Conservative Opposition to John Boehner as Speaker Grows

It’s no secret that the grassroots conservative base of the GOP want John Boehner replaced as Speaker of the House. The Internet is abuzz with the many articles, op-eds and blogposts, demanding that the Republican Party find a more conservative candidate for the position. Last week we told you that Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma had officially announced he could not support Boehner, and today we’ve brought you a few more similar stories.

A recent poll by the folks at EMC found that most GOP voters (not just conservatives) thought it was time for Boehner to step down from his role as Speaker of the House.

Some 60% of respondents want him out!


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Over at the Blaze they’ve run a very (un)scientific poll asking their readers who they’d like to see as the next Speaker of the House… and surprise, surprise… John Boehner is not the guy.

Trey Gowdy (R-SC) wallops the competition garnering some 68% of the (current) vote! And the recently announced new candidate, Louie Gohmert comes in a solid second with 19%.

And some conservatives appear ready to mount a challenge

“Right now, I’ve been meeting with a small group, and we — about 16, 18 — and we’re hoping to have a name of a sitting member of Congress that we can call out their name,” North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones said in a local radio interview before Christmas, which was first reported by BuzzFeed.

While the idea of unseating Boehner is getting some traction (as we’ve discussed in various other pieces) and conservatives in Congress are preparing to join together in support of another nominee… the sad likelihood is that Boehner will win another term as Speaker of the House.

John Boehner Crying

Despite an Ominous New Poll, Speaker Boehner Isn’t Going Anywhere

House Speaker John Boehner is not particularly popular with Republican voters…

You can’t beat something with nothing. Replacing Boehner requires a rival that a majority of House Republicans will support – and while it’s understandable that other Republicans might want to hide their ambitions, eventually you need a figure to make this more than a theory or a dream. At this point the “rebellion” against Boehner consists of 16 to 18 guys out of 247 House Republicans.

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