Mark Driscoll is one of the Pastor’s at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. He also happens to be a big Seahawks fans. So with his favorite team poised to make a run in the NFL playoffs he and his staff reached out to them to see if they could sit down with a few of their members. Seattle Seahawks players Russell Wilson, Russell Okung, Chris Maragos, Clint Gresham, and coach Rocky Seto are all Christians and they agreed to sit and talk with Pastor Mark about faith and football.

seahawkslogoThe interview was split into two parts and Mars Hill Church released part 1 a couple of weeks ago. This week they released part 2 in the lead up to the NFC championship (which Seattle ended up winning). In Part 2 the players discuss the remarkable belief they share – namely, that Jesus is better than winning the Super Bowl!

Here is the amazing segment where each of them discuss who Jesus is and how and why their faith is so much more important to them than football.

“Literally, Jesus is the greatest treasure in the universe,” says coach Rocky Seto during the interview.

Coach Seto continued, “It’s no question he gave us everything, we had nothing he gave us everything. Literally, one plus one equals two, it’s just that simple.  Jesus is better than anything we could ever hope for, even better than the Super Bowl, better than an NFL career. I think some us here – all of us here would like to say  - you know, who knows what’s going to happen. But if we were ever to win the Super Bowl, to be able to tell everyone that, ‘No, Jesus is still better’. Because as much as we worship this thing called a ring and championship, although we would like to have one for sure, I just can’t wait to tell people if that happens God willing, we will be able to tell people Jesus is way better still.”

Pastor Mark and Mars Hill Church have promised to release the interview in its entirety if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl in two weeks – so there’s a reason for any of you non-football fans to get out and cheer for the Seattle Seahawks.

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