Remember – You Live in a “Free” Country.

In a video that’s gone viral across the nation, a police officer in New York State is seen threatening a man with a ticket. What is the criminal behavior that the man is accused of taking part in? He was washing his car in his own driveway.

A neighbor had apparently called the cops to complain about the criminal car-washer. The officer cited a city ordinance that says people cannot wash their cars on private property in the public’s view. The resident videotaped the cop saying, “If you do it, we will be back here to give you tickets.”



Seriously? Is this even something that we should have to hear about in a free country? We’re the United States of America! We practically wrote the book on individual liberty, and now people are having to defend themselves from the police when they want to wash their cars?

We’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere.

We’ve gone from being concerned with individual liberty and personal responsibility, to being concerned about making sure no one is offended and everyone has their nose in everyone else’s business. Can we please agree together to shame the people who call the cops on their neighbors when they are washing their cars? Or anything similar…?

Let’s stop this trend of insanity and remind Americans that they should be worrying about themselves and their families. They shouldn’t be worrying about what their neighbors are doing…

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