK) than the “conspiratorial Jews”.

      Oh….mind you, so there’s a rightful distinction made?
      I am speaking of the Ashke-nazi Jews who are secular, non-religious, & certainly behind the massacre of the actual under-pinnings of anything moral.

      Interesting that “NAZI” is the ending of that moniker & that “Islam-a-Bad” is Islam’s Most “Holy” City.

      Self-evidential providential truths I would say.

      Per the ones Messiach spoke of in John 8:44 & Holy Writ speaks to in Rev. 2:9.

  • jhforsythe

    This is disgusting! Britain is no longer “Great” as it has been in the past. Our country is moving down this slippery slope. We are behind Britain but we are gaining on them.

    • mike slaney

      There GREAT alright, at oppressing and bullying it’s people, like what is happening over here.

  • Blessings

    If we grant government the authority to judge who is an extremist and who should be silenced, we grant it dominion over the entire plane of ideas and speech…

    Brendan O’Neill… The Telegraph. December 7, 2013 UK…

    • Marilyn Z

      Well said.

    • Korean War Vet


  • bigjack1

    Two dangers facing Americans today, Socialism and Islam. Obama supports both.

    • FreedomFray

      Very true. But these dangers are 2nd and 3rd place – after the 1st place danger of “how Americans will handle these dangers”.

      whew, I hope that made sense 🙂

    • Pissed Off

      Fake conservatives love torture, the police state, unconstitutional wars, socialism, and hate the Bill if Rights and civil liberties.

  • DetroitDom

    Someone needs to find this worthless, police-calling witch and permanently remove her from the planet. Let the results of her disappearance be known to the public.

    The next person wanting to pull one of these “I’M OFFENDED!” phone calls to the police will think twice.

    Sorry folks, I’m a Christian, but it seems that even the laws do not help us anymore. So, if the laws do not help us resolve our matters, we may have to resort to unlawful approaches to our problems. Lawful or unlawful, this crap needs to stop!

    • jd1958

      As Christians we are to obey the laws of men. UNLESS they conflict with the Word of GOD. We are TOLD to go into all the earth and preach the gospel. This violates the mooslims “delicate sense-abilities.” I rather OBEY GOD than man.

      • DetroitDom

        JD – I understand what you wrote and as a Christian, I must abide by God’s Law.

        In the early days of the United States, man’s law allowed slavery. Should the slaves remained in bondage because man’s law stated it was illegal to run away?

        What law of God forbids slavery? If you recite the Commandment “Thou shall not kill (including the livelihood, spirit or freedom of another)” would that not also cover this situation?

        Man’s Law (of Great Britain) has prevented this man from speaking freely; actually he was reciting a great leader of GB’s history. I will pray this man is released and the country’s politicians correct this travesty of a law.

        IF the Muslims state that looking at them in public is offensive and man makes such a law against it, what do we do next? Allow ourselves to be imprisoned while the muslim men attack our women and children?

        There MUST be a difference between keeping God’s Laws and defending ourselves from these evil-doers.

        • jd1958

          Men twist laws and the intent of the law for their own sinful desires. I’m an American Fighting man. United States Navy – Retired. There was/is no date of expiration of the oath I freely took time and time again. My heart still beats true for the Red, White and Blue. Let no one EVER DOUBT THAT…GOT THAT NSA?
          The Roman soldiers asked John the Baptist: “what shall we do?” They were never told NOT to be soldiers. Soldiers must upon orders kil1. They were told not to “rape, rob or plunder and to be satisfied with their wages.” to put it in modern day vernacular. Anyone. I repeat ANYONE tried to hurt my family, my neighbors better believe in Jesus. They will be meeting him in a nano-second.

          • jd1958

            The Bible also taught that if you had a debt that you could not pay; you may “sell yourself” into slavery to pay that debt. Someone in your immediate family could buy you out of that slavery. Jesus Christ purchased us out from the slavery of sin. This selling yourself was for the nation of Israel. Men have been making slaves of each other since the fall of man. That wont change until Christ’s returns…..shortly. Hope that helps.

    • FreedomFray

      While I agree with your description of the caller as a “worthless witch”, I believe your ire is misguided. Do you really think that she is the problem – and not over-reacting, over-reaching, power-grabbing, liberty stifling, tyrannical government?

