ISIS Fighters Trying to Gain Sympathy to Return to Europe!

European citizens who became ISIS fighters now want to return “home” because they’re losing.

What’s more pathetic than ISIS fighters going to the media to beg for mercy after they are being defeated in Mosul, Raqqa, and elsewhere?

European nations and the media taking their pleas seriously.

Read this story for yourself and try to figure out the tone of the article. While it acknowledges the merciless blood lust of ISIS, the story takes for granted that at least some ISIS fighters or their families will be soon walking European streets!

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Consider this report on Sweden:

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The Daily Beast reports, “From ISIS-Lands to the Netherlands: Jihadists Try to Get the Press to Help Them Come Home.

European Union counterterrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove has warned that the EU as a whole will be hard-pressed to deal with some 1,500 to 2,000 fighters who may try to return as ISIS is driven out of its strongholds in Mosul and Raqqa (PDF).


With the jihadists’ stories trickling in, the Dutch security services try to gauge the security risk involved if they return. Even if the men are found not guilty of participation in war crimes and/or membership of a terrorist organization, which is unlikely, they are still suffering from PTSD. Letting them loose on the society they rejected would be risky business, and not just for the Netherlands.

These men sided with ISIS! PTSD is the least of their problems. It looks like they’re grasping for reasons when the reasons are obvious.

Jihadists are rarely stopped by borders, and certainly not by the open frontiers on the European continent, where they can take advantage of lax security in one place to stage attacks in another.

Exchanging information among security services is crucial, says Weggemans, but there are holes. Libya, for instance, is a major route for people pouring into Europe, but hardly keeps track of who is who, and there is considerable traffic back and forth. The bomber who wrought such carnage at a teen concert in Manchester, U.K., earlier this year was a Briton with extensive ties to family—and to ISIS—in Libya.

So, those who worry about migrants from Libya are treated like racists and denied public services from Silicon Valley radical Leftists, even though it is acknowledged it is an unsecured conduit for ISIS fighters!

Islamist men returning from war are a major security risk. But then what are we to do with returning wives and children? After a serious amount of brainwashing they are hardly reliable candidates for free-spirited, democratic society. Differently put, how is any person who has actively supported people who put severed heads on spikes in town squares or gays being thrown off tall buildings going to deal with, say, two men kissing in the street in Amsterdam? Or miniskirts, or the notion of equal rights for women, for that matter?

Read the entire Daily Beast story.

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