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Folks, You’re Missing the Point About Donald Sterling

“Upon further review, the ruling on the field (court)…” These are the words stated by referees after they’ve gone to the reply booth (monitor) in order to clarify a controversial call. Often, the reason for the review is because of a coach’s challenge.

Therefore, in the same light, let us review the case of LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.

There can be no debate that the words of Mr. Sterling were reprehensible and disgusting. But how and why did these words come to light now, when his points of view were apparently well-known for many years?

It seems his “girlfriend,” Ms. Stiviano, decided to tape a private conversation between the two.

Apparently, Ms. Stiviano had recently been sued by the estranged wife of Mr. Sterling, so there is some potential nefarious motive involved. Furthermore, the taping of a conversation without consent of the other party is illegal under California statute. There is some question as to whether he knew he was being recorded. Let’s assume for the moment he didn’t.

The national outrage against Mr. Sterling has come from an act that could be illegal and inadmissible in a court of law. Nevertheless, the court of public opinion has tried and convicted Mr. Sterling of being a jerk.

But have we come to a point in America where being a jerk is grounds for confiscation of a private property?

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • VanceJ

    Drink you beer and shut up idiot.

    • Chuck

      It’s too late … his brain is already pickled.

  • Legalcld

    So does this mean the refs will allow the Clippers to win it all this year?

  • pete0097

    That is the beauty of the US. We have the right to say what we want, others also have the right either not listen or disagree. He did not say something illegal, only unethical or immoral. This is something that our leaders should understand as they do it all the time. What the NBA has done is ridiculas. They do have the right to allow his players Free Agency so as to free them from someone they morally dissagree with, but to fine him, ban him, and take away his business is illegal. They remind me of the Soup Nazi.

  • fixitcr63

    I hate to use the well worn idiom, but we all walk a “slippery slope” when we start calling out folks who speak something that we don’t agree with as “racist”, and forcing him to sell something he owns because of something he said. We, as American citizens, ALL have the “right to free speech”. We have the right to say whatever stupid sh__ we want to, and everyone else has the right to listen or not. Apparently this guy, stupid as he may be, has been spouting his crap for a very long time, and it just comes to light now, probably because of things happening in another area of his life. So, like him, or not, you don’t have the right to make him sell the team, or anything else he owns because of what he’s said. There are most likely morality issues to be dealt with in his contract with the board of the owners, so they probably have the right, through that, to fine him, but that’s it.

  • Lord_Jim

    In fact there can be viable and necessary debate about the propriety of a person consorting with Negroes and other Third World types. To the extent conservatives embrace the mantra that racial discrimination is irrational and immoral, they will find themselves powerless to conserve anything; for racial integration is the primary mechanism conceived by the enemies of White Christendom to dismantle it.

  • mike slaney



    One little problem with your supposition, KLINGON of BEERS. Mr. Sterling is a DEMOCRAT. As such, he “Fits right in” with the party that created the KKK. fought against Abraham Lincoln, and proudly authored the Jim Crow laws. Yep. Sorry, KLINGON, DEMOCRATS are the party of INSTITUTIONALIZED racism. You recently learned how to spell it and you can’t seem to stop using your new word, appropriate or not.

    • KingofBeers

      Sir Wizard…perhaps you need to dust off that crystal ball? Sterling is a registered republican. Look it up! You’re a victim of a right wing lie because they knew people like you would believe it without doing any research.

      The two major parties switched ideologies…the Dixiecrats left the Democratic Party because of slavery. They joined the Republican Party, so they could keep their slaves. Any good set of encyclopedias will show you how it was a split from the democrats, who joined the republicans that formed the basis of the KKK and the Jim Crow laws.

      • KingofBeers

        I should’ve said…the Dixiecrats were against the civil rights movement of the 50’s. They left the dem party and joined the repubs, and that formed the basis of the KKK. It’s in all the history books, so the republicans hold the distinction of the party of racism. Aren’t you proud? If you don’t believe me, do a search on Dixiecrats. You’re welcome!

        • lionel

          still ends in crats.

    • lionel

      SIRWIZARD, Do you think they are blind or deaf?? Or?


    Indeed. Sort of like saying, “A disgusting video is the reason four Americans died in Benghazi”. Or, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. PERIOD”. There are those on the Progressive side that want to take action against those that say things like, “Global Warming is a hoax”. The Left says those folks “Should be executed”. How ’bout that for a “Consequence”?

    • Shermer

      Everything we say out loud has a consequence.


        REASONABLE consequences are expected. Killing those who disagree with you is NOT an acceptable OR reasonable consequence. Disagreements are just that. Being DISAGREEABLE is the thing that earns consequence. The political LEFT believes that being a conservative requires consequences…PUNITIVE ones. Cute little things like, “Execute them for not believing in Global Warming”. If you want to see consequences, try that ‘execution’ thing.

  • tom s

    personally, I hope both he & she get what’s coming to them, and I don’t mean for them to be rewarded..

  • Nobody

    The thing is, Donald Sterling has been racist multiple times to his own players. So it isn’t as if this was the only reason, it was more of a catalyst to finally get rid of a problem that had been in the NBA for years.

  • Shermer

    I would expect the consequences he faces are consistent with the terms of his contract to purchase the franchise.

  • Kylene Gould

    This should not be a legitimate way to seize others personal property……the hypocrisy behind this is startling…..he gave lots of money to the NAACP….which in turn ignored his racism. These African Americans as well as others basically are running a protection racket….in other words if your money is paid up you do not have to worry about being accused of racism….and then there is the little thing in regard to taping of phone conversations…..the NAACP and some others that help them have been monitoring and taping (illegally) citizens conversations for many years…to use as political leverage…to use for blackmail purposes…etc…all the while being total f-ing hypocrites………I lost my job one time when I was accused of hate speech…the African American woman that went to my boss and pointed at me and told this lie…was standing right outside where I worked..there was a huge window she plainly looked right at me…saw that I was at my desk working doing nothing wrong…not even talking….but she lied……and a couple of days later I got layed off………….this was right after elections and it was also the first time I had ever voted Republican………other fun racial blackmail and games ensued. For everyone to think this doesn’t boil down to a more sinister agenda especially when seizing property is involved you are wrong.

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