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Hillary Clinton is “Running Against Herself” and “Losing”!

Poor Hillary Clinton. She just can’t seem to win…

Of course, I jest.

Hillary Clinton has long been considered the frontrunner for the Democrat candidate for president (and even for President as well), but she just can’t seem to get out of her own way. Every time she comes out of hiding to make an appearance in an effort to get her campaign going, she steps into another mess causing even more controversy, or revealing a whole new and disturbing controversy, that smears her own candidacy.

Things have gotten so bad that people who should be her biggest supporters have begun clamoring for other options to choose from!

Hillary’s email trainwreck has some of Hillary’s staunchest supporters “really freaked out,” according to National Journal’s Ron Fournier. He said on CNN earlier this month that he got calls from Democrats in awe of the email development and unimpressed with how the former first lady conducted herself at the UN presser explaining her actions. Even die-hard Clinton supporters, people who want her to run unchallenged for the Democratic nomination, are worried, or at least very uneasy about the whole situation. As Cortney aptly noted, some Democrats are saying this is what happens when you “put all your eggs in one basket.”

So, does Clinton’s email flap mean Democrats are lining up to challenge her? Well, sort of — there’s some folks trying to motivate California Gov. Jerry Brown, Al Gore (I’m not kidding), Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Vice President Joe Biden to consider 2016 runs. Yes, it’s quite the motley crew of people who’ve never been successful in mounting national campaigns for president and one senator who won because her state is insanely Democratic.

Journalist Mark Halperin sums up Hillary’s problems by pointing out that she’s “running against herself” and she’s “losing”!



The next couple weeks. Right now, look, the Republicans are running in a field of thirteen or fourteen, she’s running against herself and right now she’s kind of losing. She’s doing well in the polls but all these questions about her e-mails, about whether she should face a nomination fight means that Democrats are worried. They’re putting all their chips on one horse, Hillary Clinton, and if she ends up having problems now, they’re saying maybe she should be tested now by a Democrat rather than risk sending her into a general election without having had debates and the kind of scrutiny you get when you have a contested fight.


What do you think – is it better for Hillary to run unopposed in the Democrat primary, or would she be better off facing serious competition?

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