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Anti-Gun Democrat Makes Fool of Himself – and We All Get to Watch!

Have you ever watched a politician give a press conference about a subject that they had no understanding of? I’ve watched many, usually the politician is a Democrat, and he or she is generally trying to wax eloquent about guns, Middle America, or Christianity. Recently, one California State Senator added his name to that august list of ignoramuses.

California State Senator Kevin de Leon stood to argue about the evils of guns hoping to persuade people that we need new laws against guns. Instead, he proved that he had no idea what he is talking about when it comes to guns, and that he is likely trying to outlaw guns because that’s what Democrats do.

Give a listen to this hilariousness:

I totally get it.

He’s a State Senator in California and he’s a Democrat, so he has to be liberal. He has to stand up and be offended at things that aren’t offensive. He has to rail against imaginary problems and pretend to cry when he’s telling his life story. I really do get it.

But can’t he at least do some research into the topic before he gets up to speak about it in public?

Even a gun novice understands the difference between a round, a clip and a magazine. And why is he calling it a “ghost gun?” Could it be that it just sounds bad? Does he mean that the gun is unregistered? If he does – why doesn’t he just call it an “unregistered” gun? You know why. Because it doesn’t sound evil enough. If you were going to go out and try to demonize something or someone, would you call them by their boring old title? No, you’d come up with the meanest sounding thing you could and try and convince everyone to start calling it that.

Politicians do this all the time… they just don’t usually get caught. And if they get caught… it’s usually not this funny.

Anywho, de Leon’s press conference was to get some publicity for a bill he is pushing. His new bill would require everyone who owns a weapon without a serial number to apply for one with the Justice Department. For de Leon, unregistered weapons are a problem because “no one knows they exist until after a crime has been committed.” Sadly, I’m not certain criminals will come forward to register their currently unregistered weapons. He also wants to ban weapons made out of plastic.

Thanks for the laughs Senator de Leon, hopefully all of those criminals who plan to use their unregistered weapons for crimes will come get them registered first. And if you plan any more press conferences, please let us know in advance so that we can show up early to get a good seat at the show!

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  • ken51136

    We can also agree that Cars, Knives, Hammers, Nail Guns, Gasoline, Chain saws, and a thousand other things are dangerous also, but we don’t have responsible legislation against them, and they don’t have a 2nd Amendment guaranteeing the right to keep ( Own ) and bear ( carry ). We don’t need the Washington liberals changing the laws to suit their needs when the dollar crashes and this country takes a nose dive because of the progressive liberal agendas.

  • ken51136

    Dream on. July 1st it will start (2748) Passed by the Obama administration; Elected by liberals who won’t read before Passing it.

  • ken51136

    200 years and Obama has done more damage to our constitution than all the presidents before him.

  • ken51136

    All Washingtons’ supposedly important people are Protected by guns and many of them have their own and carry them. If you have a wife and kids would you call and wait for 15-20 mins if then; for a cop to come while a gang or drug addict was busting in your door or window. It will only take them less than 5 mins to do damage to you and your family; for money, sex, hate, or any other reason they have.

  • ken51136

    Getting rid of honest citizens guns will have little to reduce crime. the honest police will tell you this. When all the non criminals turn in their guns, only the criminals will have guns. FACT. Criminals will always have access to guns and knives; leaving you defenceless till the police get there to put the tag on your toe and tape off the scene.

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