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I eat breakfast every Tuesday morning with four of my friends at a little cafe that cooks home-style breakfasts with eggs, bacon or sausage, lots of good black coffee and, of course, that Southern breakfast staple, grits. Much of our conversation centers on what's going on with our families and in our churches, but from time to time we turn to other things.

One of the fellows mentioned a few weeks ago that a couple of feral cats had taken up residence under his carport roof and his wife had been feeding them. This morning, he wondered aloud whether those cats were Democrats. I had always thought that cats are apolitical, but now I'm not so sure.

We have three cats, and I had just never thought about them being political. I did notice that when the news comes on, Little Cat, who is my constant companion, pays attention, but only if I have mistakenly tuned in to MSNBC. He doesn't watch FOX news at all. The more I think about it, I believe that my friend has something there.

Two of our cats are neutered males. They are senior citizens, 84 and 70 in people years. Both of them have health issues and need a special diet that costs me quite a bit because we can only get it at the Northside Animal Hospital. You could refer to that as a Single Source.

The third cat, a female (spayed), is only three (21 in people years). She hasn't developed any chronic health problems yet, but probably will as she grows older. (Most of us do: people and cats.)

catsanddogsMy wife and I tried to list everything we could think of that made our cats' lives comfortable. When they are hungry and their food bowls are empty, they complain until we relent and fill their bowl. We see to it that they have plenty of water. They have free medical care (Obamacatcare, I think its called.), and free transportation to and from the vet's office. They have a warm house in the winter and a cool one in summer, and they don't have to touch the thermostat. They need constant brushing and stroking or they are unhappy and will not purr. Often they completely ignore our instructions and turn their backs on a perfectly good suggestion then walk away in the middle of our conversation. They lie down on the best chair in our living room and take no responsibility for cleaning the mess of cat fur they leave behind. Neither do they clean up the after themselves when they cough up fur balls. They sleep 16 hours a day, which I understand is normal for cats. Most of all, our cats believe that we were born to serve them.

If that's not a Democrat, I'll kiss your paws.


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