Will the embarrassing moments ever stop for the Obama administration? Back in October President Obama gave a speech in the Rose Garden at the White House in an attempt to calm the furor over the Obamacare roll out mess. You remember the speech – the one where the woman in the red dress “fainted.” During that speech the President talked about all of the people who had already been helped by Obamacare and even read a letter from a single mom in Washington State that was so thankful that she could now get healthcare.

Except that this poor single mom (who happens to be an Obama supporter and Obamacare fan) CAN’T afford Obamacare! She currently has no insurance because, while she initially thought Obamacare would be helping her out… she now realizes that she can’t afford it!

"It was a huge disappointment, especially since I had, you know, my story had been shared by the president. I felt like, you know, I just felt really embarrassed that, you know, he quoted my story and then come to find that the Washington health plan finder, the website here in our state, had grossly miscalculated or they're having a problem figuring their tax credits. And so at least for right now, I don't -- I'm not going to be getting insurance.”

The story of the poor, uninsured single mom is bad and will provide more ammunition for Republicans with which to attack the Obama administration. You just can’t go around pretending to help people and then not expect it to blow up in your face when your promises don’t pan out.

Obamacare is a bad deal – even for the people it “helps.” It’s never a good thing when you hurt one person to help another, and that is exactly what Obamacare does.


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