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Texas Textbook Debate: Yes or No to Evolution

The Texas State Board of Education recently made a ruling regarding a controversial debate over evolutionary content in a high-school textbook. The material that students are taught in high-school lessons is a topic that has become increasingly controversial over the past few years in Texas. Previously, the Texas Board of Education was forced to make a ruling regarding a history curriculum that conservative board members believed to be too liberal. This biology textbook debate represents another instance of this ongoing issue in Texas.

In this particular situation, religious advocates argue that evolution should not be taught in schools, as it is simply a creation theory that has not been proven. This argument surfaced in the form of a complaint regarding the approval of a biology textbook destined for use in Texas high schools.

History Curriculum

In terms of the debate over the history curriculum in March, a board ruling was reached that saw teachings take on a more conservative tone, as cited by The New York Times. This issue saw conservative board members clash with liberal board members over topics such as Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Christian motivations of the founding fathers and the separation of church and state.

A ruling in favor of more conservative teaching meant that Thomas Jefferson’s role in inspiring revolutions during the 18th and 19th centuries was downplayed. Liberal board members argued that this stemmed from his affiliation with the separation of church and state and serves as an example of a conservative agenda among board members. More than 100 amendments were made to the state curriculum that will serve as a template for textbook publishers in the coming year.

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  • Jackie Fletcher Walker

    Are you forgetting that the more intelligent (and nimble) among the animals could FLEE the flood waters that killed them? I recently saw a YOUTUBE video that gave a very interesting interpretation or account of what might have started Noah’s flood (other than God) and account for frozen mammoths in the north and such phenomenon. You can find it by looking for the Hydroplate Theory (the newer version) on youtube. That is just how it is listed.

    • Shermer

      If all animals were created at the same intstant, their should be examples of all of them in all layers prior to the flood.
      Tell me more about this idea of animals fleeing the flood. What does it explain?

  • Jackie Fletcher Walker

    Shermer, one of the genealogies is Mary’s and the other belongs to Joseph, the “supposed” father of Jesus. People would assume that he was Jesus’ father, even though he was not. But but birth and by step father he was of the house and lineage of David, because both Mary and Joseph were descendants of David. The two lineages are there to prove the lines of both parents (mother and step-father.)

    • Shermer

      Mary is not mentioned in either lineage, nor are any other women, and what people may have supposed is not really relevant because it is not correct.
      I’ve never seen anybody, much less the Son of God, trace their lineage through a step-parent.

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