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Social workers in Britain have so few problems to deal with that they have begun taking fat kids from their families because of what the government calls “overfeeding.”

This is what happens when a nation embraces socialized medicine or nationalized healthcare.

The nation's obesity problems have also been uncovered in figures from hospitals in England showing there were 356,072 individual care sessions last year where the patient was deemed to be suffering from obesity or an illness or injury that could have been brought on by being too fat.

Separate figures from hospitals show a 10-fold increase in obesity-related cases in the past 10 years and a sharp surge in fat-fighting operations, such as gastric banding, on the NHS

Fat patients now outrank breast cancer, epilepsy and glaucoma sufferers in the number of sessions they need for treatment.

fatkidIt becomes the best interest of all taxpaying citizens to know how their neighbors are living their lives.

Is my neighbor smoking tobacco? That could cost me more money, I have to make them stop.

Is my neighbor eating fatty foods? That could cost me more money, I have to make them stop.

(Here’s one that will make liberals huffy.) Is my neighbor having casual, unprotected sex? That could cost me more money. I have to make them stop.

Is my neighbor drinking alcohol? That could cost me more money, I have to make them stop.

Conservative MP Priti Patel said 45 youngsters aged 17 or under had fat-fighting operations in the past five years. "There is an obesity crisis and health services, councils and the Government must take a joined-up approach to resolve it.”

Did you get that folks? That’s what passes for a “conservative” member of Parliament in Britain saying that the government must figure out how to solve this problem people have with OVEREATING. Or not eating in a healthy enough manner. Why does the government have to solve this “problem”? Because of nationalized healthcare!

And where will they start with “fixing things”? Why, with the children, of course!

Britain's obesity epidemic, which sees NHS hospitals dealing with 1,000 cases every day, is a reversal of the traditional problem when children were undernourished. Increasingly social workers find youngsters being fed a high-fat, sugary diet, which can be just as bad for their health.

fatfamilyThe phenomenon is known as "killing with kindness" because the child craves the unhealthy food and a loving parent feels unable to say no.

Professionals say they have to make complex decisions in care proceedings and a family's gross over-eating can be one of the factors that leads to them losing their children.

A Sunday Express survey of councils found that in the past year five children were taken from their families for that reason.

So now our friends the Brits are ripping children from their homes because their parents are letting them eat too much. Wow. Don’t be surprised when this starts happening here, because if we keep Obamacare, it will.

And it will also start with the kids. It’s easy to start with the kids, because that is how the nanny-state government always does it. “Well, it’s for the children!” That somehow justifies stripping people of their freedom, personal choice and personal responsibility.

Make no mistake, dear reader, there are consequences to giving the government more power along with permission to involve themselves more deeply in our lives. And that’s exactly what Obamacare (or any other form of socialized medicine or nationalized healthcare) is – it is free individuals giving up some of their liberty and allowing the government a say in how they then shall live.

And it is disgusting. How many men have died so that we may be free to live as we choose? How many Americans have risked everything so that the following generations could live their lives without the by or leave of a ruler?

And here we are, the weakest generation – selling our liberty for the hope of better access to healthcare?

We should be ashamed.

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