  • Westie

    Weston’s arrest should never have happened, but it did. He saw things clearly, but the blinded and bigoted pursue the overthrow of the Christian West. “The steady rise of fundamentalist Islam?” Sixty cities in the US have already ushered in Sharia law–that means Sharia may displace the US Constitution if a debate comes up–How can honor killings ever be condone, but it is in Islam. “The highjacking of traditional (American) British culture?” A school in Colorado recently forced its students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in ARABIC. The liberal left has already imposed its love of homosexuality and pornography on us, and now is moving toward brainwashing American society into accepting adult/child sex. Profanity, sex and violence were vigorously promoted through movies and literature until society was inured to it. “The hijacking of culture and institutions?” The morally upside down thinking of liberals infiltrated our schools and irrational thought patterns were institutionalized. Now we have “Common Core” a brainwashing, dumbing down agent.
    American churches were infiltrated by modernist theology that denied the existence of God and the deity of Christ, turning faith into a Communist breeding ground. Those modernist churches have nothing to offer and attendance is meager, but the Bible denying culture has watered down even the evangelical movement. Moral reprobates, the products of the schools they grew up in, infiltrate every area of American society and institutions. A darkness has fallen on America and most people don’t believe it because it is like the proverbial frog in hot water. The water gradually became hotter and hotter, but the frog got used to it until he died completely COOKED. America desperately needs help, but help centers in God. Is America anywhere willing to embrace the Savior of the world and the worldview of the Bible? “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to ANY people.” Proverbs 14:34.

  • disqus_XK9gIx2U7h

    This is just more evidence of the worldwide attack from the left and “the one world” a-holes.They are dangerous and need to be stopped.It is getting to be the winter of western culture.The REAL tolerant,knowledgeable people need to step up and stop this madness.
    I know”easier said than done”given the disgraceful state of the educational system and the media.

  • tom s

    History repeating itself…. Perhaps people cannot really accept “freedom” as they seem to support those that have an agenda to take any freedom away from their people while attempting to become “king”. Will England return to their past when only their “royalty” had any rights as they punished their “serfs”? And will the USA follow?

  • ZATO1414


  • Wise2theGame

    Wonder why the Queen is allowing this to happen? Hmmmm.

  • steveafrikaner

    Winston Churchill was a wise and brave man. I would say he was spot in assessment of Islam

  • steveafrikaner

    Oh, and by the way, he took part in the last great cavalry charge at Omdurman, armed with a sword and a “broom handle” Mauser, against the Mahdi, an Islamic militant who killed General Gordon.

  • Jerry Brewer

    Now we know why Obama sent the bust of Churchill back to England!

    • Frustrated

      I never thought of that. You’re right – he hated everything Churchill stood for.

      • cherokee1934

        “He” hates is the correct word.

  • steveafrikaner

    Winston Churchill was and is the exact opposite of Obummer

  • Lord_Jim

    Shame that conservatives are in love with and/or beholden to the people group responsible for inundating us with darkies while criminalizing our self-defense.

    • Frustrated

      Are you sure you’ve got that right? No, I think you’ve got it completely backwards! In fact, I know you do.

      You’re blaming Conservatives for the “progressive” socialist/communist agenda. I suggest you do your research.

      • Lord_Jim

        Jews being the aforementioned people group. I’m blaming conservatives for being willfully blinded to the subversive nature of organized Jewry.

  • ICorps

    It looks like the UK is another proud “nation of immigrants.” You hate your country? The Left does, both here and in the UK, and the surest way to destroy your hated country is to change its population.

    Change to a population with a different history, different language, different religion, different values, and you get a population with no ties or loyalty to the country of its residence. That gives the Left a free hand in destroying its hated country.

    The Left’s current push for immigration “reform” is just another ploy for manifestly changing the population of America. And the more that population changes, the easier it gets to continue that change.

    Put your party hats and balloons away. It appears that no one will be showing up at America’s tricentennial birthday party.

  • Webb

    America Has Been The “Land Of The Offended”….For Sometime! Now The World Has Become “The Land Of The Offended” and Where Wil It End, If We Don’t Wake Up!

  • Pissed Off

    The Republican Party brought us the

    Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, which had the “FoxNews Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Nepolitano indicated that this bill may inhibit free speech protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, as saying something that the president of the United States does not like while staying at a hotel across the street from him could be considered a felony.”

    Which was Sponsored by Rep. Thomas Rooney [R-FL] and was passed by 399/3.

  • Lord_Jim

    “Great Britain is one of our closest allies in the world. The nation holds a special place for Americans along with Canada and Israel. We share a history and a culture with the British people and that has led to a strong connection with the nation that helped to birth our own.”

    Notice how he slips Israel in there, despite the Jewish state’s irrelevance – and perhaps even obnoxiousness – to a majority of Americans?

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