Imagine spending years fighting to protect your neighbors, then, when your time working as their defender ends, your neighbors decide you should have less standing in the community than everyone else.

That is exactly what is happening in America today.

Our veterans are having their rights stripped from them – and no one is standing to fight these heinous attacks on their liberty.

It is absolutely ridiculous that our veterans would lose their guaranteed liberties because of paperwork issues.

Consider that these veterans could be armed to the teeth while fighting overseas, but when they arrive back at home be told that they can’t exercise their 2nd Amendment freedoms because someone is helping administer their veteran’s benefits! It is simply an underhanded tactic by a liberal government to disarm as many people as possible, as quietly as possible. The federal government realizes that if they use bureaucracy and paperwork as the excuses for why completely able-minded citizens can’t own guns, it just sounds less serious.

vetsrightsThink about it. If the President gets up on national television and says, “We are going to outlaw firearms,” there would be a massive revolt. However, if the bureaucrats in Washington pass a rule in a board room that doesn’t allow people who need help with paperwork to own guns… hardly any of us will ever hear about it. It also doesn’t seem nearly as insidious.

In fact, most Americans might hear the story and say, “Well, it sounds like more government red tape!” Because that is what we’ve come to expect from our oversized and lazy government. Red Tape. When in reality, this is the design of every leftist government that has ever held sway on our planet. Little by little, bit by bit, it strips the people of their freedom in the name of government bureaucracy. By the time anyone realizes what has happened, it’s too late to fix the problem politically.

Call your representatives and demand that they stand up for the freedoms of our heroic veterans.

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