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Sarah Palin and Her Newest Controversy!

Former Alaska Governor and candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin is once again making waves. This time for something she said during the annual NRA conference in Indianapolis, IN. What did she say that caused such a stir?

“Well, if I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

The dispute over waterboarding and torture as an effective means to fight the war on terror is as long as the war itself. Throughout the Bush administration, the anti-war left constantly bemoaned the administration’s stance on “enhanced interrogation.” Once President Obama entered the Oval Office all of those concerns seemed to disappear…

Well, now they’re back. However, instead of focusing pressure on President Obama, Palin’s remarks will serve to remind voters that they think Republicans are the violent ones (even if Democrat policies seem to be exactly the same as Republican ones). The comment is unhelpful at best… it could be quite detrimental for some GOP candidates in November… and at worst the statement is downright sacrilegious.

No doubt there are many Republicans (and Democrats) who agree wholeheartedly with Palin’s comments – but that doesn’t make them right. Especially when connected to Christian morality and ethical practice.

For anyone to confess Christ as their savior and to compare one of the means of God’s grace to an act of torture is reprehensible. I hope members of Gov. Palin’s local church will explain to her why her remarks denigrate the Christian faith. Such remarks bring shame on the Body of Christ and to our witness in the world. Even more shameful, however, is the fact that so many Christians would cheer her support of torture (and yes, waterboarding is torture).

Gov. Palin was attempting to appeal to the basest political populism (nothing in her remarks could be construed as genuinely conservative) by claiming that current U.S. counterterrorism policy is  overly-tolerant and empathetic toward our enemies. She contends that proper policies would “put the fear of God into our enemies.”

Unfortunately, what Palin is proposing is a mixture of pagan ethics and civil deistic religion. She could have provided a more useful recommendation by supporting a Christian view, for on this issue in particular, Christian anthropology not only provides the correct view but the only one that can provide an adequate framework in which to form our conception of our “enemies.”

I love Sarah Palin, but this is one time I think she went too far…

What do you think? Were Sarah Palin’s comments out of bounds? Or is she right – should waterboarding become standard operating procedure in the war on terror? Leave a note and an explanation in the comments section. What should the conservative position on waterboarding be, and is connecting torture to Christianity sacrilege?



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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • Rosasolis

    Very impressive, over 1000 favourable comments about Sarah Palin — from
    Americans but also from many International people who are supporting this dedicated
    and intelligent top representative for America! Who will be able to restore the
    greatness you once had…if enough Americans wake up and realize that they do not
    have to look further any longer. I hope that this article and all the wonderful reactions
    reach Sarah so that she will be convinced to continue. All she needs is lots of support.
    I remember the following introduction to a book by John Buchan, called
    The Path of the King, which I read many years ago, in my teen years. It went
    something like this:
    “The SPARK once transmitted my smoulder for generations under ashes.
    But the appointed time will come, and it will flare up to warm the world!”
    Sarah Palin might well be your bright sparkle now, amidst all the darkness!
    You should kindle this warm hope for the future, before its too late!

  • Gabriel_777

    I have used the term “baptism of fire” numerous times in my life, without referring to Christian baptism. When Christians talk about Baptism, they talk about the rite itself, not some vague idea.

  • Jonathan Leibowitz

    I’ve found knowledge to be my edge and this a useful tool for staying sharp:

  • Bob Williams

    Let’s see – she was a mayor, a governor and a vice-presidential candidate. Refresh my memory, please. What are your qualifications? Some goober living in his Mom’s basement and collecting disability? I thought so.

  • sadnana

    I’m trying to remember the last time I read any criticism from the liberal left of muslims who torture, rape, and murder. Waterboarding is a walk in the park compared to the things muslims do.

  • CommonSenseFanatic

    That’s right. I wanted to “engage” in reasonable discussion. You apparently prefer to spew filthy anti semitic bigotry. You might do better to engage with The American Nazi Party. You will be better received there and you won’t be as likely embarrass yourself in their forum.

    • Jimbo Jones

      I don’t need a rotten stinking Jew to tell me were to go and what to do. In time we are going to force you to go. Just continue insulting and offending us and your one and only fate will be yours again. A rejected outcast unfit to live among others. A people with no home and no place to dwell. Keep the insults coming. We need more of them to seal your fate.

  • Norman

    When dealing with terrorists who do not value human life and use all sorts of inhumane torture using waterboarding is nothing. If we leveled the playing field we would have to do much worsr. Norman

  • Derick Moore

    Calm down Glenn, you’ll give yourself a heart attack.

    P.S. You’re wrong 😉 now turn red and

  • nimbii

    Liberals and Progressives are too much above the fray to even corrupt their superior vision with such pedestrian affairs.

    They are simply too wonderful to see what’s in front of them because the real world does not fit the narrative.

  • seeymour kleerly

    You’ve been completely Hannitized.

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